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February 5, 2007

Atheist Anger

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Well fuck them anyway, the cocksuckers! No one has a right to their ridiculous delusion, no one has a right to their money-making church, but you do have a right to have your EDUCATION THAT YOU PAID FOR, whether or not you believe in GOD, ZEUS, THOR, ODIN, THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER OR THE FUCKING BOOGIEMAN! Yeah, you should be pissed, just keep doing what your doing and know that people are watching and support you!

I was really pissed off when the college put a hold on my account for me making these videos. That’s basically carried over to now, even though it is a couple weeks later. I was ready to throw something in the room. Luckily the guy who reviewed my case saw through the bullshit right away. He actually thought my videos were funny.

I don’t understand why the college would care in any way what you do on your own time (especially when it’s perfectly legal). That’s really strange. It reminds me of when I’ve had bosses try to tell me I can’t date my coworkers. It’s like, “what are you even talking about? You don’t pay me when I’m off the clock; you don’t get to tell me what to do”. They’re out of touch with reality.

“Why so much HATE Mr Atheist? huh? Why don’t you just stop hating our religions and bend over like a bitch and love us while we FUCK you and ABUSE your constitutional rights? Stop being angry and let us do as we please! Why are you resisting our fist fucking huh?”

So what’s so wrong with believing in god? What does it hurt? If our beliefs are delusional, then it only naturally follows that our actions will be basicly insane and wrong. (like trying to deny someone an education) Religious people are mentally ill and their actions are misguided and dangerous. Why do people hate christians, muslums, jews, mormons etc? Because their insane beliefs cause them to go around fucking with innocent people.

Very… christianlike. Yeah, I do belive that Jesus clearly states: tell on thy neighbour. Yup. That’s what he said (and ‘fuck thy neighbours wife’, so look out). Oh and btw. that does piss me off. We’re here to stay, get the fuck over it. Go captn’!

Don’t beat around the bush CapnOAwesome, what are you REALLY trying to say? LOL, Good job, these stupid fundamentalists are screwing up the country and the world. There would be something wrong with you if you weren’t pissed! Your anger is totally justified, 5 stars. Keep kicking ass!

When we are wronged, it’s natural to become angry. The point that was mentioned, but seems to be getting under-emphasized is that the school supported your inherent right to your beliefs. You were not removed from school, you were not censored, no disciplinary action was taken, and the entire charge was dismissed. The system worked brilliantly, right? I’m happy!

read the books of Ted Haggard and you will surely find out, why you are a bad person who spreaks disrespectful about The Lord and all the people who know him very good.

Imagine what The Lord will think of you when he sees that video in YouTube Top 100. He will probably send you a flash when you sit on the toilet.


Why do I have to keep repeating myself? I really think it was pretty easy to understand the first time. I read the code of conduct. Nothing I did violated a single line of it. Their own code of conduct specifically protected religious and political views. Such as mine! The next person to say “The school can kick you out if they feel like it” wins a moron award.

i was going to let this go but its too extraordinarily retarded. first of all you tell me to “stfu” after a two day old post. idiot. second i categorically prove capnoawsome wrong and your argument tactic is the brilliant “hes right and you’re wrong”. beautiful. try not to walk into any walls today

Pardon me if I’m wrong, but you never actually succeeded in proving him wrong. He is protected by both his school’s code of conduct and the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and he argued both points. A private school would be unable to kick him out even if his videos violated their code of conduct, because they’d be violating the Constitution of the United States.

direct quote from capnretard: “Their own code of conduct specifically protected religious and political views” why would he say this instead of its a public university? why even mention the code of conduct? be honest. you know hes talking in circles

listen up. last time.

1. he argues that the first amendment protects him.

2. he argues his code of conduct protects him INSTEAD NOT IN ADDITION.

3. Then he argues they both do.

arguing in circles. see?

That’s bullshit, nothing is fought by being well behaved. Ghandi was notoriously ill-behaved. He told the Indians that the British thought their wives and daughters were whores, and was poo pahed by people telling him to behave nicely for his British overlords.

Precisely my point – he contradicts himself. He claims he doesn’t like war, yet his anger looks like he soon wants to start one against religion.
Religion sucks big time and it makes the world a real bad place – science has been stopped by religion through the ages and still is (ie Bush and Stem cells). Yet being angry like this is simply not the answer. PEACE!

Pissed the fuck off,cocksuckers,motherfuckers…College is sure serving you well…Colleges have there own rules ignorant waste of flesh.You just spew garbage and ignore the good stuff about religion.I hate religions too but there are some good things about them.Your no better than a skinhead nazi playing the only the race card.Go open a book and find a new persona.

And Osama Bin Laden killed people because he is opposed to US policy, not because he is a Muslim. Yet CapnAwesome often argues his actions reflect all Muslims because some Muslims agree with him. Well, some Atheists agree with the communists. And, in fact, Communists have killed and persecuted people simply for not being atheist. It is the same exact thing.

Hey Cap, your college will kick you out. It’s because your obnoxious behavior. Being atheist doesn’t mean behaving like an angry ape. Where’s your manner? Your Mom didn’t teach you not to say F word in every sentence? Are you trying to prove Evolution theory by acting exactly like a monkey? In that case, you should torn your clothes, scratch your balls and jump up and down while shrieking unintelligent sounds.

Monkey should be ashamed because of you!

This exactly why the “shouting about the whats” video was such a treacherous pussy argument. It is vicious to say that people need to calm down while religious freaks thoughout the history are using devine arguments to fuck up the world and not literally or literally burn people to the stake that do not choose to go with the bs.

If we ever get into power and take over, have control over everything, do you know what I think we should do?
Get all those christians, muslims, jews, theists, and round them up and…. tell them “Ok folks, you can continue believing as you do, just don’t fucking infringe on others existence, alright?”
Then legalise prostitution and drugs. 😀

Holy shit. That sucks. What the hell did the letter say in it,and if you have a copy of it, could you post it on your site? I’m curious about about it and would like to read it. But thats bullshit that someone tried that little stunt. Awesome vid though.

You have a good reason to be angry, Captain. Your passionate expression of anger, however, may alienate you from the minority of theists who actually support your rights of free speech.
I can tell from your previous posts that your response will be “FUCK THEM!”, but you may be surprized by the power of friendship.

Men and women, serve your Lord. He created you and all your ancestors, and he guards you against evil. He made the earth as a home for you, and the sky as a roof. He sends water from the sky, to bring forth fruits for your sustenance. Do not deliberately set up other gods besides God. “If you doubt what we have revealed through our servant Muhammad, produce a single chapter comparable to the chapters of this book.”

-Qur’an, Al-Baqara, Surah 2:21-23

How about:

Hold my beer,
There’s a deer,
You’ll have to steer,
While I bushwhack his rear1

If that’s not good enough, try Kipling. I find his writers rather much butter than virtually all religous works I’ve encountered. Some holy books make good reads…most suck…

umm the college you go to is an institution and they reserve the right to kick you out. by the way you also reserve the right to leave this country if you arent happy here…so i guess what i’m saying is you are pissing yourself off by staying here.

