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January 14, 2007

~Maging Sino Ka Man~ Episode 68 [3/3]

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Youtube Commments:
yeah, i think it was Celine’s mom and then ung si pong ang nabaril..and ung guy ung kaaway nila..tapos JB still didn’t get to confess it w/Jackie..cuz last week there was a scene where Celine was tellin Ryan to take her away from JB….I think that’s what it is..will see tomorrow…this is fun..he he he

my guess is that corazon was the one that was killed…it sounded as if mang oka killed her cuz maybe corazon was the one that he said, in a previous show, destryoed his family and stuff. I think eli was there because he does work for jb now but then again, I really dunno how that’s gonna turn out…

…we’ll just have to find out…

i dont think its celine or her mom. i tried to see what the maid who found her was wearing…and its not that odd pink/aqua uniform that celine’s maids wear, she was wearing white…

…so what does that mean? and did she commit suicide or did someone actually kill her…wait is she even dead?

Naka-aliw naman si Tito Fidel at si Tita Monique (parents ni Jackie) …mga batang ‘yon talaga oo… kakilig! :p

Sana ok lang si Eli. Pero sana, madapa si JB. At sana akin nalang si Celine… kasi pareho kami ni Celine eh…

“…the best slut in town.”

OK guys just for fun!! I have a question:
1. Yung bumaril kay Eli ay yung mga nakakulong di ba ano ang mangyayari bukas?
A. Si Pong ang haharang at mababaril
B. Makakailag si Eli ala FPJ
C. Lalabas na nman si Mang Oka to save Eli
D. Si Mang Daduds ang humarang at nabaril
E. Nabaril si Eli
F. None of the above

2. Sino yung nakita ng katulong na nakahilatay?
A. Corazon
B. Nanay ni JB
C. Nanay ni Celine
D. Jackie
E. Celine
F. None of the above


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