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February 5, 2007

Traitors or Not.. Smosh, Geriatric1927, Boh3m3, DIGITILsOuL?

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Youtube Commments:
RENETTO-you wouldn’t say that YOUR products are a knock-off of the originals you improved. LV just did the same thing with a great idea. I bet you wish you thought of it .I subscirbe to you and think you make for some good YOUTUBE Paul. (sorry natanzuelo for riding your comment to the top of the page)

I think Renetto probably got paid, or was told to say this, but the message is the right one.
YT certainly can’t afford to ban those particular users who wish to gain popularity on another website because that would only contribute to YT’s downfall.

Good point! He even talks about bristling at some of the response he got to his patent infringement. I didn’t get if it was over his hammock or chair designs, but he certainly didn’t invent either of those things himself! Did he not tell us that they said his products were just ripoffs?

no problem…about the vid…I think the individuals deserve to post videos anywhere they want…obviously they haven’t jumped ship…because they are posting here still…I think it helps put a little pressure on youtube…some healthy competition…

good point…i’d also add that some people could use the money (if they did happen to be paid) and i can’t blame them for that. renetto: i think you have a valid point but i don’t see youtube , being the giant that it is now, hurting in the long run.

I agree and for a businessman such as yourself Renetto…

I just don’t see what the big deal is. They are free to do what they want with their videos. I mean just as much as I am free to pick what phone company I go with.

Plus YouTube did not make them famous…they did it themselves. Why would YouTube put their videos in the spot light if they were not good videos?

wait a second… what do you think of filesharing? being so protective of patent i’d think you’d dislike it.
and, uh, internet is freedom in its truest form. no-one has sworn an oath of loyalty.
if youtube dosen’t deliver, i won’t stick around. i feel like they don’t care shit about the community.

I agree with you Trish. WHAT RIGHT does Paul have to call anyone anything? TRAITOR? HE is a SELL-OUT to YT, doing their bidding for whatever reason like they said, “hey Paul go tell everybody they’re traitors for us, so they don’t think it’s our fault because we could care less about their so-called community”. THAT’s what it sounds like. Whether it is or not who the hell is Paul to say so? He’s NOT the voice of YT by any means. What arrogance. I’m done with him and almost done with YT.

I’ll be both places for a while still..until I decide, if I decide. I go there for RELIEF from this lousy place that never works. Too many are NOT migrating over so I HAVE to stay here to stay connected with THOSE FRIENDS. So I’ll always be here..just perhaps not as active. We’ll see. Time will tell.

I don’t like the way smosh are advertising LiveVideo.
lol I was wondering did YouTube contact you to tell the community about this? Anyways I agree with you.

And why the hell does people whip the crap out of other people over a simple mistake. Like the spelling mistake. For go sake people, he invented lots of stuff has his own business and what? Just because he spelled Traitor wrong he is suddenly stupid? Grow up!

Nice video renetto

I don’t think they’re leaving YouTube. I guess it’s like a musician who solely played at one club and are really popular there, and they decide to play a few gigs at some other clubs as well. They’re not traitors; they’re just expanding their audience.

Renetto you are just trying to be controversial again. People have a right to post a video they have made anywhere they like. Who do you think you are? the youtube police? Your videos have not done a thing to build up youtube, if you’d never posted a video the membership would still be exactly the same as it is now. Get a grip on reality you sad man. Just because someone posts a video somewhere else doesn’t mean they cant keep posting here.

Hi Renetto,I know where you coming from… but still, maybe some of “these people” are simply curious about what´s going on the other side. Others for sure, they´re not satisfied with the popularity at YouTube and are boring enough to try the same concept in another place. So what, let them.

he spelled it trader? what a friggin’ pumpkinhead. i figured he must have typed traiter. but trader? geez.

now, paul, come on, when are we going tell us the news? did that horse-faced wife of yours really take the kids and leave or what? come on, enquiring minds want to know. i hope it isn’t true but if it is i guess there’s a silver lining in everything…they won’t be subjected to your terrible spelling as much.

when are we going to get the news, that is. maybe it’s just a trial separation? does it look like the last two videos were made somewhere else? an apartment or hotel room? this is so suspenseful. wonder how many videos he’ll make in which he says he’s still not ready?

I believe these youtube “stars” forget that their example does affect the community they claim to love. Once they begin getting involved in the “other” website, they become advertisement FOR that other website, whether they like it or not. I just wish they would choose which community they would like to dedicate themselves to – instead of (unintentionally) robbing one community of its users for another community’s benefit.

I guess I just don’t see how they are setting a bad example for people or promoting a service that is somehow negatively impacting anyone. From what I’ve seen none of the YT personalities have actually left YT and I doubt they ever will. So how is having a backup account at LV hurting anyone?

Paul the YT of old is dead and gone They sold out to a Global corporate. What happens is the content when the site hits the big time gets full of adverts and commercials. This is the fundamental reason that a lot of people BUILT this community it wasn’t YouTube it was the contributors. YT would have been nothing if it wasn’t for us the public who made the videos that got the media’s attention. Now the tables are turned and the media runs the place so is it any wonder people are migraing away?

Communities are made of people, the tools which make the aggregation possible are just a secondary aspect. If there are going to be more sites that will make such aggregation possible, then great. Competition brings on better quality, and this is exactly what’s happening. Also, please be more respectful towards people such as Geriatric, I got to know about you just because geriatric mentioned you in one of his videos.

And it stopped at each 5 seconds for one second or less.
I paused it till it downloaded. It was a 5:57 long video and took like 7 minutes to download it.

I don’t know how does things work, but I could watch this renetto video withouth any pause.

(The first part didn’t appear)
What I was talking about is a video featured on LV.
I had never gone there but wanted to check out how does it take to download a video.
The video name was something like “LiveVideo – My thoughts – do you agree??”

Your chair with the canopy is a better idea and works better than the original. You took the idea of the folding chair and made it better. If a new site takes the idea of youtube and makes it better then what is the difference? Youtube really needs to speak to the community and not just through private emails with you and select others.

Renato, you’re blowing this all out of proportion. As long as the guys are not going to stop posting videos on YouTube I don’t see it ass the hge problem you make it to be. They would just like to let their videos reach a wider audience then just the people on Yotube.

I don’t know Paul. I’m at livevideo too, but only because it’s fun to do the html coding. I like sending out pretty messages. If I could, I would leave a note to you with dropping hearts. Youtube is great, but they didn’t even help us out when we were have hate problems. They STILL haven’t deleted hate videos towards myself. Oh well. I like both.

I think that you’re wrong to include geriatric1927 on your list. If you watch some of his recent videos here, you’ll find that he only created an account over on LV because someone else was posing as him. He posted one video there to explain who he was, and that’s it. He has said that he’s not interested in LV because all of his friends are here and LV looks to have too much smut for his tastes.

These people are still making videos for here. Now, if they left this site completely, and neglected to put videos up here, that would be a bit annoying.
I’m not having a problem with them going over there. I’m going to continue watching them on YouTube.
Either way, I’m not going to weigh in one way or the other because it just simply doesn’t bother me.

(1/2) I hear ya Paul. Some good points. I think there is a slight difference between posting ones YT vids on LV to secure your “brand name” (because some well-known YTers account names have been used by imposters on LV), and posting original content to LV (which I personally have not at this time).

(2/2) But also there is the unknown “loyalty factor.” Can one post videos on mutliple sites (not just LV and YT) and still have their loyalties lie to YT? I dunno. That may be the real question. It seems like you feel posting on LV is the equivalent of cheating on a spouse. Some YT posters on LV (not myself) may feel like they are just putting their “product” in another “store.” They would probably equate it to your chairs being in multpile chains. But I hear what you’re saying.

(p.s.) some may also want to send a message to YT, saying “fix these problems because you have competition for the vlogging community.” while others may just want reliable communication with their friends within a video environ. But YT is about to roll out many new fixes and features in a week or two. i truly hope they work, beuase that may help. 😉

But isn’t this just Capitalism, Renetto?

Competition drives a commercial pressure – as rivals compete to win the consumer – which drives innovation, R&D, improvements, fixes, etc. in a bid to win and retain those consumers.

Isn’t that just Capitalism? The American way?

You make your living by this system, Renetto, so the question could be reversed:

Are you the hypocrite for only believing in the Capitalist system when it benefits you personally?

By the way, I’m also just “being a little contravertial” here, Renetto. I agreed with your video far more than I didn’t.

But it is true that you make your living this way.

Consumers come to you because you’ve innovated new ideas to out-compete the established products. You ask them, so to speak, to “traitor” their usual brands to buy your products instead. To shift their loyalty to you.

How can you square that with the sentiments in this video?

Paul you tell us about the issue of a knock off of your product in walmart bothered you. If a youtuber doesn’t go on every video site they can find and claim the username they are recognized by someone else will and post crap. With no exclusivity of internet usernames that is the only way to protect your reputation

Last spring when I first heard of viral videos I check lots of sites and settled on YT as the best. Now they have been surpassed in usability by other sites. In a fast paced internet world you can’t spend time slapping each other on the back and saying what a great job we did or you will get passed by and may lose out in the end

1) YT has never featured me.
2) There is nothing in the TOS that says I cannot participate in another website. This is not marriage, cheating is not an issue.
3) I didn’t jump ship, nor did I suggest anyone do. I even recommended people not leave here and give YT a chance to work out issues…issues with which I’m seriously disappointed.
4) I took my name there on Nov 29 so no one else could. Before posting, I had 32 subscribers. It just sorta happened to me.

I’m sorry renetto, I like you and your videos but what business is it of yours to dictate where people should and should not post their videos? You have the right to your opinion the same as anyone else but calling people traitors is just plain silly.

I understand this issue is close to your heart, but really, if youtube had been more responsive regarding some of the complaints of this sight, I do not think so many people would be leaving town to visit elsewhere. Just because you place videos on another site, it doesn’t make you a traitor. Do you want the medium to grow, or grow only on youtube?

Well livevideo dotcom seems to have more fuctions and their layout is more flexible. YouTube does not have a contract with users that prevent them to use the same nick on different sites!! and the user are not getting payed….

Stop whining you Pumpkin Head….

renetto, are you on crack ? Competition is what makes the internet GREAT ! No corporation will ever show any loyalty to you, and you should be the same way. The best way to make youtube better is to go to other sites if they don’t meet your standards. Don’t be a retard

Paul you are way wrong with this. LiveVideo is better. Simple as that. One of my vids got about 800 views on YT. On LiveVideo it’s had over 3500. I’ve been featured. It works. It’s in stereo. You can block the idiots.
It is simply far superior. Why eat a burger when you can have steak?

I’ve been watching your videos for a few months renetto, and none of them have particularly said anything of any worth. If they want to put some videos on another sight then who fucking cares?! Is there a law saying we must all swear alliance to youtube? No. It’s just the internet. Please grow up. And stop trying to be controversial on purpose.

I have to strongly disagree with you on this one. Do you go to more than one company for your gas, eat at different restaurants, shop at different dept stores, grocery stores, etc? Competition is what can make things better for everyone. Plus, it’s a PERSONAL CHOICE and right to decide where you want to shop, get our gas, post your videos and no one should be admonished. It’s about other things too but I don’t need to repeat what others have already commented.

This all being said, I’m enjoying an environment that is currently more functional than YT is because of its lighter traffic, and I am also enjoying the more intimate nature of LV that I’ve lost a bit here. I’m creating original content for each, not crossing over except for a few older artsy videos that are no longer available for viewing here. This is a hobby not a life. It’s gotten stressful here at YT and is fun again at LV. That’s how it should be.

I do not see how people can be accused of being traitors because they found a site which is currently more responsive. Most of these people have not ‘abandoned’ YT and simply have duplicate accounts. Is someone a traitor if they discover a new brand of coffee and decide to try it?

I think you know better & are just trying to create some drama (you do it well).

Which is better for consumers/users… a Monopoly… or competition?

If you want an analogy… YT is Walmart right now. The market/users will determine if the quality at LV is more important than the quantity (of users) at YT.

I think your judging wrongly before you speak … we all know that peoples names are part of thier identity thus when one has a or have created a name — less than noble folks steal names. Digital Soul clearly has said that he was staying with UTUBE but he did not want his name used on another site. He also post videos on there that are only the same he does here. I think it is wrong for you to be opposed to ones choice of keeping thier name branded and yet are not jumping the ship — Marc

1)How can you call some of the most famous YTers out there traitors?They make US videos for US to watch.They love and respect the YT community more than anyone.
2)Exactly how do you know that this is how YT feels?Chances are,they don’t care.YouTube is a multi-billion dollar website and most likely knows they have nothing to worry about,the other websites that wish they were YT,will never be YT.

“Traitor” is a very harsh word. YT’s communicated with you, but not with the community, making understandable technical shortcomings into a PR nightmare. That led to a niche, which markets fill. People explored and liked (some) of what they saw. That said, I’ve had plenty of harassment on LV. So, it’s clearly not nirvana.

I didnt like the idea of some people moving there, or posting videos there aswell as here.The only better thing about livevideo is the stereo sound.I signed up anyway jus incase id miss any videos of the people ive subcribed too. My opinions are worthless though as i dont post any videos lol

Paul, Well communicated, but why hold water for YT. The guys who made it sold out. Google is a corp. They can take the heat and the hit if they put too much faith into the IP. You have tones of Carl Rove trying to keep the masses in control. It was distasteful to hear you try and control “Market Forces” I understand the patent issue tho. Peace. You also have shown too many sides; who are you really?

Some german YouTube-copy is sort of subventioned by a big german TV-Channel. I don’t see why they dont ad for YouTube! All those copies are not even comparable to YouTube, they just show how somewhat great YouTube is. I mean, noone would copy a product that isnt worth copying, right? Ok, you could say, YouTube isnt worth copying cause youll never reach its popularity.
Hope that your message goes out to boh3m3 or DiGiTiLsOuL or whoever, so that they “go back to the roots”, back to YouTube.

Renetto, the LiveVideo issue came and went a couple weeks ago when you were away. They say the other site is functionally better and that is why they like it. It doesn’t seem have the momentum it had earlier in the year. Also LV has the same backer(s) as MySpace had.

In my opinion, they are only traitors if they abandon YouTube all together for the other service. I too signed up for an account there and posted a video, but only as a means to protect my net-identity on that site (not that any one would even know who I am to want to rip me off in the first place).

I am not sure that YouTube created anything novel here. They just had more funding than other similar sites as far as I know. In other words, no intellectual property or ideas that were groundbreaking. So, from that aspect, I see nothing wrong with LV trying to the same thing only doing it a little better. Faster loading vids, better vid quality, better sound, better layout, fewer bugs, etc.

Youtube is like a nightclub that has gotten too crowded and hasn’t expanded fast enough to tailor itself to the crowd. Then the other site is like a new nightclub opening up across the street. I think people are LOOKING for something that’s just like youtube… but youtube like it was “back in the day” when it wasn’t… what it is now. Infant or not, this site is huge, and it’s hard to connect to the audience on as personal of a level.

I can only assume that you are trying to drum up some controversy with this video. Otherwise you are being a bit disrespectful. Youtube is a burst balloon with the gas escaping fast. Unless it’s patched pretty quick it’ll crash. LiveVideo will continue to soar as it works and it listens to it’s users. And not just a select few like here.

They got 1.65 billion dollars. I don’t think I owe them anything. They got rich off of other peoples work which is what they said they wanted from the beginning. Read the interview with Jared. “We wanted to make something lucrative where other people did the work..” something like that.

I think that regardless of where people post video’s they are going to post them here as well. In other words youtube is going to have all these video’s from virtually everyone. While the rest of these rip off sites are only going to a fraction of the video’s that can be found on Youtube.

Ebay had yahoo auctions to contend with and a blue million copycats, but had the best product and the copycats went out of business. Ebay’s own bidpay was no paypal, so they ended up buying paypal. Does anyone use lycos anymore? Google and yahoo had them beat. It’s competition and the one with the better product, and/or marketing will come out on top. Youtube is far leading the pack in online personal video and if it continues to innovate, it will continue to be the leader.

