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February 4, 2007

Don’t go to Bobs4Kim!

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Youtube Commments:
I find this “donate money so my friend (who has a job), can buy a computer” thing entirely pathetic.
This benefits a small, closed-niche of YT people, who don’t give a fuck about YOU, just your money.
I have no doubt they will succeed. It leaves a horrid stench in my mouth, like a dead horse.
This demonstrates one thing: Cyber-begging whores with friends can get what they want, anytime.

“phalic microphone” xD
I guess boh3m3 is just lucky?
and yes, people should care about anything and anyone, even if it’s got anything to do with anyone you know or if it is not really necessary.. (WTF?)
ps: argh! stop rocking the chair!!
ps2 (not the console): maybe I should make a paid room so people buy me a webcam so I can get to stickam??

Hey you said that producing 101 was a scammer. I was just wonderin’ if you could explain that either in a video or just reply to this comment for those of us who don’t understand the scam. Cause, a lot of us don’t know about that.


boh3m3, is just lucky with the girls. he is not even funny. you in the other hand, you have talent, funny, and entertainment. i love your videos and i prefer you than anybody i have in my subscriptions (smosh are pretty funny) i support you, lazydork more videos. % stars.

But it is a FUNDRAISER. I agree with you that it is outrageous. I don’t know why or if Kimberleigh needs someone to donate money to her. I subscribe to her and she is a good vlogger and I would hope that she does have a good job or future prospects.

Shoot!! If their charging to talk to people. They might as well throw some porno up in there….maybe a free hat too. The money donation thing reminds of the scam that filthywhore was running. And it’s not that I feel that asking for hand outs are wrong. It just that people fell for it and didn’t realize that they’re getting played.

Paperlilies is also a goog vlogger but you know I think Greg Solomon is right at many YouTubers do not THINK BEFORE THEY ACT. I really doubt that anyone has audited Kimeberleigh’s financial health. I think they that are just doing this as a fun thing and that $3 is a nominal amount so that they thought it was not a big deal. I do wonder if Stickam allows you to charge folks to watch you on their site. I doubt it but I am not sure what kind of controls they provide.

LazyDork, the reason I flock to places like Boh3m3’s chat is because he gets to live out my fantasy of hundreds of girls begging for me to **** them in the ***. I know that it’s totally pathetic ;_;. Anyways, I think Boh3m3 is a moronic-jack*** who doesn’t appreciate his fan-base at all, I think he underestimes them completely. You’re also much more entertaining to listen to. Boh3m3 just gets drunk and acts like Homer Simpson if Homer Simpson was shot in the head and wasn;t funny.

I didn’t even know you had a Stickam! You have to advertise it! Not that I’m a 20 something hot babe. So I guess I don’t help you there.

Either way 3 dollars to watch some losers sit there and pick boogers or talk about toe jam is something I can do on Philadelphia’s South Street for FREE!!!!

Thank you so much for being a voice of reason in this circumstance.
I totally understand where you are coming from, and I’m glad that someone had the guts to stand up and say that making money off of YouTubers is wrong, regardless of if it is for a good cause.
I can promise that I certainly will not be attending that chat.

Is there anything that would fix your PC ? are you sure you need a whole new one , I often find when my PC brakes.. I just need to replace one item , Like last Month i got a new Graphics card . Parts are very cheap . I hope you make a video showing what you bought , you should be able to get a pimped up PC

That’s fine if you’ve never heard of some of the most popular people on YouTube (actually I’d never heard of you until I was directed to this) and fine if you think it’s stupid, but this common garden slug is having fun in the Bobs4Kim Stickam chat!

Tell the whole story fucker… those DONATED dollars are going to help a fellow youtuber in need. and you’re so hopelessly out of touch with this COMMUNITY it’s laughable. Nice try at being a troll and desperately trying to rekindle your expired 15 minutes of fame. Fail.

Well, blunty- if I was even remotly adverse to Lazydork’s opinion, you have erased all doubt from my mind. Your arrogence and pathetically poor attitude sealed it for me-why in HELL would anyone want to pay 3 bucks a pop to talk to a jerk like you? Deflate that head a little there, buddy. You’re like every other well known person- a fucking worthless JACKASS.

You tell the whole story, how about. You’re the one claiming there is a reason for it. So you have insulted Lazydork for sharing his opinion about someone who has a job begging for charity to purchase an item, but you refuse to say why she needs or deserves the charity. That just does not ring true, I am sorry. Just saying.

gee, blunty, why’d ya hafta go get all mean and stuff…I believe you are a decent guy, but this is really shameful what you are saying. What WHOLE STORY do you mean? Were the innocent donors going to be told “the whole story?” And what “community” do you mean? Theboringdispatcher has needed a new computer for weeks, but I don’t see the fund raisers for him.

Well I think the answer is that Blunty is just a regular person like the rest of us and he is a little hot right now. This is when we sometimes wish we had used the discard button instead of posting expletives and inflammatory comments, but I will let Blunty speak for himself.

relax while you attack a group of people, most of them my friends, who are just trying to do something nice for someone else. By being a cynical and pathetic little cry baby whining about “why aren’t I as popular as Boh3m3..” etc? no, I don’t think so. Grow up, get a clue, and go back to your “professional” card games.

Blunty, you’re telling LazyDork he should grow up right after the extremely JUVENILE remarks you made..?? Not only is that hypocritical but also makes it difficult to take you seriously. Blunty; a GROWN UP would not have conducted themselves as you have in your comments. All there is to it.

Lazy has a better point here. “Doing something nice for someone else” isn’t telling everyone on youtube to give money to that person. It also seems very wrong that you could be doing something like this for meaningful fundraisers that could maybe help the world, but choose to have youtubers pay for a computer for Kimberleigh. This could have been something good but ended messed up.

Charging someone to get into a room is not donating. Opening the room up for everyone and then asking for donations wouldn’t be so bad I guess. Why dont all of the Youtube Celebs just pitch in together and buy her one. LOL its like a Stars and Cars show … Next you’ll have the original Dukes of hazard cast in there for charity.

The charging to get in was a tool to stop the room being flooded with retarded haters looking to ruin our good vibe. and it worked wonderfully. “Why dont all of the Youtube Celebs just pitch in together and buy her one” uuh thats pretty much what we did!

Ok if thats pretty much what you did then why did you feel the need to ask for donations from those people that aren’t so well known ? Was all of the ” Stars ” collective donations enough to buy her a system if not then thats pretty much NOT what you did. Im sorry but some of the so called Celebs ego has just gotten too big. Thing is you all wouldn’t do that for someone thats not in the clique. You wouldn’t do it for a nobody. Yet its the Nobody’s that you are counting on.

And not that it matters one way or the other cause I wouldn’t have paid it. I mean I think it’s hillarious that you are on here trying to justify that deal. The whole thing was totally like ” In your face little people for $3.00 we’ll grace you with our presence.” Now your trying to justify it because you dont like the way it reflects on you Celebs.

EXACTLY MadScience.

When this idea was plotted out… every single one of them looked at their subs like material possessions or… money trees.

