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February 5, 2007

Response to Renetto’s insult

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Youtube Commments:
I used to be a subscriber of Renetto’s until a couple of months ago when I got sooo fed up of him being so far up his own a*se that I decided to unsubscribe… Can’t say i’ve missed him one bit! Carry on doing what you’re doing, Peter, it’s no-one’s business but your own. Good for you my friend – you rock!! Much love – Karen xx

Dont tread on Peter! I try not to be a hater(because I despise them),but this Renetto character really thinks his shit dont stink(to use an old WV saying)! Renetto,You are no different than any of the other millions of people who make videos..except yours are not funny and your fake attitude is as transparent as glass. You just screwed up when you jabbed the most adored man on YouTube. You will see how fast people can turn now brother. I was never a fan anyway.

Wow peter, I’ve never seen you so mad. I understand though. Even if you decided to leave YouTube forever it’d be your business, though we’d miss you! Don’t let Renneto get to you though, online communities are by nature virtual, the are created and destroyed very quickly, and some people have trouble keeping that in perspective.
Now putting my maturity aside for a minute, I had a great vision of you putting Renetto over your knee at spanking him for all he’s worth!

Thank you for stepping forward, and putting your voice on this vlog that Paul mis-stepped into making. It was so shocking he made it. 24 hours later it’s still echoing a contempt for those who held him up as a positive force here. He is just another capitalist deep into marketing which is a very horrible addiction.

Good point… Renetto was going to get attention anyway, and anyone who’s seen his videos knows how he goes about doing that so his underhandedness was not surprising.

It was very refreshing to see you call him out, Peter. I’m sorry that he angered you but if the rest of the comments haven’t assured you.. the rest of us see right them too.

yayayay!!! Way to go, Peter!!! Renatto is a pompous ass. In your recent video, you used the term “verbal diarrhea”…that’s what Renatto’s video on Live Video reminded me of. Just a lot of hot air.

Whereever you are, Sir, that’s where I’ll be.

Dear Peter, yes you’re right – it’s all about drama and attention. But please don’t get too angry, it’s not worth it plus it gives him even more attention. Your real friends would NEVER think yo are a traitor, nor use your name for their own benefit.

When it comes to a transparent sell-out like Renetto and a respectable gentleman like Peter… it’s not about taking it seriously or personal. It’s about INTEGRITY so OMG stop telling other people how to feel when you’re obviously clueless. kthx♥

I am sorry Renetto upset you. I don’t subscribe to him but I have seen his video via others that I subscribe to. I don’t agree with his statements, YouTube and LiveVideo are both venue’s for expression and our membership in one or both is not a “marriage” to quote someone else I admire. Cheers!

I think renetto’s intention, however misguided, was a result of his passion and loyalty to YouTube. Sometimes we don’t think before we speak and say things we don’t mean.

He wanted a reaction and certainly got it. But it is clear that you were offended and rightfully so. It will be interesting to see if and how he chooses to respond.

He doesn’t strike me as a bad person though and I don’t think it was his intention to upset anyone.

I respect your innocent opinon… but if you pay close attention there have been several indications that Renetto could be directly involved with Youtube. As in, it is possible that YouTube is paying him to underhandedly implement their agenda to his wide subscriber base. Just look around. Do u remember how long Renetto’s Christmas video was posted up on the ad section of YouTube’s homepage? HMM. go watch some more videos and it’s not hard to see what I mean.

I’m waiting 7 days to see if he has enough integrity to recognize he was wrong and went over the line. I’m fairly sure he won’t, he’ll either ignore the hundreds of outraged comments or give a soulful response about how he was only “trying to keep the community whole”. If either thing happens I’m removing my subscription. Give me the “telling it all” series any time!

You go Peter. Fire in the furnace is a great thing. I’ll follow you where ever you go. My comment on Renetto’s video: hmarty (21 hours ago)
Paul, my mama always said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” I certainly don’t put all my money in one stock. I like live video because there are no comment limits. This site seems to have worked out some of the kinks! Peace
Enuff said. Love you Peter!

Fear? Of what? Renetto only accused Peter to bring more attention to himself. Peter has already addressed the Live Video issue, and if Renetto is as smart as his apologists claim, he knows where Peter stands.
Dragging Peter’s name into his manufactured drama is attention-whoring at it’s most disgusting.

Peter, after seeing Renetto’s vid, my hubby subscribed so he could unsubscribe and then told him so. We loved this response-I only wish you hadn’t linked to that idiot’s vid. He obviously only mentioned your name to get more attention for himself. If he actually watched your vids, he would have seen that you have already addressed this issue.

Here is the comment I just posted to renneto, as follows: Question – Would registering a patent in the UK after first registering it the USA make you a traitor, renetto? I think not. This is simply creative freedom exercised by free will. One beautifull aspect of freedom is that one has the right… to mind their own business. 🙂 Be well, geriactric1927.

Making a point or not… names don’t need to be mentioned… insulting ppl because of their choices is just plain rude. An opinion statement on the subject without slinging shit at someone would have worked just fine and actually would have worked better, thank you.

Renetto thinks without him youtube would not exist. All Renetto is, is a two bit candle maker, who thinks the world loves him. Where he is infact just a little piss ant, who as just had his butt whopped by Youbtubes Grandad. Peter is a True Gentleman. Loved by many, Good on you Peter, It was great to hear you kick Pumpkin Heads Butt.