Exactly right. Besides most YouTube don’t subscribe to anyone. Heck, they don’t even know what subscriptions are. No one I know subscribes except me because I happen to enjoy it but they just like to watch music vids, etc. Having 10,000 fans is great but it does not really make anyone a star or a mover or shaker.

The mass migration of quality users over to Livevideo seemed to be the kick in the pants youtube needed to finally straighten their sh*t out so it wasn’t all that bad. People were fed up and didn’t see youtube fixing the site’s problems anytime soon so I can’t blame them for looking for a site that actually works.

Henry Ford built a nice model T car, but I don’t see why I should stick to buying one when Mercedes build a better one, yes live video is a copy, and lots of us are going there to register our names, so what? My first messenger was yahoo, now I use msn most, personal choice is one thing I cherish, the more choice I get the better, or are you just into youtube to boost your ego when you count your subscribers? and you see competition watering down your viewership?

Let’s face it many come just to view creative content videos. But most come hoping for their 15 min of fame. Being featured is great but by posting on many sites you increase your potential audience. Not traitors, performers in a new public

Getting featured on YT these days is a curse not a blessing. No matter what is featured you get 213168362848354 filthy hate comments. Not just to the featured video but to ALL your videos. It just gives the haters a bullseye. If I was featured here I’d seriously consider deleting the video just to keep from getting spammed with hate.

Competition is what drives innovation. They are not traitors, they are consumers. When a products doesnt meet the need of the consumer, they look to competition. If YT wants to keep its consumers, they need to give them a reason to stay thus the innovation.

fair nuff, I could have swore I went to live video and it looked dark,maybe perhaps it’s my mistake.I heard someone say that bohem guy has 20 young gals paying 3 bucks a pop to ask him sexual questions on stickam, ain’t that a bitch? when I was his age we had 3 channels on tv and the net was for nuclear war..

i agree, argent, it sounds bad. really bad. what sounds especially bad is renetto here, as you call him, saying that geriatric1927 guy is a traitor. the guy has like a a couple of months to live, tops, and this is how he has to end his days? being called a traitor? shame on you, renetto. shame on you.

Its like Coke and Pepsi. Get over it. Your run is over Renetto. You spend too much time drumming up “good old fashioned controversy” with your bullshit and lies. People dont want to hear it anymore, and dont care. YouTube in its infancy? This site hasnt changed since it started.

Nobody owes any loyalty to anybody here. We feed off Youtube because of its’ popularity and vice versa. As far as I know of, nobody you mentioned had a signed contract with the site, so they’re free to do as they please. Youtube will survive without them mainly because of it’s own brand name and you’d be a fool to think otherwise.

I noticed that there are two kind of people posting comments here.
The ones who agree with paul. And the one’s who don’t.
I don’t know if I agree or not, but I won’t leave YouTube, or make an account one some other site.

One thing is for sure; It’s great to hear this man speaking, he rules, huh?

You need to get over there and get you user name back. Letting it get stolen is foolish. They are not traitors. They need to go where the relationship is valued enough to really address the problems that occur. It appears that YouTube has not valued the relationship. No one married YouTube nor took any vows of loyalty. YouTube needs to wake up and smell the coffee. That is the message being sent.

SSanf I totally agree with you. A service ceased to come up to the standard I expect, so I moved – lets not be sentimental about this. The fact that You Tube is now owned by Google gives them even less of an excuse for shoddy customer service.

Paul, I don’t know if you were trying to be ‘edgy’ and ‘controversial’ by bashing Geriatric 1927, but that’s a great way to lose subscribers.

How did YT make these folks famous? This is a video hosting site. That’s like saying a concert hall made a musician famous. People get famous because of what they DO not where they do it. And last I checked none of the big ‘personalities’ here had actually left.

You’ve obviously never heard of CBGB’s. Only kidding. But, He’s saying that alot of people pay attention to the featured videos and the fact that you tube gave them the opportunity to be featured helped excell their videos, ratings, subscribers etc.

But that’s not true. YT featured their videos because they were good which draws more hits which equels more money for YT. YT didn’t feature them as some sort of favor or gift. I hope no one is naive enough to think that YT is some benevolent guardian angel who hands out fame and candy. YT gave us a place to host videos, nothing more or less. We give them free content so they make money. They broke their end of the deal so the deal is off.

That’s like comparing an empty concert hall vs a full concert hall. Which would you want to perform in? An empty one, or full one? If you performed in an empty one over and over, would you still get popular? A concert hall in general does not make a musician, the people the concert hall brings in however, does. Same concept for websites.

That depends. Is the full concert hall full of the mentally deranged and ex-cons? Is it falling apart around my head? Does it even have electrical sockets? Because if I have to choose between a full slum and an empty concert hall guess which one I choose?

They are not traitors; they are entrepreneurs getting wider exposure for their product by being on both sites. The best outcome would be if YT really upgraded this site because in internet time it is getting old; stereo would be a good feature, especially for musicians and record labels (but maybe Warner, Sony etc do not want stereo here?). I have tried out the other site but YouTube is still my choice because of the variety and quantity of content.

The only thing Livevideo has in common is that they host videos. Livevideo is the better design and with far less resources at there disposal than Youtube. So whats the problem? for one they restrict bandwidth to the little people here and it makes Youtube almost unusable. Renetto doesn’t see that because he is not a little guy. Besides, this is how the free market works which Renetto benefited from more then most of us.

Did youtube not become traitors the moment they started selling featured slots? Sorry Paul, I don’t agree with you on this one. If someone produces a better product, one that WORKS, consumers have the choice. Business doesn’t work on personal relationships.

LiveVideo is a far better site. YouTube has never responded to any emails I sent. LV did in a matter of days & solved the problem. I have internet businesses & if I ran my companies like UT I would be out of business. Does your fame here bias your opinion?

I am with YT for good.I like the people here,I like it’s style.I love some of the “movers” stuff but I have no intention of chasing them from one sight to another.THAT would frustrate me.Maybe because so many of us have never been featured,the though is perhaps having a better shot by moving.Too much energy for me.I’d love to be featured here,yes,but I am new and patience hopefully will pay off.I am SO glad to see you.Welcome back my friend.-Happy-Thoughts! T.

I wouldn’t consider those users as traitors, since they belong to the community that made YT popular and YT makes lot money out of its popularity. They are free to leave. BUT I don’t understand the hype around the “other website”: Questionable content yet messy channel layouts. And I guess they will have the same problems when the number of users wil increase. Who if not Google is able to fix the issue with the communication system. Let’s give YT more time. (Nice that you stay too, Renetto

What are you doing watching vids on another knockoff site?? You seem to have a lot of info on the site for someone who advocates staying here. Spend your time here if you like. Its a free country others can do as they choose and if the site broke the law then they will be dealt with.

If you go to the URL: kenzy[dot]com/auctions[dot]htm you can see hundreds of auction sites, and yet ebay still rules (unfortunately). Competition keeps people on their toes. Maybe YT can “borrow” some of LV’s ideas and then improve on them even more, and then LV will need to improve on those, etc, etc.

YouTube doesn’t do favors. They promote talent like you because it benefits them. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. I hate to say (or write) it, but I believe you fear that your own popularity and what you’ve worked hard to acheive here is simply threatened. You’re reacting from a place of fear to be judging others for their actions. Just look at yourself. There’s no need to cast that kind of energy onto others.

It’s called being a wise shopper! Customer service and quality of product. Being an entreprenuer yourself you understand. If a customer walks in your front door and you ignore them or are rude to them they might not come back. Glad your back! See us on LiveVideo too! Mr. & Mrs. GeezerArt

Who gives a shit if thier idea was original? They have 1up on Youtube, they took an original idea and made it BETTER than the creators ever could dream of making it.

Quit hating bro, Livevideo is where it’s at. You’ll jump ship soon, Infact I’m sure you already have an account over there.

I signed up on that livevid site just to see what the crack was , but yer man i dont think people will drop from here, Youtube is too strong that other site could just fold over at any given moment.

Anyway atleast we all know there are back up sites if things go down the pan here so its all good.

You promote your website and products don’t you? just because they go and decide to spread themselves to a wider audience, does that make them traitors? renetto, those users you named are not another lonelygirl 15. They stay true to themselves and are here to entertain and enjoy, just as your videos are. I mean Boh3m3 even defended the fact that youtube should not even take up a channel on television, but my whole point is mabye with these new sites, we can see more of the people we love.

You promote your website and products don’t you? just because they go and decide to spread themselves to a wider audience, does that make them traitors? renetto, those users you named are not another lonelygirl 15. They stay true to themselves and are here to entertain and enjoy, just as your videos are. I mean Boh3m3 even defended the fact that youtube should not even take up a channel on television, but my whole point is mabye with these new sites, we can see more of the people we love.

LiveVideo is Pepsi to YouTube’s Coca-Cola. A different choice for users, and some want to use both. There’s no “traitors.” And YouTube could’ve avoided a lot of this by actually listening to us, all of us, not just the big guys, and fixed all (or at least most) of the problems we’ve been going on about for months. — Matt

In the end, Livevideo will not be able to compete and will ultimately fail. Once the cease and desist orders start flying in from the Tv networks and Movie Companies, Livevideo will fold. They wont be able to hang in there like YT did. The User interface is nice, but in the end, its way to late in the game for LV to try to compete with YT.

My loyalties lie with no corporations.

As a consumer I look for the product with the highest quality whether that product is toothpaste, cars, or Internet video hosting. Live Video is producing a better product right now — if they keep it up they will rise to the top. This is Capitalism a work here fella — it’s the American way! To suggest otherwise is un-American!

Who is the REAL traitor here?

Some of them have said that they won’t leave YouTube, but they are using LiveVideo aswell. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it is a better way to get your message out. Both sites have some things that are better than the other, and some things that are different.

That is really useless as IP hide software is available for free now… my IP number randomly changes anonymous proxies every 5 min. So during Renttos video I would have had two very different IP numbers from different parts of the world… at this moment my IP is located in Argentina and I live in the Midwest. Very difficult to trace and impossible to block.

Paul you are being hypocritical here. You are a businessman. You designed and built a better lawn chair that comes with it’s own shade. I suppose you think no one should buy your chair because it wasn’t the FIRST lawn chair ever made? NO! Of course not! Our whole society is based on the belief that if you build a better mousetrap you will reap the rewards.
Instead of basting those seeking a better experience you should be blasting YouTube for not fixing the site!

exactly. a while ago paul was talking about his business when he spotted a wheely bin with a lid that didnt open properly, so he went and designed a new bin that had a thing that opened the lid when it was upturned. He made the wheely bin better ! Is paul now saying that no one should use said wheely bin because its being a traitor to the old style bins? I dont think so !!

YouTube is a corporation not a community — bigger difference.

I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy in Paul’s logic here. He makes part of his living by improving on existing products. The people that buy his “improved” products don’t purchase the original design and in his mind that is ok. BUT if people want to go to Live Video over YouTube he has a problem!

Well now I’ve got a back up plan if youtube goes down the pan. But none of these other sites can compare to youtube, their highest viewed videos have what 4000 views. Ours have 500,000+, theres a bigger variety of people on here. I’m a youtuber for life.
Those people have the right to post their videos anywhere they want. If they want to post their videos somewhere else to advertise themselves, then they can. Just because they try to get more viewers doesn’t mean they’re “traitors”. They are really good people who don’t need you shoving guilt down their throats because you have the twisted idea that they are “betraying Youtube” – because they are not.

Renetto explained in the vid that he only used the word traitor as an attention-getter. It’s all about loyalty. No, Renetto can’t tell people who to be loyal to, but he can certainly opinionate why he thinks certain people should be loyal to the site that helped give them their “fame.” Also, to those who now look down on Renetto for mentioning loyalty to Youtube, what was your opinion of the lonelygirl15 show vack when it was advertising another site? Have things changed?

Maybe these people wanted just a second place to host their videos?

Or wanted to send Youtube a message of “Hey fix it, because if you don’t then I have a subscriber base somewhere else already so it won’t hurt for me to leave, but it’ll hurt you if I leave.”

YT and it’s stars have all enjoyed a MUTUALLY beneficial situation. They aren’t morally or contractually bound to post videos on only 1 site on the entire web. Just because they don’t doesn’t make them traitors! Calling them that isn’t just a mild overstatement, it’s outrageous. You may want to wait around forever for YouTube to come up with some nifty reward or to fix it’s many glitches, but don’t you dare criticize those people who don’t share your slavish devotion.

yeah, i think you are being over-sensitive. the “rip off” site that you’re talking about, i just joined. and upon joining i could tell it’s A LOT better than youtube is right now. besides, these people who you are labeling as “traitors” have a right to do what they want. if they feel it’s time to get more with their careers as an online celeb then they should go to another site to get more fans. makes sense to me.

it’s giving other artists, a better chance at getting featured and not overshadowed by the ones who have already established. Very musician friendly featuring, which is more pleasing plus they rotated it more often. people already established here should focus here yep. but nothing wrong with them claiming their name. for me i got the directors account easier thru them, for my longer pieces

1 – I’m glad to see the “old Paul” back.
2 – I appreciate your points, and your loyalty, but not everybody has the relationship that you have with YT. I’m rooting for YT, but have established a channel there, just in case. By the same token, however, I don’t post long ads for that site here. It’s a bit tacky.

Hi Paul, Glad you’re back! I’d say ‘reward’ is a relative concept, and YouTube hasn’t been effective in creating a ‘reward’ meaningful enough for those posters. They know their videos, concepts and ideas are good – maybe they feel YouTube is being the WalMart here – everyone making money but them. You’ve got your nickle covered – so it’s easier for you to give them time…because your ‘reward’ of viewers is enough for your right now. Glad you’re back!

Great video Paul. I think you’re completly right… and youtube is way better. I just went on LIveVideo and the most watched videos of all time are 1mill views and all the vids on the front page consist of someone being naked or waking up naked… or a pretty lady. Youtube has some cred… our top vids are good.

Traitors? Oh god. Give me a break. That’s a big word. The more visibility the better, I say. Internet = Freedom. Are we in a schoolyard? Do you have stock in Google/You Tube or something? The community is the Internet – the more people Geriatric1927 reaches, the better. Share the wisdom. I didn’t realize I needed to feel chained to this place or otherwise be branded a Traitor. Sheesh. I’m done watching your videos. So very done.

so you’re suggesting that these featured users “owe” something to youtube?? i don’t necessarily agree with that. it’s like saying someone who gained dozens of friends using AIM is a traitor for creating an MSN account…. think about it. it’s trivial.

Stock ownership and Equity is the reason your argument fails. They (the traitors) have no economic ownership in YT; thus, they are free to go whereever. Only stockholders of Google (GOOG) profit from their work. Under the YT TOS they cannot be paid. So, until that changes they are just the following the “invisible hand,” of Adam Smith (1750).

Paul, this is so off the wall. I’m surprised because you are usually pretty level-headed when you want to be. If there are patent infringements, they will be decided by the legal system. But for you to go after people like Peri, whose music sounds so much better over there in stereo and so many others who have found things that work so much better over there? (Oh, I almost forgot, this comment is on YT, so I have to break it here and post it in multiple parts.)

It may seem unfortunate, but are you really suggesting – no, you are actually saying outright – that these people are derelict in not feeling an ‘obligation’ to sit on their hands and not check out anything new that comes along on the Internet. YouTube doesn’t feature videos out of altruism for the users who made the videos; it’s all business about what they think will make their site more attractive to viewers. (Sorry another break)

You likely feel loyalty and obligation because you have been in direct contact and are friends with the people behind YT. But most others are not in that position. And what about us ‘little guys’ for whom you say it doesn’t really doesn’t matter if we go because we are, what, I guess, ‘dispensible’ on YouTube? Paul, you are not being overly sensitive in this video, you are being wildly off the mark.

To conclude, after waiting around because YT would not let me post more than three comments before being cut off, I would like to wish you well whatever it is that you are getting ready to talk about. It sounds like it is probably not good. Very best wishes to you and your family.