“Now how can I abuse them this time?”

There will be heck to pay this time.

Blunty you are such a fucking douchebag. So out of touch with reality, and clouded with your youtube ‘celebrity’.

And your videos were you bitch about being financially strapped then talk about the new Wii you got lend you even more credibility.

You are a stupid phoney and I hate you.

Just because you’ve done the whore thing yourself, Nate. People have offered me money for my Russian lessons, but I have refused to accept donations. I even stated that if I win any money in the New Numa competition it’s going to Beslan. People ought not to be holding their hands out every five seconds in here and have a bit of dignity. Ricky is quite correct.

okay, you just renewed my faith in youtube! I’ve been watching selected youtube “celebrities” begging for cash and gifts and a fan base for a while now, with great discust, but this is the apex of arrogance… I would hazard a guess that 95 percent of all youtubers need new computers, or cams or the like…but they aren’t A-listers, so…. anyway, thanks for being the coolest!

Full agreement on my part.
There are FAR better things you could do with your money than spent 3 dollars to MAYBE talk to somebody you’ve probably never even heard of. Like, spending it on a few days’ worth of instant noodles (and it’s far tastier that way, too!).

A fool and their money are soon parted. I like Kim, I think she’s a nice gal and I don’t see anything wrong with helping out a friend. Likewise if folks want to pay to spend face time with a YT celebrity then that’s their perogative. I personally would not pay and I personally would not ask people for money unless I was living on the street or needed an operation or something. But if other folks want to spend their money that way, well it’s their money, who am I to tell them what to do with it?

I agree with you. Buy your own darn computer! there are people out there who cant work and are financially stuggling because they had cancer, surgery, radiation and then by a fluke gave birth to a preemie baby with continues health problems. but you dont see them begging for money. I’m just so disgusted with people who get money just cause they need a stupid computer. Grr! Oh yeah, Love you Ricky!

but see, blunty, this isn’t “donating”…donating would be if you all said “hey, we’re having this benefit for Kim…everyone is welcome and we hope some of you can give”… this is blackmailing mostly young and broke people into paying to see you all.

Just a little note, some of the people that donate will be doing so JUST to see their favorite tube celebs. They may not even have the slight thought about kim. There are obsessives on youtube, they won’t be donating they’ll just be thinking it of an entrace fee. What should really happen is to have an optional entrace fee. Then the money being donated would be for the cause.

It should have been, “If you like her vids and can spare ONE dollar or more, we’re having this get together. You can come join, talk to us and hopefully help our friend out.”

Not “Hey look if you wanna get in to our fundraiser party, gimmie 3 bucks for the privilege of talking to us.”

People would have donated anyway, without making you seem like an elitist clique. Esp the mandatory 3 buck entry fee.

But whatever. She got her comp.

Uh.. How is Jipsi (prod101) a scammer? He’s here donating his time and energy into a project that is helping and educating a lot of us. You don’t see him asking for entrance money to his competition. And you haven’t heard of the Paperlilies? I’ve been here 7 months and I ran into her videos on the first week I joined. Dude get in touch with the community that has clearly escaped you.

I’m in the bobsforkim room at the moment and it’s probably the most entertaining chat I’ve been in ever. I’ve had worse times in clubs with a $10 cover. The cover charge has eliminated haters and spammers and the people that came in and paid are mostly people that know Kim quite well and are just trying to help out an online friend because they want to see more of her videos. It’s not like she asked for money herself man. That would be different.

I thought I might add a sober comment to this. In the end the whole thing could maybe have been gone about differently but if people pay money towards something it’s their own choice. It’s not like they have a gun to their heads. There is always a better place for money to be distributed.. If I walked to work tomorrow instead of catching a bus I could donate that $3 to starving kids in Africa.. But I’m going to take the bus because I’m lazy and want more sleep. What a bastard I am.

uhh.. I’m not even in the chat tonight and I donated 15 dollars had a little spare cash and said what the hell. . I’m sure there are plenty of other charities. . OH YEAH that’s right I did the AIDS walk and raised 1,400 dollars last year. . you’re acting like this is the only thing people are ever going to givemoney to ever

Nicely said but slightly full of yourself. For the record I support this stickam party.

I chat with most of these folks all the time and this is something they decided to do for Kim. Her YT friends decided to do this. Truth is you can chat with them any time on stickam for free and I have often.

If you don’t know Kim or don’t want to go that’s great.

Also if the folks doing this didn’t expect to receive negative feedback then they too are out of touch with the community.

I have no clue. She didn’t ask them to do this, they took it upon themselves. I think that many of us are a tad bit jealous (myself included) that we don’t have friends buying us a computer.

I chipped in three bucks for a friend, that doesn’t stop me from donating to charities once a month. The two things are separate and distinct items on my radar.

Sorry I couldn’t help answer your question.

lazydork do a smimlar thing, except rather than collecting $3 per person to but a $600 computer, collect $20 per person to get $10,000 to enter the WSOP. that way, rather than give the money to a hack who exploits “youtube stars” generosity, you can actually get something in return other than useless videos from soemone who can’t even spell kimberly!

I don’t think it’s “wrong” to try to get money for something when you can, but I do think it’s really stupid. Ooh a new computer. Why not try to raise money for a charity? I’ve been on the fence about you, but this video makes me really, really like you.

I’m not one to hate on videos, so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. But I think you should just let people do what they want. We all love Kim and we’re doing this for her because she deserves it. If you don’t want to help, then don’t pay the money and don’t come. No one is forcing you. Anyway, have a nice day.

I hardly think sticking up for what I believe in when some douche attacks folk trying to do a nice thing for someone else a “very ugly picture”, nor “sad”. But I bet you’re just overjoyed that you’ve managed to goad me into a reaction. like any troll.

i kinda think that he wasnt getting so much at who set it up (as its a scam) but more the fact that it has been set up and is scamming people to pay to ‘chat’ to people off this site who in the street if you met them you wouldnt say jack to. seriously messed up

It’s easy just to dismiss people who you disagree with as “trolls”, Nate, but some of us simply prefer not having the bloody begging bowl shoved under our noses every time we come here. OK, my content is nowhere near as popular as either yours or Lazydork’s but it is offered free without accepting money, even though I’ve had a few offers. How much did you get when you put out the bowl, incidentally?


you are such a brave and great man, with the courage and convictions to stand up what you believie in, at any cost. And what you believe in is getting a middle class college kid a Mac because she is too lazy to work for it.

Wow! You are so selfless and caring. And all your fans who shelled out money like good little sheep arent fucking retards.

ya jesus don’t blow your fucking top man. You are both like the same youtube people. you both put out videos every so often with a good one out of every 4-5. You both have a core of fans but no one really looks at your profiles on the most subscribed list.

Yes, I wonder if anyone besides Paperlilies really knows. Whatever it is, the B stars of YouTube have certainly jumped on the bandwagon. I just wish someone would explain why she needs the donations. Did she lose her house in a twister or is she unable to work or?