I am a big fan, but I think you are over reacting here. Also my recollection is Renetto had a lot to do with Geriatric1927’s initial popularity. I think this video is out of character, was made in a moment of anger/weakness and it would probably be better for all if it were taken down.

I don’t think Renetto had anything to do with Peters popularity. I subscribe to both of them, and my thought is Renetto was out of line for mentioning names and by doing so directly attacked those he mentioned. I agree with Peter in that, he can post a video where ever he wants. Peter didn’t come on here to attempt to be a youtube star, just to tell his story… his motives are not the same as Renettos.

Actually it was a response to a Renetto video that Peter sent to Renetto and that Renetto featured on a video that got the ball rolling for Peter. This is before he was featured on YT. Not that he hasn’t earned his popularity, he has and is one of the most talented vloggers on YT. But for Peter to say Renetto is using him to gain popularity is just anger speaking.

What I understood when he said that was Renetto was trying to ‘create drama’ or create a stir with people using (Peter’s) name… he’s wasn’t talking about gaining subscribers… directly. I think he meant that Renetto was using Geriatric’s popularity for his own gain, IE have that much more of a chance of getting on the most discussed list because the name ‘Geratric1927’ was in the title… exc.

Maybe you’re right. And to that point I agree. R did do that. I think Peter is entitled to be angry and to make this post. My point has been it’s not in his best interest to do so. If R is as bad a person as you make him out to be, why would Peter want to get into the mud with him? How does this help Peter? Did you see in the notes section Peter referred to R as a “hater”?

you’re as delusional as Renetto. G1927’s popularity was due to people watching him, Renetto just jumped on the bandwagon when he saw the #’s for G1927 soaring. As for taking it down, I’ve run out of fingers and toes for the amount of vids Renetto did in anger, and they’re still up after all this time. Renetto proves that crap is king.

Nothing I have stated is delusional. R is correct, YT features certain videos, usually quality ones – like Peter’s – and this helps them gain popularity. Taking down this video is in Peter’s best interest. Controversy is not his thing, already he seems very upset and he will soon be knee deep in this.

Delusional or not.. I think you’re OPINION is unreasonable. You really seemed to make no good argument to reinforce your point. Although, I did see where you speculated on what Peter could handle. That was sweet, but I think it’s in your best interest not to worry so much!!

Thank you for worrying about my best interest. I still feel Peter has made a mistake making this video, but he has left it up and most comments agree with you that that is a good thing. I will feel better when Peter puts out another video so we know he feels ok, this was way out of character for him.

Hear! Hear! He knows what gets the numbers, and that’s all he really cares about- Sensationalism, even at the expense of those he called “friends”.

He also feels threatened, and this is what scared people do.

I found Peter through an article that one of my students brought me about him. It lead me to YouTube and I didn’t know who Renetto was until weeks after.

U2bianSynic: There is a history here. No articles were written about Peter until first Renetto and then YT featured him. He was an unknown vlogger with virtually no subscribers. Would he have become as popular without R? That is unknown, but I think not. His talent has maintained that popularity. He just seems so out of character here that I almost wonder if he has an ailment of some sort. Compare his response to DigitilSoul’s response to the same video. I think it is instructive.

I don’t hate renetto, I just find him boring and egotistical. I found Peter without any help from renetto, so not everyone found him via renetto. I didn’t even know who he was until Peter replied to one of his videos. I subscribed for a little while but renetto is so full of hot air, I got bored with him.

Fair enough. You don’t hate R, you dislike him. For sure R is not responsible for all of Peter’s popularity, or his continued success. Peter is a remarkable, talented vlogger. R was responsible for his initial popularity and that’s how YT discovered him and featured him. You may not know this, Peter however does.

interesting that I found R from Peter’s video response, not the other way around. But even if Peter’s exposure was initially enhanced by virtue of responding to an R video, trust me, word of mouth is why Peter’s videos are so popular. Don’t give R too much credit where it’s not due.

and no, I don’t even dislike R. I just find him a yawn-fest.

Thanks for your thoughtful responses. Peter went from obscure vlogger, to overnight sensation on YT because of his response to R’s “Who are you, who, who?” Renetto teared up in a video he made featuring Peter’s beautiful response. YT then featured G1927 and he became an overnight sensation. Much more popular than R. It’s hard to get exposure, Peter probably didn’t even want it, but R got the ball rolling in serious way.

JohnnyRinggo, I respect your opinion, and I agree that R has been controversial and deserves criticism, but insults are counter productive – even when we disagree. I guess that is my objection with Peter’s video. Here he has acted out of character and I think he will regret the controversy that will ensue. It so not like the image he wishes to portray.

It takes a lot to get Peter feathers ruffled, wise gentleman that he is. I started this comment on its own, then I saw Cyma’s comment just above, so I’m following it because I agree. My guess is the ‘problem’ that Renetto says he is getting ready to talk about is affecting him pretty deeply.

Blockster, I think you might have a point about Renetto, but he shouldn’t have tossed out Peter’s name like he did. Upsetting Peter or any others who now use LiveTube as well as YouTube was so unnecessary. He could made his vid without pointing fingers and being so antagonistic.