Hey retard, it’s a public university and even private universities don’t just make up policy. Nothing I did violated their code of conduct, and on top of that could you possibly imagine if I were a christian them even bringing up the issue? Luckily the guy who reviewed my case didn’t have his head up his ass and appologized to me and dropped it.

its not about whether you violated their code of conduct or not. its about whether they want you there or not. if they feel you dont properly represent their institution they have the right to kick you out and deny you an education. you need medicine for your anger problem though….maybe a boot to the face.

With a public university, this is a due process issue (14th) and a First Amendment issue. They do not have the right to remove anyone based on whether they want them there or not. The courts have long granted students at public universities the same level of First Amendment protections as the commercial press. The Vietnam War caused great backlash from many students on many campuses. I assure you that the school administrations did not want them enrolled. Didn’t matter.

I don’t try to kick them out of college, nor would I ever do that. Giving someone shit on a personal level is fine, but trying to use some sort of government institution against someone when you are too cowardly to confront them personally is bullshit. You’d never see me try to use a government bureaucracy against anyone for a belief. It’s rediculous to even compare the two.

If you act like a terrorist/athiest, then why should you be allowed on campus? After 911, we learned that appeasment leads to suicide bombers. Is that your next step big man? Do you really want to go there knowing the homeland security would be onto you with your videos putting you in the class of tim mcveigh psyho? God Loves you even if you have a fouled mouth!

You’re such a poseur. You can always tell because they’re the loudest ones about their “beliefs”. Way to go freak. Think what you want stop blaring it in our faces because no one cares and you are obnoxious. No one cares how “pissed the fuck off” you are. You sound like an ignorant fuck who just likes to hear himself talk.

The reason you are angry is because you are full of hatred and intolerance. This kind of atheism is what started Hitler on his facist-atheist rampage (only Catholic when convenient for him politically) and several communist murderers (also influenced by atheist) You can’t blame deist for starting wars and killing people when atheists are 100x’s more guilty of it. Unless you are in denial of course. Angry, intolerant and in denial. remind you of anyone you hate?

themoderateextremist– I’m not quite sure how intolerant it is of CapnOAwesome to be upset that a theist wants him to leave college because of his beliefs. Seems like you are slightly (pfft) bias. What makes your opinion about atheist vs. theist murderers anymore relevant or tolerant?

If god is omnipotent and willing, where comes evil? If god is omnipotent but not willing, is then malevolent? If god is willing but not omnipotent, why call him god?

Yes. It is easier to manipulate the religious then to reason with them. I am sure those in power all over the world agrees on this. But freedom by the definition means also the ability to choose to be part of that form of mental slavery, religion. I my self have always found filosophy to better suit my needs though.

Men and women, serve your Lord. He created you and all your ancestors, and he guards you against evil. He made the earth as a home for you, and the sky as a roof. He sends water from the sky, to bring forth fruits for your sustenance. Do not deliberately set up other gods besides God. “If you doubt what we have revealed through our servant Muhammad, produce a single chapter comparable to the chapters of this book.”

-Qur’an, Al-Baqara, Surah 2:21-23

In a sense he has a point; I mean our country would be a lot better without religion, that’s a given. But then again, the constitution states that we all have freedom of religion so there’s really no point in getting mad about it. Oh and by adding the word fuck to every sentence you use doesn’t get the point across any clearer than if you were saying it in a language no one else spoke (which is basically what he’s doing anyway). Anyone can get angry-it takes true power to control that anger.

i understand your anger. if you get discriminated because of your views, just demand asylum from my government. one can live a happy atheistic life here in europe. (at least till now…)
then again, maybe we should be glad that there are people like you in your country.

Men and women, serve your Lord. He created you and all your ancestors, and he guards you against evil. He made the earth as a home for you, and the sky as a roof. He sends water from the sky, to bring forth fruits for your sustenance. Do not deliberately set up other gods besides God. “If you doubt what we have revealed through our servant Muhammad, produce a single chapter comparable to the chapters of this book.”

-Qur’an, Al-Baqara, Surah 2:21-23

I’m religious about free speech, not about Atheism. Atheism is just a tool for me to convey my message about free-speech and free expression. If you look at my real outbursts here on YouTube, they have nothing to do with people attacking me personally or attacking Atheism. That is mostly just amusing. When people go after free-speech, that is a diffrent story.

I assume you are also passionate about freedom of religion (embodied in the same Amendment but a distinct right…? If so, then attacks on Atheism should bother you a lot, unless you do not believe that freedom of religion encompasses the right to practice and/or subscribe to no religion.

I don’t know what happened to my previous post here. Why do you think it is amusing when people attack your atheism, but are upset only when they go after your free-speech rights. Don’t you believe that the free exercise clause of the First Amendment is just as important, and that it includes the right to subscribe to no religion?

Hey man if you are an aetheistwhy do you say god damn? Doesn’t that go against your unbeliefs? You appaear to be a skiny little moron who doesn’t have the intelligence to make a valid point so you use profanity every other word and speak in a woman’s voice. Hey, seriously though you really proved your stupidity, thanks. Before this video I really had no idea how moronic aetheist were, oh who am I kidding everyone already knew.

I can’t give you undeniable proof that there aren’t pixies living in my underpants either. Or undeniable proof of *anything*. But what I can give you is a hypothesis backed by very strong evidence that there are no such pixies in my underpants. It’s not undeniable proof, but this is the way knowledge works, because there is no such thing as ‘undeniable proof’.

there’s no need to disprove a figment of imagination. & don’t tell me you can “prove” he exists, b/c many mathematicians have “proved” 1=2. i want God to put a loaf of bread in the hands of every starving man on earth. & not the women, or gays, b/c the bible tells us that they’re inferior. right? FUCK NO, everyone’s equal. except God. but why would you pray & worship him, even if he did exist? he’s obviously got better things to do than help us out. God’s an asshole.

you’re allowed to be an atheist. but you’re not allowed to be a dick or an asshole. but you can have your dick in an asshole…thats okay. cheer up bud! last time i checked, atheists killed a buttload of peeps about 60 years ago. it’s cool though. who’s keeping track? your rage is unsettling.

what is the name of atheism even mean???? murder is murder man. the point is, if you believe that getting rid of religion all together is going to solve the worlds problems and suddenly everyone is going to stop murdering one another then i would suggest a serious reality check. people just gotta stop being so ugly to one another, respect each other, LOVE EACH OTHER and spewing rage and hate like this guy doesnt solve shit.

Those are specific “religious nutters”. Not all religious people go around raping people. Pitting all atheists against theists is just like the lines of racism. Some people just need to calm down and gain some perspective. What we need to kill is all the hatred that is produced from realizing the differences in beliefs.