I completely fucking agree what you’re saying. What’s really sad is that a lot of sad fanboys/fangirls will actually pay $3 to talk to them. It makes me sick. As far as it only being to “help out a friend”, then why the hell set it up like that? Why not just personally send her some money? Why make a show like this?

just to add another line of dumb.. i’d probably donate a few bucks if i knew her better.. i’ve only watched liek one or two of her vids. thing is, i’m broke! send me some money! i’m hungry too! j/k.. i’ll be ok. anyway, hope you guys work things out. hate seeing bad blood between my fav tubers! =)

I really like Paperlilies and Kim but I really don’t agree with the whole thing either. Heck I need a new computer too, but I can’t work because I have health problems. Can I have a fundraiser too! I wouldn’t mind being in the room but I refuse to pay!

Sure you can! Invest a few months, make a few dozen videos entertaining people for free, and if you’re doing good and a lot of people like you, you’ll probably get a modest amount of donations at one occasion or other. It’s a lot of work of course for very little money — but if it’s the kind of work you enjoy, why not? – – I hope you get well soon.

(1/3) Huh? You have never heard of most of the coolest people this site has to offer right now? I would have thought you had inquired into that topic before making «Where Have All the Vloggers Gone?» Kimberleigh herself advised you in the comment section of that video where to look for them… free advice, from Kimberleigh! Anyway, this video confuses me. If you’re really at odds with Bobs4Kim, I’m missing some actual arguments.

(2/3) You don’t pay your three bucks to get a Hello from some of the YT celebrities, you pay your three bucks to help out someone whose work on this site you enjoy, and have some fun at the same time. Believe it or not, there are people who expect total strangers to pay way more than three bucks admittance to be in the same room with them — actors, musicians, comedians, you name it —

(3/3) and I think even if you’re in the same room with them, it’s pretty rare to get a Hello from them. Rock concerts bore me to death. I wouldn’t want to listen to those people, not even for free. Is this reason enough to go and tell people who do attend rock concerts that they are as stupid as common garden slugs, and that their money should go to all sorts of charities? Well, come to think of it, it probably is. I stand corrected.

Do you pay your friends to come talk to you when you’re short of cash?

“Sorry Man, If you want me to say something more, gimmie 3 bucks, I need a new comp. Better yet, lets get people to pay to talk to us.”

Some of my friends ‘entertain’ me and are talented too. I don’t pay them for that privilege.

If a friend needed my help and was in a financial bind, though, I would help. Theres a difference.

I have to agree with you lazydork when i watched bluntys vid about it. I thought it was incredibly stupid if someone wants a new computer save dont expect others to give their hard earned cash to you its stupid. Love all your vid’s lazydork you rock 🙂

The problem is that he bitches about the community and about how pompous and stupid everyone is — and his only real argument in favour of this hypothesis is that he has never heard of any of the people who are important to the community. All he does here is dump his videos and get featured every few months — and still he just naturally assumes that if he hasn’t heard of them, people are unimportant. Now that’s what I would call pompous and stupid!

it doesn’t mean he’s out of touch with the community, it just means he looks for something different out of the community. before stickam i didn’t know of half of these people – didn’t mean i wasnt in the community, just meant i was there for a different reason. youtube is big enough for people to do what they want without crossing paths all the time, and some people care about something other that “most subscibed” lists. and having a different view or opinion isnt negativity

Well Mikma despite your lack of comments, I have watched twice the videos as me and you know that this is just a squabble amoung a small group of folks who have formed a bit of a clique. Yes they have lots of subscribers but all of them together do not have as many pageviews as YouTube gets every day. It is not too surprising that even they do not all get along.

Perfect! I don’t always agree with you but this time you got the nail on the head. Friends of Kim should give money to her privately. There are more more important things in this world to campaign for e.g darfur or child cruelty. I have lost a lot of respect for the likes of blunty and damien over the last few days.

I totally agree. That’s really pathetic. All this silly shit about “the community” is absurd. Bitch just wants something for nothing. I don’t care how e-popular you think you are on YouTube, no one should be paying anything so you can stay on the site.

ok got on secondary internet browser
it works on this one

i feel bad for you…people type that stuff about you?

wow that sucks…

yes, i am smarter than a garden slug man

(btw i never pay for shit on the internet, ever)

thanks for the heads up

Yes we are much smarter than fucking idiots that support Boh3m3 anymore..

i think that Boh3m3 really lost his touch in making videos..

and it’s definately true, your vids are at least 20 times better and more entertaining to watch..

as for boh3m3 it’s just constant wtf happened in my life today kind of shit..

I don’t understand how this can bug you so much. It has nothing to do with you. It’s not retarded. It just means that some people are actually NICE enough to pay just THREE dollars for someone. It’s not a big deal. It’s not hurting you. Give up. You are annoying.

blunty, bowiechick and damien all posted comments defending kimberleigh’s charity chat vehemently but never said why it was ok, just basically insulted you and vaguely saying “you dont understand”. It is very clear they want to make money off youtube and dont like you exposing this as a way to take advantage of the poor pathetic suckers that will pay cash to be in the same chatroom with a youtube “celebrity”

Lazydork, my tip-off re Mia turned out to be fairly accurate. BTW, whilst I may have said you’re a legend, I’m not exactly hitting on you. Um, my ex-Budweiser model girlfriend looks after me in the love dept. Sorry, she’s a little prettier. Maybe if u consider body waxing I’ll reconsider. Hopefully you weren’t referring to me anyway as one of the 35 year old men who proposition you.

“or if somebody’s friends wants somebody to have a computer so they can chat with them they can pony up the cash themselves”
you hit the nail right on the head with that one. that’s EXACTLY what bobs4kim is about. it’s to give people who are friends with kim and want to help her out a way to do so. all at once. EVERYONE in the room had to pay at least $3, even all the “youtube stars” so they’re helping her too. it’s not just that they want people to pay them to be graced by their presence.

Even the ‘stars’? If they’re her ‘friends’, why can’t they give 10-20 bucks each instead of three?

Donations should have been voluntary. The fundraiser would have still worked.

Imo, if they truly gave three dollars each that isn’t them putting their money where their mouths are at all.

I’m disappointed. I like your raps, they are good and funny. Even the ones that aren’t exactly true. I didn’t think you actually believed everything you sung, I thought it was just to be funny. But then you create this, and with no proof. Just ramblings and assumptions. Unless you can provide proof to your claims (which you can’t), I don’t regret donating to the event. Sorry man.

But it seems your plan to hit most discussed is working. That is the only point I can find for this video. Lately you like attacking new popular figures, and using their names in your tags. It is a publicity stunt.

I had respect for you and I hope you find a new way to gain popularity that does not involve attacking others.

i would also like to point out that this was NOT kim’s idea. everyone who is friends with her had the idea and organized it without her even knowing. she’s flattered that they did it, but she didn’t ask for it. it’s not like she’s begging people to give her things. her friends did it because they wanted to help her out.

we know she needs it because she told us that her computer died and she wouldn’t be able to do anymore videos for a long time because she couldn’t afford it. sh even made text only vids explaining why she wouldn’t be around for awhile….and then all the people that missed her and wanted to help her decided to actually do that. that’s all. it’s not like she asked them to.

