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February 5, 2007

Re: Traitors or Not.. Smosh, Geriatric1927, Boh3m3, DIGITILsOuL?

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Youtube Commments:
Ron and Fez are on satellite radio and on a channel on satellite tv. So, being on 2 different video sites is fine to me. I prematurely closed my account to “that” other site because after 3 hrs, one of my videos kept giving me an error on upload. You Tube always uploads my videos promptly.

your loyalty to youtube is admirable. the criticism was ridiculous. unfortunately it came from someone with perceived credibility. i’m glad you can understand where renetto was coming from, because i sure didn’t. i think he just wanted to get us watching his videos again, since we’re all basically subscribed and very few of us actually watch these days.

definately nothing wrong with claimin ur name. the other site has streaming problems, I use it for my longer vids since I don’t have directors on Yt. Yt is home, but I like how live gives a lot of the overlooked YT musicians a chance to get featured, a none of this cbs stuff they’ve earned it.

Digitilsoul, you are not a traitor. Anyone who thinks of you as such obviously doesn’t have their facts straight. Like some others have said, you have no need to explain yourself, but it’s good that you did give your viewpoint. Personally, I think Renetto has a little too much time on his hands to think up some new controversy to stir up YouTube. Don’t get discouraged, man.

I’m glad you responded to Renetto to make sure the real deal is shared. His video was probably just an initial reaction to see all those big YouTubers over on the main page of LV. I went there a few days ago and saw several big YouTubers there too. I wasn’t impressed. I’m not a big time YouTuber, but YouTube is still my home too.

GOOD POINT! Sprint has treated me well for years now, but if a better cell phone company came along I would switch. I really liked my old job, but had to move on so I could move up in the world. Sure it’s nice to be in familiar surroundings and comfortable, but sometimes life is about moving on and up. JUST like you talked about DS…when you moved houses.

I almost agree with this but I am having a hard time unsubscribing to someone I enjoy. I am struggling with the thought that anyone would even go anywhere but youtube but, I understand digitilsoul not wanted his name ripped off…oh will, still lamenting over the whole controversy

Are you going to stop doing Stickam if Youtube tells you to stop? There is no reason why you or another vlogger can’t put their videos where they want. Youtube doesn’t have a monopoly on videos. If you want to be loyal to Youtube, that’s your choice. However, calling people traitors because they want to use other video sites is way out of line.

Are you going to stop doing Stickam if Youtube tells you to stop? There is no reason why you or another vlogger can’t put their videos where they want. Youtube doesn’t have a monopoly on videos. If you want to be loyal to Youtube, that’s your choice. However, calling people traitors because they want to use other video sites is way out of line.

Seriously, I don’t know what that’s guy problen. I’m surprised you even took the time out to respond to him. His issues, or his controversies, are always so petty. That’s part of the reason I have never watched but two, out of all the videos he’s produced, and it was because of what I heard of him. He likes to cause drama, and he gossips a lot. For the record, you did not sign a contract with youtube. Youtube is a very crappy site. You can post your videos whereever you want.

This is what I posted on Renetto’s Channel in response to his Jan 20, 2007 video: “Stock ownership and Equity is the reason your argument fails. They (the traitors) have no economic ownership in YT; thus, they are free to go whereever. Only stockholders of Google (GOOG) profit from their work. Under the YT TOS they cannot be paid. So, until that changes they are just the following the “invisible hand,” of Adam Smith (1750). “

People make public vlogs because they want other people to watch them. Otherwise, what’s the point of putting them online? To call others “traitors” or anything to that effect, simply because they want to maximize their exposure is strait-up wrong. It is our right to choose, no matter how an individual may feel about it, to share our vlogs through venues other than, or in conjunction with YouTube.

well in my opinion renetto is just trying to make a video so i dont think that he knows what hes talking about because u said like a million times that youtube is ur home and its still ur favorite place to upload ur videos on . so forget about him man just keep on going with ur thing making great videos !

Yeah, I mean, just because Youtube’s your favorite hangout doesn’t mean it’s the only place you can go. “To thy own self, be true”. Youtube’s great, but nobody owes them shit. Steve and Chad made over a billion, don’t we have the right as entertainers to get our word out beyond one site?!

I’m only getting “hot and bothered” because he lies right to our face. “YouTube is my home” yet, he’s off on another site posting original content. WAKE UP DS, you didn’t need to go and “claim your name” in the first place if you are going to stay with YouTube.

What says that if he provides original content anywhere, he’s suddenly a liar? He can do what he wants to do. It’s a competing site, we’re not at war. We have people like him who contribute because they want to invest their time and effort. If anything, you should be happy he’s even here in the first place; he’s not getting compensated for anything in any way, he’s doing this because he enjoys it. If he decides he enjoys another site too, he can contribute there. Big deal!

Don’t explain yourself DT.. This is all very stupid, and it’s high school drama.

You are able to post where ever you want to. That Renetto, guy, person, is actually looking for just fame and publicity when you’re responding to his comments, or these lame accusations, or insults. You’re better than that ‘Soul.

Don’t give into foolish, petty, drama.

Okay, thanks for the clarification. I think it’s unfair that you’re being attacked on your LV account. Your one of the most honest people on Youtube. Keep doing what your doing and don’t give much attention to these accusations from renetto. Peace.

i think its stupid renetto would even do this.
ive never been interested in his videos…
but im not interested in him as a person now.
this disappoints me.

for him also doing something like this ‘over the internet’ thats the lamest thing you could ever do…start something…drama…on a website…

but..keep up the good work.
dont let him get ya down or upset.
you’re awesome. and dont let anyone tell you different.

