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January 31, 2007

YouTube is Highschool

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Youtube Commments:
You went to school with Harry? That guy is amazing, love his stuff. Oh wait High School yes this is very much like HighSchool. The more ranting you do about stuff that doesn’t matter the cooler you become! Not that you rant your stuff is just plain funny!

You’re a hyperlink. In fact you whole family seems to be pretty hyperlinked. And I’m with you Nalts, high school sucked the big one. It snowed one year (in NC that’s a big deal) so I would sneak a snowball in my jacket into my Graphic Design class and set it on my teachers seat. And by the time she got back it would have melted. She sat on the ice water seat for three days until some one narked me out. I hated it there.

Haha is this what marriage is like? hmmm maybe I will stay single. Though you two look like you have fun together and play off each other well. In this video you guys come out like the the next June and Ward Clever. But you might not of heard of them, they may be before your time! (wink,wink)

You guys should be on the stage – the next way out of town. No…that was great. I think I’m falling for Mrs Nalts. I can’t get the Video to stream but the audio’s fine so it played like a podcast and sounded great. Are your kids now running around the house yelling “Hyperlink”? Keep going with this double act – very funny. I’ll have another vid for you to bounce off tomorrow.

okay… I’m calling it now.

*puts on reporter voice* Nalts, when do you plan on announcing your candidacy for president? OR Nalts, when does your wife plan on announcing her candidacy for president? hmmm tough call. Inquiring minds want to know… *wink*

In high school I participated very little and only offered my unsolicited two cents when I saw fit. I guess Youtube hasn’t changed that. 😀

If this is like high school, I gues I am willing to draw you a picture in hopes that when I “grow up” it might be worth money. (Don’t bank on it though I foresee the middle management trap)

If youtube was like my highschool you’d just get stoned and go on the computers and try and find things to amuse yourself with… then youtube came along and the search was over you could just get stoned all the time(wish I was back in highschool)


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  1. Yes! Finally something about education.

    Comment by Dane — September 4, 2014 @ 4:13 am

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