I agree with you , when i first saw the Bob4Kim promotion Video I though ” NOOOOO ” this is stupid . I think these Certain ” youtube celebrity’s have made money on youtube recently selling things .. and now they feel they can expand this by getting the youtube community to by a whole new computer . I was annoyed about this whole thing too . Im glad you made this video.. Its not BAND AID ffs ! they aint saving lives !

Yeah I wanted nothing to do with that. I think it started at $20! But regardless, it is wrong. If her personal friends want to help fine, but asking for cash like that, no way. I’d rather give to a stranger who is hungry and has no food. can you imagine a guy begging in the street for money to buy a new puter?

If this is meant serious, I think you got this whole thing wrong. People who might pay there, are not paying to chat to some people of youtube, because they can do this every day for free. If you pay something there it means something like: “Thank you Kimberleigh, I enjoy your videos so much that I would even pay for them to make it possible for you to come back.”.

But I think you didn’t mean this whole video serious, and it was just your way to advertise the whole thing. So I want to say thank you, because I bet you reached really a lot of people who would not have ever heard of this thing 😉 You have your very own special way, to contribute to this community. We all know about it 😛

well the whole thing seems legit. They are just doing it as a fundraiser, nothing wrong with that I guess. I wouldnt pay since I have no idea who the person in need is and still wouldnt pay money for my favorite youtube “celebrity”. Pfft I have better things to do with my money lolz

I have old computers that I haven’t gotten rid of yet… I don’t think I’m the only one on the planet with old computers, why don’t people give those away? Contests ‘n stuff are happening on youtube all the time to give crap away like that. I haven’t because I don’t know anyone… just my 2¢ (not $3)

You’re totally my one and only internet-youtube crush. Haha! I would never want to admit it because you have a lady, and I’m beyond surprised that you don’t get 59385048350934 skeezy girls saying sick things they shouldn’t basically because you’re the epitome of adorable. END.

I am sort of getting a clue why you only get hit on by 35 yr old men …. look this was about friendship and appreciation. I was “stupid enough” to contribute the $3, only stayed for a few minutes, and was happy for Kimberleigh at the big show of support. It was Paperlily’s video noir that grabbed me. See, Kimberleigh makes dear videos and we’ve been missing her since her comp. broke. Why you got to see only the negative in everything?

What do you think of pan handlers? 50 50 they are scamming? leather skin, and dirty cloths and drive home in a BMW? What do you think? Should anyone have their hands chopped off for sticking it out there. NIMBY issue here? So many have issues how others click here. Funny. Still love your milk vlog. Your ego is an issue.

The problem is not this particular case of “donating”.The problem is that it opens up a whole new can of worms.Whats to stop others now saying they need a new computer when they dont.They could scam and take a grand for themsleves without anyone even knowing the difference.Online donating is different from real life donating,it can be dangerous.

Wow, that is pure garbage. Half the artist you named are garbage. There are some non popular artist I’m a fan of that I would pay before I paid some of the people at the top. 3 bucks to talk to the talentless. I don’t truly believe this is about some girl and a computer. You know it’s just about getting paid.

There is a quote attributed to PT Barnum, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Barnum denied having ever said it, but, and although I agree with you here, Barnum was correct. If a group of suckers would buy me a new computer, I’d have a room telethon also. LOL

THANK YOU for not putting Charity on your list! All they do is sell there stuff! I mean, We’ve tried to give so much stuff to them, They’d normaly say “It had 2 or 3 scratches, we can’t take it” or “It’s got a rip in it, sorry” or “This dosen’t look that new, sorry” witch were conditions that you COULDN’T sell it…

I think that this may be an exception to the rule. Kimberleigh is a long-time Youtuber, and not one to ask for handouts. Without her computer, she is not a part of the YT “community”, and it seems that this community is helping her stick around. Any profiteering over and above this I do not agree with though.

You’re talking about not being able to make vids for youtube sound as important as not having enough money to provide food & shelter for your family. So what if she would have to go a few weeks without making videos?? Sorry to burst peoples’ bubbles; but being away from youtube for a little while is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.

The girl’s videos are actually quite funny and cute, I won’t be surprised if many people think they’ve had $3 worth of enjoyment from them. I love how people with money are so excellent at telling people who need money to “get a job.” She is employed, and I think she’s also in school. Give the kid a break — she gives her time and creative energy to YouTube, so why is it so wrong for the community to support her? We’d do the same for you if you needed it.

Cry me a river seriously. There is NO reason why her ass can foot-it over to her local rent-a-center and rent a fucking computer for 20+ dollars a week.

Sorry but ANYONE can fucking afford that.

I’m not buying it and your a tool if you do.

Anyone? Really? I’ll have to let Stan who sleeps on the bench outside my local gas station know, although he might have a problem with the credit check. I didn’t say it was her only option, I’m saying maybe her effort deserves a little reward. And renting a computer (or a couch, which I did) is a major financial mistake unless you’re in a dire crisis and have absolutely no other choice.

thank you man for not wasting your time suporting that shit because i fully agree with everything you say, yes its a shame that ehr computer died but is that not something that could happen to anyone why should people react differently because she posts videos. personaly i dont agree with the idea but hey aperently people think its a good idea so whatever im just not going to waste my money on it

To be fair, “idiot” is probably the wrong word, but I’d definately say the people that would pay for that stickam chat’s priorities are in a different place than mine. I just think it’s a bad idea to start the trend of using youtube fame to get cash. Why can’t that list of, what, 12, simply donate $50 each to help their friend?

I like Paperlilies and subscribe to her channel but I thought the exact same thing. “Why do I have to care that Kimberleigh needs a new computer?” You can get computers these days for $200 or less. I think she can manage that on her own unless she is completely broke.

I’m glad I never subscribed to you. This was a fun community event, people had a great time chatting, got to talk to a lot of people they might not normally be able to AND it helped out an awesome person who makes great videos for this site. I would have put money in to help out a friend, with or without the chat, but for many, the chat alone was worth the money.

This is about friendship and appreciation. I’m sure Kim is willing to purchase her own computer, but her friends have decided to assist her. People who are not friends with Kim have this opportunity to express their appreciation and gratitude. Obviously people who don’t have clean drinking water need donations, but if you have the opinion that only people in dire situations should receive gifts, I suggest you stop sending Christmas and birthday presents.

You are absolutely right. I can’t believe this crap, people sit in their rooms and talk to the cameras and it’s enough to expect that we care…why should we pay?! Maybe if Kim had some rare form of cancer, it would be nice if the YouTube community donated but for a computer? That’s redonkulous. Keep on keepin’ it real, lazydork!

It could have been done better. Voluntary donations. The ‘stars/friends’ putting the majority of their own money in and getting it without the big hoop-la would have been even better and more honest. Knowing everyone worked hard for a friend rather than expecting handouts online from strangers– would be the true gift and show what bonding in a community SHOULD be.

well said dunneh. i think that is how it started out to be. kim does have a lot of friends in the community, but unfortunately all it took was a few of those friends publicizing the event and then suddenly it becomes this HUGE thing for a tiny need (a computer). so it DID grow bigger than it needed to. but i think that was because so many people care for her.