DS, you’re an independent producer. You should broadcast your content anywhere you want. YouTube sells our content and doesn’t pay us a dime. If you want to put your work on CBS, NBC, DirectTV, etc., more power to you. It’s about the AUDIENCE, not the distribution medium… Anyway, I certainly don’t question your ethics. It’s that dang geriatric1927 that’s the traitor! yeah, right… lol. sshhtt peace, Tony.

I would recommend not doing the words at the bottom of the screen advertising what you are going to be doing. It’s just a distraction. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but that’s just my opinion I’m laying out for you. Personally to me who cares what website you post videos on? It doesn’t matter!

saw renetto, and now you, you guys have some mild popularity from YT and that’s great, I prefer your vids over his, but the point is, I think you all have interesting choices to make, and I think it’s wise to stick strongly to YT, cuz they’re back by a giant company, even though in a way that stinks… lol

I think if you like tenna shoes wear Nikes and Adidas. You dont have to wear one type. I do think Youtube is the best on the Internet and will always be, but I gotta give a high five for wanting to send a message to Youtube that its time to upgrade. ~Raven

Renetto just doesn’t understand, he thinks this is a real community where people have each others backs. When it’s just a place where people put up their videos hoping to get famous and will move on at the first chance that there’s a better sight. There’s a lot of talk about people on here being friends or even family but we all know that’s hogwash. Don’t we ?

I think no one who tries out another product deserves to be called a traitor. And even if you would decide LV to be your home , no one would have the right to say sth like that about you. Therefore i do not understand that it did not make you angry somehow. But people are different and that makes the world interesting πŸ™‚

It’s nice for you to explain that you want to stay where your “peeps” are, but Renetto is obviously trying to regain “market share” after his long absense by namedropping; and you owe nothing to YT. YT will only fix its problems when enough people jump ship rather than post more vids about the features not working.

You think he doesn’t know that digital is spelled digitil, if you’re a hater, go wank yourself to sleep. – altough if you’re a loyal subscriber we would notice, as in the videos before he said that he did that(digitil) on purpose. not a mistake/typo.

So grow up pal, and yes, youtube is my HOME too πŸ™‚ – if it aint yours then.. you can just envy us. πŸ˜‰

Do you know that people that can’t debate or follow up a conversation i.e a non conversationalist, would just lol? – reason; because the person doesn’t have the balls to take 5 mins of his time to reply in a proper manner, or doesn’t have the senses. – Now if we come to this, a name is always with a capital letter, it’s called a noun (read your user) :).

I think I made my point clear eh Andy? – so the conclusion is.. if you don’t know how to take a sentence and understand the proper meaning of the sentence, then write it down, and read it again. – because calling it ” My Home ” doesn’t mean he lives in it, it means he loves it here. – thats all, don’t need to be a pain in the arse of others eh? πŸ™‚

“heh heh,er ah,I’m the decider heh heh,er it’s alkida,er and the terrrist heh heh,axis of evil by god,heh heh,fooled me once er,i’m still a fool heh heh,cause mission accomplished and terrist in their last throes according to Dicky Cheney heh heh,fight them over here or over there heh heh,er econmy good go shopping heh heh,er right rummy”

Psht! No need to explain yourself. You know Renetto. He’s known for instigating debate. He’s been pretty successful at it. You’re not the only one to respond to him. I don’t think it’s an issue at all. Keep doin’ your thang, D’Soul. (Of course this does satisfy your peeps need for you to reciprocate.) Hey!! Check out your ad at the bottom of the page! Sweet!

I’m not about to get into a debate with you! LOL! πŸ˜€ Oh, I kid. There is a debate on whether or not these peeps are traitors, too, yes? I understand the character assessment thing. But the people he’s “assessing” don’t need to explain themselves. That’s just MY opinion. Hey. If Renetto can have his… I can have mine.

That was wrong of Renetto to go out and make accusations on video without getting the facts first. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with posting videos on more than one site. It’s not like you guys have a contract to one or get paid for it or anything.

I completely agree about the claiming your name part. But I have to admit, going to other sites and seeing big YouTube names and stars and such, it feels kinda weird, as though they’re posting themselves all over the place as attention grabbers (which I’m positive they’re not trying to do).

Guys, liveVideo started in 1995…you tube in 2004….who is copying who and who is the father? You be the judge and im not even a member of liveVideo yet but i will be. Why are you apologying dude? Get a life man. You dont get paid for this shit lol

Livevideo is 10X better than youtube. The only thing Youtube has going for it is the number of people on the site. But that leads to spammers, and channels like CBS. To me, Livevideo has a lot more cred right now, but now that Youtube has competition it should make youtube a better site. In the end its the content creators and watchers who will win.

It’s ridiculous that you need to defend yourself in the first place. I don’t care where you post, I’ll watch. This is a free country, YouTube does not have the monopoly, and it’s your personal right to post vlogs where you please. Do YOUR thing, DS.

Dude, don’t justify yourself to that MoFo. He made that video for one reason man, to get him some attention. he knew what kind of shit this would stir up. You are 20 times the YT’er he is man. I would be cursing his ass. He disrespected you all, and he did it for himself. Just because he does not want to expand doesn’t mean you, or anyone, has to answer to him, or anyone…Be cool…

Digital, I have a question for you. I don’t know if you’ll respond.

Why are you, Geriatric, Kitty, etc. having such a defensive reaction? Your reaction was laid back compared to others. Yet your reaction is still “I am going to defend myself against this attack.”

You guys aren’t saying “I disagree with you, Renetto, and here’s why…”


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