I saw one of the most beautiful video today on LiveVideo that was an exact duplicate also uploaded on YouTube. What made my day was being able to make someone else’s day by commenting all that I wanted to say without having to post again like how my good friend, blockster911, had to endure here as I now struggle to fit this 5 sentence comment into one huge monster sentence. Will this comment make it now? 😉

I don’t see anything wrong with having active accounts on both sites. Some people have even said that the videos that they post will be different for each. Yes, YouTube was here first and i’m sure it’s not going anywhere. But suppose that tomorrow YouTube decided to start charging people to post. This probably would never happen, but for instance. I’m sure that if they happened then some people would stop using YouTube. (To Be Continued…)

(…Continued) I’ve seen the other site and yes, it does look almost identical to YouTube, but in some ways it is also better. I’d like to think that between the both of them, that they would “learn” from each other which would help both sites to be better for everyone. So, to answer your question…”Traitors or not?” My answer is…Not.

i see it as a branch off of youtube … youtubers go there to have better interaction with their subscribers. about 98% of the people they talk to on their watched them on youtube before stickam. it is just a source of contact. i don’t think it’s that big of a deal. they are always going to be youtubers. don’t worry about it.

Saying people are traitors is way out of line. The nohogirls and lonelygirl15 are Livevideo and other video sites. Doesn’t that make them horrible. No.
I like Livevideo better, Paul. It has features that Youtube doesn’t which makes it unique. In addition, Livevideo actually reads feedback comments and responds within a few days while it takes Youtube more than a month or more when they chose to answer.

How much you wanna bet You Tube will feature you for this? You are famous. I am pissed at YT because they feature the same people, or they feature crap like that mixing cup. Live Video features like 4 people per day, on YT you have to be famous, or have some stupid thing to get featured. Renetto, just check out my page. I HAVE 900+ videos.

I don’t think that I’d call them traitors, since, to my knowledge, none of the names you’ve mentioned have stopped posting videos here.
I can understand why you feel the way you do, given your background in inventions/patents, but I think that it’s a bit too quick to say that LiveVideo is just a rip-off site, either.

Livevideo isn’t a clone of Youtube, because LV actually works properly. Paul, I really have admiration for a lot of the things you’ve done on YT, but your logic about this seems to be very flawed. I wonder if you chide regular Pepsi drinkers for trying a Coca-Cola? Would you consider me disloyal to Chevrolet (my first car) for now driving a Lexus. YT doesn’t and (couldn’t finish thought because of YT limitation of characters) 😦

YouTube will always be “home”, to me, and many others, but does that require people to pick one site and close their minds off to any other, that may be similar?
YouTube is the Granddaddy of this new form of “media”, but that doesn’t mean that there’s only room for one. LiveVideo has some great features that YouTube doesn’t have, and YouTube has the visibility that LiveVideo doesn’t have(yet). I see no reason why there should be any problem with people posting to both.

Renetto, your one paranoid customer. We never signed a contract that we’d exclusively make videos only for YouTube, and yeah, there are a bunch of copy cats out there. But that life. Deal with it. It’s as easy as that. As long as people are free to do what they want, things like this will happen. I dont think they are traitors. Self promotion. You do it too. Self Promotion.

Mostly saying what’s already been said, but maybe a bit clearer:

1st law of economics: IF Marginal Benefits > Marginal Costs, then do it.

1st law of fine character development: Loyalty above all things except Honor.

Somehow, we all have to strike a balance between the two. I think the ppl you mention are doing ok with that… as are you in bringing the subject up. Discussion is good. :->

I used to love your videos renetto, but like Argent009 said, you were obviously either paid or asked by YouTube to do this video. Nobody owes YouTube anything, even you. We all have full rights to distribute our videos on any website, and a lot of us have found a BETTER website to do this on. It is very young, and has none of the problems YouTube has, and some extra features thrown in.

I think you should apologise for calling what are essentially YOUR friends “traitors”.

So here’s a question for you… Since I’ve never been featured on YouTube in the whole 1 year 3 months that I’ve been on this site, would I still be considered a traitor if I posted on both sites? After all, I was Mr. Safety before YouTube.

-Cory “Mr. Safety”

they’re all gay traitors. none of those douchebags would be where they are now w/o youtube, especially that LOTR looking penis face boheme. in essence, by going over to the other site, they get advantages others don’t have, a kind of free-riding off of their popularity on youtube. screw those guys, i’m unsubscribing immediately.

I had a look at that site and I noticed most of those users have 1 or 2 videos up there. I dont think it is a danger to youtube. Besides, they are still posting on youtube :p

I understand your fear because you love youtube so much (I guess) but I dont think you have to worry (yet).

drxero (from Belgium)

You have lost your YouTube soul. You and several others spend more time discussing the logistics of YouTube than actually contributing to the body of creative work. It is time you left and found a different creative outlet. You are personally burntout on this one and have become tiresome.

They want to create a larger base of people who see them, can you blame them for that? If there is a website that is used by people who dont use YouTube why not let them spread their messages? they are not jumping ship or anything, just spreading their video.

I totally agree with you Renetto,(i know, I know, so unlike me)Except I think that some of the ppl you mentioned only made accounts, as they tell it, to protect there names. Now Ive heard Boh3m3’s name was taken by someone OTHER then Ben, as may be the case with many. So you should find that out, before throwing ppl’s names around.

If theres a good idea, people are gonna steal it. Thats all there is to it. For you expecting people to devote themselves to a single website is crazy. That would be like saying people who have both Myspace and Facebook are traitors. Not everyone in the world uses Youtube and there are some creative people who want to be known. Limiting themselves to one site isnt going to get them anywhere if they plan on having more than a vlog.

I think all the you tube celebs should be getting paid for making this site what it is, or at least the ones that stand out the most. This place would be dead without people like renetto and his sidekick Gregsolomon or even boh3m3 and his sidekick Willamsledd
little loca and her sidekick sammy. so throw this dogs a couple of bones and lets keep the show going 😛

I am not sure how I feel about this Renetto. You make several good points but what about free enterprise. What about losing you name and having someone still you video identity. I checked out the other site and I never will go there again. Thanks for the info!

Personally I think the whole point to posting video’s is so that other people can see them. Why not post em everywhere you can. Youtube can be great for video posting, but most of the people on here don’t get featured. Anyone with a video, including the “youtube celebrities” can post where ever they want. It’s free content… no one is signing any exclusive to youtube contracts.

But hey that’s just my opinion…

I respect your loyalty; however, I am also a big supporter of competition and the improvements that come from competitors. How else will YouTube know that a 2,500 character limit is more favorable than a 500 character limit? Keep in mind that Google had to compete with Yahoo to have been able to get this far in purchasing YouTube. Competition is usually good for us video creators in my opinion.


People, companies, and churches all have their different ways of solving problems. Let’s see what works and what does not. How else would we know what apples tastes better if we don’t have other apples to compare and/or value them to? I really love America and will always be loyal to the USA, but if I had to choose between a Ford and a Toyota, then I’m going for a Toyota. Why? So that Ford can figure out why. That’s why 🙂

Exactly, which is precisely what happened in the 80s when Ford wondered why their Toyota subcontracted transmission was the only one people would accept. So they figured out why, and started their “Quality is Job One” reform, which in turn led the American car quality revolution. Did you know that or was it a lucky guess about Ford and Toyota? 😉

The vast majority of people who visit youtube don’t have a clue who you, boh3h3, violetkitty411, or digitalsoul, even exist. You youtube “superstars” have a hugely inflated sense of self-importance here on youtube. If you all disappreared from youtube tomorrow, a few of us might miss you, but I’d say that might be less than 1% of the entire youtube community. Paperlilies is the worst. I hear she having auctions on ebay. Pathetic.

I have a guess what’s going on: You wanted to pose a provoking question in order to start a big conversation HERE on YouTube. I think that’s a great idea to reanimate the people and force them to answer on this and not on other websites. And…? It’s working. That’S a clever move.

If this video is going to be the most discussed today (this week?) = YouTube is alive again.

Paul is an entreprenuer (how do you spell that word?). He knows all about competition. I think you’re right. He might be trying to make a point here in another one of his clever ways to get us participating in discussion or something. Don’t underestimate Renetto. This guy is a genius who moves in mysterious ways!

Under capitalism, competition is an economic process where men do not compete to put down others, but to raise their self up by creating values which are potentially unlimited, and raising their competitors up in the process. To label this as “traitorous” is that in itself.

Because cheating is not really possible on LiveVideo, many of the YT celebrities are not getting the expected attention on LV and therefore not uploading actively, thankfully because most YT celebs are no talent bores. LiveVideo is far better than YouTube as far as functionality and interaction. There is simply no comparison and no hope for YT in that regard. YT on the other hand is great for vintage concert footage and hockey fights and amusing YT celeb vs. celeb stuff.

Livevideo works.
Thats why people have been going there.
No comment limits.
No “too long” or “too short” comments.
No “errors”.
No fake porn.
No people putting popular tags in their descriptions.
Thats why people leave youtube.

I Love, you love, they love, we all love YouTube. LiveVideo is an undeniable clone of YouTube’s appearance and features. But why? Why does the exact same features work on LV’s site, and not YT’s? I find that suspicious that they may be the same animal behind the scene testing features. Dad burn Kenspeerazy I tell ya. And if that’s the case, which one do they plan to have survive?

I like when you talk about broad subjects. You’re like my connection to what is going on in the tube and I admire your dedication to this site. Dont listen to all the haters. Keep doing what you do, you’re the best. I like your funny, stupid voice but I love it when you’re serious and intelligent.

It’s just a matter of getting more views for me. YouTube will always be number one desspite the fact it has so many glitches. What do you think about youtubes new “leaders” trying to scam money from the so called community to buy new computers? I think it’s a joke and anyone who wastes money for the oppurtunity to talk with someone who is just a human being with the opinion that having a number of subscribers makes them special is an idiot.

What’s wrong with a little healthy competition? Those users have absolutely nothing to explain. Did they sign a contract selling their soul to youtube? If youtube tries to enforce exclusivity from it’s members they should be told to shove it.

Quick, let’s run to youtube management and tell them about these naughty members. lol

Some youtube users have moved over there because they think its superior whilst it may be, its still a rip off of youtube and whats going to happen when youtube is updated tht it renders live video useless? are all these users going to come back to here? and will they be welcomed back??

The better site will prevail in the end. But YT should take this warning to heart and clean up it’s act. LV is just so much better as a site. For instance. The videos download really quick. Not like on YT where you can get some tea whilst your vid is downloading. If you want a director channel you can click a button and you have it.

The channels on LiveVideo look better and there is no time limit on uploaded videos. The comment section acually works!! (imagine that), and so does the message service. This site just forces YouTube to clean up it’s act and it will be all the better for it in the end and hopefully prevail, coz I still love You Tube the best and always will. It was here first.

Renetto is a genius. He knows people are watching and listening (even the YouTube Staff). He knows that there will be discussion and responses in opinions from this community through this reverse psychology video. He risks and sacrifices his online reputation for the greater good; and only the wise will be able to see his noble CHARACTER. Props to you, Captain!

Are you jealous cause you missed being part of the switch? You were gone dealing with your life. It’s no big deal. I’m over there now too, but I’m only posting my comedic videos over there so that I can get my image and name out there. Why can’t people do what they want? Youtube very rarely, if ever, send reply emails to anyone not on the most subscribed list. Just my two cents…Thanks Renetto.

Geriatric1927 said he would be going there because of the soft core porn. If I had known there was porn on that site, I wouldn’t have opened an account there – I don’t want my vids competing with porn ; I don’t want a trickle of bandwidth. I’m glad to have secured my user name there though.

Paul, on one hand I can see your point with respect to “traitors” – but on the other hand, I think YouTube has made some pretty unfortunate decisions recently with regard to certain “upgrades”. Two common examples are message posting limits, and that rediculous YouTube logo that that now appears in the lower-right corner of videos that *belong to their creators*. YouTube has to know that even as big as they are, they can’t keep pissing off their users without some collateral damage.

Brilliant. We all now know the other site that will get more popular and is now bookmarked by me. You will get more hits there when you dupe yourself there. You admited you will in time. You are a marketer. I DO want your chair. Let WalMart do it in aluminum!

this is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard, these guys havent got contracts to youtube, niether is youtube some tribe people should be loyal to, people will use what ever websites they want, who the hell are you to say there traitors to going to another website

Few inconsistencies I see here:
1. Geriatric1927 is far and away from “jumping ship” and going to LiveVideo, and I think his own video on the topic sums it up better than I could in 500 characters or less.
2. This whole thing arose (from the community side) because of YouTube’s failure to address the concerns that don’t exist (yet) on LiveVideo.
3. Most of these people aren’t leaving YouTube so much as using both in an attempt to see which they like best.

Explain to me how this makes sense. Last time I checked, giving money to a friend in place of yourself was considered philanthropic and magnanimous, not crooked and clandestine. Even if he had accepted the money for himself, I don’t see how that would have made him a fraud. See, some of us require money to live enjoyable lives, and it’s certainly not his obligation to tell everyone about the monetary transations he makes as though his viewers also function as his CPAs on the side.

YouTube was the first to discover and exploit a particular demographic; the amateur content provider. YouTube was way ahead of the game and are now billionaires as a result; however, if YouTube, given its head start, fails to compete with other providers who CAN offer what the demographic demands, then YouTube deserves to fail. And what if they do? They are rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Youtube has not shown enough caring to fix basic problems with there website. I have not seen them legitimately care about the community and communicate with us properly. How is it that a rival website (livevideo) can come along and make everything work smoothly and put the community at the forefront?? Youtube has way more money and hasn’t been able to even do that. If youtube will literally communicate by video to it’s users, then I may consider coming back.

why do you have so much damn sympathy for youtube?
you’re like a puppy loyal to its abusive master. every now and then they’ll feed you a cookie and whisper sweet nothings in your ear, then give you a backhand to the face.
those users are simply opting to use a superior site, whether its a knock off or not, they want to vlog, and don’t care where they do it, but instead where its more comfortable to do so.

You Tube functions like crap. It is taking way too long and seems like they have poor leadership. You speak like You Tube has done something for these people, but instead You Tube got wealthy on their backs, the people on You Tube owe nothing to them.

its not to bad if they are just posting the same videos–then they arent trying to convince people to change or watch other sites

but when they post different videos it makes me want to go and watch them….but i’m really trying to restrain myself from peeking over there
youtube is my home =)

I have been here 2 months and this site doesn’t work properly. It is buggy and there is no excuse for it. Their management is awful. How hard could it be to fix email and comment systems? There are hundreds of other logical bugs on this site also, like how people fluff up subs to get on lists.

I dont think smosh really care about live video

They have a live video advertisement ad the start and end of there videos but they always link to there you tube account(like on my space) and say watch us now at youtube!

I think everyone is just in it for the money and not really wanting to switch over, well maybe not periurban/zenarcher who all of a sudden think its great to spread out there videos across multiple websites. WORST possible thing to do. They both lost a subscriber there with me.

Do you really think the YT-Creators want their users to be thankful? The owners of YT want one thing: money. Just like the LV-Creators. And if the market offers a better product, the users will probably avoid the inferior product (YT). This site is simply a provision of services. Not a person that you’ve to be loyal to.

I think the people that constantly moan about youtubes functionality should stop. Your not paying a subscription to use this website, it is free for you to use. Yes I undertand that your use is generating google and youtube money, but give them a break.

YouTube has been broken for a long time. LiveVideo has proactively addressed the issues that YouTube can’t seem figure out how to resolved. Not quite fair calling LiveVideo a knock-off when it’s clearly better. And the problem is that not that they jumped ship, but that YouTube has neglected the relationship.

Oh, and where do you get off trying to guilt these people because of what supposedly YouTube has given these people? None of them have gotten filthy rich because of what YouTube has given them. In fact, if I’m looking for people that have gotten filthy rich, it’s the YouTube founders who maybe should have shown more gatitude (through active dialog and improvement).