(cont) and in a communtiy where people fire up their cams to get out messages, suddenly there is a wave of bobs4kim vids, and it looks out of proportion. i will say that i had a blast for a couple of hours. it wasn’t about the “chat” for me. i would have helped my friend anyway. but it was a nice “party” if you will that went along with helping. 🙂

Also, you can’t deny that in the majority of your videos you are told that you are attractive. I’ve seen it. You don’t have to admit/think you’re attractive, but you could at least admit that other people can, and do. Modesty is a nice thing to have, but knowing the appropriate time to be modest is also good.

R u just trying to get views with this video? B/f u open ur mouth about something like this, u should do a bit more research, such as find out what is kimberleigh’s situation, maybe watch a few videos. She has many fans thru kimberleigh, talknerdytokim, & opinions on YourTube News, and many have enjoyed her videos. Yes, perhaps Kimberleigh’s ‘real world’ friends could get some money together, but I think that it is wonderful to see this community coming together for one of their own.

whatever. its just sad when once promising youtube talent is reduced to yelling insults from the sidelines just to get attention. stop your bitching and knock out some more music vids and movies reviews. i miss the music vids that made you great.

It’s not a donation when you force people to pay money to get into the channel. It’s like a TV fundraiser, can be entertaining, anyone can watch, but you have the option to call in and donate, not pay before hand to enjoy it. Lazydork is right, this is a bad direction for youtube. Point: Lazydork.

I agree. Had I seen a “donate” button on her or Paperlilies profile, I would have donated. As it was, the fact that they were promoting their “internet celebrity”-ness and were requiring people to pay $3 just to be in a chat room with them, I said no way. I’m glad she has friends who want to help, but it was gone about the wrong way.

I guess the only answer is that no one ever said that just because these “YouTube celebrities” have thousands of subscribers and make entertaining videos from time to time does not mean they ever think things through or have an common sense about the community perception of there “fundraising” schemes. Truth is many of them probably do not have any social skills except when talking into a camera.

Ricky I was just going to watch this from the sidelines,but I think it’s important for you to know there are those of us who appreciate the courage it takes to express what seems to be an unsimpathetic view.Viewing a situation from the aspect of precedent might make you a killjoy,but you are right.

What urks me is the way that folks like Blunty are total hyprocrites complaining about haters and then leaving nasty comments like the ones here instead engaging in civil debate. Now there is someone who does not think things through. Obviously, he has not had his “agent” and “publicist” teach him good manners. Maybe he is hoping to be talked about like Tom Cruise last year before he finally straightened up publicly. Good luck Blunty.

lmao…don’t be a hater. j/k There’s alot of stupid ppl out there ALOTTT I’m just tryin to figure out how I can cash in on them, it’s hard cuz I don’t even have a cam…lmao There must be some way, maybe I can have cancer or maybe a horse fell on me. I’m gonna have to do some further thinkin…lol

If Lonelygirl15 was never revealed and one day Danielbeast came and said her pc was broken or something and that they needed 3$ from each person to buy her a new pc, I wonder how much cash she would have made. Then if you would have bashed her people would be totally “go die you fag, this is being nice”. Lewl.

lol at Burger King’s Dollar Menu being on the list.
I’m surprised anyone would disagree on this, or actually get mad. I looked through the comments, and I saw Blunty3000’s angry response…that’s just immature. I’m surprised, I thought he was a decent guy before that. This whole thing is stupid, if her computer broke she should just save up money and get a new one, instead of setting up some sort of “charity” for it.

I know! I really liked his videos and thought he was this sweet, teddy bear computer geek. I suspect that a couple of Tasmanian brewskis added to last night’s venom, but it was sad to see Superman fall from grace… It was like Santa telling you to fuck yourself or something! *Unsubscribed*

What astonishes me is that when a pompous git like Mr Dork makes a video saying: Haha, you are all stupid, and I’m far too important to know anyone on this site — and then even turns the whole thing into an adversitement for Burger King (I wonder how much they payed him), everyone thinks it’s funny and clever, but then when a real person stands up for his friends and defends them, everyone thinks it’s immature.

the one dollard whopper jr. is a good deal, and i pretty much only a BK or wendy’s guy when it comes to fast food. but, mcdonald’s has a good looking deal now of 2 1/4 pounders or six piece mcnuggets for $3. if i was a big fast food eater, i would be on that!

Ah, okay. I don’t think I am. I mean, he was really cool some time in the past. But now he’s so desperate he has to make videos like this to get people to talk about him. If he has run out of ideas, why not just take a break? It’s kind of sad, really.

Das ist sicher richtig; es ist aber auch ein Unterschied zwischen einer Kritik der Aktion und «If you want to go on living your ignorant life, that’s fine, but I have to scold you for the levels of your stupidity.» Es ist unglücklich, daß die zweifellos notwendige Diskussion ausgerechnet von einem eröffnet wird, der sich nur mal wieder mit einem provokanten Video ein bißchen ins Gerede bringen will. Daß das manchen auf die Palme bringt, kann ich schon verstehen.

Tja, es kann sein dass er seine Gefuehle ein bisschen doof/boes ausgedrueckt hat, glaub aber kaum dass er damit seine “ganz wichtige Youtube Karriere” aufpumpen wollte. Naja, wir sind bestimmt verschiedener Meinung…ist nicht schlimm. Gegen spendieren war ich nie, dachte nur die selbstgenannte YT Promis haetten nie so handeln sollen. Schoenen Sonntag noch!

I really like most of the people involved with this except I dont know Kimberleigh. Anyway, I agree that I think all of us would like a new computer. I’m not popular so nobody is gonna help me or raise money for my new computer!! I’m with you on this one.

I don’t subscribe to your videos, but I do subscribe to some of those you are criticising. However, while I obviously therefore don’t agree with some of what you say, balls to you for daring to take on the YT vlogging inner circle. Everybody needs somebody else to check their ego once in a while.

The fact that anyone donated money to this girl is evidence of the decline of Western society. When this girl gets older and more mature, she will feel ashamed she ever took that money. People also throw the word “friend” around way too loosely. Newsflash, the person you’re speaking to or typing to through a computer screen isn’t your friend.

I agree with you 100% here lazydork! You have seen through a charade of charity and expressed great opinions on the subject. The saddening part of all of this is that the world is full of feeble minded fools and followers, and this unconvincing and misguided “charity” dupe will surely be profitable for those who designed it. 🙂

and whats with all this talk of charity between the “community” anyways… don’t these people who are supposedly “famous” youtuber’s have a thing called self respect and pride? not being able to support your own lifestyle and living off handouts is contemptible.

I like kimmerbly’s vids and I have only really enjoy Lazydork’s “I’m better than you” rap he made to LonelyGirl15 (which rocks), but I think he is right…Rick has an ego that to me is truly repelling. BUT asking friends for money. Hmm… I would not do it. I would be too embarrassed. I would get a job. For me donations should be for the truly needy. Good video!

but Kim did not ask for a penny. Her friends did this for her voluntarily. It just got a little too big (promotionally, IMHO) for the size of the actual need. 😉 i am disappointed by the division that this vid is causing, though. 😦 and that some think it was Kim’s idea.