Alright, I am going to have to go with peter on this one. Because, we have a freedom, and rhento, what ever his name is, doesn’t own the whole internet. Then if rhento is saying that you’re a traitor, then I am a traitor. Because I use livevideo, also rhento you use livevideo also! So you’re a traitor 2

why didn’t Paul change the title of the video if he knew it would cause such offence? I like Paul and I’m glad he’s back but he didn’t have to use such an attack! People can do whatever they want, who cares about ‘Special favours’ from youtube!?! what world is he living in.

Indeed.I rolled my eyes *heavily* when Renetto talked about the supposed ‘big’ reward coming from the YT Powers-That-BE.I thought,’you’re kidding,right?’ Peter,unlike Paul,understands effective communication is its own reward.And anyway,he’s already said that he’s not going anywhere.What was Paul *thinking*??

Sure, this was done in a moment of anger, but sometimes it’s the moment of anger that says it the best. Renetto needed a wake up call, and it this doesn’t wake him up nothing will. I imagine that Peter will this down once it has served its purpose, especially if Renetto apologies to everyone.

Out of line? How so? All he said was that he could do whatever he likes and doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. And Renetto does like to stir things up from time to time, so he’s not throwing mud back at the guy. The only thing I don’t agree with are people responding to his video and giving him attention.

Good for you Peter. Sounds like he’s getting a back-hander from U-Tube, why else would someone make such a strong stand for a site that is being surpassed by the competition. Or perhaps he feel he will get more attention by throwing your name into the mix.

Well done to you for your response here.
I think Renetto is being a grade A twit the majority of the time.
His ‘YouTube fame’ seems to heve stemmed from him making video’s (like the one this is in response to) about other people. Nothing special in that, anybody could do it.

Do you go to the same restaurant everytime that you go out to eat? I think the answer would be NO! … So why must we go to the same video site everytime we wanna post a video or watch and comment on some videos…because renetto says so??? I think NOT!!!

I imagine the word “traitor” has a far more visceral meaning for you than it does for someone who hasn’t lived as much as you (ie renetto). I don’t blame you at all for feeling insulted.

On the other hand, you are fueling his fire by responding.

It disturbs me to see that Renetto’s opinion even mattered enough to make you feel like you needed to respond. Unfortunately, it only fed his insatiable hunger for attention…positive or negative. All he has to offer the YouTube community is created drama….you, on the other hand, have been such an exemplary role model of the best YouTube has to offer.

Hey peter no offence intended but I would say that renneto was just stating his opinion with no spite or rudeness and as a subscriber to you I would say you came off very aggressive. Dunno why he’s upset you so much but I think you overreacted a little.

It’s very rare for Peter to appear angry, he has far more poise than most. And I don’t see what is ‘offensive’ about this reply at all, it’s not like he’s swearing or slandering anyone. The accusations by Renetto were far more offensive. The only reason Peter will regret this is in that it’s playing into Renettos hands to give any reaction.

Dear Samsarajade: I agree with you. The reason I have stayed out of the LD Bobs4Kim backlash fray is just that. It just drives the drama by commenting. I think as more time passes, Renetto will regret the grave marketing error he has just committed.

Compare Renetto’s polite demeanor and tone with those exhibited by this man. Still don’t see a difference? Then, listen again to the tit-for-tat slam he hurled at Renetto immediately prior to his last sentence. This is quite unbecoming behaviour for a man his age and supposed wisdom…

Renettos video was a measured attack. He even uses Peters name as a sort of ‘maybe this will get your attention’ flag. It was unfounded. Peters video was a reaction. I’m sure he’d rather not show such anger, but he has every right to. He didn’t resort to any insults, he was just showing emotion. Hopefully it will make Renetto realise how callously he used Geriatrics name and the word traitor.

To all who said Geriatric overreacted?

Renetto didn’t have to say anything about this, about anyone, in the first place. This whole thing is an overreaction; caused by Renetto. Nobody else. And Peter made just a valid response.

His video was 40 seconds in comparison to the length of Renetto’s video, God knows how long it was. How was that an overreaction on Peters part?

Oh yeah, and bugger the goody-two-shoes “wouldn’t hurt a fly” members comments slamming your response. No-one here could have pulled off such a come-back without throwing a f**k this or f**k that in. Some people think they’re pulling off a Dr. Phil I think!

Peter you are my friend man.. and don’t worry about such a loser… OK ? Don’t worry and relax you are totally right.. F. Renetto F. His entourage…

Don’t waste your time on such a loser and I advice that to everyone .. don’t waste your time !!!

Peace and greets,

Md0206 Youtube Director
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I’ve watched a few of the responses regarding Paul’s video but I think yours was the best and I agree with every word you said. It’s people like you that make YouTube so great and I always look forward to watching your videos. People like him are not worth the time of day in my book.

Mainly all of the responses here are from people who are jumping onto this bandwagon of YT drama.
Yes Peter, you don’t want to see your name in vein. However; posting out of character video’s fueled by anger is not your style and certainly doesn’t hold the same demour as your previous videos.

Was Renetto out of line? Perhaps, but he is welcome to his own opinion of what YT is either becoming or not. Although he didn’t say “You’re ‘not’ allowed to post anywhere else..”

Hello geriatric1927, I totally support you in fighting back at renetto, he was very rude to insult people who leave this site. Plus you actually share your life with people and I find you r videos very interesting. Renetto has to go down to the level of saying he is depressed about something but he wll tell us later what that is! JUST TELL US YOU PLONKER!!