Well hmmmm, You Tube sold out to Google, incidentally becoming worth something primarily because of their membership who never made a single cent on that deal, and Google got their money from their search engine, except they weren’t the first search engine launched on the net. What’s the difference between providng a new search engine and another company also serving the video community? It’s business plain and simple.

yes. people want a working website for practical reasons. why should we be condemmed to only use youtube because the “GREAT RENETTO” proclaims it. if youtube worked or works in the future then nobody would complain about it. maybe they could donate more… all revenues to charity in return for some loyalty. what are the chances. if they earn millions of dollars they should expect some complaints if the site is not working.

LiveVideo is much better than YouTube. Yeah, that’s the ticket. That’s where most of your subscribers want you to be, Paul. You should close your YouTube account and follow them ASAP. Seriously. You’ll be treated like a king over there. Go. Now.

I’d be surprised if these people hadn’t created a LV account because if they don’t someone else will (create an account using their name).

Unless they’ve closed their youtube account and are now exclusively on LV then they haven’t jumped ship at all.

Being involved in that site allows them to pass ideas on to youtube, especially if LV actually does something better. What’s the saying … “know your enemy”.

I have to disagree. Paul Robinett knows what drama is.

Drama is the main device Paul uses to keep people dancing at the end of his puppet strings.

It is only when drama fails to work in manipulating his puppets that Paul falls back on humility or sympathy seeking tactics.

He recovers quickly, too.

If my computer weren’t 6 years old (rendering me incapacitated to participate in all that live shindizzle), maybe I’d disagree, but truth to tell I totally hear ya. I like it simple, and I get no rise out of watching somebody live just sitting at their monitor. On the other hand, there is little difference between this and the original Blogger getting ripped off by livejournal, myspace, xanga, etc.

Oh shut UP Paul. Traitors? ok, so if there are two houses on one street that look the same, thats wrong? someone trades in a ford car for a farari they are a traitor? I am an artist, and I WILL use more than one outlet to promote my music. I was going to use both sites, but now, after HYPOCRITES like you, I aint got no time for YT anymore. That is all YT is now, full of hypocrites. You just work for YT that is why you are so peed off.

youtube did not make the people popular. they are popular because other poeple like them. youtube profits from these people and the other people that like them. youtube earns enough money to put up with this type of behavoir if the website does not work. please remember what you’re talking about is a drop in the ocean to youtube. YOUTUBE would not be so popular if it wasn’t for it’s users. the users make it what it is and not the other way round.

Paul, I’m surprised at you for using such harsh terminolgy. I never called you a attention whore, why call us traitors, in my case being nothing has been working here properly, and it’s not all Google’s doing either, plus, inside word is they have there eye on acquiring Livevideo in the foreseeable future as a sister site so what’s the difference where I boob-tube?.

It’s like the Coke and Pepsi wars all over again…Coke (i.e. YouTube) is always gonna win out.

I couldn’t even upload my videos onto “this other website” when I tried, it couldn’t encode them apparently, so YouTube really shouldn’t worry. They could do with updating their appearance though.

This is my first criticism of your videos. I like them. But c’mon, traitors!? It’s the internet! It evolves! YouTube isn’t this holly grail of what is good and pure. Guess what, people use various types of media as a stepping stone. Musicians use indie labels as stepping stones. And Geriatric1927!? He’s 79 years old! You should be impressed that he embraces this technology, and also has the insight to possibly recognize emerging technologies. SOME people like smaller communities too.

Hey Paul,

I love your loyalty. I just wish YT would fix the bugs and change some of the things we dont like.

Thanks for keeping it real.

I can see why you are so consistently successful and its inspiring, rock on my brother


Not that you’ll ever read this comment from lowly me, but in my opinion you’re being more than a little oversensitive and more than just a tad full of yourself, as in “trying to drum up a little old-fashioned controversy.” Paul. When have you not? You seem to eat, sleep and drink… controversy.

I think renetto just found a way to drive hundreds, maybe thousands of users off YouTube. Congratulations, you killed the hand that fed you.
Why didn’t you just make a video that said “Hey YouTubers and subscribers!” and then flip us the bird?

He called the people who want to have a membership at BOTH sites traitors. He tries to backpeddle later in the video, but we all know how ‘page 3 retractions’ work. Note also that he’s established himself as the defacto mouthpiece of YouTube – and he just cried foul of LiveVideo users here. Might as well have been YouTube giving them all the finger.

I see nothing wrong with having more than one video site to post to. Some of those you mentioned are posting their vids in both places for the opportunity to have a vast subscriber base with viewers who may not like youtube and some are even doing different things with their videos on each site. Its not as black and white as you have made it appear, there are shades of gray that you either aren’t aware of or just not mentioning.

Oh damn, Renetto =(
I looked at the site in question, and it’s shocking!
It’s so awful that they can just CLONE YouTube like that! And then make it look prettier!
It’s like cloning Google and making it shiny! It’s WRONG!
I’m the Tube will file a lawsuit soon…

I can’t believe the idiots that come out of the woodwork making all sorts of claims. It’s definately not a Clone of YouTube. If it was, it wouldn’t work properly, Would it? When I ask for tech support from LV I get a reply from a Human being, Not some monkey. How is it they can change code without taking the site down. I love YouTube and have put my support of YouTube across on a numbber of occasions but lets face it. YouTube has got a hole in it and is sinking fast.

OK, I know that LV looks better, is better and responds better. But YouTube is the original! It is the idea of ‘Broadcast Yourself’
I WANT to stay loyal to the ‘tube, but looking at LiveVideo… it’s just so hard to!
The front page looks bad though…

capitalism in the free world.When did it become a problem to self promote and make money doing it? Traitors, that is ridicules. Your living in a bubble.
Fame? The only one who knows any of you, are tubers.
Your just pissed you did not think of it first.
Good job negotiating with Wally World.
I would have found some 3rd world sweat shop to make your product and sold it to them.
so where is your idea now? Collecting dust.

Renetto, You have proved my point that you’re nothing more than a loud mouth moron. You haven’t got a clue as to what you’re talking about. Whats the matter, Not getting enough views on LV? Or is it the fact your losing your status here on YouTube? I welcome LiveVideo and I think it’s great that it has an even playing field. Much harder to duplicate all the False accounts that YouTube have.

i hate livevideo and think the makers of that site are just trying to make a quick buck by selling it to some major corp. – but one thing i think ur forgetting is that the people getting featured are the same people who helped the youtube makers sell the site for 1.5 billion dollars – so really, the users ow them nothing.

Eh… I think you’re wrong on this one Renetto. Yeah, Youtube was first, but that doesn’t make it best. Youtube has serious problems with functionality and despite an influx of a billion dollars they can’t seem to get it fixed. People are frustrated and emailed are never responded to. Someone has built a mousetrap with working emails, links, uploads, misc nice features and the world is beating a path to their door. This is a message to Youtube: get your stuff fixed, or else.

I completely agree with you. The fucking problems & bugs in this website have been occurring for too long. It doesn’t seem like anything is being done about them. I don’t blame anyone for hosting a few videos on other sites. It’s not like any of them are actually leaving YouTube either. Renetto is fucking overreacting.

Who cares what it feels like to you? How come the people on LiveVideo can make it perfect? You’re also a liar Renetto. Who wanted to pay you to appear on thier website? LIVEVIDEO IS NOT A COPY OF YOUTUBE. It’s a lot different to YouTube. LiveVideo Works properly. I’ve had emilas from YouTube too, Ages ago and nothing much has changed. You’re not being paid for this Video by any chance?

This is the worse piece of damage control I have saw in a while. Actually does more damage than it fixes. Paul you should mention the hundreds of people that seem to be moving the the “other” livevideo website. Not just the “big” people but a lot of the everyday ones too. Stings when the new kid on the block has better toys doesn’t it.

Well, seeing as you mentioned me, let me give my reasons:
1) I wanted to keep my name ‘MadV’ before someone else got hold of it and pretended to ‘be’ me.
2) I don’t see a problem with spreading my videos elsewhere – they’re linked all over the internet anyway.
3) YouTube is still my primary site for posting videos, and always will be.

YouTube is awesome and so are all the people mentioned in this video… btw u can patent a printing press but u cant patent the idea of publishing a book… everybody is free to get zero dollars for publishing their book with any publishing company thats that cheap… thats what people do on youtube or that other site except theyre publishing videos not books

For shame that anyone would buy a Chevrolet since Ford created the first assembly line technology. How could anyone dare to use cell phones, after all, Alexander Bell introduced the world to the telephone. My oh my, heaven forbid anyone should try anything the improves on the genius of anyone else.

You’re right. LiveVideo has not invented the wheel. However, they looked at a Ford Model T and made a Cadillac. You can have two cars in your garage, so why drive a Yugo when you can drive a Volvo for the same price (free) – and keep the Yugo up on blocks in your garage in case it’s ever worth something?

Also didn’t Rentto say that during his singing career he left Ocean Records to sign with the Star Song label beause he would get more exposure and increased record sales with a larger, more successful [better] record company?

What about THAT, Renetto? Were you a (gasp!)traitor?

How much did youtube pay you for this? Oh I didn’t mean that. It’s just for entertainment…kind of like you saying “traitors”. Did you tell you how much bullshit you give out today? I am sorry if I didn’t I am too busy making videos for livevideo.

Dude whatever… (btw it has a way more user friendly interface as far as i and others are concerned). Dude it’s evolution. And this other site lacks a buncha CBS crap… So at the worst this will make youtube better. Oh no not that! C’mon man be like water not like a rock that crumbles into pieces. (WAY sensitive). These things happen and when ‘YOU’ bitch and moan no one listens, ah this is a rant i need a damn camera. later

How Much Did YouTube Pay You To Do This? LIVEVIDEO is everything YouTube should have been. No-Ones fault but YouTubes. Support from LiveVideo is great. No Monkeys getting back to me just plain old human beings from Livevideo staff. Please stay here on YouTube Renetto. Your names taken on LiveVideo anyway. You are a fool and your comments here are stupid. Oh No, YouTube have a blacklist.. Now we’re all in trouble..

Shame on you, Renetto.
You purport to advocate the rights of community and of freedom? Yet now you speak of traitors and blacklists? Why do you take it so personally if people want to get the most exposure for their videos? It is their choice, they are not jumping ship and certainly do not deserve to be singled out and badmouthed by you.
Please, take a chill pill and live and let live, Senator McCarthy.

You know Renetto, this whole youtube traitor things is starting to sound like high school. Admit it ..the only reason you and the others will a lot of subscribers don’t move to live video is because you equate the size of your subscribers with the size of your manhood. You THINK you are “celebritites” and that’s such crap I can’t believe that you all believe it! Anyway, the fact is, live video works and you aren’t there, that’s why ” I ” AM LOL!

Ohh and by your reasoning every fucking single American is a traitor asshole. Every hear of a thing called the Constitution of the United States Of America.

Great Briton called us traitors, and every single European country that saw a massive bloodletting of their cultures due to our open borders and new government…blah blah blah

Man Reneto, you really are something else pal. Really.

I agree with VioletKitty. Who says that a person can’t change to another site (LiveVideo) similar to YouTube? It’s just the Internet. It’s NOT marriage. I’m a member of the YouTube community. Show me a contract that states that I, as a consumer of a product or service, CAN’T start an account with LiveVideo and post videos. It’s everybody’s right on planet Earth to make that decision for themselves. And calling a person a “traitor” is just so immature and high-schoolish.

Stick to your guns Paul, they obviously aren’t confident and satisfied enough with their content that they have to go and try to spread it around to different websites so they can become well known, because in the end that’s what these internet celebrities want. hahahaha

Are you talking about a free enterprise web site or a cult? Your idea that there should only be one video-sharing site for all time, that everyone who started with youtube should be held hostage by it, and that there is a betrayal by frequenting another site is beyond ridiculous and more than being a little bit sensitive. Are you an entrprenuer or a Soviet Union bureaucrat throw-back…?

How can you say they are traitors? Its the internet youtube is not a living breathing relationship. people have the right to spread. I use live video to but are you going to call me a traitor? I still use youtube everyday but I have nother website I like to go to also. but to call someone a traitor because they want in my own opinion a little harsh.

Well paul, I agree and disagree. It’s sad, yes, but I saw it comming the day Google aquired some investments in youtube, the moment I saw the big companies lay their eggs, the moment I saw Paris Hilton. Nonetheless the same fate will probably fall upon the other site, and the other site… And then either the Big Corps will claim back entertainment (hope not) or some new medium will come upon the people and they’ll all move on to that.

I’m a ‘lazy’ surfer….I guess you could say. I found youtube first and love it. I enjoy most of your videos EXCEPT the whiny ones. You are my favorite youtuber….but ya don’t have to whine to be Number 1 🙂 Keep ya focus on you …not the others 🙂
Peace man 🙂

Well, accorrding to Geriatric himself, the only reason he “changed colours” is because some other gobshite had hijacked his username. He still posts originally on youtube, and has no intention of switching – I think you placing the Geriatric name in your video is to try and get viewers, SHAME!

Traitors? They are trying something new. They are trying to get away from the “haters”. I think this is a bit much. I usually like your videos, but this seems very harsh to those people. Competition is needed in the world, be it online or in real life. Have you tried LiveVideo yet? You shouldn’t knock it until you try it.


I have to say I greatly disagree. “Expanding” so-to-speak from youtube to another website like youtube is probably good for them. As long as they recognize that they “the traitors” recognize where they got their “fame” from what is the big deal. Yes youtube is an amazing place, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the only amazing place.

Are you crazy? the whole point of the internet is freedom, freedom to use more than one email, visit many sites, be part of more than one “community”.
You’re a sick individual, we all have to do as you say? get a life you fool!
Lets wait and see the day when you’re here all alone with all the problems talking to yourself fool!

Some may say ‘showmanship’, others may call it melodramatic. I don’t know that they’re ‘jumping ship’ so much as expanding their audience. Any half way descent entertainer would do the same thing. A good example would be Rap artists crossing over to attract Rock fans and vice verse. And as far as blacklisting anyone, WTF? I thought we were past the whole McCarthy-ism crap.

really, boh3m3’s on LiveVideo now? I never saw his channel, renetto, so what website are you talking about? and if Im on a different website because YouTube deleted my account then there is nothing wrong with that and if those people wanna go on another site and still post videos on here thats fine too.

There’s been immitations of youtube since waaaaaay back. LiveVideo CERTAINLY is not the first. The only reason i think there is this “jump of ship” is because people see YouTube and it’s faults, that have NOT been addressed, and they see this new site coming along, with lots of potential, without those problems. Of course they’ll leave. Especially when we’re talking about something as trivial as the brand of their video upload website.

youtube founders shot themselfs on the foot by allowing boring people to have directer accounts. i mean 80% or more of the people that have the directers accounts all they do is talk to the cemera. youtube is full of copycats, so people with creative skills that have movie to showcase to the world should i have directer accounts not the copycats that only do the blah blah blah.

An artisan uses the best available tools to craft his work. LiveVideo is so much better in almost all respects. You don’t know what you’re talking about when you use the word “Traitor”, so I actually think you are being the worst kind of hater by making this particular video. Shame on you

VioletKitty411 says she hasn’t ever been featured on YouTube…I think it’s a little harsh to be calling these people traitors. Very few of these people as far as I know have jumped ship completely. I have uploaded a few videos myself to the other site. If they’ve made a mistake, they’ll probably know it soon enough, but wow, traitors? I think that’s a little over the top don’t you? Seriously.

You have no idea what youre talking about… Its hard to watch a video listening to someone who doesnt know what they are talking about… a little research would go a long way before calling people names and bad mouthing them…
Youre such a DramaKing…

Not traitors – it’s all about freedom of choice & building a better mousetrap.I’m on both – LV has all the features working that we’ve been crying about to YT for months, customer service actually responds to you, and they immediately revoke hater’s accounts.This says LV cares more about subscribers than YT = better product.

Life has a funny way of changing. Some spread out in the diluted waters and others just remain steadfast. You could be right calling them traitors or you could be very wrong, they could be inventive.
It’s weird how life will throw you for a loop and will make you a hypocrite by your very own words. So be careful when you choose them.

