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February 4, 2007

Tohoshinki – A Whole New World [Aladdin]

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Youtube Commments:
changmin is really NOT sucking at english! Actually I like him singing in english he turns out so attractive in some way. But only when he´s singing in english… cos lol.. he´s my least fave, but I don´t dislike him.. just don´t notice him much.

thanks for da upload!

ahhh i love their version! its so cute! their english is really improving!! i wish yoochun had more singing parts though…but its okay ^o^
[for some reason, when they sing in english i keep on mixing yunho’s voice with changmin…i dont know why T___T]

so I guess this event won’t be broadcasted live then huh?..since the song is already available here..haha…oh well, it’s good to hear that their english is improving…am a little disappointed in Micky’s english since it’s not any better than the others…haha…but still good=)

hehe ive jsut notice Changmin voice does go deep^^ but hes still hot!!

Im glad u have the whole version! ive been looking for this!! thanks again everyone singing in english!!hehe Xiah hero changmin yuhno..but micky english wish it was better yet hes stil hot^_^

The only pronounciation that bothers me is Junsu’s ‘crystal clear’ and ‘dazzling’ parts. Other than that, their English was pretty good. I know alot of Koreans have difficulty saying ‘r’ sounds so it’s nice to hear almost perfect ‘world’ pronounciations from them. In overall, that exceeded my expectations. Good stuff!

Im in love witht his song currently. its so beautiful


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