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February 4, 2007

Drink Windex (don’t)

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Youtube Commments:
No, we’re both right. The phrase, “like angels crying on the tongue” yields zero hits on Google. A variation — “like angels crying on YOUR tongue” — yields several Google references. Having cleared that up, let us blame Nalts. He says “the” in his response while you distinctly say “your” in your original video. (Well, that’s what I hear when I compare the two; other listeners may disagree.) BTW, I also agree with you that Bill Murray is inspiring.

So the other day I was watching “Hogan Knows Best” and Hulk Hogan made some super fan drink raw eggs, and he proceeded to barf, a lot. So since I had had beer for breakfast, (breakfast = the whole weekend) I thought I would try this egg thing out. Turns out, eggs aren’t really that bad raw. And here’s the product tie-in: first time I ever drank beer (natural light) I said it tasted like windex.

Good comedic show chap! A good play on the “I’m giving a lecture while doing something just as crazy card.” Please tell me that’s not real windex.
Actually “Guiness” Beer has a lot anti-oxidants in it, so it’s good for you, in some way. Beer in the daytime keeps me anything but regular. That guy is crazy.


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