Behind you all the way!

Wow..I really don’t know the controversy so my
reply is to be taken w/ grain of salt. For the
post itself, I enjoy an old timer being firm, calm,
rational in telling someone off…I will take a
lesson on how to act with such class.

Not to mention the fact that Renetto himself made his own LiveVideo account not more than an hour after making such a ridiculous insult video and posting a video on the “traitor” site as well. Any credibility he had went *poof* out the window when I saw that.

Wouldn’t have been as pissy if he didn’t use his name in the title to get hits. I think Paul stepped into big this time and has left many wondering who he carried water for and why he continues to tweak the community. The tone of the responses are from those with some sense of pride in knowing what they are doing.

Wow Peter! You are obviously not happy with Paul’s comments. I agree with you entirely that it’s none of anyone’s business where we go on the Internet and how we choose to spend our time whether here on YT or over at LiveVideo or wherever. I don’t plan on going anywhere but I am not answerable to anyone and would only feel compelled to explain to my subscribers if I were to move.

Your post makes no sense. The point is that Peter has ALREADY SAID that he has NO intention of going over to Live Video. The only person who has to “evaluate if it is in fact wrong” is Renetto himself. He should “think about all the aspects of the deed he’s done.”

I’m proud of you. Renetto is very cocky and is too obsessed over this website. He is only popular because of his obnoxious attitude. Your modesty and humbleness are what makes this website so great. Renetto is just making YouTube worse by insulting others. It is he that is ruining the community.

Damn… you really shot him down. 😀

But seriously, I can’t see why people shouldn’t share their work with more people through other websites. If I’d ever get into videoblogging (or taping some of my “experiments” with explosives or something…) I think I would put stuff on other sites too if my material would be liked. Your certanly is, so I think it’s great if you are putting up your stuff on two pages (or more). Besides, if one of the sites are down, people can visit the other(s)…

Right on, Peter. Personally I think renetto’s post was just rubbish. Like people can’t go where they want and do what they want to do. There will probably be hundereds or thousands of these sites in a while, youtube was just the one that got big first.

I’ve never been a fan of Renetto (I watched a few of his videos, and it wasn’t my thing; I have/had nothing against him personally), but from the little I understand of him, I would be willing to bet that this all was done for attention (“ratings” if you will). You really don’t need all that stress in your life right now, or ever. There will always be those sorts of people, and most of them are on the internet. 😉

touché! btw this clip is a good example for renetto – straight to the point

peter, don’t be angry… even if I don’t appreciate renetto’s contributions very much, I am sure he didn’t want to say something negative about you. people pushed him into the role of a youtube-mastermind and now he feels he has to say something about everything and everyone all the time…

Discuss??? In order for something to be “discussed” there has to be 2 sides debating…and there most certainly was none in renetto’s video…what that was, was an ACCUSATION..and it’s ppl like you who kiss his ass, & try to cover up his actions, which ALMOST makes me as disgusted with you as I am with him..He’s a big boy, I think he can take care of himself..

I think you’re not alone in taking Paul’s video as a personal insult.

However, I do believe his remarks regarding specific people were intended to be understood as facetious. As a playfull way to stir up dialogue. That’s the way it seemed to me, anyway.

Wonderful! Geriatric he is obviously jealous because you are number one! Keep up the good work and you are right. You have NO ONE to answer to. Some people just will cry about anything! He is losing subscribers left and right btw. While you continue to grow on yours. He is doing you a favor as it turns out. LOL! Bet he didn’t plan on gaining you more popularity and him less. SUBSCRIBED!!!

Here Here, the way renetto talks in his vid about people with large subscriber followings being rewarded, suggests to me that he may have already been rewarded, the difference between Renetto and youtubes favourite grandad is he sought the limelight, subscribers, the attention, geriatric didn’t!

i am so glad you stood up for yourself. i believe you have clearly stated in previous videos that youtube is where you intend to stay no matter what. perhaps people should watch your videos before making such accusations. keep doing your thing peter
Pete, you tell it how it is. Don’t ever get angry or disheartened with anyone on here, you’re better than that. Just keep doing what you do best, that’s why you have so many fans here!!
You’re free to say whatever you wish, that’s the beauty of ‘freedom of speech’, don’t let anyone ever get you down, sod em’ all!!

Keep rockin!!!! :o)

His claim is that people are leaving YouTube. Well, by looking at the number of views for daily most viewed, he’s right…the numbers are much lower than they were prior to google taking over.
Maybe the “R” man is mad that Steve & Chad sold out, and is taking it out on you!
btw…you rock!

He suggests that greg soloman and renetto were in together for their drama. Both Renetto and Soloman did not feature videos togther after the poker match then they released new years together and both have been quite up till now. He may have a point. Are you making this acusation geriactric that they were both fake?

renetto’s dogmatic defense of “youtube” is a little odd….from chad&steve selling to pathetic shit like LG15…the coolness factor for youtube is CLEARLY over. and the fact that he made it personal and used names like Peter and others is just pathetic. If he didn’t have such a history for picking girly fights and being an attention whore maybe I could listen…but renetto is ridiculous. you’re great Peter! I’ve been watching your vids since the beginning!