What does that have to do with RedGrobo’s or my reply? He complained about atheists ranting, and I showed him why it’s valid to do so. BTW, those ‘religious nutters’ ran the US for 7 years so far, so I don’t see how your argument makes any sense. This is not some ‘fringe’ group, this is a large proportion of the American population, not to mention the majority of the muslim world. To say that atheists can’t rant just because there are ‘some’ good thesits is just a stupid complaint, in my book.

Obviously not all religious people are bad, or do bad things. But, unless you are an aetheist, you cannot understand how frustrating it is to have those with the power to shape your reality, actually shape your reality based upon a fiction. It is like waking up and having laws passed, and most people behaving, based upon the belief that Alice in Wonderland defines all that is right or wrong.

For all the people that are reading this, be afraid to even think of what this darkness is telling u. God love you no matter what u may have done are do. We have God to thank for Jesus Christ our savior that he has taken our sins. Repent for God loves the Sinner but hates the sin. In JESUS name

We are here to stay and hopefully the numbers grow.

Fantastic story on defending your rights. There’s a video.

“I am atheist. I am here and I am f’ing pissed off.”

And “piss” is in the bible, so christians offended by it’s usage might consider that.

man, i think you need to settle down just a little bit. If you do not believe that everyone who is religious is wrong then OK, i am sure they are thinking the same way. maybe the people at you college are just a little concerned at the fact that you might be just a little angry at the world and if someone doesn’t agree with you, you couldn’t have a good debate about it, you would just snap and punch somebody. Settle down and at least people might listen a little more.

If you look at some of his more “extreme” videos and cartoons on his website that were “too extreme for youtube” you find that his attention getting measures were simply just too “attention getting” Although the threat of not graduating college is very serious, he brought this on himself.

is your passion just as irrational as their’s? Timathy McVey also held an an atheistic view and blew up a federal building. My point is passion is good as long as it is held in check with reason and logic. This applies to all sides of the argument.

Right on dude. All religion is SHIT. Jesus Died on the cross? Did he, great so what does that do for me? Fucking reading these stupid books. Ohh save me save me. Im just waiting for a savior. Muhammad is a fucking saint? My fucking ass, Buddha is a fucking little statue people like to look at. Where the fuck is religion. Its nothing but a pile of shit.

wow. i would be mad if someone tried to kick me out for those reasons. to be honest… you are kind of immature… but still aren’t most college kids? i just want to say who ever thought that atheiests were leaving? it goes hand in hand with religion. I know you dislike religious people.. but try not to let this experience make you hate us all.

wars are started for reasons other than religion like resources and rights. sayin without a world without wars would mean peace is like saying a world with just religious people is a world of peace. it wont matter because everyone has diff opinions. 2 diff atheists will have diff morals and stuff just as 2 Christians will have different ways of life. also soviets were communists not fascists.the nazis were fascists. also according to my religion. you don’t have to necessarily burn in hell

To all Christians. Atheist are aware of the notion of God.Hence their fervent disbelief in His existence. Christians at large on you Tube,remember the great commission.Respect their opinion.They’ve heard and they’ve chosen.Debating, berating or arguing won’t be what changes a persons heart.The willingness,the belief and faith needs to be there.Pray for all atheist & let God answer our prayers in the way he sees fit. Minister to those who have a willing ear and pray for those who don’t. In Christ

definitely agreeing with capn awesome… if there is really an agreement… it’s all society making us talk the way we do. like swears were all just regular words before society made it bad to say. but since we do live in this time… we shouldnt be saying them left and right to everyone we see first of all cause we sound like idiots and 2nd of all its disrespectful… Christian or atheist…

i’m completely fine with people having religion because it totally gives them hope.. but on the other hand religeon forces ppl to belive in these false hopes and lets face it, jesus started a frikin cult back in the day to get some $ just like any other leader! and bible was written who knows how long after his existance. hundreds? So how exactly cann some thing that gives ppl hope and make them feel great about themselves also cause the most deaths and wars in human history WTF!?

‘Amen’ brother. 🙂 Oh, and we’re not just ‘here’. We’re taking over. Slowly but surely. It’s going to take a while, perhaps a hundred years or more. But religion will not be able to survive the growing onslaught of scientific evidence that shows just how ridiculous it is.

why can’t religion and science be interlinked. i dont believe all of these things but just a thought. when it says God created man, it couldve been like an early type of man who evolved. scientists are onto creating matter from nothin. why couldnt God creating the world have been a big bang thing? noahs ark… couldn’t there have been some dense atmosphere that eventually turned to water and i heard that fish who live in these conditions live long which may explain long living bible people

because religion bases it’s beliefs around stating things and then having everybody folow that with no question about where it came from, and answers that are simply stories. science is about constantly testing a theory to disprove it, always questioning.

I find it funny how you tried to get your point across by screeching like a pathetic moron when you switched thoughts. For someone that has such a strong opinion about something shouldn’t be looking so uncomfortable while saying it. Your body posture comes across as pretty unconfident, especially when you look down at the floor and wall tons of times throughout your video. Also maybe learn how to say frighten its not friden and threaten is not threden.

ummm… I’m an atheist too but YOU remind me of Edward Norton’s character from American History X. I’m an atheist, but I’m not really that pissed off. Live and let live and all that. Religious people are not too bright as a general rule, but let them believe it if they want I say.

I have no problem with them believing whatever they want. How in the hell do you possibly draw that conclusion from this video? I have a problem because they tried to kick me out of college!! I have a problem because Atheists are literally afraid to come out of the closet in many places in this country. I have a problem because of the wars and violence started by religion every year. That is what I have a problem with.

From the sounds of it, “they” who tried kicking you out of school was just one person who complained. Is one fellow student going to get you expelled for making anti-religious comments? Unless you go to a Christian university (and even if you do), I highly doubt it, yet you take this opportunity to paint all those who believe in God with one wide brush filled with generalizations and stereotypes. By doing this you’ve become exactly that which you hate: an illogical fanatic.

In case you didn’t notice, I also run an anti religious website. In fact the very comments on this video pretty much back up what I’ve said. For the most part the Christians have been saying that I deserve to be kicked out of college. Second, the college did put a block on my account, where they wouldn’t have even considered it were it an Atheist complaining about a Muslim or Christian.

Again, you say “Christians” like all 2 billion of them are picketing your apartment calling for your head. So what if a couple people pissed off at you for putting up “Jesus Rapist” posters want you thrown out of school? Do they have any power to do so? Then who cares?

YOU ARE A LITLE BOY, A scared little boy. Grow up and find the understanding, wisdom and knowledge that is given to man freely. Stop throwing tantrums like a baby. All you do is show how lost you are. You prove the word of God that I have posted here.

Another man dies in bitterness of soul, never having enjoyed anything good.
Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness

Myspace encourages free speech and defends everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But doesn’t permit hate speech which contains slurs or the malicious use of stereotypes intended to attack or demean a particular gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality.

Moderates are to blame for the Soviet Union rising to power? The Soviet Union was an atheistic state, a state which allowed the deaths of millions of its citizens in order to eliminate domestic opposition. Luckily they didn’t kick you out of college, because you have alot of learning to do.

Also, cocks.

