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February 3, 2007

A comment moment

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Youtube Commments:
ok G couple things. 1. You are funny 2. You are a copycat. I notice many of your ideas come from people like Boh3m3 and thewinekone. 3. Your video editing is terrible, Your Blue screen work is terrible. 4. Your use of music is extremely out of place. The music was too loud and didn’t go with the video. Just a few things for you to improve upon.

ok now looking back on my comment I realize I sounded meaner than I intended. How about this. When I said copycat, I was refering to only a few similarities i’ve noticed. For example.. in your podcast about sponsorship, you have a coke in your hands – Like in Hotness Prevails/Worst Video ever – By twk. I’m sorry when I said terrible, I did’t mean it to sound so harsh.

I think you are being a harsh. I doubt he is striving for perfection but rather humor & he hits the humor mark dead on. He has a lot of personality each of his videos vs your 4 which are… well, bland in a way and you do note in each of your videos they were done very poorly. Enjoy what he is doing and if you are going to criticize at least offer some solutions rather than just pointing out what you see as problems. I do not see much similarities and I also watch those that you mention above.

magne,, du e meg en grepa kar, du finner på nokke nytt hele tiden ,, selvom du sjøl sa dette var boh3m3 sin ide å sånn, bare håper du bare forsetter å lage orginale å morsomme videoer, å ikke begynner å sippe sån som eks renetto , vist du skjønner ka eg mener hehe


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