I just saw sXePhil’s vid and figured that out. BUT… real friends would have given or lent her the money. AND she should have been embarrassed or even ashamed to let it become this. She should have just borrowed it. Well, those represent my morals… whatever. People have different morals…

You Sir, are correct. Anyone that would pay three bucks to chat with “YouTube Celebs” is an idiot. On the other hand, though…. there will always be idiots out there, and due to that, there will always be people smarter then them happy to cater to their whims and glad to take their money.

I heard you say Producing101 was a scam. I’d be interested in hearing why you feel that way? I had been thinking of signing up for his educational class/competition thing. If anyone besides LazyDork wants to chime in here with an answer I’d appreciate hearing it. Of course a LazyDork response would be welcome too. It’s just that with so many commnents I figured you might not get around to it.

I asked this as well and so did a few other people with no response. He can’t seem to answer it because it’s not true. I think it’s quite ignorant to make statements like that and not back them up. I thought Ricky was a lawyer, he should know that.

So why didn’t she buy her own computer if she has a job? Don’t say she had nothing to do with it either. Just admit you all are a bunch of grimy fucks for using complete stangers to pay for someones computer. Let’s see how long it takes before you all set up another pay to chat session. YT fame = Gum on the bottom of my shoe!

lol towards the end you stutter and say “thank you and i had to get off” the first time i thought you said differnt lol. but i agree with you 100%
i have a iq higher then a common garden slug lol
PS make some more rap viedos lol there the funniest L-dizzle

Oh my god, What BULLSHIT! “Boohoo, my computer broke…buy me another one!”
What the hell?! It’s like they’re making it out to be..a fucking telethon for aids or something. I’m glad you’re the only SANE person on this site…yay for common sense. Point being…I hate how people get so egotistical because people watch their stupid videos on here. Celebrities my ass. How conceited can they get?
Keep hope alive, lazydork. Milk video 4 lyfe!

LOL@YOUTUBE FAME. They are far from being celebrities. Offline or online. They should be thankful a bunch of half-wits and underage girls even want to waste their damn time talking to them. They all really need lives. And jobs.

& Blunty or whoever the hell you are, get a life plz.

This remind kong of when brookers begged for a car thru her myspace. she said she wanted any car that would get her to her job, but in the end, her poor fans gave her over $4K and she put it towards a $12K late model saab turbo. so bogus. she was like 20 y/o, live at home and had just gotten a deal with carson dailky! so jive!

The Roman Empire wouldn’t have tolerated that shit that kimberleigh is doing, believe me, the Romans would have gone apeshit and sent an entire legion after these scumbags. I wish the Roman Senate was still around so they could declare these bastards enemies of the Republic. actually have the balls to wear a Raiders shirt. You’re either a true man or you don’t pay any attention to football. Anyways, you’re probably completely right about the “No one actually wanting to talk to them in real life” thing. But, just as you do, they have loyal fans, so your rants won’t affect the opinions of (probably) the amount of people necessary to pay for the computer. Just my opinion.

If this was reverse psychology it worked. I chipped into the Kim’s kitty and joined in on the chat. I have nothing against pay-per-view but this I think that the internet might be better off if more stuff was sponsored. But either way it is still subscriber beware. The views you subscribe to are not necessarily your own.

Puting aside whether it is right or wrong to donate money to this girl, I have to say that if I was her, I would be absolutely ashamed to be receiving handouts from random strangers. She is not poor to the point where she is living on the street. I would find it much more satisfying to work hard and save up the money myself, even if it meant taking a long break frrom youtube.

I dont agree with the whole giving money for a PC when the Girl in question has a JOB. I feel its taking advantage of certain youtubers who flock like sheep to what ever the ” Popular people * are doing . You Lazy Dork are one of the only people who truly entertains me.

You’re against expecting “total strangers to come in and pay $3 a piece” because, you say: “if somebody’s friends want somebody to have a computer… the can pony up the cash themselves” Well, the people in the room had probably between 50K and 100K combined subscribers, yet only 178 of their closer friends joined… It sounds like what you want is in fact what happened, no?

rocketsblow: I think the promotion was overkill, but if it were really meant for the masses, they would have made the room public and probably gotten TWICE the money just in volunteer donations. Actually, I don’t know if Stickam can even handle 2-4K viewers in a single room, which that might have caused.

I agree zack. I think that the only thing wrong with this was the unintentional overkill of the promotion. She has so many friends, and all it took was a few doing vids to try to help out, and you have too many promos for a simple little ditty. I NEVER expected it to go BIG. (I was one of the first 5 or 10 to sign on.)
But I think this video is worse because it’s so divisive. depressing really that this all couldn’t just pass.

People are chipping in to get Kimberleigh a computer because she is really good and funny. I could care less about this chat thing and wouldn’t pay for that. But to chip in to keep seeing talent like hers – a buck is worth it to me. Not much different than tossing a buck to a street musician that you think is good.

This reminds me, of my ex-fancy-prancy-rich-university, telling all the sports clubs that we had to raise money so that rich kids in the school could get free beginner ski lessons. I don’t know anyone that supports the “free beginner ski/snowboard lessons for rich white kids” cause.

When did popular Youtubers become “Celebrities”? I’m sorry but i really don’t consider the top youtubers famous… I think its gotten a little out of control. the whole point of youtube was for normal people to post videos..not for people witth 1000+ subscribers to act like Celebrities I mean youtube is a website and these people are JUST people I think sometimes some viewers forget that…Anyway I agree with lazydork i think it’s a little silly to have to pay to get in a chat room

shes spambag don’t give her anything or we’ll have happy thieves looking for money everywhere on the net, didn’t she have insurance? Home, computer etc??? Come on Americans send your money to Darfur!!, shit happens all the time and should we be asking for help out those to pay their electricity bills, next think they’ll be saying
” Oh, Please pay 5 denominations to pay for my service provider” Come on get real!!! John In Brazil

What’s the difference between advertising your paypal account on youtube, or setting up cafepress to sell
shirts, and charging 3 dollars to enter a chatroom to help someone buy a computer? Both ways are using internet ‘fame’ for vanity or money. Is it the way the thing was carried out? We’re popular, you can’t come into the chat unless you pay?

Becuse. If you set up a cafepress, you are selling things that are your original works/ideas for money for your efforts. As most people on Youtube do. For this? You’re helping a damn lazy bitch get a computer for free when she needs to get up off her ass and buy one like the rest of us.

er, putting your name on a mug is more work than spending 5 hours making and editing a video for your subscribers? she is entertaining us, like any actor or musician out there, only for free. if people want to give something back, they should. and nobody expected or made anybody do anything. WHINE.

People are getting to bent out of shape about this video. If you don’t like the video then stop watching. And if you’are angered so much that you post such nasty comments here, then your mom didn’t teach you right, and I apologize in advance to those people that don’t have a mom. If you want to go and participate in Bobs4Kim then go do it and stop being such a crybaby.