With religion being a concept based on beliefs. Wouldnt athiests collective belief in non-religion constitute them as a religion themselves? You try to push your shit down our throats just as much as the bible thumpers do. Funny how those God fearing white men wrote the Constitution for you to hide behind. Religious freak….you’re the next Koresh or Jones.

Atheism is a system of non-belief that is standardized by the basic practices of NOT going to church, NOT praying to a God. It is a religion, save in the sense that I don’t think there is an Atheistic collection… yet. Agnostic would better describe the non-religious state you’re looking for.

Ghostkiity-“Not-Doing” is not necessaily a practice (Although it could be in the sense described by Camus). Atheism is not a system. If we were all labeled by what we didn’t do that would be quite a long list for us all. Why do you need to re-describe and categorize what I have expressed?

I was hardly categorizing you, Donques. I simply stated what I believe to be the truth. If you disagree, well… I couldn’t give more of a flying donque if you agree with me or not.

By the way, everyone is labeled by what they do AND don’t do. You can’t accurately describe a person just by saying what they do in life. What they haven’t done can tell you just as much.

Woa… ther are some serious misconceptions going on here! What a religion is, what an atheist is and so on…
Still,CapnOAwsome, you have to tone down the cursing and wild ranting. This video is just plain pathetic. Thanks for posting your “angry” position, but there are certainly better ways to do it.

I can answer that. I think, “I really do not want to die. My family will be really upset. I hope he/she/they does/do not kill me.” If you are trying to prove that God exists by assuming everyone will pray to God for help in that situation, it is not only inaccurate factually, but one of the weakest, circular arguments that exists.

Atheists are only here to stay because there isn’t a need for a religion anymore. If all of a sudden all government and technology was wiped off the face of the planet, “God” would jump back into the mouths of the people. Religion is necessary to build a society to a certain point, but now that we’ve gotten to the point where the government can act as big brother and cops are watching over our actions, why do we need a god? We don’t, and that’s why atheists have been on a rise.

You are enhancing the problem you are talking about by making them more protective of their mindset when you attack them. Many (not all) religious people think those warmongering religious people as hinderences to their beliefs and hate it when people like you make mention of them because their view on God is skewed. In the same way you’re embarassing to many of the atheists because you don’t take more time to organize your arguments.

Dont be an arrogant atheist be an intelligent agnostic that what i am. In my opinion its just as retarded to say that you believe there isnt a god (atheist) as it is to say there is, how the hell could anyone possibly know? You cant and you dont so stop being just as arrogant as christians jews muslims and the rest of them.

By all means be angry but dont do stupid shit like putting up jesus rapist banners around the college. Next time it happens go get a lawyer tell him you have been religously disciminated against and go to college for free. Hell you might do something to better your cause other then just making athiests look like kids who make poopy jokes about jesus. Awsome Intro to your video by the way.

It depends on your definition of “agnostic,” which is an extremely broad term. The problem is it encompasses people who believe in God, but have some small amount of doubt. Of course, many “atheists” firmly believe that there is no God, but have to admit that they cannot say that with complete certainty. It is easier for them to say they are atheists because it more accurately describes what they believe.

Smrt yes it is broad but in general it means undecided. Meaning i am not gunna say there is or there is not because in my view there is no way to say if there is or is not a god. Ok now cap, ill get the easy one outa the way 1st. No Agnostic is not tagged to another god like “Christian agnostic” it stands alone, are you a Cristian Atheist? As for Zues sure it is.

Did god come along and tell you his name? Also a funny little thing i heard somewhere is that the western image of god being a old man with a grey beard sitting on a cloud…. was jacked from the image of Zues. Ok on to the next. Do you see with your eye all that is there? Do scientists with the best tech. to be had see everything that you cant? Nope, so how can you say you know there isnt something out there orchestrating it all?

id you exist before the big bang(or w/e) or maybe you have a way to go back in time and see what happent? No?? So how can you say something didnt say “let there be light” and flik on the switch to this machine? Because you believe there isnt? So as far as inconsistencies If your saying “look out at the world its a machine based on cause and effect started billions of years ago by a big bang or something of the sort”.

HAH falsetto voice. Oh and you are atheist, you are contradicting yourself a bit for using “God Damn” here is no God you say…oh and you can’t really say “OH MY GOD” cuz you don’t have one that exists right? SO you need to, figure out another set of words….OH and most people don’t listen to how angry you are when your infantisimal brain can’t think of any other adjectives to use besides “Fucking” and “Pissed” okay.when you want to talk like an adult and a college educated person, let me know.

So you want respect for your views, but you offer none for other beliefs? I believe it is your hate that prompted the school to consider your removal. The Soviet Union was atheist. They shared your views, yet you condemn them along with all the others.

Atheist has nothing to do with Soviet Union and Communist China, the word is: Democracy.

And yes, Fuck Christians, Fuck Muslims, Fuck religion, Why? Cus the last two mother fucker who claim to safe the world with God, got 100000000000000 killed. These dudes are: Jesus Christ and motherfucking the Muhammad.

Atheism is based on faith, the same as every other religion. Does that make you angry? That you actually stand for something you despise? You’re beliefs are no more based on facts than that of a Christian. You know where people that have no respect for opposing views end up? Alone in their one bed room apartment with a wal-mart greeter job. Have a nice life.

This guy is off the deep end spitting and droping f-bombs all over his video, but I am an atheist as well. I would like to know how not believing in a faith is somehow ‘based on a faith’? I don’t understand your comment. Religion follows doctrin, and I follow no book, no doctrin. What faith am I following here? My beliefs are based on hard data, scientific fact. Chrisian faith is based on just that, faith.

See, thats where you’re wrong. Atheism means “No God”, but there is no scientific proof that a god does not exist. So, to say that your beliefs are based on scientific fact is wrong, because you believe there is no god without being able to prove there is no god. Faith is a belief without proof. Thus atheism is a belief of faith, not fact.

I don’t agree, becuase ‘God’ is not a clearly defined word. It doesn’t mean the same to all. I don’t believe in any ‘man-made’ god, but I understand there is some creational force which made our universe. So some would say, I believe in a god, which is untrue, because the word god is man-made and means nothing to me. There is scientific fact which disproves the bible and so disproves the christian god.

Then you are not truly an Atheist. Maybe none of the religions now have it right, but Atheist say there is no existence of any kind of supernatural entity that we cannot (yet) understand or fully comprehend- That statement is completely faith based, because for a statement to be scientific, it has to be testable. Atheist as well as religions can not test, they can only believe.

Then by your definition I would not be an atheist because I do not know by fact that any ‘supernatural entity’ exists or not. But again, it’s all in how you define something like ‘supernatural entity’, that’s a pretty unspecific label. There could be living beings that created our universe or an ‘entity’ that exist in a way we would not understand. If your definition of Atheism is correct, then one would have to be quite ignorant and bold to assert one’s self as such.