Renetto needs serious psychiatric help. I’ve been ignoring his videos for a while now, but I know him well enough to state that he’s a person that’s so wrapped up in his own narcissism that he’ll tear down anybody to get attention. He is a Grade A asshole for persecuting a gentleman like Peter!

Renetto is a Piece of garbage. Renetto should learn to respect his elders. This is terrible, i think renetto has lost all respect for great elders who have walked before us. For he has no regards for our great people like geriatric. Why spit on this mans name renetto? What good does that do for your fame? I find it pathetic.

My mother used to say never make fun of aging people because we will all reach that phase of our lives someday. You may find yourself choking on your words years from now. Youth quickly fades and all thats left is substance. For our sake as well as your own I hope you find some when you reach Peter’s age.

Renetto has lost another subscriber. He was amusing for a while but has now turned to crap like the last video as a way to feed his ego. If he’s stayed making comments on the world around him it’d be one thing but to attack others for using all available methods to share ideas is another. Good for you Peter for standing up to this bully

Renetto’s post was rather ridiculous, as if we live in Communist Youtube and arent permitted to come and go in and outside of Youtube walls. He must have been too self absorbed with his disappearance game dynamics to watch your video where you plainly stated you have no intention of leaving Youtube. I found his video annoying. But dont let it get to you,Peter. In the scheme of things it means nothing.

It’s amusing how Renetto’s largely generic pondering of the movement of people to LiveVideo, which wasn’t particularly insulting to any specific person in any way, has illicited these kind of comments, merely by the MENTION of geriatric’s name. Chill out everyone. About a hundred (or more) of you in just these comments have shown yourselves to be far more of “haters” than Renetto.

While Renettos video was vulgarly self-absorbed there still is no reason to take it so seriously. Renetto is a drama-queen. He still has many viewers that come to hear him spin trivialities of life like another Soap Opera. “Be good to thy neighbour” – “be appreciative”., etc. All harmless and delivered fairly well. No harm done. Just see him for what he is.

I’m starting to think that because Renetto is somewhat popular, he thinks he runs things here and can influence opinions. He must be pissed off that the creators of youtube are billionaires and his only sorry ass invention is a dumb char that pops a tent. I’m also sure he is looking for the opportunity to make money off this but is frustrated it’s not happening.

Renetto is a complete drama queen who showers in his own bullcrap. I should say just ignore his depravity, but I know it must be hard. Still, it’s best to be the bigger man and keep a hand higher than him, yes? Keep talking, grandad, you’re the only person we want to listen to.

Did you listen to Renetto’s whole video. He was posing the question out of curiosity as to why youtubers may or may not be jumping ship, he noticed your name with many others. He certainly isnt asking for any permission. Calm down Peter you blew this up man

You are so respected by so many people, don’t worry about Renetto. He’s just one of those people who has no life and can’t think of anything else to do but post videos to offend others and start up drama..and they can’t get any lower. Thanks for posting this, you are so right!

right on Peter. reminds me when robin ventura rushed the pitchers mound and Nolan Ryan gave him a good ole boy ass whopping. renetto all washed up, keeps reinventing his shit to boost his ego, renneto is a legend in his own mind. fuck him and his stupid self unemployed freeloading family

I think Renetto was out of order in calling people “traitors” but other than that, I though his video made some reasonable points. I think this response is a bit over the top, especially with calling him a “hater” just for expressing his opinion.

Nice! Oh NO! I think I see a Silver Shark gnawing a certain YouTubian down to size. Renetto has actually done LiveVideo a huge favor. Because of his post and backlash, YouTube’s struggles and issues will become mainstream news in the upcoming week, as the press continues to look for Internet sound bytes – free viral advertising! YouTube copied from MySpace, founded by Brad Greenspan, who also founded LiveVideo – oh – and Stickam, used by Renetto. Hehe. Innovation? Traitors? Doh! Marrrrrrrrge…

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No, you missed the point! That ugly renetto mugg and his slanderous message hurt this mans feelings! He’s not a traitor, he’s a war vet and put his life on his country! And that was uncalled for even if he only meant about youtube! The idoit (renitto) is just trying to make trouble on youtube and is jealous that Peter is so much better than him and has the respect of so many. Something that the idoit will never achieve!

When Renetto approaches a subject, he always takes a side to polarize the argument. To polarize the argument is to focus peoples minds on the thing it matters! Do you have the courage to take a side to make conversation even if you don’t really represent that side? Renetto does this in every video he makes.

Hi Peter blessings my ffiend hope that you are well today..H right for the attention of (rennetto) the meaning fo the word TRAITOR,is as follows. One who betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason. one more word for you rennetto its called freedom as follows.(1) The capacity to exercise choice;

free will: We have the freedom to do as we please, (2)Ease or facility of movement:..(3)The right of enjoying all of the privileges of membership or citizenship:…also Defamation, Libel and Slander? A false and defamatory statement concerning another;(1)
The unprivileged publication of the statement to a third party (that is, somebody other than the person defamed by the statement);(2)

Ignoring him! His just a fat idiot with a fat ugly family who are all heading for heart disease. He should be disgusted at himself for how fat his allowed his kids to get. Very very irrespirable as a parent to allow your kids to be that idol and encourage that fat munching sofa potato life style

Some people on youtube are just plain malicious. Others aren’t. You aren’t, I always enjoy your stories, please just ignore all those evil people out there and continue what you are doing. “He” doesn’t have to watch you if he has a “problem” with you.