Traitors? Hardly. I’m sorry Paul but Live Video isn’t a duplicate of YT anymore than a stove is a duplicate of fire. Live video works for one. But it also has a TON of features that YT never did. Furthermore, to be loyal to something it has to be loyal to you. YT broke it’s deal with us. We provide free content, they provide a working site. But they didn’t.

Furthermore, this is a video hosting site, not your family or your best friend. So there’s no sense in getting sentimental about this. And our videos are a form of communication and art. So if we use multiple art galleries or communicate by phone AND email are we traitors as well? I’m sorry but this is rediculous and devicive which is exactly what the YT community doesn’t need right now.

Also, when we joined YT we agreed to a non-exclusive license, meaning we can post our stuff anywhere we want. If it’s good enough for YT is should be good enough for you. And isn’t it just practical to host you’re videos in an alternate space in case your account is hacked? There are a LOT of really good reasons to make a second account at LV. I hope you’ll watch my video response.

Google may not see a problem with it, cause people are only talking ON YouTube about it and not directing it to Google directly. They also feel that as long as people are coming to the site, and subscribing, why change anything, they arent dead to LiveVideo, or Revver or MySpace by far. However, I do agree, some things needed to be changed, but its not QUITE too late for new people, just too late for the old people to care

I have two points to make:First, when something like YouTube gets popular, an imitation is bound to pop up. When the first cell phone company blew up, did you freak out on people for going from Sprint to Verizon. Second, if you care this much about YouTube, you need to get a life!

Last I checked, he just made a nine minute video of himself comlaining about people who left his favorite website to try another – that doesn’t seem like much of a life to me. Although that’s just me; if you wanna sit in front of your computer all day, more power to ya!

What’s it your business where someone posts videos? These people are not under contractual agreement with youtube nor are they getting paid. Seems like so many on youtube these days only worry about what others are doing. I’d like to see it go back to content and not a continuous witch hunt. Glad to see your posting more often though.

Since Renetto hasn’t actually tried using LiveVideo, he can’t objectively comment on people using it. It is EXACTLY the same as using a product that doesn’t work as well as another one. I have a LiveVideo channel and have had it with the faults, the haters, and the crap that YouTube is doing nothing to fix. AND Live Video doesn’t have Renetto… ’nuff said.

It is just a website, something we look at when we are not at work or spending time with our families, or out shopping for food etc. It really is no big deal.
I can recommend some good medication to help with your recent problems/struggles.

I couldn’t even watch the entire video because it’s just pointless and irrational. If they want to post videos on another website, then so be it. Who are you to tell people that they can only post videos on YouTube? Competition is what makes the economy grow and move. This website is a good thing.. if YT has some good competition then they’ll have to fix the problems on here to keep the people they have.

You are brown nosing YouTube to the extent, its lucky you can see the sun shine. Okay…Ive listened to you for about 4 mins the whole time Ive been watching videos… your not taking up any more of my time…goodbye…people post your videos wherever you like, dont listen to this twat

Dear Paul,

Thanks for coming back. Be patient. If myspace went under in a day ppl would move to facebook etc. Similarly, social networking sites have been outpaced by not originators, but direct competitors, for instance myspace beat who after the fact?

youtube isn’t going away, google won’t let it happen Paul. LiveVideo has it’s place, but it wasn’t purchased for $1.7B everyone hears you.

now i’m not hatin’ or anything, but i never really liked you. these guys all own more than you, and what’s wrong with them helping a new site get on its feet? maybe you should take your followers that won’t leave after this disgraceful vid and help promote LiveVideo too. who says you can judge?

First of this is the internet, We are free to sign up and post videos where ever we want. yes you are sensitive to this since this is the place that made you popular, but You tube has become to full of itself and i don’t like that. you may feel like it is something great but they sold themselves out to google that was jealous of you tube since it was more popular then them.

I dont think Renetto is the one to critique anyone about subscribers,traitors or moneymaking ideas. He is in it to make money. I think most people just want to see what the fuss is about. Competition always makes everyone better. We are losing that in the many monopolys. However,I just wanted to secure my name over there just in case. I am in the process of making my first vid. Take care.

I’m just taking a guess.

But maybe this “Renetto” has some kind of deal with YouTube on how many subscribers he can pull in. If YouTubers run to LiveVideo, then his potential subscribers could cost him money and his deal could fall through.

This guy is always talking about being “rewarded”. Does it sound fishy or what? Just asking.

How old are you Renetto? Get a life.. LIVEVIDEO is not a clone of YOUTUBE. In fact it’s nowhere near like YouTube. Everything works on LIVEVIDEO so how can it be a clone? So now if someone goes to LiveVideo where the service is better, You’re a Traitor.. Also who cares if the founders of LIVEVIDEO ever get recognition. Grow Up RENETTO. BTW, you can’t take the Renetto name to the other site, It’s taken
Did YouTube ask you to do this?

i agree with RebukeTheWorld. youtube are saying “be patient” and it doesn’t happen. ever. whats wrong w/ trying something out? so it’s not a new thing… neither were search engines when google came along – but it was just better than yahoo or AV or anything else.

YouTube ripped off Flickr on overall design so don’t jump the people trying out the other site. Youtube wasn’t first in online streaming… google video was, THEN youtube, then MySpace. *shrugs*

YouTube being a community…. I have felt a much more neighborly vibe over at LiveVideo, but then again I’m not a big YouTube celebrity so I can’t see the whole YouTube world from a tall pedestal like most. Entertaining way to stir up the pot again Paul, congrats on all your responses. Enjoy!

Youtube is a product which Google bought to make money. Like any product, the best one will ultimately win. If you think that Google will give profit kick backs, you’re dreaming. Also, how do you knock off a friggin candle? Home based candle businesses grow on trees.

You have done more damage to YouTube and yourself with this crappy petty video. YouTube have themselves to blame don’t they? If YouTube worked as well as LiveVideo does, No-one would be going there. So How can it be a clone? I know what the real problem is. You found out about LiveVideo to late and now you can’t do anything about it.
Finally, no-one cares how you feel. So people, be carefull you don’t get on YouTubes “Blacklist”. Your Videos won’t get featured with the CHEATERS ones..

So…if you were selling your chair at walmart and target sends you a request for it you wouldn’t sell it there too cuz that would make you a traitor right? Or if your local tv station called you for an interview and a week later the radio station asked you for an interview you wouldnt do that either right? Dude YT is not a contract and people have more than one way of communicating it doesnt make anyone a traitor….get over it!

When the zionist, neo con puppet masters got away with rigging the 2000 elections in the US, manufactured terrorism was quick to follow. And because the media was complicit this meant the end of democracy and the start of many wars and eventual enslavement of the masses.
Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, George Galloway, John Pilger, Alex Jones, Victor Ostrovsky. As well as whatreallyhappened dot com, “sayanims” and “Terror Storm” all well worth a look.

840 Apollo St, Suite 251 in El Segundo, CA is the home of Live Universe Inc. They own Live Video, Vidi Life, FLURL, MB Trading, and a couple other day trader type websites. It appears to me you are looking at a group of investors hoping to be bought out, in similar fashion as what we saw with you tube. Its the free enterprise system at work, and we should be proud America operates in this fashion. Things change, and you have not seen the last of change in this media model.

Renetto just doesn’t understand, he thinks this is a real community where people have each others backs. When it’s just a place where people put up their videos hoping to get famous and will move on at the first chance that there’s a better sight. There’s a lot of talk about people on here being friends or even family but we all know that’s hogwash. Don’t we ?

Well I do. Renetto doesn’t. I cannot stand this idiot. I hate him with a passion. Why can’t he just disappear? He’s upset mainly because he’s not the “Star” on LiveVideo. That’s all. Renetto seems to think that Fame is everything. He’s an insult to the Human Race. Listen to the way he carries on when something doesn’t suit him or affects him in some way.
The Staff at LiveVideo value thier users and get back to you when you ask a Question. No Monkeys to worry about there.


hmm really tho, i was never concerned or even cared to look at this ‘livevideo’ site (even after watching paperlilies make a video about staking a claim on a name for herself and that she wasn’t going to go to that site).. but YOUR video actually made me go check it out.. so congratulations. i think your video has given more publicity than all those people you mentioned making accounts over there

What it’s all about it’s about greed. people always want more, even when they’ve been given plenty.

But at the same time, I don’t think they should be held back! youtube can benefit from some of those people leaving and taking their large egos with them. but seriously, there’s already more community than the brain can process here, so let who wants to leave go..

Many featured YouTubers have expressed the fact they are unhappy with the spam and hate on YT as well as it being purchased by Google for $1.65 billion. They did not get paid anything! If you review my video on this topic you will see there is a way to determine how much contributors should be paid. A service like this should pay contributors of content based upon number of viewers.

Amen, I agree with you!.. Once ‘that’ website starts getting the same amounts of visits and vlogs uploaded it will probably start showing some problems as YouTube did! For now there aren’t many people on it so it works fine, but you just wait some time and you’ll see.. Plus it’s IDENTICAL to YouTube, ‘cept for a couple of features..

Why are you complaining now? Revver has featured HappySlip, LisaNova, Lonelygirl15, and Blendtec for some time. Plus, Revver shares their advertising revenue with video creators. I don’t believe they charge fees to upload videos to their site, either. Revver works just as well as LiveVideo does.

You know what I think your full of crap calling people Traitors. PEOPLE have a choice to use whatever the hell the want without anyone bashing them. You can promote both sites…maybe if YT would get thier crap straight after knowing the problems going on.

1. A little competition never hurt anyone. It forces both products to be the best that they can be and assists in avoiding a monopoly (can anyone say Microsoft in the 90s?)
2. I’m sure YT is capable of taking care of any patent infringements (if there are any)

Thanks for something to think about though.

jesus christ all this fuckin jerkoff does is whine/moan/bitch/nag at people for no reason…go fuck yourself you sound and look like a 3 year old baby whiing about something he wants but cant get…quit your fuckin bitching and sarcasm and stop making these gay videos about you opinions

Sorry, I couldn’t get past 5:12. I’ve just become a Renetto hater. You obviously are detached from reality. YT has the right to do whatever they want with videos we post on *their* website. RTFP. Any fallout from that is incidental, including perceived fame and silly notions of loyalty. Your mother didn’t love you, did she? I’ve got no obligations to you or any other poster, and vice-versa.

What I find very interesting is the compression rate on this video. As well as your other videos since mid December. This is not your typical Mpeg4 compression by youtube. Have they given you a special access to higher quality uploads so you could make this advertisment?

How many fucking comments are you gonna make dumbass?

Please ban this guy Renetto. Renetto’s already let you make 47 deragotory comments. I would have banned you long ago. Go get a life.

If Livevideo is so great, why aren’t you there?

There’s hardly any fucking people over there. And I gaurentee Livevideo are paying the big youtubers to go over there. So if anybody is more pure here moneywise, it’s Renetto.

Can’t you count, Dumbass? I’ll make as many comments as I want. If you don’t like it, Don’t read ’em. Moron. You might want to look up the word Derogatory in the dictionary so you know what it means, Dumbass.. If the statements that Renetto made were true, then there wouldn’t be any comments from me, Dumbass, or are you a Traitor? Nah dumbass suits you better.

And yes, I am an asshole. Especially when it comes to people calling other people traitors. Renetto wants to make bold statements and bash the other site when he does not know all the facts. I love YouTube and I stuck up for YouTube on the other site but I’m sick of Renetto. He’s doing this for his own reasons. Not for you, the user.

Well what in the world could ever get them to leave youtube if its all that great and lovely. Maybe they don’t want to be associated with an outfit that features a tyranical bore like you. You’ve probably sent hundreds over to Live Video tonight, maybe Live Video is paying you for the publicity.

i like your videos but this one just sucks…leave people alone, if they want to do something let them do it and stop bitching about it… DS is not a trator, neither is boh3m3 or whoever else…people can go whereever they want there are no laws on where you can go online…sheesh

no way renetto. Youtube don’t pay these people-youtube gets more from these ‘celebs’ than they give back by a long way. There is no ‘loyalty’ issue, people are free to post their own videos wherever they like. It’s the community that keeps people here-not the site itself that cares so little for its users that it ignores our questions and only seems to listen to the top names. Also, as far as i know, geriatric1927 has merely registered his name to stop impersonators, not jumped ship.

Mr. Robinett,
I can understand what your saying, but how many stores are selling your products, are they all the same chain of stores, or are they different stores. Technicaly YouTube is a spinoff from Yahoo video and Google video just done a little better.

There is only one winner…
us, you, me… the users.
Long after YouTube or any new other competitor have been relegated to the dust bin of history… we would have moved on to the next big thing. Loyalist or traitors, if you don’t adapt… you get left behind.
“It is the sound of inevitability, Mr. Anderson”
(Agent Smith in The Matrix)

I think it is a great idea to post your videos on as many sites as possible. That way if any of the sites suddenly dies/deletes your videos – you’re still OK. It’s also good because some sites have problems for weeks… so people can see the videos on other sites while they sort out the problem.

Your missing one vital point, the big names on live video also bring new people over to youtube as well. You make it sound like its one way flow but that is not completely true it works both ways. What is the point of all this anyway, to get exposure, there is nothing wrong to try and reach as many people as possible. You should not call other people traitors, people can be influenced by popular personalities on this site. (Cont)

I don’t know you from Tuesday, but go to hell Renetto. Where do you get off calling people traitors? People don’t and *SHOULD NOT* accept criticism from scum like you. YouTube is *FAILING*, and they are unresponsive even to its more treasured users. People put time into the videos they make — your ability to play the part of a shill is unconvincing to people who care about their own efforts and time spent on them.

A few weeks to iron out the contract between you and YouTube? Is this your first PSA for YouTube? Renetto, are you on the take? Are you cruising the neighborhood like Tom Moody at 3am or have you run into a trash bin (Renetto lock equipped) like Buck Rinehart? I think the latter.

Boh3m3 and DigitilSoul bore me to tears … we should rejoice that they are shopping around. Zipster should go, too, because he has no integrity (owing to my observations). The other superstars should stay here. When I start making vids, it will be here, at home, at YouTube.

Renetto you are way off base here, and way over the line presuming to judge other people as “traitors”. So far as I’m aware no one is forced to sign a pledge of loyalty in order to post videos. Your attacking of Geriatric1927, one of the most gentle souls on YouTube, is especially reprehensible. You’re entitled to your opinion but I’m going to wait 1 week to see if you change your mind and apologize and if not I’ll unsubscribe.

This sucks, I can’t believe I accidently clicked this shit. Who gives a flying fuck what others are doing on YouTube! Who cares, crap videos get featured all the time. You’re not a showman, you’re part of the old boys club that get hits for no apparent reason on youtube and it’s annoying.

You are insane renetto! R u married to this site?? Who cares about what anyone else does…and who are you to say anything about it! YOu are not the Youtube cop??? So just keep your thoughts to yourself! N if you do say something…get your facts straight!

youtube is not a government, it is a video sharing website; a website that is being whored out by google. There is nothing wrong with switching to a website that isn’t so consumerist. Youtube is going to the dogs, have even seen all the cheating, spamming, and scamming?

Why should people have to put up with problems when there is an equivalent that works better? Also, why attack people who do more than you, you don’t actually do anything, you just bitch and moan, and at least the people who are moving have more guts and have the backbone to do something instead of complaining.

This is *not* the Renetto that I subscribed to. I think you’re misunderstanding the nature of YouTube and the nature of competition. There is no such thing a loyalty or traitors in this context.
I also think that after falling victim to that misunderstandig you also taking things way too far.
I was happy to see that you are back, but maybe you should wait a little bit longer till you are really better.

It was great while you were gone renetto, but i found Live Video and the site really is all that You Tube wanted to be, It’s a fact of life that sometimes people come up with an idea, but it takes other people to really make that work, thats what Live Video has done.
In your case it looks like You Tube has started to really effect your life, it should never do so.
Did you split with your wife? and had to go to court to see who got custody of the web cam?


