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February 2, 2007

Goodbye Youtube…

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Youtube Commments:
Hi Myles,

Thank you for the video and explaining what is going on. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your time away from youtube, and hope everything continues to go well in your life. I’ve enjoyed listening to what you have to say, and will be checking out the other site from time to time.

Take care,
– Jen

No worries, just ENJOY yourself over there! I too enjoy that “new” feeling, but I’m going to be riding this one out since my career is giving me enough of that “new” feeling to keep me inspired. So, in some ways, it’s a little sad to see you go because I have no plans on spending too much time over there… Maybe YouTube will take all of this as a hint to FINALLY get their act together!!!

you know myles im not a hater but i nearly rated this 1 star when you said you were gana leave but then i watched on till the end and realised there was a possibility that you mite b back “if things improved”
you found me on here and i really am gana miss ya on here dude, ill probably see you on livevideo but only as a viewer though cus i dont have an account over there but there is always stickam an ill say hello when ever your live mate 🙂

I know what you’re saying about the tension about the community. That’s one of the reasons I don’t blog that much, and just do more stupid vids, as I worry about how people will perceive what I say, so I definitely have respect for you doing what you do. The break should help and hopefully by that time YT is sorted….

Perhaps, maybe when all the hype and the jumping on the boat dies down then maybe I will think of having an account here and there but right now, I get your reasoning, but there are some people I know that it just feels like they’re jumping on the boat =\ but I do hope to see you return!

Hey Myles, I really like your style; the way you seem to be very open minded and discuss things intelligently. But for some reason I never subscribed, and it looks like it might be too late now! Best of luck with your time on LiveVideo, you deserve it!

I understand your poin of view Myles, If you arent enjoying it at 100% anymore it is fair to take a break as long as you feel comfortable comming back, Il keep watching all your videos, either here or in your site, or any other website you decide to post, since i enjoy them so much, and i learn a lot from them.
Good Luck and tty soon
Marie =)

I think I had a discussion with you a few months back regarding the difference between fame on You tube and the internet compared to fame in the real world and the big difference between fame and fortune. Glad you made that statement regarding real life and life on the internet. This is a great medium but this life and quest for fame on the internet is focused to a very limited group compared to the real world. Good luck with your projects outside the box bro. I’ll be in touch.

I’m glad the haters showed up. If you add me to your friends, you get sent videos – you can remove me – so stop bitching and grow up. If you don’t like something, you have the freedom and choice to go elsewhere.

As for your second statement, i’ve already risen to the top, and it’s going well thank you.

…Okay I’m looking at this, and it was constructive which doesnt make it a “hater” comment…but the fact you’ve just brought up something that is 5months old for me makes it seem like you were trying to make a “cheap shot” – okay..not a good word cause i dont wanna offend, but i didnt see the need…

…And then making a comment at the end, is judging my intergrity, which you have completely wrong as if all i want is attention. And youv;e got me wrong – people who have truly listened to my videos and what ive said when i’ve explained myself on many many occasions, don’t come to the conclusion you have…

And I didn’t block you? What do you mean? And look at the vulgar language you use? No need man. I’m willing to discuss and spend time trying to make clarity of the issue with u – but not if your gonna stick to your guns without even considering and understanding my situation.

…As for the livevideo “fame” – did you not listen to what I said about how websites work. it’s not “fame” – its artificial. ive gone to the site because it has a community where people just watch videos and have fun. if i am well known on there..its a bonus…

Here we go again:
Heya! How are things with you? My name’s Myles, 19 from England, and known as Blade376 from YouTube – im new here and love this community – seems like an awesome site! Has some very cool features! I’m just trying to reach out to people on here, cause as ya know when you start off its hard to get even the slightest bit of exposure hehe. (continued)

If you could help, that would be awesome, and if u have any videos you’d like me to check, throw a link back my way and id love to check em! This is a link to my latest video which has a serious question, but ive addressed it with some stupid random clips – I hope it’s your sort of thing haha! If you could check it that would be awesome! why-are-you-on-livevideo-com-.aspx
Hope all is good with u, and hope to hear from you soon! Take care! -Myles Dyer (Blade376)

I give people a choice. i watch their videos too 🙂 i’ve got nothing to hide. This time round ive found away so i do not send the same mail twice to the same person. so atleast i take care at what i do. and if people say no, thats the last theyll hear of me, if they reply…we’ve had awesome convos…ive watched their videos and they check out mine.

Whatever choice you make, I respect it.
As a faithful subcriber, I can only follow you to the next step of what you want and keep on supporting. My YouTube experience has been great nad over the top, also thanks to you and others through your channel.
Can’t thank you enough. Cya on LV 😉

YouTube really HAS turned into a microcosm of the real world now. People trying to cut each other down, succeed on the backs of others, play the angles, etc. There IS no “community” here, its an illusion based on a brief glowy feeling the site flirted with for a very short time, before people actually started responding in true human fashion.


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