But it is correct. Atheist = No God. No if, and, or buts about it. You sound like you are agnostic. Agnostics, the guys in the center, DO base their opinion of a “god” on scientific fact by admitting that they do not yet know if there is a supernatural entity. They know that “god” cannot be proved or disproved based on the knowledge we have, so they base their belief on waiting for further knowledge. Maybe you should explore agnosticism, or at least find out what they are really about.

You’re right, whether or not you believe in anything that cannot be proved or disproved is based on faith. I’m not saying everyone should be agnostic CapnOAwesome, but you cannot deny that your belief is based on faith, not fact. To you, it might be a more reasonable faith, but it is purely faith nonetheless.

To jump in here, I’ve said before in a video that Atheism is based on faith. However it is an exceedingly small amount of faith. Just like Abigfootism takes very very very little faith. Most of our beliefs take some tiny amount of faith. I don’t see why God is so special that we should withold opinion on that and not on so many other things.

I was disputing that atheism requires any faith because by definition an atheist is one who does not believe in deities or theism which are both man-made concepts like the tooth fairy. The word God by individual definitions can go beyond man made theism and simply express a posible creational force of our universe as by God. I don’t like to use the word God as it conjures up the image of a deitie for most. I don’t agree that it takes faith to non-believe a theism.

So I finally looked it up and and your using the word ‘god’ instead of ‘deitie’. I now have to say that I am definatly an athiest as I do NOT believe in any ‘man-made’ deities such as the christian god. Buddists are refered to as atheists because they have no deitie but they understand there is a creational force. You really sounded like you knew what you were talking about there,…until I looked it up, thanks for clearing that up for me.

Faith is for the religious who believe in their deities. It does NOT take faith to see that these deities are simply man made. We have scientific proof through carbon dating that our planet is millions of years old, not 6000 years old. The bible is full of fiction written by men. What faith do I need to ‘know’ this? Is it faith to realize that Greek mythology is made up, or does our science bring that truth to us? Does it take ‘faith’ to realize Santa Claus is made up or common sense?

It doesn’t matter, it still takes faith to believe or disbelieve in something you can not prove or disprove (that is afterall, the definition of faith). And I’m in no way saying that having faith is wrong or bad, actually, I believe faith is a essential part of being human and making opinions on anything and everything. The only point I’ve tried to make is Atheism requires faith, just as Christianity, Islam, Judaism or anything else that is not based on fact.

I think atheism IS based in fact because there is NO proof of supernatural happenings as are written about in religious text or supposidly happening now and then. It took the resurection of Christ to make him a deitie but there is no proof of this happening. Religion is convienient in that in order to disprove it; you must die, record your experiance and return with the results. It’s set up to be impossible to prove wrong for a reason, because it would have been debunked long ago.

The best explaination about “no-faith faith” is that even with all the “hard” data, you have to accept that it is true, OR THAT IT HAS NOT BEEN PRESENTED IN A MISLEADING WAY. lIKE THE FILM MEMENTO, he has all the facts, and ends up killing the wrong guy because they were presented in a certain way.
Like evolution.

Why do you use the “God Damn” all the time as an Atheist? I am damning something seems point because you dont beleave in damnatoin and… oh ya, Atheist dont beleive in God so… Could there be a more meanless term for an Atheist then “God Damn”??? An think you should chill out before scream on a vid, get your ideas together, maybe do a outline then do an nice long rant. The way you have done things dose not do any good, all you manage to piss of the religous.

lol i got comment i just ave to lol i agree full heartly on sum points tho over in N.ireland relgion as u know is a massive issue and has been for every generation growing up here and it is clear that the christan faith has caused more than enough damage to the people of this isalnd!…

Man you people are stupid. I say God Damn because it is part of our modern venacular of cuss words. The same way I say “Jesus Christ” It doesn’t mean anything at all other then I grew up in a culture where those are cuss words and I am used to them. I have a hard time believing that anybody is stupid enough to use that as evidence that I secretly believe in a god. (Hint: I don’t)

I understood what was said just fine, and I agree. You are an idiot. I have no doubt you make good grades in college, people like “Rainman” usually do. However, in the “real world” you will be viewed as you are viewed on here, a moron. Now that is fact.

look, i did not watch this. please stop filling up the top pages with this boring crap. i am not religious. i realize a lot of peoplle dig your rants, but the objective truth is that you’re pathetic and boring. therefore, fuck off and havea nice day!

Ummm….because they tried to kick me out of college, because they start wars and blow up buildings…or did you miss that part? Jesus H Ted, sometimes I wonder how you people learned how to breath and blink. It is one thing when I have to answer valid arguments, and another when my video already WAS an answer to them.

atheists and anarchists are the same in that they are bot angry and idiotic. too bad they have the right general idea, just that they are too immature to stand back from their name calling to see that college kids being angry is not a new phenomenon, and it doesnt help anything. if you want to really change something, communication is vital, you cant communicate when your spitting insults.

I don’t think people understand who my videos are aimed at. My target audience is not theists, but closeted Atheists. It is a call to action, not a call for people to change their minds. I don’t want to change anyones mind. I’d be a little worried if I did.

I think the reason they want to kick you out is because of your Tourettes syndrome rather than about your atheist position. You don’t seem to be able to put togehter any constructive critisim. You have a right to express your position but, holy moses, BE CONSTRUCTIVE for a change. Religion needs to be debunked but, jesus, you arent going to make progress with your extreme attitude! Be beyond a strong atheist, you’re schizophrenic!

Religion deserves only contempt. We are accountable to each other in the here & now, now to an imaginary friend after we die. Your God is a sadistic psychopath. Religious people have no philosophical development. They think syllogism is a bodily fluid to feel guilty about. They are embryophiles who sanction the killing of children who are already born by their puppet-master Bush. Shit in one hand, pray in the other and see which one gets full first!

You know, you’re probably in trouble for being a disrespectful, foul-mouthed RETARD, not for being an Atheist.

On top of that, being an Atheist doesn’t mean you believe in a lack of HUMANITY and CIVILITY. You make Atheists look like hick idiots with your ranting.

Believe me people, there are a lot of Atheists out there that DO respect religions purpose and presence. Don’t let this retard make you think we’re all like this.

wrong. its not that they dont believe in god, its that they dont take into account anything as imaginary as gods, fairies, flyign spaghetti monsters. its not so much “there is no god” its more “the supernatural has no place in my worldview (this includes gods)”

even though people have done some horrible things in the name of religion, they also have done some pretty good ones. if you want to complain about the contributions of people who believe in God to society, you need to realize you’re arguing against pretty much everything in society, even the Constitution.

I agree the person was wrong in discriminating against you because you’re atheist. But that doesn’t mean you should go around puttung those posters up.[Which makes you look real insecure, by the way] We don’t do that. It was only one person who was discriminating against you. Not a whole religion. And don’t go and generalize everyone who has a religion into a group that you make to look like we diserespect you. And,, we don’t all think you’re going to hell.

part 2
If someone does, thats wrong, because it’s not their place to judge. They should just let God handle that. Message me and I bet I can make you believe [and if you do message me and you say no, i still don’t believe just to say you don’t believe, don’t bother.]