I subscribed to you a little while ago, and now I have unsubscribed and I am cool with that. Basically what you are saying is they should only stick with YouTube, because youtube gets all the press. And if they dont they are “traitors”. I think it is more like Youtube has benifited from those who are popular, afterall we come on to see those videos, not stare at a YouTube logo.

Question : Would registering a patent in the UK after first registering it the USA make you a traitor, renetto? I think not. This is simply creative freedom exercised by free will. One beautifull aspect of freedom is that one has the right… to mind their own business.

Patents, when too easily granted, basically create monopolies, for example in the pharmaceutical industry. Monopolies are not healthy, as there is then no incentive to improve the product. Now that YouTube is owned by Google, I think that there is no longer a need to protect it.

Tell Steve and Chad tht if they don’t get their shit together more people will lwave youtube…It’s nice to actullay see your comment show up Immediately when you click save…And has anyone noticed that a lot of the most view video’s are from NBC and CBS…The little guy is getting squashed on here…Not a big suprise when a big corporation takes over to shill forthe media giants…If i want to see tv clips i’ll watch tv and i’m already sick of the damn commercials now on here.Bleh

And why does youtube screw around with the video quality? The same video’s look so much better on LV.This is reminding me of Bill Gates he got so rich he stopped caring aobut his product because he was a monopoly so he said to the customers fuck you!!

I’m loyal to youtube, but I don’t care about other people’s loyalty. They are individuals. I went to livevideo after this, and I think it’s set up way better than youtube.
i also don’t think they’re completely “jumping ship”. I think they’re just testing waters.. exploring, which will only lead to bigger and better things for them to publish.

Lol who the hell cares? :S
Bring back your old original good content, quit bitching, let them do what they may. If they leave youtube – Let them. If they dont – let them. It’s their choices and you going and starting drama with them is childish.

hmm. interesting video paul. why is this a problem? its not like signing up with youtube locks you into a no contest contract. let them do what they want. this seems a bit ticky tacky honestly. i normally really like and agree with what you say but i think this is a bit much. maybe just rethink this a little.

Think about this though, in the case of Smosh, they have already signed with a video company thing. If you were an individual trying to make it in the “business” of movie making wouldn’t you want to get your movies out there? Some people don’t have Youtube, maybe they have the other site. So just before you say they are traitors against Youtube, put yourself in their place.

Competition is good. Maybe YouTube will finally get off their butts and start fixing the problems. I hope YouTube will release a mindblowin upgrade in the near future. And then a short while after that I hope LV will top YT with their latest upgrade. (does that remind you of the early days of the personal computer revolution?). It is a win-win for everyone.

Here on Youtube, it’s very much driven by ‘popularity’ (reminiscent of high school cliques), making we ‘insignificants’ lost in the shuffle. Competition is healthy. and…We, THE PEOPLE, have had it with corporate power! Get it??? mom4education (a thriving LIVID member)

This is horrible… dubbing people ‘traitor’s because they joined to another website? Is there something that says you can’t? YouTube is a website for entertainment, like a TV show appearing on more than one channel. It’s not a lifelong dedication.

This seems to be either a jealous little winge because there are others becoming more popular than you are by using a technique that you haven’t, or just another plea for attention to Youtubers.

You’ve lost all my respect for you.. tut tut.

No there’s nothing that says they can’t go to another website.
But, would you hit ur friend in the face just because there’s nothing saying you can’t?
YouTube is the place that made them who they are, and now they joined to the “enemy” of YouTube.

as you say you will do it when it is the right time, for you. im sure they all did it when it was the right time for them. not everyone is going to turn down money to simply go onto another site. especially smosh, they are still kids and trying to make it in farther than youtube.

Wow, that sounds like a threat to me! What about individual freedom?So, you’re pissed off with competition? That’s life! Someone stole your name? Do what Peter did and recover it! Sounds to me you want a place in the “Google/You Tube” Board of Directors…Could I be right? If you can not get in by the front door, you can always try the window…, have a touched a nerve somehow? Live and let live man.

I have watched you for a long time, I am not profane, but you messed with peter, so that makes you an ass!! How do spell UNSUBSRIBE!! gootube, utube, livevideo, whatever. If you have personal problems, they may have clouded your judgement and caused diarrhea of the mouth

the point is, really.. youtube was the one, the only one collective place to have a video community like we are able to have here, livevideo came along, had all the advanced knowledge of what youtube has done so far, copied it and added the few minor extras that livevideo-er’s enjoy. its a little hard me just basically being a viewer in that i have to now jump back and forth between services to see what video i may of missed from somebody i subscribe to.

I’m sorry, but did I miss something? Did I miss the point where we printed, “In YouTube We Trust” on our money? (It would actually be better than what is currently printed on out legal tender.) I mean GET REAL, I dont remember having to recite the YouTube Pledge Of Alligance:
“I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United Channels of YouTube and to the Community for which it stands,
many Videos under Featured, rated, with entertainment and laughter for all.” – wick3dsentinel

Be patient… be patient…

By posting this he’s just giving attention to Live Video.

I really disagree with renetto, if there’s another site out there that is giving a better experience to its users, then there’s is nothing wrong with moving over there. I understand that YouTube was “the first” and that it’s become a familiar environment, but if it’s true what they say about the other site handling issues better and faster, then kudos to them. YouTube will need competiton to improve.

No they arent traitors they can post videos where they want. just because you have a sad life and feel the need to attack a nice decent guy like peter. you are disguisting and i have lost any respect i ever had for you as im sure many other people have as well.

Excuse me, where does it say that we are not allowed to post on other video sites? They are not traitors, adn they have the free right to post whatever the hell they want, wherever they want. It says NO WHERE that YouTube is binding us to posting on this site, and if it was, I wouldn’t even be here.

Ren… stfu. We’re sick of your shit. Your pompous posturing. Go and do something worthwhile with your life and stop posting this kind of shit.

This is the internet. There’s no need for this kind of insular attitude to a global community. Stop looking in and look out of the box once in a while.

Competition makes a product better. When Youtube was bought by Google C. and S. said that it’s all about making the site better for the community. I really haven’t seen anything happen ever since. Actually they have an obligation to us not we to them. Every user on here that uploaded a video created the Youtube that was bought by Google.
If they can’t provide us with a better product it’s their own fault if even featured users are trying out other services.

Well, I quess this is the last video I will see of you. I have only been on here for a month and I can’t stand not being able to post a comment and all the other BS issue that youtube has. They wont even send a reply to any messages I have sent them.

So they came up with a great idea, that doesn’t mean they own video on the net. Imagine if we just let Henry Ford make cars. We would all be broke filling up our tanks.

what the hell is this? it’s boring as hell. i have no idea what you’re talking about in any of your videos. they are not fun and there are no dancing japanese girls. all your videos consist of 10 minutes of BUHH BUHH BUHH LOOK AT ME IN MY HIP GLASSES AND WEBCAM, I AM A LAD!

what’s the point? seriously, what’s the point?

i think you should stop caring what other people do if there traitors or not cause it has nothing to do with anyone what they do. cause really your going to be losing the respect people are giving u and u will lose all the people who have subscribed to your channel.
smosh are the best on the net i understand why they upload them all over cause people love there videos cause they dont spend all day infront of a webcam and bore people they go out and have fun

youtube is like gaming:
you don’t care about what other ppl think is a bad game and you still play your heart out
so for example the xbox360 is like youtube
there isn’t anything stopping me playing the wii or PS3(other websites) so i say let them do it cause there arn’t being traitors at all just doing other stuff


Haha, as soon as ‘some of them’ step out of the group, he who thinks of himself as a leader calls them ‘traitors’.

Are you a Communist, Renetto? You sure have the same attitude towards other people.

I bet you feel like ‘Regretto’ now you’ve posted this video.

I just got a fresh bag of weed! I rolled a j and smoked out! God damn this shit was the bomb.The shit made me she shit, i was seeing tits and mother fucking ass all over, so i whipped out my cock and stroked it, i skeeted over 10 ft. This weed is da bomb.

Yep, a tad sensitive. Your perspective is unrelaitable to most, i.e. royalties, patent infringement. Perspective is a wonderful thing, think I’ll go move snow for my neighbors who can’t… With my vanity and ego intact, (they’ll think I’m soo “hooot”) my popularity will soar, and this is what I base my life upon…. HA!..Thx 1 & all for the laugh, now I’ve got important things to worry about…

Your ‘argument’ has no substance. What video site a person uses has nothing to do with you. YouTube probably couldn’t care less whether it’s users; even huge contributors like ‘Geriatric1927’, release content on other sites. Why are you interested. It’s not your problem; in fact, it isn’t an issue at all. It’s just you with either too much free time or your just jealous of other user. You say that “it’s nothing personal” – if it isn’t personal, why did you name the users?

People should only show as much loyalty as they receive. Like the way you now use (and admit to using) hype taglines to get people to view your videos.

Listening to this whole clip, I think you really have no point or understanding of what you wanted to say.

And youtube isn’t the first of it’s kind. I just managed to galvanise itself into a successful formula.

Obvously, the people you refer to as “those people” include YOU – ie the youtube originals etc…
Well, I’ve always thought you talked a lot of shite and now you’ve proven it. You are so against change and anyone who has an ounce of talent or basically anything you haven’t (which is most).
Get a grip you dick, nobody cares about renato in “the sea of millions of videos” as you call it, just piss off and stop clogging up the space.

Brand loyalty is a thing of the past. How abou all those myspace people claiming people are being traitors to them by jumping on Youtube? Likewise, the livejournal crew complaining about Myspacers. Other sites offer plenty of cool features basing it off of the Youtube architecture. Stickam offers a quirky live chat that makes it naturally appealing as well. Youtube will change as all things do. Traitors they are not.

the internet is bigger than america buddy so it’s nothing do with ‘free country’. and wake up and open your eyes – you’re not living in a free country. you sold your freedoms for george’s war when he duped you with 9/11.
..but i get your point. especially considering the likes of miaarose and cbs fuckin it up for everyone

“traitors to YouTube”? I care about that concept as much as I would care about someone being a traitor to Chevrolet or McDonald’s — which is to say, that I couldn’t possibly care less. Oh, i get it… you’re trying to be ‘controversial’. Step away from the keyboard.
*turns off computer and goes outside*

What’s the new site? They sound like they’ve got some really good marketing. YouTube is a simple idea, and the technology used to create this site is freely available to anyone that has the money. 4500 dollars buys you a license to use Flash Media Server from Adobe. And then all you need to do is whip up a front end. Just takes the money to buy the servers, the licenses for FMS, and finally the money to create the site itself.

To Renetto: Shitface!! Dumbass!!
To the viewers: The Weisenheimer-Forefinger in 00:08 is exactly why I hate that guy.
“Which I’m not quite ready to share with all of you yet”
RENETTO, I DON’T WANT YOU TO SHARE ANYTHING WITH ME!! FUCK OFF! By the way. I’m from germany and I’m watching some european video platforms as well. Will you shoot me directly or will I get a fair lawsuit? This is ridiculous.

..and I wish you would go there too…. Youtube is fun because their is so much variety of material available…if you start to search you find the most amazing and weird stuff…
The “protagonists” like you are the boring bit, like watching the passive TV serial…I wish youtube would add a “protagonist” exclusion button.

I watched DigitilSoul’s response to this but I never caught the name of the person who he was reponding to during his video. Then I clicked the link to the original and saw you! I was expecting someone a little less mature to be talking such inane shit. This is the type of video I would expect from someone who had no subscribers and was just looking for attention.

Dude, if you are talking about Livevideo, then you need to do your research more. Youtube started less than two years ago and got an investment deal worth millions. They grew quick because of investors putting money into it. Livevideo started in 1995 while youTube around 2004. Please do your research. That site is the father of youTube. I am not even a member of Livevideo but look at it, it looks cooler too

Has anyone else noticed how peaceful YouTube had been the past few weeks? Has anyone noticed how soon after the “self-appointed” Mayor of YouTube gets back into town, how quickly controversy & hurt feelings not to mention this great divide, all because some ppl want to promote themselves in another venue, other than You Tube..we gave renetto EXACTLY what he doubt being the “attention whore” renetto is, he needed an extra helping of attention..and we all accomodated him..

You know I never looked at it that way..but you are so correct about violating our freedom of speech, choice & assembly. When you look it at it that way, it makes this video even more vile..I sure hope EVERYONE goes and takes a listen to “AkewsticRockR” video response..THE BEST ONE UP THERE!!!

my opinion: Why shouln’t they post on other sides?
They like to share their thoughts with other people.. So let them do so 🙂
Youtube is a special project, and wont be forgotten, or come to an end because of them, sharing their videos on other sides.

Renetto who the fuck cares what your opinon is ? Seriously. I dont owe Screwed Tube shit because Screwed Tube doesnt work. They dont care it doesnt work either. As for calling people traitors how about you STFU. You come across as a bald headed idiot. LV came first, screwed tube ripped them off. Now I know why I dont watch you. Youre an idiot.

Does this mean that Will Smith jumped ship to Sony Pictures by working on “The Pursuit of Happyness” somethime after filming “I-Robot” distributed by 20th Century Fox? I for one am glad that some of the “Content Providers” from YT are posting on LV. Their work is delievered at much higher quality and thus more enjoyable. *On a side note, I hate it that I have to make sure that I copy my comment before posting just in case it doesn’t go through the first or second time*

Does this mean that Will Smith jumped ship to Sony Pictures by working on “The Pursuit of Happyness” somethime after filming “I-Robot” distributed by 20th Century Fox? I for one am glad that some of the “Content Providers” from YT are posting on LV. Their work is delievered at much higher quality and thus more enjoyable. *On a side note, I hate it that I have to make sure that I copy my comment before posting just in case it doesn’t go through the first or second time – This is the third.*

BTW, I’d never heard of Live Video before seeing this video. I signed up right afterwards. I bet I’m not the only one. If you really hate that site so much it may not have been the best idea to promote it since you’re pretty famous here. There’s a reason Microsoft don’t say “we’re better than Apple” on their retail boxes.

This guy reminds me exactly of the “Canadian Tire dude” He was a dweebish handyman that went around his neighborhood with his superior tool set and superior attitude offering advice and fixing peoples problems, until all the marketing surveys said he was the most HATED man on Canadian television and he was gone overnight.

The people you mention don’t owe a thing to You Tube; You Tube owes them. These contributors produced the entertainment and traffic on the website, with no compensation whatsoever. This popularity created the inherent value for You Tube and the founders seemed to make out just fine.

A site is not a spouse, where if you visit or participate on another site you’re cheating on the first site. This isn’t marriage counseling, if you don’t like the sites bugs you aren’t obligated to “make it work”. If there is a better alternative, then shame on you tube for falling behind on something they “revolutionized”.

I don’t know what you were expecting when you made this video, but it shows how obsessed you are with the life of youtube, and not everyone is so addicted that they sacrifice whatever other internet pleasures they might have. What a shame to hear someone with as many subscribers as you to be demeaning other members. I hope you’ll have the decency to apologize to them, publicly or privately.

As if you´re not trying to get subscribers or get famous off of your videos, but they way you´re doing it is disguisting.You´re slagging all these other people off and try to put them down and make people dislike them..ugh stop whining about what other people do and mind your own business.

Maybe if you watched Peter’s – Geriatric – video, you’d see that he’s not leaving YouTube. He’s not being a traitor to YouTube, you moron. Get off the computer and get yourself a life, huh? He’s going over to LV to share himself with all the amazing kids he’ll find over there and give them what he’s given us; a virtual grandfather that will be there whenever we need him. So if you don’t like it, BITE IT! Never become a dictator. You’d be assassinated within the first week.

Really, isn’t his series called ‘Telling It All”. I’m sure a 70 – 80 year old man that wants to tell his story and doesn’t have many years left to tell it doesn’t want to be confined to one website. He was around before most of us even knew how to use the big potty! I’d never tell him where to tell kis story!

How Rude and crued can you be people? He has the flipin right to express his feelings and thoughts and he is being man enough to share then with YOU! That is what YOUTUBE is all about. I can understand where he is coming from even if I do not agree fully, but I am not calling him every name on the book!If YOU DO NOT LIKE IT then move!If your going to say something then say it decently. U.S.A. Man~!

