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February 2, 2007

update on my health

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Your right about your sound, its pretty low but at least its clear and hearable. You could try out a plugin mic. Im curious, who is covering you on your nightshifts at your work? Hope to see more of your vblogs.. keep them going and keep informing us your heath status :). Get Well!

I love all the people that say we dont deserve to have free healthcare..mmm..Canada does. Nah,we wouldnt want our billionaires to have to pay any more taxes now would we? Over 94 percent of the money in the US is controlled by 4 percent of the population..lets see that leaves 6 percent of the cash for 96 percent of the population. Isnt capitalism great? I tell is really sad that we have anyone without health care..much less over 40 percent of the population.

From which orifice did you pull out those statistics? Feel free to check the U.S. Census numbers that attribute just under 33% of the nation’s income to the top 5% earners. The issue might be debatable, but don’t skew (euphemism alert) the facts if you want to be taken seriously.

Second, the primary flaw with universal health care right now is that you can’t reasonably enforce accountability. As a taxpayer, I would strongly disapprove paying in cases where ailments could easily have been prevented through healthy living. The leg problem is unrelated, but Roger is eventually going to realize that health matters personally AND financially.

I disapprove of MANY things taxes are used for, Iraq included. Did you throw in that question because you’re bored, or because you lazily assume I must be pro-war? To the point – obviously not all hazards are preventable, but how would you feel about paying for all the costly avoidable ailments that afflict America’s abundant overweight & obese population? Accountability has to be addressed, not to mention government inefficiency.

America’s healthcare system is the most expensive per head in the entire world.

If you’re worried by how much tax you’re paying then you should also be advocating universal healthcare too. It’s much cheaper to you as an individual.

Like any insurance scheme, the more people take out the policy, the lower the premiums. With the whole population onboard, your health insurance will be CHEAPER.

Yes, even with the obesity problem. Britain is in second place for that problem, yet its NHS system is still vastly cheaper to the taxpayer than the American system.

Plus, when obesity is a shared social problem, more social pressure is placed on the issue. McDonald’s have introduced a range of “healthy eating” options to their British menus because their contribution to obesity is increasingly viewed as unacceptable. Free healthcare advice is provided to educate people. Et cetera.

Also, pragmatically, most health problems are best dealt with EARLY.

When visiting your doctor for a check up carries a hefty price tag, those on low incomes with no insurance will hesitate to be treated, worrying about how they can afford it.

Their condition gets worse and it becomes exponentially more expensive and harder to treat, the longer they delay.

Removing that financial barrier encourages people to get treated early. It encourages them to see the doctor about controlling their weight problem or quitting an addiction to smoking, rather than only going at the last possible minute when they are already half-dead.

Did you ever consider that maybe America has such an obesity problem in part BECAUSE it has an expensive healthcare system that discourages seeking medical treatment and advice?

Also, your final posed question is completely preposterous. You admit 2 posts earlier that Britain’s obesity problem is just about as bad as it is in the US, and yet manage to suggest that OUR problem is the result of an expensive system? How does that follow, exactly? Obesity is the direct and preventable result of over-eating and under-excercising, and it is ludicrous to suggest that the obese are merely victims. How about advocating some personal responsibility?

I said “in part”. Please learn to read.

Psychological and genetic factors contribute to the initial causes of obesity. Whilst initially preventable, once caught in the vicious cycle of over-eating, it is an addiction and they are as much victims as alcoholics, smokers or gambling addicts.

Do not be fooled. As with gambling addicts, there is a genuine chemical addiction involved here, even if not immediately apparent. The difference is that the drug is produced by the body itself as “reward”.

For gamblers, risk-taking produces adrenaline and a win produces endorphins.

With eating, endorphins are produced. This can lead to “comfort eating”, where, ironically, to escape the depressions, difficulty and the insults of others about their weight problem, they “hide” in the endorphin rush of a good meal. Thus, it becomes a vicious cycle of addiction.

Also, ironically, exercise becomes more difficult for the obese and, thus, the problem is self-perpetuating.

What is actually ludicrous is to suggest anyone would delibrately and conciously choose to be overweight as if it were some kind of “lifestyle choice”. Which you seem to be implying.

Your suggestion is as ludicrous as expecting a smoker to give up cigarettes or an alcoholic to give up drinking or a junkie to give up drugs, just because you’ve said “that isn’t very good for you. Be a good boy and stop it now, will you? Thanks”

As a final point, I think that universal coverage is inevitable at some point, and in an ideal world I think it’s a great idea. I just feel that people should be aware of it’s downsides as well as it’s upsides. If America is going to implement one at some point, it should be done RIGHT, with appropriate accountability, incentives, and efficiency. I won’t hold out hope that our government can be that effective, unfortunately.

Well, that is a different matter entirely, of course.

With incompetent idiots at the helm, even a perfect system in an ideal world would go wrong, let alone a “reasonable” system in a realistic world, as it would prove to be (no, it’s not miraculous or anything, I just believe that, overall, it trumps what America currently has and I advocate it solely with the intent that maybe America might one day see that).

You can not claim assuredly that health care costs per-head would automatically decrease just because of universal coverage – there are just too many variables at work. You fail to mention that the US has: the largest investment in medical research and technology in the world, doctors who are well compensated (where do you think the best doctors in the world work?), an expensive risk of medical liability, and an incredibly sedentary population.

No, I cannot guarantee it. Just as no other system could guarantee it.

But, again, I draw your attention to the basic point that, currently, American healthcare is the most expensive per head in the world and every country that fully implements universal healthcare is amongst the least expensive per head.

No system can provide a concrete guarantee but EVERYWHERE it has been implemented so far, it has yet to fail that test.

