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February 3, 2007

Josh Marshall’s Response to the State of the Union

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What was also striking about Webb’s response was that he actually talked about class issues. Apart from Paul Krugman, there hasn’t been much attention given to the very obvious skewing of the nation’s wealth that has occurred in the past generation or so. Since some of these lucky millionaires are actually the ones on TV controlling the debate, we can probably expect a rather difficult time in giving this issue the airing it deserves.

Yeah, Webb did play the class envy card. Tell me what the hell difference it makes that the gap between CEOs and workers is growing, as long as workers are doing better? The DOW is setting new records each week, unemployment is at an all-time low. Yet we still have to play politics
The other thing I missed was Webb’s plan for victory in Iraq, or even a mention of victory. I’m wondering if the empty suit Webb has ever considered what it would be like if we lost in Iraq. I’m guessing not.

My thoughts just about exactly, especially so far as the speech went. So far as it was unoffensive, I guess you could say it was well-written. But a cobbled together assemblage of mealy-mouthed applause lines designed to get a response from both sides of the chamber, especially when the President’s official policy is not to care about one side of the chamber at all, does not a great speech make.

Great analysis Josh. I think elements of Webb’s response have a Gettysburg quality.

The contrast with Bush is stark. The contrast with Kerry is already being discussed by some. Webb is someone who has the charisma of a leader. Not at all like Clinton, who drew a listener in by his charm and intelligence; but like that of someone you would follow because you knew they would lead. It will be interesting to see what other qualities surface as 2008 approaches.

The most unbelievably shocking thing I saw during the SOTU address was the three or so times Bush talked about victory in Iraq, the gallery erupted in applause, all except for the Democrat side which sat in stone silence. I think that says it all about what result the Left really wants for America. That image will be frozen in Americans’ minds for a long long time.

“heh heh,er um,i’m the decider by god,heh heh,er uh,must stay the course,er heh heh,rummy will stay as sec def,er you’ll see heh heh,dick(cheney)didn’t shoot him on purpose,er uh,fool me once er um,fool me again,cause i’m still a fool,bin laden?hell i don’t know where he’s at,er ah,i don’t think about him much heh heh,it undermines the troops heh heh”

As a staunch conservative, I must say I really enjoyed watching your video, and made it all the way through. I disagree with you on several (ok, most) points, but they’re presented respectfully and without the usual vitriol we are accustomed to hearing when either side of the aisle speaks. Kudos, sir, and thank you. I’ll check out your Talking Points from time to time when I want to know what you hippies are up to 😉


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