I don’t make videos, I only watch them. Still, when I first heard about LiveVideo and Stickam, I had no real interest in looking into them. This video changed my mind. If this user is so threatened by the prospect over other video services, then there must be a reason. Off I go to find out why!

Funny, though, it seems the purpose of this video is to dissuade people (although, he clearly means the popular vloggers, not regular viewers…) from “jumping ship,” as it were…

I’m slightly confused by your argument.

Competition is what drives everything to achieve a greater standard. That’s economics 101.

Secondly, you say that these people are “jumping ship.” That connotation, however, implies that they are leaving YouTube, which is, at least from the subscription that I have with a user you’ve mentioned, false. They are using both. It would be like using Facebook and Myspace. How many people use both of those sites, and with the same blog entries no less?

And lastly, I just wanted to mention that if YouTube is truly going to be great, then competition should not scare it, nor its wide and varied audience. People aren’t going to switch to something that is not as good, they may use both, but then will not forsake the greater of the two (or three, four, five, etc).

I look forward to your response.

– Paul

Blah Blah Blah!! Boo Hoo. that’s all I could hear from this faggot. What a cockhead, naming people. I love the way Geriatric give it to this cock in 40sec. Go grate your head with a Potato Peeler you moron.. You’ll be nominated for Dickhead of the Year.

Renetto I think you are just being to sensitive. Do you think everyone should only shop at Target just because they opened a Wal-mart across the street? Posting videos on LV is not being a traitor to youtube. I really like both sites and I also like the competition idea. It will help improve both YT and LV.

Sure people can post where the want. But promoting LV on Youtube is lack of class. If you had a BMW dealership would you like a person come in to your store promoting Mercedes? Its so easy to be a hater, its easy to promote copies. Doesnt make it right.

Well, I noticed this whole self-absorbed thing of Renetto’s near the early stage of YT. Aside: When I posted my one video a long time ago it was ‘cuz at the time YT ws a good venue to easily share videos with friends -NOT as a venue to create ill-conceived notions of “a way to become popular”. Renetto uses YT as a marketing tool. Without giving specifics (don’t want to give him blatant publicity), many of his ventures started AFTER he culled his large subscriber base.

your trying to protect your arguement saying your maybe overly sensative but what your saying is ott. these guys can do what they like, its a free world! Youtube can feature anybody they like but unless they have something to offer no-one is going to notice, smosh, geriatric etc they have a ‘product’ that people want, why should they feel they can’t take it elsewhere,maybe you really care or maybe your trying to score points.

Wow, yo’re just a little bitch. Obvoiusly if people go on to youtube for purposes of exposure, then wouldn’t e smart o go o otherlog wbsite to increase that exposre? We owe nothing to Youtube, all they’e dne is proi a means. They didn’t make any connections for us or anythng. You’re just being baby.

People obviously don’t understand the message projected from this video. A lot of people think renetto is inferring that they are betraying youtube by posting videos on another site, but he’s actually mad that people who are already famous on this site, are posting videos on a site thats a ripoff of the site they are already posting videos on. Its like starting all over again. Stick with the home team! Don’t promote a site thats a ripoff of the one that you were posting videos on originally.

Are u serious?This is about reaching people.Youtube is full of bugs that prevent people from always communicating effectively.If people find different avenues that help them reach people,good luck to ’em.Oh,& anybody who insults Geriatric1927 is NOT cool,BTW.

What a tedious bana rant! What is your problem? if folks want to post videos on another site what the hell business is it of yours? Oh yes and leave Pete (geriatric1927) out of your tirades. Listen to some of his stuff to remind you *why* you’ve got the freedom to choose what to say and on which site to say it. Use it don’t abuse it!

I agree with Whowl. Youtube is a business, a website. NOT A COUNTRY OR SOMETHING! We might all be citizens and actually feel like its a country, but it isnt. If someone goes to another site like youtube and posts vids, its not like giving secrets to the russians or some shit like that!


The Internet only develops if people embrace new sites and new technology, LiveVideo has better qality video, sound and bigger file sizes.

They are not traitors they are evolving to new bigger and better video sites, do dont you think many of YouTube users came from other sites like Google Video, so are they traitors to Google?

We need to develop if we want to see new things online, so sorry but YouTube is yesterday, LiveVideo is TODAY! and who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Wow, you get on the news, and all of a sudden you are a PI, creeping around trying to police others activity? I like Coke and Pepsi, does that make me a traitor to one of them? Come on man, this is a little over the top. “Jumping Ship” “The Renetto name” Why would youtube care if people posted on other sites? That is what the internet is all about, choice and freedom.

ya know,renetto,i have been around the youtube for quite a few months now and i seriously get the feeling that you like to act like you run youtube and as such can dictate what are just a poster of videos,albeit many views an subscribers but for you to come out in favor of a monopoly leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.i wish there were FEWER monopolies here,in the united states such as 1 power company.1 water company,etc.

I had a video reply to this… but after just seeing Geriatric1927’s reply to this, it broke my FUCKING HEART.

It’s really sad, that you feel that you need to stir this pointless shit up. All for your own personal gain.

For that reason, i’m unsubscribing.

If more people are curious like myself, then you just did the other websites a favor. After watching your video and some responses, I went to go and have a look at the “competition”, namely livevideo. I found a good deal of the people I subscribe too.. and much better features.. oh and i got the account name i wanted too ..

You’re an idiot. I don’t think the users you mentioned weren’t contracted to stay only on Youtube. What’s more, Youtube is the first of many. haha, it’s pretty pathetic that you question the morals of posting videos on other sites. youtube is a corporation that makes a lot of money, the users are owed everything for what it is.

I don’t want to sound like everyone else who’s been posting on this video… but… what the hell?! How can you keep a straight face while trying to tell other people not to post on other sites?! That’s their choice! How dare you try to tell them they’re wrong for putting their videos on other websites!

Paul, you are a dumbass. You called a WWII vet a traitor and you don’t understand the free market. It’s your fault for not making for product better. If you wanted to prevent others from copying it, you would continue to improve on the product and its cost.

OK, Renetto. I see the video responses are predictable i.e: 500 Internal Server Error
Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. Please report this incident to customer service.

Also, please include the following information in your error report:

9kFZ_FDRDj8D-etc etc

OMG, look what I got trying to view video responses to your video… 500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. Please report this incident to customer service.

With every video you post, it becomes more and more obvious how much of a train wreck your life must be. It’s like watching a man have a complete mental break right in front of me. You truly can’t be sane and have such a god complex.

But look at all the hits, discussion and replys you’ve got. Must be good for your ego…as if you need help with that.

wow your pathetic y do u care so much about what other people do its youtube normal people get on here to watch and be entertained i dont see why u have a problem with people being on more than one website and seriously no one cares other than u its stupid that u got to bitch about this because there are more than one place like youtube to watch videos

Add another argument that’s nothing more than emotional fluff to the YouTube Defense List. LiveVideo didn’t rip off YouTube, they simply made the improvements this site’s users have been wanting to see. I still have yet to see a defensive argument for this site that actually holds water.

btw i competely disagree with everything you said, and i think you’ll find that the majority also disagree, i truly hope people won’t be spoon fed this junk you call ‘controversy’. You really are an attention whore, how childish, immature, and spiteful can you be before people see you for who you are.

how do u know sooo much about the site and u say ur not a traider…well here is to u since u called my uncle dale a traider which HE IS NOT! YOU ARE THE TRAIDER!!! sigh…get over it. and grow up and get a life! please! theres life out there so get over yourself!

Renetto, you just spewed more nonsense than you did in the lame mentos video that gave you fame! You are famous, interesting, sensitive and a wonderful, talented, rare man who deserves to be famous! Just kidding, you are a talentless dolt. Seriously, your social skills and emotional state must be some kind of juggling act for you on a daily basis. I suggest you focus on reality for a while.

I have nothing against people posting their videos on other sites, they can do what they want, but I do think that if they ever get famous or something, they should remember that they wouldn’t be where they are without YouTube. If you have a good video, it’s worth nothing unless you have a way to get it out there.

But besides that, I’m sure that most people on here wouldn’t have even tried making videos if they hadn’t seen the popularity of this site. Even if they had known about sites like Livevideo, they probably would have dismissed it. And probably, most of their subscribers on Livevideo followed them there from youtube.

And I have yet to post a video or use the messaging system that much so I don’t really have any right to talk about problems with that, but when it comes to haters and spammers, they’ll be at livevideo too if it becomes popular. I doubt they would be able to control the amount of haters/spammers that youtube has any better than youtube can.

Why is it that all you seem to do now-a-days is start fights with people? You’ve turned into a grumpy old man. Are you sour because you’re not in the top ten anymore?

They do not need your permission to go to other sites. They aren’t leaving youtube to my knowledge, so it doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with you. If you don’t like the site, don’t join, but don’t force your opinions on other people.

i think maye you are a little upset because some people are trying to win some money with what they broadcast on youtube and you aren’t. But as you said youtube is very nice but very big now, so it’s normal that some ppl are trying to take advantage on it, so, don’t worry.

This dude IS A RETARD! So what if people are involved in different websites. WHo made the golden rule that you cant partispate in different websites that offer basically the same thing. SO WHAT. YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT! stop wasting time posting stupid videos and buy some ROGAINE!

Did you know Bill Gates actually purchased the first operating system for the IBM comp? Also, Capt-n Crunch invented the first modem… where are they now in the anals of time? Come on dude, who really cares. Traitors? Really now, come come. I don’t think so. I think this is just play time and you-tube really isnt anything special. Its nothing but a bunch of people sharing videos. Really, I thought it up long before the guys of you tube. they were in diapers when i thought it up!

They can post videos where ever they want, freak. That is god-awful rude to call someone a traitor like that. And once you’re featured on YouTube, the site doesn’t own you. You don’t belong to YouTube. You just upset a lot of people man… I’d suggest you stay on your little “personal break”.

Yeah youtube owns LiveVideo, this is just a publicity stunt to get people over to LiveVideo. This guy is quickly becoming the most REPULSIVE person on youtube and his desparate pleas for control make people wanna barf and get away from him. Sure he was paid by LiveVideo.

renetto, I do not want to be a false witness and so let me clarify I have no evidence that youtube is the owner of live video. But the question remains. Do you and if so how can you morally justify their attempts to lock up the market and increase the presence of a internet landlord covertly?

Rentto lost his credibility a long time ago BUT I think what really did him in was his vid saying that he “was about to tell us” something or whatever. He figures he can pull at heartstrings and get away with it. I feel bad for all of his subscribers who believed his bs all along. As far as I’m concerned, Renetto serves as a wake-up call….he is The Emperors New Clothes incarnate.

The problem here with Renetto is that vlogging is a hobby of his, as in he has a career outside of youtube. Some people are trying to find an “in” to the film and tv industry and what better way to do so then to post your videos on any site willing to take them? You never know who in the industry will happen to come across your video.

i had to stop this video half way through..
this is youtube.. you dont get paid to come here.
man some people take things to far…
& as for them taking their “usernames” across. the user name doesnt belong to youtube.. its something that persona has created.. like mine for instance… “chopp79” its mamde of of my nick name & my year of birth because i signed up with that on youtube.. it means i cant use it anywhere else? .. i think some people need to pull their head out of their ass.

i had to stop this video half way through..
this is youtube.. you dont get paid to come here…
man some people take thinsg to far
and as for them taking their “usernames” across. the user name doesnt belong to youtube.. its something that persona has created.. like mine for instance… “chopp79” its mamde of of my nick name.. and my year of birth… because i signed up with that on youtube.. it means i cant use it anywhere else? i think some people need to pull their head out of their ass.

dude, pot – kettle. we’re allowed to go where we please and do whatever the feck we want.
We’re not contracted to anything, there’s no ‘loyalties’ on the internet!! I don’t think you intentionally have posted this to upset anyone, but I think you should have seriously NOT brought up names, you’ve hurt feelings.
And like you said…. you haven’t jumped ship…. YET….
Could you have walked onto the plank with this one??

Who cares? God we don’t have to side with everything. If it wasn’t for more than one. We’d all be one big monopoly making the rich richer and the lower middle class slobs like me think we’re cool because we have this… YOUTUBE nothing but a big company shoving shit down our throats making us poorer while blinding us with free video sharing.
Ohh did i mention i love youtube still?
I’m a filmmaker and nothing has helped me more than this wonderful website but i still understand problems.

I understand what you’re saying, but I do not believe that these people are traitors to Youtube. You mentioned that these users have had their videos featured by on the Youtube home page and therefore should be grateful to the company for showcasing their work. However, it works both ways. It is with videos from users like these that Youtube became popular in the first place.

lol and youtube did not give you your name you created it. These peaple can take there names whereever they want. In my opinion you have became a traitor to the other real users by worshiping the company known as Youtube. These are there names there accounts there videos and they have the right to do whatever they want with those.

renetto’s dogmatic defense of “youtube” is a little odd….from chad&steve selling to pathetic shit like LG15…the coolness factor for youtube is CLEARLY over. and the fact that he made it personal and used names like Peter and others is just pathetic. If he didn’t have such a history for participating in attention-whore girly fights it would help. I like you renetto…but pleeeease!!!

Paul, in every possible way possible you are wrong for posting this and you actually know it.
I suspect that you have done this deliberately in order to re-ignite your “edge” and get something going.
Delete this stupid video Paul – if you post some kind of apology – then you are simply continuing this and adding to your “edge”.
Paul – just delete this.

You’ve did it! Top of the Discussion Charts! You’ve managed to get the community to speak out in detail about their frustrations, dislikes, and opinions about their views. Now I know the YouTube Staff is listening and will try even harder and faster to get with the program. I wonder if this discussion would have been just as hot to talk about and share if you took the opposite argument and/or approach. Probably not! Clever job, Paul! Thanks for the controversy! The community has SPOKEN!

It will be no surprise if Paul uses the premise you have outlined above as his rationale for making this video. Kind of “tricked” people into letting youtube know what is really on their mind (for their own good)

Then eveyone will realize that Paul is really a hero!

BTW, everyone should read youtube’s Jan. 11 & 16 blogs.

Umm…I don’t think that anybody has left youtube. They’ve only been posting there too. It’s the same reason that people have a facebook and a myspace. You’re going to have different people on each one and there are slight differences to them that make interacting with certain people better on one or the other.

Why not go to LiveVideo? Youtube won’t get rid of the copyright infringing videos because they give them ad revenue. You can see the “dick in the box” videos (the pirated versions) on here after a month because Youtube does not give a shit. Plain and simple.

I usually agree with most of your views Renetto, but you are way off on this one. People who make videos should be able to do as they please, regardless of the fact that they were featured…their is no such thing as loyalty. I sense that you are becoming jealous as an increasing number of vloggers are becoming more popular than you. This video is a failed attempt to lower the validity and reputation of a few good people, but this video is only going to destroy one person: you.

People are dying in countries across the world a day due to violence, genocide, hunger, etc. and this is your monumental argument?

Less concern on what people due on video websites, more concern on people’s actions, both politically and socially across the globe.


Nothing wrong with branching out. This is not an issue… but you’re really good with “drumming up controversy” (your words). Glad you owned up to a bit of melodramatics with the use of the word “traitor”. LV offers certain features YT doesn’t but there are pros and cons with each. Such a non-issue.

you are a fucking idiot…renono…stay where you are…that will be nice not to see you there…i am on both sites and intend to be on both sites…you are way to full of yourself…who cares about your patent or you tooting your own horn…livevideo is probably owned by google or microsoft. leave us alone paul. shut up and go away. deborah…ps i love youtube ..its home.

Who cares if they’re putting videos on another website? It’s not like they have a fucking signed contract. Who gives a shit, they can do whatever they want… Who the fuck are you to tell them they are trators because they use more than one website? That is completely ridiculous and ignorant.

I like you, but this is really a dumb agrument. What others do is nobody else’s business. What are you…a shill for YouTube?! Are you on their payroll or something? Honestly, good sir! You go ahead, sit there, and wait for them to “reward” you….