Naked Pictures: Uhm, no. And sorry for taking so long to see your comment. I don’t check my email very often so I didn’t know you replied to my comment. The most obvious reason there’s a god: Where do you think the world came from? The big boom? ok. Who made the big boom happen? A chemical reaction? ok, how did that happen?

Part 2
If I keep asking you this, you’ll eventually come up to the conclusion that theres a god. Even if you say, “well then who made god?” I’d say that you hav e to keep going back and you’ll find that something or someone had to be there all along. Whatever you want to call that something its the same thing. And I call that “thing” God.

people think because they have the ability to have ideas and beliefs, that the beliefs and ideas they have are worthy of respect because they have them. good thinking is moving beyond respecting beliefs because people have them, its evaluating ideas according to intelectual merit. basically, the ability to have beliefs doesnt mean your beliefs are respectable. i think thats the basis of the very recent atheist movement. why respect the belief in god(s) if its baseless superstition?

You know you are right. You owe me some energy and minutes of my life back dude, or are minutes somehow related to religion and therefore don’t exist or some shit like that. Spread atheism not hate bra. Yelling mother fucker like 48 times spreads nothing but the lack of intelligence.

Stay in your closet then. Cower before your christian masters. Let them kick you out of college for your beliefs and let them bully you, and enjoy being afraid of being fired if you even mention the word Atheist. Because that is the America that your “Atheist movement” has led to.

while I appreciate your passion, the delivery is just a bit weak. it comes off as rebelious, insulting only for the sake of being insulting, and juvenile. I know you’re angry, but if you could present valid arguments in a professional manner, then maybe these religious assholes will actually listen to the arguments.

You give Atheists a bad name. Why can’t you just speak calm and rationally, theres no reason to get so upset over ignorant people. Obviously they believe what they do because they aren’t intelligent enough to comprehend anymore, So your wasting your time trying to explain.

Thanks for the laugh. Do you really think anyone is going to take you seriously when you act like that? I don’t think so. No one wants to listen to someone who yells and rants a rave like you did in this video. Only reason why most people are watching your video is to laugh at you. THINK ABOUT IT!!

Did you just say that nobody wants to listen to it? At least 8000 people want to listen to it here, and at least 1600 people want to listen to me on a daily basis. I guess we can ignore the evidence though, when talking out of our asses is concerned.

Even though you don’t believe in anything of a higher power. You sound just as bad as the rest of the Ha-hoos out there.

You could have done this in a more rational manner. But instead you chose the Muslim angry Allah way. LOL

The message I received from your little out burst…. was, “What an angry little dumb ass.”

Who is this “we” you are talking about?
I’m a proud Atheist but I like my chair and I’m not leaving it, for the simple reason that there isn’t any; concerning religion to say the least. Conclusively summoned up, I have no idea what you are on about.

I’m going to agree with the other comments. You are just as bad as every other religious zealot. If you want to do something positive for atheists then I suggest you just stop talking. The reason the so-called Christian majority is trying to suppress your thoughts is because they know they can provoke reactions like this out of you. And all that does is give atheists a bad reputation and gives the Christians the fodder they need to say that atheists are immoral and completely off their rockers.

Idiot. Atheists are generally thoughtful people who ar not drawn into mass religion like some others. We use our intelligence rather than relying on faith and respect others for their beliefs. We are not swayed by the masses and we’re not pissed-off like this fool. I’m sorry to be in the same class as this jerk…

Actually the last few wars that had horrible atrocities were started by atheist (Hitler believed in Evolution ie the master race, Stalin, etc.) Yes there are religous wars, but those wars don’t mean that religion is wrong. If it does, then atheism is wrong too. People will find a way to have wars, so religion can’t be the sole cause.

Additionally, atheism CAN be considered a religion even though it “worships” no god. If a deity is needed to define religion, the truly Bhuddism is not a religion.
This rabidly dogmatic atheist is just as bad as the Islamic terrorist and the black-bible-tyrant. He openly says in the begining of this vid that he wants people to die because they are sucking up his air.

yeah, yelling at us is going to make us respect you so much more. as dean cook said “i hope when you die you do return to the dirt and turn into a great oak tree. then i hope some guy with an axe will chop you down and make paper out of you and print the bible on your ass =)

Wow, you make sure to tell us you have no criminal record… what are you doing in your spare time?

The fact is, if you have a crummy attitude and it effects your fellow students, the school can kick you out despite grades or what they haven’t caught you at yet. A persons attitude can take them many places… yours is taking you straight to a job at McDonalds.

I like how you people can tell me exactly what my school kicks people out for and doesn’t. Despite the fact I was the one just there! I say I have no criminal record because that is what this guy asked me when we didn’t yet have access to my file and were trying to figure out why I was there.

Dear Lord,
Please touch Athiest Guy, and help them to feel your hand upon their life. I bind Satan’s powers against him, and ask you to open up his eyes to see Your love, your peace, your encouragement. Help him to know that there is nothing that he can to that can separate him from the love of Christ. Free him and bless him abundantly. Bring those into his life who can show him the true you.

I ask in the holy name of Jesus Christ. AMEN

that’s it, you have crossed the line, i am writting a letter to youtube and i will give them a link to your videos and i’m say; ‘is this the kind of person you want on your website?’. ya that’s right you better cowar down and apease us religious people. you commi/surf.

You have truly missed a major point of his video – he is angry because he was discriminated against because of his beliefs. You have forgotten that tolerance is something that many religions fought and continue to fight for. This fight is evident in the 1st amendment. qwertyfshaq, please remember that fight for tolerance and pass tolerance on to CapnOAwesome, athiests, and others.

…I agree with almost all of this. Maybe in a slightly less personally angry manner, but I think he’s right. Having a belief doesn’t automatically mean that that belief warrants respect. How many Christians feel like atheism is a viewpoint that warrants respect?

..did some atheist beat you up and take your lunch money or something son? I love close minded people who think they know everything.

I happen to belive in nothing myself but i dont go around like some teenage gutter mouth and trash other peoples ideals…maybe you should look into a broader horizon rather then being a bigot.

lol! listen to yourself. you got banned for your lack of vocabulary. if you want to stand up for what you believe in, use more efficient words. you sound like a 5-year-old. it’s like standing up if war in iraq is right or wrong. everyone has their views, but if you start cursing your mouth off, you already lost your argument, cause you can’t even control your temper.

Hey man, believe what you want to. Maybe you should research the topic that you are ranting on. Maybe pick up a Bible or Koran and actually read it. I doubt the demons writhing inside you can tolerate it. Satan is the author of confusion. If he can create pride, anger, confusion, & hate… he has won. A lot of “religious” folks work for Satan. A hard heart will never hear a whisper over the mind’s loud rantings.

there are religion that teach hate toward other religion. (just read Bible) They even mutilate their penis to differentiate themselves (American , Jew, Muslim). Somebody has to fight against those “fundamentalists.”

and the only hope American got maybe person like him. Someonw who is not scared.