Very well put, Geriatric.

Renatto is a desperately needy person who will take any attention he can get, be it positive or negative.

The very fact that he felt the need to attack an honourable man such as you proves he is a vile lowlife.

YES!!!! Finally!!! Someone with TUBECRED OWNING the biggest loser dork on the worldwide web whose CLAIMING to represent Youtube, yet fucking up Youtube for everyone!!! I feel so sorry for his offspring. People are fighting wars so that he can be free to crap all over our faces with his ugly zealous pathetic agenda. He is Youtube up the butt guy and he smells like the package the neighbor left on Karl Daly’s
porch! peace Peter! much love from your LoBoJo.

Well said and right on, Geriatric. I am now unsubscribed from Renetto, an action many of us are taking as we are also very angry about his accusations against you and other great tubers. You keep on keepin’ on. You give more to us than he could even fathom. We love you.
xx Superlunary xx

I don’t know what the disgusting accusation is, I hardly pay any attention to the YouTube ‘dramas’, all I know is Renetto sucks, and Craig McDouchebag from CBS sucks even more. These people should croak. Video spam is all they have to offer.

Thank you.

I sure hope not! I really enjoy his vodeo’s. My Grandparents have all passed on and I’ve really bonded to his tales and stories of the past. I really enjoy it when he reads to us. I just wish the low life would leave him alone. He’s not hurting anyone.

I think, Renetto just wanted more viewers with that traitor video. It’s sad that his (or just anyone’s who does similar things) thirst for publicity can be felt insulting. Personally, in his place I would have given this thing a second thought. People shouldn’t be insulting or nasty at least to those who are older than them.

Peter your response, while pointed, warranted, and proper, is very classy – WAY classier than Paul’s. Reminds me of the way Orson Wells, who was the most articulate speaker I’ve ever heard, would have responded. Beautiful. YOU KEEP UP doing what you WANT to do. You’ve earned it in spades. I have dropped my sub to Mr. Renetto as well. No way would I tolerate that kind of remark about you or others. Just doesn’t wash. Good on you, sir.

I think Renetto was making a statement WHY people are going from the founder of Video to another source to host. Ive used Revver myself and my video STILL isnt posted, after 3 days. LiveVideo kept error stalling half way. So for most people it works, others it doesnt. But why do people get upset? All it does it get people to WATCH MORE. Even bad publicity is still publicity. Geriatric doesnt need to get pissed…

geriatric1927, I think you are seriously overreacting to what Renetto is TRYING to say. Yes, he used the word “traitor”, but in his video, he downplays that word, he jokingly says he used it from “drama” purposes only. Bottom line, he basically hopes that you (and some of the other more well known characters) have no intention of leaving this place for another of the SAME type for the WRONG reasons. It’s a plea, not a demand, so I see no reason to get bent over it at all.

I’m not going to try to even speculate what YouTube will be like in 5 years, if anything at all. Personally, I also think competition is a good thing. However, that all being said, I think Renetto’s video was simply a “suggestion”, a “plea” of sorts and not some kind of insult (and/or demand) by ANY stretch of the imagination — that’s my only point.

OMG, IT WAS A S-E-V-E-R-E PERSONAL INSULT — CALL THE POLITICALLY CORRECT POLICE — WHAT AN OUTRAGE, HMPH! <Big Yawn!>.. He didn’t have a regret using it, he used it to spark the conversation, that’s it. Besides that, what has happened to people’s backbones these days? We get bent over almost NOTHING these days. It’s almost impossible to say ANYTHING without offending SOMEONE it seems — it’s getting bloody ridiculous at best. . .

Well said.

This guy is clearly trying to get views to his videos by slagging off other famous you-tubers and besides, who cares where you post your videos?

It’s pretty lame to make a whole 9 min+ plus video about people like yourself being a “TRAITOR!!”, there are much, much worse things in the world going.

Keep up the good work geriatric1927 and don’t let these people ever put you off.

Short and sweet, Peter. Please ignore Renatto and all of the other idiots who make negative comments. Renatto seems to be just jealous of you, and the idiots with the moronic comments are not worth worrying about.

There are many of us who enjoy your commentary’s. Please ignore the others, they are meaningless.

Hey why do you have to say such mean and nasty things to an elderly person you runny piece of crap, is it because you’re such a loser that picking on the elderly gives your pathetic little existence a little thrill.
You, being an ignoramus, obviously have no idea what geriatric1927’s video is addressing, cause if you did you’d most likely agree with him.

please don’t read this!
In 1945,a young girl named katu lata kulu came over to America in a grey boat from Africa. A mysterious man killed her by cutting the word “LATUALATUKA” into her back. now that you have read this measge she will come to your house on a full moon and steal your soul unless you follow these directions:
1. Retype this message as a comment for three other videos

Edam421 is right,

Peter. Please ignore Renatto and all of the other idiots who make negative comments. Renatto seems to be just jealous of you, and the idiots with the moronic comments are not worth worrying about.

There are many of us who enjoy your commentary’s. Please ignore the others, they are meaningless.

