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February 5, 2007

Telling it all 40

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Youtube Commments:
We Americans tend to butcher the Stick with your European accent. Sounds much more classy and intelligent than our slang driven I live in West Virginia so I have quite the heavy Appalachain accent. I plan on making some vids very soon so you will be able to get a laugh out of that probably. Good vid. Good to see you happy. You have more “friends” than you could ever imagine.

I do urge you to be careful who you meet or let into yuor home. Especially over the net. You never know who a person really is until you meet them. I am not referring to anyone in particular,just be careful..lots of people out there that would try to take advantage of your kindness. Take care Peter.

I saw the collaborative video welcoming zip to England-it was very well done 🙂 There’s a possibility that I will find a way to meet up with him, I’m in Liverpool-so my best chance is when he’s up this general direction visiting you! If that doesn’t work out the videos that will be made with the people he does meet up with will be enough! (and you never did accept my friend request way back 😉 )

Not accepting your friend request must have been an oversight, I would never intentionally do that.I have had great difficulties in getting into mailbox and things and in the early days had literally thousands of letters there. Please send it again.

Peter, I think its heartwarming that you are so excited about Zipsters trip to England. I loved this video. I love the fact that you are such a gentleman yet you are so hip with the times.
Blessings to you. I hope one day I will have the honor and pleasure of meeting you!


show him respect for the fact some one of his latter years is technology minded . It takes a lot of courage for someone his age to post videos on a website that is seen by younger people your comments are totally out of order. If his videos are so boring make one your self and post it to show how exciting a video should be else shut the fuck up!!! (sorry for the swearing peter)

I know five or six married couples who met online (and not through any dating service — just through mutual interest in cartoons of all things). I met my fiancée 10 years ago after she had sent email about a web page of mine, and we got to discussing a topic… weeks later we discovered by accident that we lived in the same town!

How are expecting company from a YouTube friend! Terrific. Your nearby friends of your age don’t get it, do they, because they don’t compute. Aren’t you glad you started reaching out via the computer? We on YouTube certainly are enriched with your friendship and videos.

I agree with the online friends bit.. I have made so so many friend online, and they’re all my brest friends. They all mean the world to me. I can understand how excited you are. I’m really excited about meeting my friends later on this year, and we have practically everything arranged. We’re all very hyperactive! I Hope you have fun when Zipster comes!
Sock Eater. x

Friends will be friends… after losing my baby, the online community became a wealth, support and lasting friendships. I met people from around the world who have suffered a similiar loss, and one Mom, came from Mexico and stayed in our home, for a visit – it was wonderful, healing, fun… and I thank the internet! Gloria

Friendships are forged via communication. So what’s the internet other than a giant world-wide communications network? Tell them You Tube is like a virtual pub, maybe they’ll get that. Or like a two-way tv show that the media moguls don’t get to decide who’s on the air for a change. Or like a party line, but with pictures…

You’re a pioneer, Peter and people always laugh at pioneers.

Ever notice how people respond to new ideas? First, they are “ridiculous.” Then, they become “interesting.” And then they become “no big deal.”

I heard a comic once talking about the telephones in this way: “what, you’re going to string a wire from a pole to everybody’s house in the world? OK, right…sure you will!”

For most people, YT’s still at the first step.

Peter…you’re amazing. Even if you were a lonely old man that had to make friends through the internet, I wouldn’t think less of you. Give greetings to your son from us all, please. Live life, love it…and keep rockin’. 🙂 Lots of love to you. xoxo


what a great guy you are. i am glad you are having fun with your new hobby. Its so grat that you are sharing your memories. history is such a great thing and i think we as a younger group dont realize that till its to late. Have a great day !

Big it up for Jerry BO BO BO!! lol
Hey you inspire me to try and get my grandad into youtube lol.

You are so much like him lol

Would you argue that as you get older you get the more your humour changes? or would you judge it to maturity?

Verbal Diarrhea LOL

Hi Peter, as you know, nothing wrong with making/meeting Internet friends. 5 Years I found the love my life via the Internet, sadly she passed away just over 12 months ago. I have also made several other friends on the Internet, some I have not had the chance to meet. Keep well.

Hey geriatric1927.
I hate modern day hip hop culture. We have it here in new zealand too,
I think its great you have discovered the internet.
LOL Its a shame your friends dont get it.
Your very easy to listen to, look forward to more.

Lol, its from South Park, implied as a joke.

Don’t pop a vein, everyone currently seems to have a negative disposition so i thought i’d make 1 or 2 laugh. I was in Canuckland myself for 3months, i like it there, but YankeeWorld sucked me back in. :o)

errr… canuckland? Oook.. either way. canada does suck. lucky I’m only 1/2 canadian.. only been actualy livin here for 2 yrs so far. omg. it’s horrible… everything’s illegal! being used to livin on an island with no law enforcemnet is quite dif.

Aaaaw, you’re uber sweet, and I love your outlook on life. You’re a really open-minded person, that’s a very rare trait to find in people now days.

Also, I find it really cute that you’re excited, and, I hope both you and Zippy are having an awesome time right now~

oOoOo, and I’m really looking foward to your video about language.

Take care of yourself dalin.

great video dude. ive seen videos where youve been mentioned and i finally came across one of your videos while watching another music video and figured i’d watch. good stuff very good stuff, nice to see older generations using a computer my granfather whines about it, and youre right other people dont understand until they get on the computer and start talking to new pweople from all over the world it really is spectacular.

You…you…you got me. I have youtube phobia, it’s just to fricken scary to upload a video. Clicking on the upload button and well, possibly being criticized by other monkeys on here would completely ruin me. Thanks for mind f**king the s**t outta me you as**ole!

in 1945, a young girl named katu lata kulu came over to America in a grey boat from Africa. A mysterious man killed her by cutting the word “LATUALATUKA” into her back. now that you have read this message, she will come to your house on a full moon and steal your soul unless you follow these directions:

1. Retype this message as a comment for 3 other videos

Dearest geriatric1927,should you recive your guest,please keep family(your son)close by to make sure everyone is who they say they are.I have made internet friends but met them in public places and took along longtime friends and or family.Your a sweetheart and quite charming.Keep up the good work sweetie.


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