Actually, thats more of a cleanliness issue nowadays, with the whole penis thing. You don’t have to be a raving Christian lunatic to have it done. But I suppose this is a whole other debate, isn’t it.

I sure hope he isn’t my only hope. I’d rather give the M-16s to the Marines, since they have CONTROL over themselves. This kid is about to wet himself.

“CLEANLINESS issue ?” lol

Only “American , Jew, Muslim” beliive mutilated of PENIS IS CLEANER. and They belive genesist 17 was REAL event.

think which is cleaner .

1) tounge exposed to outsied constantly and rubbed with underwear which is likely dirted by pee and feces


2) tongue kept insdie the body

very simple. think about which tongue is sensitive enough to sense dirt too.

There is a huge difference between faith and religion. A lot of things have been done in the name of “religion” ….some horrible things. Again, Satan has stepped up and deflected the truth by using people. People that are working under the guise of religion.

I am what is considered an atheist, and I think you are a moron. You are making atheist look bad with your childish behavior. Not every atheist is angry, so don’t refer to this video as ahteist anger. Because you are not an angry atheist, you are an atheist who is angry…

It’s people like you that give aethism a bad name. You need to chill out; attacking someone who attacks you is NOT the way to prove that you’re better. Also, speak for yourself. I’m an aethist, and I’m not pissed. Not everyone has a terrible time.

first off, i unlike alot of complainers watched this a few times. If you are in a secular college then you can do whatever the hell you want. If for example you started bashing christianity in a christian school, most likely they can kick you out. But i cant sufise a answer becasue i dont know your school.

Good rant. But it is much easier to be passionant than rational. Man created god — not the inverse. This is obvious. Your point that the invented diety has been used to justify human brutality is well-stated. But don’t expect tolerance from a nation founded by religeous fanatics fleeing Europe to escape persecution. Our strange foundation allows crackpots to mislead the gullible in the name of tolerance. Be satisfied that we are tolerated as well. For the moment…

Capn, you seem like one hell of an intelligent fellow. I was wondering how you cope with the death of those you love. I mean, what sort of internal dialogue goes on that allows you to cope with the grief, believing as you do that there is no God or continuity of consciousness. I need to know for practical reasons. Thanks dude. btw. your impression of warren is one of the all time funniest things I have ever seen in my entire 35 years.

please don’t read this!
In 1945,a young girl named katu lata kulu came over to America in a grey boat from Africa. A mysterious man killed her by cutting the word “LATUALATUKA” into her back. now that you have read this measge she will come to your house on a full moon and steal your soul unless you follow these directions:
1. Retype this message as a comment for three other videos

We have seen Stalin exploit an atheistic ideology to kill around 43,000,000 people. Your argument that religion owns the exclusive rights to murder is fallacious…

Oh, and to provide a counter argument, goggle: “The Anthropic Principle” Human reality is a bit too complex for one to dogmatically adhere to either polarized extreme: unwavering atheism or fundamentalist religion…

Oh, and in regards to your discriminatory problem, I suggest you take a number and go cry about it.

its not because of your athiest views that people get offended. its because of your rude, disrespectful, borderline insane ways of expressing your beliefs.
after watching this video its no wonder people are offended by and cant respect anything you say.
why should anyone respect you if you dont respect anyone else?
id probably report you too…

Dude, your fuckin stupid. I never said socialism was a religion. The claim that religion eventuates in mass murder by looking at religious extremists is tantamount to the claim that atheism eventuates into mass murder through Stalin’s atheistic socialism. It’s a fuckin fallacious argument.

At first I thought you were about to say” we are here, and we are queer.” You said “I started god damned yelling.” You squeal when you yell, like a little kid goin through puberty. Don’t complain to me that the muslims were lied to, and told they would get 72 virgins in their after life.
You like saying god damn dont ya? You’re perfect alright aren’t ya? Tolerence for all except when christmas comes around your burning pictures of Jesus… Hey thats three now. Burn in hell ass hole.

You give all atheists a bad name
There isno validity in any of the arguments you make as they aren’teven arguments atall… but merely bumper-sticker rhetoric coated with profanity. You don’t make factual claims, nor do you present the atheist perspective in an intelligent, coherent manner.

Yup.. I feel sorry for Atheists that have to deal with these people “representing” them.. But at least you know how religious people feel.. Not all Christians are anti-gay pro-bush pro-war supporters, and not all Catholics burned heretics at the stake.. :S

Btw. CapnOAwesome, you’re not going to burn in hell for being an Atheist. I think the reason is pretty obvious. 😉

Who wants me to calm down a bit? I uploaded this just as an after thought to fill in the space while I edited my Conservative Atheist video. Right now it is the second most favorited people video. So I don’t know how you can base the idea that people want me to calm down. Apparently the reverse is true. But you know what, fuck the people who want me to calm down and fuck the people who want me to be amped up. I’ll do what I feel like doing.

(because my initial response was too long for one post…)

Youre just another ranting, raving college kid with a something to prove. Youre not earning anyone’s respect, nor catching anyone’s attention by acting like a 12 year old in your attempts to present your viewpoint

I’m not catching anyones attention? I love how people don’t need to base beliefs on evidence. As for the respect part, have you noticed the ummm…. 1650 subscribers. I sure would love it if people started basing their beliefs on evidence. Hell, I’d settle for just their accusations about me.

It’s cool to be pissed off, but now you’re just playing into everyone’s stereotype and expectations…which is bad. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be pissed off, but the religious type just have another example of how atheists are godless heathens guided by their own anger and…heanthenism…

But…good vid. You touched on a few important subjects (like respecting unwarrented beliefs).

I’m not evangelical. What the fuck is the matter with you people? Evengelical would mean that I’m trying to convert people to Atheism. How does this video seem like that in anyway at all? Jesus H. Ted. This video is a call to Atheists, for Atheists. In fact, I said that right in the video. Guess we can’t really pay attention to facts now, can we?

I luv GOD and u should to. If u don’t luv GOD then u can get out. He created Earth in 7 days. He inpregnated a virgin with his son from the heavens. How awesome! U should only hate those 2 religions that were created by guys during a long FAST and claimed to have seen and heard things. Who wouldn’t see and hear things after going so long with out food?

Well, I dont think any college would want you. You have bigger problems than being a useless athiest. You need help in more ways than one. You will NEVER beat religion….you have nothing but hate and anger…that gets you nowhere. Sucks to be against God doesnt it? look miserable.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call you a fool like most of the other comments on this video, because you obviously understand the value of a little showmanship to get your point across. I do however have a hard time believing that you are truly this angry, but if you really are, well, please calm down. You’ll feel better.

Well, I’m just thinking that if people want to call me retarded, or ignorant, or say I have a small vocabulary (Ignoring all of the written comments that I’ve made here I guess.) I just think it would help their case if they write like they hadn’t made it through the fourth grade. Some typos or spelling mistakes are normal, but this shit is unbelievable sometimes.

ill just add that i think cap’n has a right to be pissed and im tired of reading post that say cap’n should calm down and stop cussing. thats what i like about ol’ cap. hes passionate. i dont want to watch some boring ass zen atheist drone on with a stupid ass smile pasted on his face and a ‘rise above it’ attitude. theres nothing wrong with that but i want fucking entertainment and the cap’n delivers every time.