I( agree with you. I think Reneeto is losing it. Eventhough I am here in S Kore for teh time being working on my project I find time to support you as I think Renetto takes five minutes to sat he is about to sat something and when he does it is garbage!!!!
mathproblems form Pohang S Korea campsite

I( agree with you. I think Reneeto is losing it. Eventhough I am here in S Kore for teh time being working on my project I find time to support you as I think Renetto takes five minutes to sat he is about to sat something and when he does it is garbage!!!!
mathproblems form Pohang S Korea campsite

i dont know what this is about. but renetto never was actually one of the people whos videos i looked forward to, because this community that ive been for 1year has had some people that just shoutcall some popular name on youtube and pick on them. renetto’s just a new bald guy who sells candles and sucks at life

Chill out Geriatric1927. What’s with the Blair Witch Project close-up? What’s with the anger. Renetto shouldn’t have called you a traitor, but he admitted that was harsh. You’ve been called worse here and I hope it still doesn’t piss you off. You’re a cool guy. Go listen again to what Renetto said. He made some good points. No one’s telling you what to do. He was just starting a discussion.

You shouldn’t have even wasted your breath! His highly contraversial video was so dull I switched off halfway through.
You should just smile and carry on producing your stuff, which actually keeps my full attention every single time., and be always safe in the knowledge that you have more hair than Renetto ever will =D.

You shouldn’t have even wasted your breath! His highly contraversial video was so dull I switched off halfway through.
You should just smile and carry on producing your stuff, which actually keeps my full attention every single time., and be always safe in the knowledge that you have more hair than Renetto ever will =D.

People have much less Respect now. I think a Guy born in 1927 has seen more change in his life than anyone of any previous Generation and would have pulled National service ( Maybe he served in WW2 ) amongst other things. The Elder generation should be thanked and respected. Nuff said. Flirting between internet sights is not a crime.

Well-said, Granddad.

I must say, though: Renetto can be a little melodramatic at times, but (with the exception of this) I think he’s an overall good person. I just hope this doesn’t put a rift between you… you’re both too old to argue over something like this.

All my best.

Renetto: seriously, leave geriatric1927 alone. This old man has extended family and freinds that would love too meet you. To him, ur just a punk, pussy boy bitch, who needs to respect his elders, cause he might just be your daddy. Respect ur elders bitch. Baltimore got geriatric1927’s back.

Disgusting? What is it that he had to say did you find disgusting? I’m sure that you can find some merit in what he was saying.

You should not take what he had to say so hard. He was simply expressing his opinion and as wrong as it may be he has the right to it. It’s very simple if you don’t want his opinion don’t watch his videos.


Go over 60,000 views for the first time in 5 months WITHOUT PUTTING RENETTO IN YOUR TAGS OR TALKING ABOUT HIM and we’ll talk about getting attention from others.

No one else in the top 20 has failed to go over 60,000 views in the last 5 months accept for Miaarose, who we all know is fake

M1kma: YES, EXCUSE YOU! Your small brain failed to comprehend that geriatric1927 was used BY RENETTO to get views, not the other way around. Geriatric1927 doesn’t give a rip about views, he just wants to share his life with others. Unlike Renetto, he actually has useful things to share. So DEAL WITH IT FOOL!

I agree.
And if you left that would be your choice, no disloyalty in that. I prefer the friendlier climate, and better audio and video quality at Live Video myself, but still visit here for the variety and my favorites.
With you on this one though, this isn’t a club where you sign your name in blood to Google INC.

M1kma: YES, EXCUSE YOU! Your small brain failed to comprehend that geriatric1927 was used BY RENETTO to get views. Geriatric1927 doesn’t give a rip about views, he just wants to share his life with others. Unlike Renetto, he actually has useful things to share. So DEAL WITH IT FOOL!

Renetto uses the hot chick Jpeg in the middle of his vid to get views. Renetto has fake arguements with other YouTubers to get views. And now Renetto is picking fights with respected users….just to get views. But he just got beat down by an 80 year old man…good for you Geriatric 1927!

Peter sir, you are a scholar and a gent – Renetto should get a job. Its understandable that a pensioner has the time and freedom to vodcast wherever he or she chooses. So keep the vids coming and be assured that the likes of your good self post far more interesting messages on here than Renetto ever has or ever will! Amen!

please don’t read this!
In 1945,a young girl named katu lata kulu came over to America in a grey boat from Africa. A mysterious man killed her by cutting the word “LATUALATUKA” into her back. now that you have read this message she will come to your house on a full moon and steal your soul unless you follow these directions:
1. Retype this message as a comment for three other videos

After the video Paul made about you when you first hit You Tube he had tears in his eyes. He was extremely complimentary of YOU. Paul simply floated out an idea, a thought about loyalty, and now you have told him to mind his own business. I do think you were harsh on Paul especially after he made a video regarding you that was very positive.

Okay, I just watched his rant, and all I have to say is; Good for you~

He’s making a big fuss out of nothing, and you’re entitled to go to any site you wish. I think he has that toothpick to far up his arse if you ask me.

Anyway; Great job, and; Keep being awesome~ ^_^

Powerboy, Renetto is a putz who called this guy on this video, among others, “traitors” because they have “dared” to post videos on other sites in addition to this one.

Basically, Renetto is a self-proclaimed “King” of YouTube, who’s claim to the throne nobody supports. He just puts up a lot of videos and gets hits because he rambles on a lot and manages to piss off enough people to get views.

