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February 4, 2007

GoodYouTuber / BadYouTuber Geriatric1927 Renetto

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Youtube Commments:
Excellent video! I agree with everything you said (just one note-Peter didn’t fight in the war, but he was a child during the war and was part of the war effort in Britain-so the implications of using a word like traitor are just as strong and insulting)

Great show as ever John. It looks like I have missed too many videos on YT lately, I’m going to have to do something about that, I just don’t want to upset any good people or loose contact with any either.
Take Care,
Health & Happiness,
Regards & Best Wishes,

Still not sure if someone else may have registered his names, but Renetto is known for walking through every open door that lies in front of him. So we shall see in a few weeks or months. But I always love a Digger Opine here in Reagan town 🙂 – John

I agree and I think that is a major factor as to why such a number of people have gone to LiveVideo, where the atmosphere is much better. I have yet to see any hate which has not been delt with, there’s no drama and everyone’s just having fun.
Take Care,
Health & Happiness,
Regards & Best Wishes,

I don’t think it’s if LV gets as big as YT it’s When and YT need to wake up to that fact or their days will be numbered. I think your right about the drama and a certain amount of short lived drama can even be entertaining, but some people take it too far.
Take Care,
Health & Happiness,
Regards & Best Wishes,

Dave the Haters just can’t get on mate as soon as their identified LV ban them from the site. A number of the YouTube Haters tried to set up shop but none of them have lasted 24 hours. Sure an increase in site traffic etc wil cause it’s problems, but these people really do care about the members of the comunity and I think they’ll work hard for them & listen to them.
Take Care,
Health & Happiness,
Regards & Best Wishes,

I’ve been on the net for 10 years now, it seems every time a clone site pops up like LV it’s always so cool to start, then they just get worse and worse as more members join – like Livejournal(still good, the original) then myspace(ugh, clone that got too big) In my experience, clones have never been as good as the original (look at Coke II)

Well said Mr Reagan. Sorry to hear about the dilemma with your visor, but to be truthful, I think its had its day. I’ve noticed it falling off lately and distracting you, so it might be best just let it go peacefully. I’d donate money to help you buy or build a new one if need be, but I think it’s time for the one with eyes drawn on it. Remember that suggestion?

I loved hearing that Zipster! And whenever my eye falls on something whose outrageous hue shocks me to the cockles, like that jacket, I just gotta have it! But I’ll give it to you if you let me wear your gorgeous musical notes white suit for a day if I make it to London 🙂 – John

Thanks, John. Your thoughts echo mine very closely. Paul inspired me to start vlogging and I’m sure many others. I’ve always thought of him as YouTube’s trickster. I’m sure we’ll see his usual apology. I just hope it’s sincere and not glib. We all make mistakes and when we do, we should take responsibility. Great vlog, as always. Thanks, Tony.

cream are awesome, white room is such an epic track. nice choice!

i’m really glad that you chose to approach this subject as the drama effects everyone, even those who choose not to be involved. you handled it with finesse and got your point across famously. love ya matey
I was surprised at the Rennetto vlog as well. It seemed like a blatant attempt at stirring drama.

As for the LazyDork drama, I heard about the stikcam thing through Paperlilies and all she said was there was going to be a chatroom to benefit Kimberleigh that would cost 3$ to enter and then she named a few of the more prominent YouTubers that she knew were coming. It didn’t come across to me like any big deal… but then again I dont pay attention to stikcam.

I think “great You Tubers” in regards to those involved is an oxymoron. renetto is kind of implying that he MADE Geriatric1927 popular. You must realize that for the most part when people post vids asking for vid responses is simply to get more attention to themselves. That said, I don’t mind bashing most of the YT celebs since most suck the big one.

Likewise! Blondie takes me back to better times and I was always fascinated that Heart Of Glass from the album Parallel Lines was John Lennon’s favorite song in 79 and he would encourage Paul and Ringo via postcard to compose songs like that. Hope you stay for the ride and thanks for comment! – John Reagan

You were given an accurate description of the telethon – it was a lot like “You can hang with the cool kids at their lunch table if you give them your lunch money” What was done is most cool, HOW it was done really sucked. Anyway, I like how you get your points across in a very tame way. The pure rage of the video to which you referred to without a name left me feeling the same way – disappointed.

The fact that he recanted the word traitor in the middle of the vlog is irrelevant because after recording the video, he also had to upload on youtube and write the title of it…and wrote there that they are traitors. That’s not recanting, it’s manipulating his image.

To makes things worse, Renetto never even apologized properly. What little he did he buried inside a long rant in his response (which in my opinion was on a totally unrelated topic to boot), instead of being a man and just apologizing up front properly and only THEN trying to justify himself. It became yet another case of him trying to prove he’s smarter than everyone else instead of a true expression of regret.

I like the way your speak as well. Great soothing voice plus intelligence. Personally, I thought the kimberleigh thing was a nice kind act. I dont believe all gifts must change the world. Also, Renetto used the word Traitor but then lighten it up in the same video. So, I didnt take it seriously. ~Raven


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