Oh, please. Stop with the “we.” I’m an atheist, and you don’t speak for me. Also, you blame people who call for tolerance for allowing the Soviet Union and fascists to come to power. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. The Soviet Union (an atheist entity) was based on intolerance. Atheists can be idiotic, immoral, self-righteous bastards, too. Watch yourself.

You sound like conservative fundamentalist atheist. I think you would make a great preacher. I have heard many rents from the stump and I don’t like any of them were ever they come from. What dose the Soviet Union have to do with it?? I thought now we were all afraid of Islam?

Wow. I’ve got to say I don’t think I’ve seen anyone as passionate as you,CapnOAwesome. Personally, I do believe religion has a lot of problems. Its homophobic nature sickens me for example, however if these problems were to be addressed, I would have no problem with people following a certain religion.

Did you really expect to be able to put up “Jesus Rapist” fliers (or whatever they said) and not face any retaliation? Come on man, its not the fact that it is the law that you can express you’re 1st amendment rights, its the fact that what you did is just plain disrespectful and unethical; of course you’re going to have people wanting you kicked out!

Hear hear. Bravo. It’s high time for atheists to come out of the closet. I kept my atheism quiet until the rise of the religious right in America. I’m glad to hear there are college-age people like yourself that have critical thinking skills.

Thanks man…

I liked and completely agree with the part about undeserved respect.

I see no reason why I should respect the belief in pink unicorns for example. It is absurd. Just like the belief in anything supernatural.

Religion is a heap of shit.
And FINALLY it is becoming acceptable for people to say it.


I have a problem with what you said , you demeaned the term “cocksucker” by using “religious” in conjunction with it. Cock sucking can and is a wonderful thing, done by any female that happens to be in bed with me at any particular time. Otherwise, I agree with all else you said.

so how is being an atheist like?i understand tat u dun believe in God existence coz u cant see them n u attacked other religions on morality issues.. but u r no different!i hav watched christians muslims n atheist expressing their views n i think atheists r e worst bunch of ppl who NEED to sort out their BEHAVIOUR!they r always piss off n angry!u’r one fine example..

Dude, I’m an atheist and I agree with you in some things, but you’re really going overboard with your generalisations. Your problem should not be with every single religious person, only with those fanatic theist morons who believe their way is the only way.

This is why you shouldn’t adopt the same ideology if you want people to respect you. About your comment on religous wars. It’s seriously invalid. Religions are used only as an excuse and even if we didn’t have them it’s in our unfortunate human nature to find another reason

hey, could be, or not? Hell i just wanted you to chill down a little bit. Because hell yes you are right, but try to avoid to let all this anger against religious idiots dominate all your life. I was once like you in a way and my hate took me to the edge of self-destruction, thats when i began to just ignore these idiots and set them aside.

I hope you will, if you have not already, check out Point of Inquiry. They will help you start a campus group for non-believers in bullshit. Have you watched any of the videos of Beyond Belief 2006? Richard Dawkins and other intellectuals kept me entertained for a couple of days, off and on.

well this guy still havent answer my qns. basically he has no clue wat im talking abt here are just parading yourself to be the biggest loser on youtube. go and join american idol and make a fool of urself there.will b looking forward for their next show of its audition. :p

HAHA! This video is very funny!
As an atheist I would hardly be that angry in a discussion against religions, but I guess you had your motivations to be very pissed off. Anyway you’re right: we’re not fucking going anywhere, we’re here to stay and possibly grow in number.

I’m an atheist too, but I cringe when I watch your little exercise in impotent rage. Do you realize what a vain, self-absorbed deranged little faggot you are? Why are you so bothered by the silly superstitions of people around you? Ever heard of live and let live? Who do you think has a more rigorous moral code, you or the people you are attacking? Skinny little dink!

in the course of world history it’s about fucking time people start running their mouths not at one religion from another, but at all religion from the perspective of no religion. this crap that we shouldn’t care about something we don’t believe in is retarded. people’s beliefs affect the world, and it doesn’t impose on anyones freedom to mock them.

“The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
2 Corinthians 4:3-5″

My magazine says that Bill Clinton is going for president again, thats bullshit too, just like your magazine.

Bring it! I can barely keep myself from slamming my head in a car door every time I stumble onto some idiot’s video about why evolution is wrong and how Satan plants scientific evidence only to confuse those with weak faith!

ONCE AND FOR ALL: RELIGION IS CONTEMPORARY MYTHOLOGY. Just because you can’t deal with the reality that life is random and meaningless, doesn’t mean I have to put up with your bullshit!

Nice vid. I like raging people, and raging on theists is even nicer. I agree with you too, atheist should build up more pressure against the godlovin scum.

most of the reviews are BS, people dont really understand what you are saying. But that too is very typical.

Under the law enforment acts of 2003 hate crimes are now punishible under contitutional law. Therfore, his opening scene “your religions suck” and bashing other religions is a hate crime. So even under your presuposition that schools cant kick him out they can. Hes an angry kid who knows nothing about law. He eisigetes the meaning and has no premise for what hes saying. IN further notice teh defintio of hate crimes has been expanded above phisical abuse as shown in websters dictionary.

Additional punishment that is. It is an additional punishment tacked out to already committed a crime. But even those crimes are limited to vandalism and violent crimes. There is no such thing as hate speech laws in the United States and when there is I will spend my last breath of air to fight them.

@adrenalineclan haha are u fucking kidding me? ur rediculous…go get a life, or cry, or pray, or do whatever but stop being stupid. u are probably one of those very religious people. fine then be happy and go to heaven. if u can have ur beliefs then let him say what he wants. seriously, there are more important issues than this.

I’m pissed too man, couldnt even buy a 6 pack last sunday because of blue laws, I believe the constitution says this nation was in no way founded on the christian religion. But the majority of our citizens are deluted gulible morons. But they do have the majority power for now, as you can see our currency now has “in god we trust” and our pledge of allegance has “under god” in it, both not originally they where added later

All these people prancing around gloating about their atheism make me want to hurl sixty billion times more than any devout christian or catholic bible thumper. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR RELIGION, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. These atheists are hypocrites of the grandest kind, always whining about bible thumpers, but pushing off their wannabe pseudo-intellectual god vs. science BULLSHIT on everyone. I hope they crawl into a corner and die, along with their missionary counterparts.

After watching most of your videos; they are slightly humorous, although, obviously not your deep intention. You chose a view and stance just like the people you complain about. Your atheism is your religion by your behavior. You are as radical as the very ones you complain of. Wow, watching the evolution of you turn into the exact same concept of the very people or groups whom you despise. Fascinating insight on human behavior and psyche. I enjoyed watching though, good entertainment. Thanks!


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