I cannot believe Renetto would say something so childish and stupid. Seriously Renetto are you an adult, are you trying to win attention Lonelygirl style, or have you geeked out so bad on YouTube you actually think their is some special fellowship that requires users post only to YouTube? I thought from your videos that you were maybe in your 30’s or 40’s. Maybe Im wrong, maybe you’re a very old looking teenager because your comments reflect that mindset.

admit it

the only reason you ever got even semi popular is cuz of youtube

now you think you’re hot shit so you’re trying to spread out to other sites because you are on a power rush

Renetto hit the nail right on the head with you people

You know whats funny. Are some of you that get so into this stuff you actually think that way. Your’re like some of those Trekkies at Star Trek conventions that take it just a little too seriously. Who frickin cares. We are all just regular people posting videos whether its at YouTube, MySpace or wherever. Renetto hit nothing on the head..Nothing.

I’ve subscribed to you because you make entertaining content but lately all the ‘entertainers’ I subscribed to are not doing what they originally came to do here, but instead fling shit at eachother. So I hope that this is your last youtube animosity video!!!!

I can Understand why you are annoyed with renetto,
I Fully support you and have Unsubscribed from renetto which is a shame because I have been a subscriber of his for 4 months!
He has crossed the line,
Best Regards,

renetto is a fucken ass. just look at his nurdy ugly face with his big fat glasses trying to attack the seniors on the internet. maybe you should go find a girl and get laid instead of trolling on youtube with your webcam. then again, you have nothing to be ashame of since you don’t have a girl or friends loner.

geriatric1927, I support you! Love your videos!

HAHAHAHAHAHA This was the coolest video ever Peter! Judging by most of the comments, there are so many of us that will defend you it is amazing and awe inspiring. It really goes to show that a person should think hard before he picks his battles! You rule my friend!!!

Good on you dude!

Slag that beefy bastard off.

The very same beefy bastard that was instrumental in your rise to fame and popularity which, I have noticed, has been on the decline of late.

I looked up the meaning of the word “Collusion” on wikepedia and all there was, was a picture of you and that fatfuck renetto?.

well said old man..
my respons to Renetto was this:
STOP CRYING! People like you are making sure the possibillities of the internet is shrinking each and every day..
internet is for everybody.. even though they don’t do things, as you think they should be done.. I wouldnt be surprised if you didnt do anything else than just sit around, waiting to bump in to something YOU think is done “wrong”.

You see YouTube as a community!! And other sites alike almost as enemys?!? Typical american fascist, you moron.. People display themselves as they want to be displayed, you have no idea how people see you eather.. so why dont you go tell your nabour that you love him or something, and get of YouTube, cuz you’ve clearly had enough..

– (I got pretty angry, he almost acted like a SS troop)..

Thousands upon thousands of people have lost their lives due to violent crime in South-Africa during the last few years. The violent crime affects both black and white people. The world needs to know how the people of South-Africa are suffering. Please infrom yourselves about the horrific crime in South-Africa!

I am SO glad SO many people have decided to unsubsribe to that guy, I don’t have any use for him, and him talking bs about my cool friends, he is stupid! I give credit to people as yourself who stand up to him, I have and so have many people I know of! EXCELLENT!!

I think Rennetto is trying to kiss ass. For some reason he must think he gets browny points for kissing up to google? Geez its just a video blog and its all about content,and less hassles, people! If livevideo has better content and less hassles; guess where I’m going?…lol It’s kinda like Fox, CBS,ABC, NPR, BBC (for all you euros) and NBC news? I watch LiveVideo and I don’t give a rat’s ass if YouTube likes it or not! Show me the money!…lol.

Go Peter! I like the way you told Renetto hehe. How dare he accuse you of deserting YouTube, if you want to use other services too exactly what problem is that?? Take care good sir! 🙂
P.S. I think it would be wonderful if you decided to vist Stickam sometimes!

That is an assumption. I think it’s possible people are getting paid *coughrenettocough* but don’t just blindly point the finger because you don’t know that for a fact. Please realize it makes you look like ‘a sheep who is following whatever Renetto tells you to’.

How dare Renetto post such an offensive comment to such a dedicated poster. No matter the level of commitment to, or regularity of posts on youtube, all should be welcome to post what they see fit.

You should be disgusted, ashamed and frankly embarrassed about the level of disrespect you feel you can throw around due to an assumption of the frivolous nature of this website, and must keep in mind that some people regard this assumption of frivolity as a lack of understanding.

i don’t think so whatsoever. I’m new to youtube, and saw a video of geriatric1927, and he looked like someone i’d like to know. but then i saw “traitors,” and then this video, and thought geriatric seriously overreacted. renetto is raising a very serious issue about the future of youtube. this issue must be looked at.

Plus, geriatric, have you noticed he STILL hasn’t apologized properly on his follow-up? He pretty much giggles at the fact that people disliked his “traitor” comment and them rambles on for a half hour detailing a conspiracy to (gasp!) make money!

Those saying it was a mistake for geriatric to respond to that little coward Renetto, what would YOU do? Turn the other cheek? Balls to that!

ur an old faggot ur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotur an old faggotvvv

Peter, don’t mind Renetto. I think he’s going off his rocker in his quest to be ‘popular’ and controverse. Keep up your woderful videos and don’t mind him, you got a good list of subscribers who love your stuff. Take care.
José, Portugal.
PS: I unsubscribed from Renetto.


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