According to what she said on YouTubeTalk, KimberLie’s computer had a nasty virus which caused the crash.

Her friends at the YTNews Smiles and Sunshine Club could have gotten her a new HD easy.

They definitely made a nice profit by parting fools from their money.

What a joke this skank is for asking people to donate their hard earned money. Props on this video. Maybe if she got off of the computer for more than 5 fucking minutes a day it wouldn’t have blown up. This place is better off without her busted grill anyway.

I’ve only heard of paperlillies and sxephil.
and i’ve heard mention of kimberleigh.

otherwise i dont know who the fuck the rest of those people, nor do i really care.

i’m not paying three bucks to talk to anyone.
nope…. well maybe kevin smith.
he’d be worth at least ten.

Hey check it out, I was the 35 year old in the chatroom hitting on you. Even though I’m actually 20. I went to the bobs4kim, and I paid 5 dollars, not the minimal 3. I sincerely enjoy Kim’s videos and was disappointed to see that she would no longer be making them, and had 6 dollars sitting in my PayPal. I didn’t go there to meet YouTube “celebrities”, I went in because I wanted Kim back. What’s so wrong about that?

Lazydork, another blast from the past here 🙂 John Reagan agreeing with you 100 percent and saying hello again. Even at your stature and with your nationwide CNN and television exposure you’re more in touch with the “pulse” than a few others. Thanks for voicing your opinion man, and keepin’ it real. I didn’t even know it was going on. – John Reagan

Damn, It looks like Blunty already took down his video. He had it up for less than an hour. A few people, including me, told him they were unsubcribing. Maybe he’ll repost it, but probably not. I’ve got a screenshot of the comments if you missed it.

I was there for the last 3 hours of the “Thing” and i was never asked to pay S*** after about 2 hours or so kicking it with everyone i decided to donate a small bit to her Kim..she was cool as hell and i i got to see why she has so many friends.anywho never once was i asked to was a Friends only room..

it’s a way to help out their friend, I’m sorry you’re not as popular as you wish you were dude, you just need to stop worrying about it. Ben (Boh3m3) is more popular due to the fact that he DOES talk to his friends and fans, don’t rant about it just because they didn’t invite you 😉

the REALITY of it is he is a popular online idol for the youtube community, are you saying google is not a popular site because it’s “online” or popular actors are not “real”? your logic is skewed on what the term means. And anyways, LazyD is the one complaining about it.

I think he was just jokeing. Please do not send any money to the DNC. Ted Kennedy is gonna spend it all on Boons Farm wine and tater chips, Or Nancy Plowhoseed (speaker of the house) may purchase a new face lift or maybe a clue. Wait I know, We can buy John Kerry a new spray on Tan!!! or better yett we can all just give Hillary Clinton 3 dollars to STFU.

you know lazydork your right, ive never posted to anyones vids but yours ( biggest fan lol ) but i did post to one of the members of bobs4kim to leave my distasted of there scam very nicly told them money could be better spent on other things like homeless people and such and i was ripped and had my comments removed they were not rude or crule but wow i could not belive they would remove a small bit of advice ty for bringing this to the forfront so all can see there scam

if advertisement people keep telling them for long enough, they will buy a concert ticket for one of the popular manufactured bands, but they will never buy a ticket for a chat room of someone who has become popular through their good work and engagement in the community. They’re dead inside. Just look at Lazydork with his dull, vacant eyes! It’s no use argueing with people like that.

This girl made $1200 for a fucking computer? That’s it. I’ve lost all hope for mankind. SKYNET is crashing at this very moment. Nothing against Ricky, but every single one of these “YouTube Celebrities” suffer from massive dillusions of grandeur. Point being, every one of them is on YouTube for a reason, and they so fucking bad want to be relevant, popular, and famous, and they never will be.

I think if people want to raise money for their friend, go for it. If people – like you – want to give their opinion on that, go for it too. I really enjoyed your “rambling speech”, cheers : ) And the boheme thing… well I wouldn’t beg him for sexual favours… but I do think there’s something sexy about him. Maybe it’s the way he speaks.

Hey Lazydork!! I watch your video’s and you commented back a few times, so we must be “friends” right? It’s been awhile since you last commented back it seems you got popular over the last month…so i’ll give you 3 dollars if you leave a comment like the good ol’ days, pleeeease.

The funny part of all of this is that you are essentially paying $3 to talk to some youtubers who are, for the most part, on stickam all the time anyway and happen to love the attention. You are paying for something you could have for free any other day of the week and for what purpose? So a girl won’t have to save up money to buy her own computer? If I were her, I’d pissed off that her so called “friends” are turning her into a charity case.

youtube was a much better place before stickam came along. we were able to live in ignorance that their favorite ‘youtube celebs’ weren’t the shallow, insensitive jerks who act like the ‘cool kids in high school’, and just were able to watch and enjoy videos. now stickam has revealed them for what they really are.

youtube was a much better place before stickam came along. we were able to live in ignorance that their favorite ‘youtube celebs’ weren’t the shallow, insensitive jerks who act like the ‘cool kids in high school’, and just were able to watch and enjoy videos. now stickam has revealed them for what they really are.

And another thing while I am still thinking about it: What bugs me is that everyone is saying we shouldn’t fault Kim because it was done by other people on her behalf, but she, upon hearing about it, could have easily said, “Look it’s really nice that you want to help me out, but I just can’t accept your money. Why not give it to someone in need”. See, it’s easy to say “Don’t fault her” and it might not have been her idea, but she certainly went along with it.

I agree. I think in the long run Kim will always have this hanging over her head. Her motives will always be questioned from here on out. Unfortunately. If I were paperlillies, I would be mounting a damage control campaign for my friend. Have you noticed there has been no words from her. Paperlillies hung her friend out to dry. They should of just donated to her themselves and forgone the panhandling. This community does not take well to beggars.

Since opinions are like assholes, and everyone has one, (and is indeed entitled to one) I actually like this video and the way you put forth your personal point of view.
What I did not appreciate is the way assume to speak for others who think differently from you. If people want to help out a friend, why not simply let them? Calling all of them stupid makes you sound childish and more than a little envious. And that saddens me.

Sorry but there is a difference than simply helping out a friend and setting up and charging money to enter a video chat room as a charity cause. It is an insult to all the charities that are out there every day helping people overcome Cancer,Hunger,Aids and many more legitimate causes. Holding a public charity event so a girl can have a computer is just absolutely ludicrous.

I disagree. The two can coexist side by side very well. If high school seniors raise money for a class trip, it does not make them evil for not donating it to cancer research. Giving money to Kimberleigh does not mean that money will be missing in Darfur. Envy is the sole reason preventing people from being more relaxed about this topic. Live and let live, people. Don’t presume to judge over others.

I agree with you by looking back at my comment they can coexist. But What is stuck in my mind is that people are holding charity events in this community so a girl can have a computer. Come on, you have got to think it is at least a little questionable and a little sad.