This is as good as a guarantee in our uncertain world ever gets. 😀

At least we have a health care system. Try living in a third world country where, without antibiotics, you’d die from a simple infection. I’m amazed at how Americans think that we should get medical services and medications for *free*. Do you get paid at your place of employment? Would you provide your services or products for free? Why should the medical field?

because its about human care not profit.the common consencus from “enlightened” states is that if you are going to pay taxes then they should be should be used to fund a free health service, instead of, oh i dont know.. a billion $ war. my mum recently had similar problems to roger, in fact a bit worse ALL of her care was free and the dr’s, nurses and pharmacutical companies still got paid…

I don’t know many Americans who think spending money on the war is any bit good value. At least in my region and the various people I talk to. Health care is very important in my opinion. If you look at things the majority of donations that are for people, are for costs of their medical care. Like when they are injured severely and such. Just my observation

You haven’t read the Hippocratic Oath, then. 😛

They are getting paid for their services. They get paid out of tax, not at point of use.

If you’re thinking that medicine would stagnate without a profit motive then consider the British NHS pioneering transplant surgery, IVF and many other medical treatments that EVERYONE now benefits from.

Without the profit motive, the NHS IMMEDIATELY shares all of its discoveries absolutely FOR FREE.

It’s the American system that’s backwards.

Also, it’s a “strawman” argument to suggest that if America didn’t have its current system then it would suddenly plunge into being “a Third World country”.

That argument is nonsense and you know it.

Here is the bottom line: The American healthcare system is the most expensive per head on the face of planet Earth.

You’re paying more than everyone else to get less than everyone else. In terms of funding, the American system is “Third World”.

Glad you’re better, BD. Not surprised to hear you have no insurance. What a scandal the whole medical/insurance industry is. Almost 50 million Americans, lots working full-time jobs like you, bare-ass naked when they get sick. Or, like me, paying big dollars for coverage ’cause they own/work for a small business. Meanwhile, we throw money away in more stupid ways…ah, hell, you know what I mean… Get better.

Glad you are feeling better Roger. I thought that we here in WV were the only ones who had to wait 8-10 hours to see a doctor. Ridiculous. At one of our local hospitals a guy went to the ER with chest pains..they sat him down in the waiting room..and guess what? Yep,dude dies of heart attack! Wow,has the US really gone down the tubes the last 5-6 years or what? I am just glad that you are feeling better and like someone said..I hope you have a stronger painkiller than Ibuprofen. Jeez.

Isnt that wierd?!! If you had your son living with you your state would fully cover you and the tax payers would have to pay it. My friend now has three kids and gets free health care and school money to go to school and not have a job… Weird how it works… I wish life was that simple for people who work for a living and wait until they cant afford kids…

Life could be a whole lot simpler, if America would take a look at the funding alternatives.

Universal healthcare spreads the cost across the whole taxpaying population – so, in fact, everyone individually PAYS LESS – and then treats everyone absolutely equally at the hospital.

You walk in, you get whatever treatment you need without charge and then you walk back out.

It really is that simple outside America.

That’s why I’ve gotten a little “passionate” about advocating it in these comments because it just pains me to hear about these problems, when I know – and live under – an alternative system where this kind of issue is effectively non-existent.

Also knowing that America is more than capable of affording and implementing such a system without problems, if it had the will to do so.

It’s painful to see when you know it’s just not necessary.

Had a similar problem except my left foot swelled, tingled-felt heavy. Then the heaviness switched to my right leg then back to the left leg. I went to a low salt,low sugar diet-green vegetable diet. Drank Yogi Peach Detox Tea, Ginger Root and took multivitamins and 2000mg of Vitamin C with Rose Hips per day. I avoid sitting in chairs and either lay down or stand or walk.. I feel much better.. Hope you feel better

I broke my foot a couple years ago went to the hospital they gave me 1 percocet 5mg a ace bandage and crutches and told me i had to go get a cast it cost me $2500.00 for just the ER visit no ambulance my girl drove me there . Hospitals is the U.S. are corrupt actually the U.S. is corrupt. Get well soon dispatcher!!

Antibiotic eh? Well, I guess that means its just a bacterial infection, which is good. Not to say bacterial infections can’t get dangerous, but they’re better than viruses.
As for the sound, I have a nice freeware sound editing program if your interested. It can filter out that static, amplify the sound, and easily cut out portions of the auto file. If it can make my mic understandable, I’m sure it can fix your audio problems.
Get well soon!

a bit worried about you matey, hoping things are o.k on your end of the world. im baffled about the lack of universal health care in the USA as my country handles it differently. Take care and best wishes. I’m thinking of you, and sending lots of love across the globe, get well soon darl
Swollen legs are often a sign of congestive heart failure and in some cases they are a !!!warning sign!!!that your heart isn’t working as efficiently as it should it isn’t something to blow off or think that just because you treat the symptom that the problem is gone because it’s not.

they could have given you bottled water. Those basards are such quacks when it comes to the medical system. Kind of bolsters my point that knowing about current politics which include socialized medicine would have helped you out insted of taking a major bite of bucks from you. Peace.

Yeah, 20% of American taxes goes to the $500 billion annual military budget (which is equivalent to the COMBINED military budgets of every other nation on Earth).

That’s a stupid amount of money.

Instead, take a few percent from that budget and set up a universal healthcare system. Then all Americans can have complete health coverage, free at the point of use.

Without raising taxes by even a single cent.

I gave you advice to watch your health in my video – and you insult me as a return, as well as lie about what I sad – hmm God obviously gave you a little heads-up – maybe now youll listen. Personally, I dont care anymore – you’re evil and a loser with no character strength. Moron!


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