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February 4, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
Boy, you are a NUT! There is absolutely no way I would actively search out a tornado. I originally came from Alaska, and I moved down to Kentucky for a couple years – I was a walking panic attack because of the tornados there. *shakes head* No way!

I haven’t seen one, but right above the pizza cellar I was in during a tornado warning, we heard it, and it only tore off the left side of the upstairs roof of the restuarant. The pizza cellar wasn’t hit too hard, but other businesses around it weren’t as lucky. Zak, you are just too crazy. Having always lived in Wisconsin, where the possiblity of tornadoes is pretty good, I would NEVER want to chase one down. Just be safe. I wanna see more videos. So no more chasing tonadoes, okay?

Nova is so cute. xD
I’ve never been near/in a tornado but I almost saw one. It looked like it was going to form but then it just sort of died out. My Oma and Opa have been in a small tornado, and their van actually got picked off the ground while they were driving! It wasn’t that far off the ground, but enough to scare them.

Stay safe!

Wow! Some good feedback on tornados here. We’ve already got a video response to this video. If anyone else would like to submit a response to this talking about your experience with hurricanes or tornados feel free. Or of course feel free to post a text comment as well!


I am brand new to You tube and have posted no videos as of yet, Zak ,as always, I enjoyed this Twister video very much, especially since I live in Texas and these things scare me. Good work though. If anyone out there would like to know a little bit about me, just google Jimmy Alcorn, it will take you to my website and you can read my bio. , I am a songwriter. I hope to do a video of some sort soon , as of right now I’ve never done one . Thanks Jimmy Alcorn/ JimmyAlcorn21

wow. when my dog wants to show me love she bites my ass, or occasionally body checks me from across the house. Maybe that’s cuz she’s a mixed breed 😉

I was camping last summer when a twister missed me by like…. 6 miles, where it ran over a house with a pregnant lady inside. Somehow, she survived, though the house didn’t.


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