Who are you to tell other people what to do with their money? Jeez, talk about an inflated ego. You might want to turn off your computer once in awhile. There is a big world out there and believe it or not it doesn’t revolve directly beneath your feet.

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for the record i dont think there is any such thing as youtube celebirties. Spend sufficient time on youtube, have some talent get some friends who are in the circle and eventually you will get popular. And a lot of people on my friends list have done this i have seen it happen. So people need to get over themselves. It is not something permanent, eventually the ” fame ” wears off for the next big thing unless you are really talented and have staying power. ( remember nornna? no? enough said)

rickyste deleted my comment. He doesn’t believe in a person’s right to speak his/her opinion. Obviously, this tells me rickyste is a TOOL of the trade and doesn’t want you to HEAR what others think.
rickyste is also a hypocrite, as he allows people like Blunty3000 to respond, but delete’s everyone else’s comments.
I also see that rickyste deleted several other comments since last night.

You are the only inteligent popular YouTuber or “YouTube Celebrity” as the idiot population of YouTube call you. I won’t be paying any $3 to go and speak to anyone in a chatroom, I wouldn’t pay $3 to talk to real celebrities.
As always LD you speak fact and you rock!!

it is unfortunate that this has become a big controversy. i think that thinking they were “being charged for talking to ‘youtube celebs'” is what everyone’s getting their panties in a knot about. they were originally going to just “set up a donate button” for fans to donate to if they wanted (like some people have been suggesting would have been a better idea)

but then figured that instead of just asking people to donate kim money for nothing that they would set up a big party so that when the people who did want to help kim out they got a fun time in return. so isn’t getting SOMETHING (even if it’s just a stickam party) for your donation better than getting nothing (as you would have if there was just a donate button on their accounts)?

Very nice rant Lazydork and i for one completely agree with you on this. Its absoulty crazy. I thought your speech was hard hitting and i also thought people were better than this. If she gets a computer through this i might actually be sick. The ignorance of people, really makes you think.

3. twas for a good cause. there are plenty (in fact too many) good causes to donate to (such as cancer foundations, any adoption foundations, heart and stroke foundation, david suzuki, doctors without borders, drug prevention and rehab, homeless shelters, the food bank etc. etc. depending on your personal beliefs) and it is up to the donators to decide for themselves whether or not a particular cause is worthy or not.

4. the mentioning of “celebrities” was used to entice people to go to the room. this is self evident. but the fact that you havent heard of them isnt. to those who are familiar with blunty, paperlilies, and/ or kimberleigh, those names mentioned are a sort of semi-celeb, meaning they are the ones that often converse with and are mentioned in the vids of the afore mentioned blunty paperlilies, and of couse each other. im glad it was a success, and i hope that you actually read this comment

tony stockert has taken over from tony huynh (thewinekone)on wtf factor on yourtubenews. katz20two is the “chick” who moved to australia to be with blunty. the “charities” that youve listed are all great too with the exception of bk, but only cuz i hate their food

Lazydork is the shit. Atleast his videos are entertaining. Plus, the people fucking bitching at him need to stfu. Atleast he had the decency to try to help things that should be helped except for some cheap ass youtube scam. He should get props for this.

You’re not very bright are you? I mean, the glasses are a cover for the dumbness aren’t they? Here, try this, if you don’t want to go into that channel, er, don’t. Kimberleigh’s friends wanted to help her get a new computer, that’s what that was. You don’t like it? Go eat worms. 😛

if her friends want to get her a computer, they should go right ahead, but don’t beg subscribers for money. that’s just wrong, and pretty much being full of yourself to even think that you’re so good that people should pay money for you to get a computer. it seems like you’ve been eating worms and they ate your brain

What a stupid idea Kimberleigh came up with and she could ask other relatives or grandparents. She could wait until next Christmas to get a computer as a gift. Stupid girls trying to get guys to expose their unseen parts on Stikam. What a rip off scam three dollars? she can use her own. She ask someone to donate her a computer for the time being.

in the past few months i have seen certain videos from certain popular youtubers that just disgust me, so many of these so called “celebrities” are just self-involved megalomaniacs, there is no substance. nothing to entertain, provoke… just nothing. this whole thing has made me reassess how i see youtube, i will be unsubscribing from a lot of people (not you of course) because the bore me so much, but up until now i have stayed subscribed.. in case i miss something.

oh, and what is all this crap about “the community”? how many times must it be said THE INTERNET IS NOT REAL LIFE. stand up, walk way from the screen, that is your community.. i do not want to “make friends” on youtube, i want people with a talent to make me laugh or make me think or do anything besides stare at the camera and talk about themselves for 10 minutes solid.

Im a hurricane katrina victim, given ZERO assistance from FEMA, Red Cross. I lost everything i owned, i also lost my house & equity. IM NOT crying on youtube begging for money. I relocated, got 3 jobs, & made it happen for myself. This is why im GLAD Oprah gave her $ to Africa. She was so right in her statement that “kids in the US have a sense of entitlement”. Kim should have gotten a used PC or repairs. I feel bad for the ppl who donated, there are WAY more worthy causes out there. SHAME!

You had no idea who those people are so how do you know why they were doing it? so how can you say something abou them when before you saw that chat you didn’t even know who they were. if you look at their page they have a lot of subscribers and are one of the “well know” on youtube. so please research them a little more before you start talking about them.

thank you

your right man that is crazy. And people saying “she is entertaining us, like any actor or musician out there, only for free. if people want to give something back, they should” is daft, would you send like Slash $3 to goto a fund for a new guitarm FUCK NO

People aren’t paying money to watch “celebs”, they’re paying a charity to get a YouToober back on line. I’m sorry i didn’t know about this and give them $20!

In fact, I’m gonna send them a PayPal for that much, just knowing you’d think i’m an idiot for it. Seriously after hearing this swill, nothing would make me feel better.

at times I think YT is a small place, I see the same names all over the place, seemed funny that you’d never heard of any of those people but then again, you only subscribe to 4 people. this is the 1st time I’ve seen one of your vids and ironically only because of Bobs4Kim (which I didn’t pay to watch) so go figure

Nobody forces you to pay those 3 dollars and talk to them. If you don’t understand it, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. Just don’t insult Paperlilies because you don’t know her! She’s an extremely nice girl and she doesn’t deserve to be talked about like this!

Why do you hate capitalism? They devote many hours to creating content and providing entertainment. If their hard core fans want to show them appreciation and loyalty in a monetary form, that’s between them and their fans. One cannot live on ego or enjoyment alone. It no different than paying $X to join the John Doe fan club.

gotta say ricky I wasn’t cool with the mia rose shit (lol sandy vagina) but you’re dead right about the ego for some of the people for bobs4kim especially paperlilies who actually recently refused to make more videos until YouTube makes the haters go away. As if YouTube will crumble without her there. That’s fucking ego right there.

yea, fuck the starving children. fuck the homeless. fuck victims of natural disasters. fuck aids research. fuck a cure for cancer. fuck real charities. fuck donating money to a real cause. fuck letting this whore fix her computer with her own money, lets just focus on getting this fat bitch a brand new one.


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