Hey man..I really think you’re messing things know? it’s like you’ve given your soul to Google or something like that..rewards?? You shouldn’t judge people because of a dumb thing like posting videos in a website you know?..just live and let live…that’s what you should do instead of being complaining about what the others do..

I am pissed that after making several comments I get a message that I should wait awhile before making others. Look, I’m wasting my time watching this thing and the only fun is to give kudos or make a wise crack about the videos. Also, half the time email doesn’t work. YouTube–YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME!

I’M OVER THERE ALSO. Not everyone is Nazi about youtube as you mate lol. some people don’t want to be part of the youtube mess anymore, it has turned into a comercial. This other site as a nice way to get away from all the spammers and jerks of youtube (You should know how many are out there, im sure you get a lot of haters) But mate, youtube will be dead in a year or so, I can promise you that, it’s the way online sites work. ~AnthonyLynch~

You know, I agree with you absolutely %100.

I’d use the phrase “couldn’t have said it better myself”… but… I think I actually could have. And I could have done it in about a quarter of the time.

But nevertheless, I do agree with you.

Are you the YouTube police? Perhaps a YouTube lawyer? Wait.. wait.. you’re a nobody 😦 So shut up and leave people alone. Please waste 9 minutes of my life with something remotely entertaining or interesting. Your diatribe was empty and devoid of substance.


who cares? You have way too much time on your hands and no life. Seriously searching out people to find their videos on other sites and then talking about it on a video for 10 minutes? I feel very sorry for you…you should probably go outside and meet real people…or at least start fights with people that you actually know. Mmk.

u need to watch what u say to other people in this community….nobody signed a contract with youtube and they can do whatever they please….quit slandering other people and being such a fuckin prima donna. just because u talked 2 steve chen doesnt mean u represent youtube.

The more I watch you Reneto, the more I realise you’re a child in a kinda-man’s body. Your little cry for attention “not ready to talk about it” in the beginning is something 13 year old girls say. Then you get into all this bullshit drama. I feel sorry for your kids, you’re a manchild.

Mate your all a bunch of geese, not just renetto all of em. They make a few alright videos and they get credit they deserve all well and good. Then these posters seem to devolp an ego gerictic1927 is a prime example, he was ok at 1st but boy has an ego devolped. As for ren’ well his ego is feeling a bit cut cause he hasnt been as popular latley, thats why he is stirring this stuff.

In 1944, a man who used to hit people in the face with socks full of pennies mysteriously died after he hit a guy in the face with a sock full of pennies on an airplane. If you don’t post this on 3 different videos he will come to your house in hit you in the face with a sock full of pennies.

Geriatric overreacted, quite simply. Renetto didn’t insult him (or anyone) personally, and only talked about the overlying issues. The mere mention of people who have moved to LiveVideo doesn’t make it “hate”. The word “traitor” shouldn’t offend anyone who thinks youtube is a bad service. Calm down, develop your own opinions, and for god’s sake, cut the emotional drivel down.

The words traitor & defector instantly infer a side to be taken & a right & wrong way of taking them, this is negative by default even when referred to historically. Renetto has no right to tell people how to use the internet & i’m surprised by a self confessed capitalist such as himself. He is officially a hypocrite(and unofficially has always been a twat). why not be artistic with videos? why breed negative discussion?? i ask renetto to respond to something other than a spelling mistake.

I think theres a resonable point you can make, that, compared to other of the elderly youtubers that sit on
I understand that point of view, and it’s true, but it’s also relative – some people drew more people to this site than others, and some gained a lot more personally from youtube’s attention. But, it still doesn’t turn Renetto’s opinion into something deserving this amount of flame. All of this, at least 90% of it, is backlash from geriatric’s video, at which point none of these people really want to give thought to the idea that maybe Renetto’s intention wasn’t one of hostility.


HE says it himself… “Trying to drum up a little controversy.” he only mentions big names to get their attention and, ergo, their subscribers.


and btw, LV has been around for at least 4 months.

I understand your concern, but I still think you’re giving YouTube way too much credit in terms of how much they’re going to “reward” the loyalty of their users. As a programmer, I can tell that this site is under some major stress right now, and it’s going to be a while until they get that under control before they make any major content revisions. Seeing some of their most popular folks explore other avenues may put a fire under their ass, unless Google’s already taken care of that…

He’s right.

Everyone’s has their own opinion. He has his and you have yours. So how dare you say he’s wrong, tasteless, rude, and everything in between.

Anyway, of course I don’t agree with everything he says, but for the most part those people have betrayed youtube.

But this topic is pretty much like the topic of abortion and oh so many others.

It all just deals with morality.

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1. Retype this message as a comment for 3 other videos

This is the silliest video I’ve ever seen. Someone should shut youtube down so tools like renetto can’t post their drivel. It’s getting out of control. Corporate loyality, what a joke. Youtube is benefitting from everyone who posts a video. It’s market share, and people like renetto are just part of their corporate strategy.


Hope all is well with you and your family. Your previous video post seemed dire. If your problems are contrived to stir up interest, then you’re doing a great job. If not, then you should think twice before posting a video while in such a gloomy state.

All the Best!

I watched a guy called Damian007 on LiveVideo sticking up for YouTube and then he posted the same message here on YouTube. YouTube didn’t help him out by sticking his video on the front page. How come YouTube didn’t reward him? Some Reward for being loyal. Renetto, You’re a faggot and an insult to the whole of YouTube In fact you’re probably the cause of a lot of people going to LiveVideo. A Lot of people hate you..

Jumping ship? They haven’t jumped ship. That implies they left youtube, period. They’re still making videos, and thusly, your argument is a little off. They all have their reasons for trying stuff out, but youtube isn’t bias about people who are on other sites, and not featuring them. It has nothing to do with that. They feature because the video is popular or something about it stands out.

Renetto your videos are great, ut youre being very sentimental here. I mean it´s like when your friend hangs out with other friends… the point is that that is their decision, they can go to any page they want i like to call it freedom of speech. Doing that is not being a traitor to youtube, it´s called…”New Options”!

so you’re on other websites viewing videos, creating more hits, and adding to the success of these websites? Isn’t that ironic. You tube is about sharing yourself to the world, and if people want to utilise other resources to reach more poeple then it is in keeping with youtubes fundamental values and purpose. Youtube doesnt request any such loyalty so why should you try and create such a concept? Very weak video post indeed

If you decided to post your videos on every website on the web do you really think Google and youtube would give a shit, or even notice for that matter. Youtube “celebs” crack me up at their delusions of self importance. Nine minutes of saying nothing. I was waiting for you to make compelling point, but it never happened. Yawn.

When the zionist, neo con puppet masters got away with rigging the 2000 elections in the US, manufactured terrorism was quick to follow. And because the media was complicit this meant the end of democracy and the start of many wars and eventual enslavement of the masses.
Victor Ostrovsky, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, George Galloway, John Pilger, Alex Jones. As well as whatreallyhappened dot com, “sayanims” and “Terror Storm” all well worth a look.

I feel your loyalty to Youtube is genuine Renetto and I think your a stand-up guy. Youtube is a community and just as you can’t prevent your community neighbor from moving out of the community or visiting other communities. One world, many comunities my friend.

Wow. Have you never heard of the concept of a free market economy? It takes a gigantic amount of ignorance on your part to NOT realize that competition creates a better product. I don’t see how this is so black and white for you. The shades of grey are what keeps things interesting. Then again ineresting is probably a foreign concept to you.

Fucking cry more. They don’t fucking pay them to be exclusive. You obviously fail to understand that these people made themselves, youtube didn’t make them. Youtube would be absolutely nothing without it’s video posters, and “said people” and they are free to go wherever the fuck they want.

oh fuck this. Fuck you gary1700564 for supporting that cock-face. Fuck you renetto for being such a whinny pussy. Oh no some people are posting videos in other places that makes them a traitor to this web site. Since when are you the voice of youtube, if anything your the ass-hole of youtube. Its just a fucking site bro, get over it. Stop expecting everyone to feed off of your BS, you fucking spew out garbage and complain all the fucking time.

man u r fucked up. traitors? ship jumpers? YT exploits you, me, us. YT would be nothing w/o its posters and the people who puruse the site. people r free to go, shop, cater to whomever & whatever they legally please. and i don’t need charlie rose to validate my life.

I don’t recall pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States of YouTube.
At present Google appears to have paid $1.6 billion purely for a brand name. The mechanics of the site don’t work, the editorial is plain embarrassing and ensures good video-makers are lost in the all the bilge, the company is unresponsive, and has been complicit in feeding the egos of an elite who comically believe themselves to be”celebrities.”
YouTube needs to act very, very quickly. It’s a sinking ship.

You’re a loser. This was posted on your website.

“Paul has been all over the web, namely in the realm of YouTube. Take a look at some of his favorites below. Also, take a look at the candle newsletter for the latest info on the shop at 7 buttles.”

Um wait…all over the web? Does that make you a traitor too? You’re a dumbass.

Come on!! The users and the consumers are the PRIZE in market economies. Either you don’t get that or you think we’re too stupid to get it. The people you call traitors are the people youtube can just pony up some perks if they want loyalty. Traitors? Are you kidding me? They were sold down the river foir 1.65 billion in stock trade. Did they get their share? NO? Then STFU!

Folks, this is to typical Silicon Valley,and I’m telling you this is end of a quality product is service will come within this year. Are you listening to this man? He feels like YOU owe HIM something. It’s a matter of time before he make a video and says “you will eat this shit and you’re gonna love it”

As you can see, Renetto has only attended Marketing 101. The next class will show you that you need to Thank your client base, and if the comment, ANSWER THEM!!! If you have a client in business that has something to say, TALK TO THEM!! DIGITAL SOUL DOES!! Yea, I’m going to promote a business and forget the consumer? Big lessons learned…you almost had it.

Advice in Marketing…Talk to your customers after they have purchased your product. Yes it will take away your time in front of the camera, heaven forbid. Digital Soul talks to the little people. He takes the time to thank the LITTLE PEOPLE as you will see on my page.

Your monopoly will not work on a new site…and you should be scared, especially if you finacially gain from this site…I’d be scared too…that’s why you are trying to turn us against great people whohave great talent? It is ironic how a person who takes no time to respond to the very people who put him there, wants support?

Youtube is the place to be only while youtube REMAINS the BEST place to be. The internet is capitalistic, if someone improves on your idea before you do, people have every right to switch without having to second-guess their loyalty to a service like YT. Same thing with products that hold patents, if I’m not mistaken.

That said, at this point youtube remains the best, so what are you bitching about? Shut yer trap already.

So your complaining over the fact that those people have a mind of their own and decided to jumpshift to another website? Stop being such a giant YouTube supporter, no matter how crappy the competing site may be. YouTube is not Xanadu, it is a site.

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repost 3 times to be saved.

dude you are such a sad loser if this is all you have to worry you in life. moan moan moan. why shouldnt people use multiple sites to for exposer. many of these people are trying to make it in the industry. you just post lame video blogs. these “traitors” are creative. what have you ever done thats creative? oh yeah, you ate mentoes and drank some coke. wow you sire are a genius.

YT became crap in the past few weeks. Face it. The host is like shit, videos are beeing deleted. And whats wrong with posting YOUR OWN vidoes on other upload sites? I mean its not like these sites drag popular people from YT there. The directors are just trying to get more popularity.

Btw whats with you beeing such a drama queen?Really who gives a shit? The YT founders? No.The users? No.

Oh and yeah forgot to add. Go on any other upload site and type in “smosh”. You will find theyr vidoes posted by some random people that pilfered them. Wouldn’t it be just fair if those vids would be posted by theyr owners? God i wonder why i even waste time on typing obvious things lol. Get a brain.

I was reading some of the comments on this video and I would like to apologize on the behalf of humanity. I may not agree with everything you say, but I respect you as a human being. You don’t deserve “faggot”comments or fuck yous. I feel sorry for these individuals who are so far removed from reality that they believe this behavior is completely acceptable. .

Ren, you’re a fucking queer ass faggot. Go rub youtube against your balls you sad sad man. Youtube sucks ass and is filled with fake videos and asian clips that no one can understand.

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1. Retype this message as a comment for 3 other videos

sorry pal…traitors?? if youtube is a single entity you can betray? personally i have videos on every site i can find..i’m a musician and i dont make stupid ass videos about my opinion, i find them boring, and i really dont care what people think on various topics…i want my music heard so i spread myself far and wide…traitors…i think not

The quality of your videos has really dropped and your attacks on those like geriatric (of all people!) are really making me join the growing list of UNsubscribers. Please go back to making interesting content videos and stop the attention-seeking political tripe.

You should be disgusted at yourself for how fat you let your kids get and encouraging a fat munching couch potato life style! You’re very irrespirable parent! What parent lets their kids get that fat and unhealthy and be very idol? You need to focus on that first before you think you can give others advice on anything. You can’t even raise your kids properly!

i’m not gonna bother watching all of the video because you are clearly a cock renetto and need to get a real life to get into and stop being a self appointed sheriff of some fictional youtube laws. As the guy said i’d love to karate chop you in the throat.

Paul made the video using the word “traitor” and then he sat an reviewed the video and listened to himself using the word “traitor.” If he thought the word was too harsh or inappropriate, he could have edited the video before putting it up. Retracting the word within the video was no more than insincere lip-service meant to excuse saying what he purposefully intended to say.

noot that you will read this but I think you are way too attached to a website. Granted they have made you a semi-household name but you are solely upset because it could possibly take away your fan base as it is were. People will not view YOU as much as the regular Joe such as myself. It’s called Networking. get over it.

Stop fucking cussing people to make yourself look better, grow up and make something decent for your channel.
Oh and I’m a designer and I looked at your inventions… BWAHAHAHAH!!
Get over yourself, you’re not famous, your not important, your not even interesting.

Interesting. If someone does something other than what you approve of call them a traitor. Have you ever worked for the Bush administration? Do you get advice from Karl Rove? YouTube is a corporation with some technology and a desire to make money. LiveVideo is another corporation with better technology. The community is made of people, not corporations or technology. Do you drive a car by the company that invented the automobile? No, you drive the best car you can afford.

renetto, don’t listen to any of these negativity givers. they aren’t slowing down and paying attention to your words. the reason you’ve been so popular here at Youtube as you are a speaker of honesty. That’s it. Your honesty is intriguing and if only many more others could have this quality, let alone share it with the world. Thanks man.

who the fuck are you talking to. There are some wierd people on here like this who think they are batman and try to address the world and think they are important. its very sad and stinks of desperation to be heard. These sorts of boring videos should be banned

You need to aploigise Rennettos its nowt to do with u if people go on other sits there allwoed to do what they want. When u 1st came out renetto i thought u was great. now i see your just got to big for your boots and think your god i feel. I think your comments were a complete disraace and u need to go back to basics and do your proper shows than stirrign shit.

“Traitor” may have been a little harsh (you actually say as much four minutes into it), but your points on original work and rip-off plagiarism is right on. I agree with honeydewkids that angry reponders should re-listen to the entire post. Please continue to speak your mind.

Wow…loser. Get over it. There is world outside youtube man. These people can put their videos where ever they want. They don’t owe youtube or the “youtube community” anything. You seem to be a jealous attention whore trying to catch a ride on these people’s coattails. Hater.

It’s a free country Renetto, they are NOT traitors. I prefer YT, but I find LV a cleaner and friendlier site. Much less hate. It’s odd seeing YTubers over there but whatever…
The Ho group (We/No/Van) are popular over there since it’s a new site, less competition. Perhaps it’s a popularity contest. JMOP but I think YT seems disorganized and bursting apart at the seems. Changes are good.

‘Traitors’ aren’t exactly on YouTube because they are in love with it.
These people seek fame and want to share their lives with as many people as possible that’s the reason why they are here. It’s not any surprise to see them advertising themselves on other websites.
I see your point though. And it’s obvious that you truly care about YouTube. It’s nice of you 🙂

The difference between that site and YouTube is they’re looking to push past the stagnation of YT. There are still YT problems left to be addressed (like the rating system), but they’ve went for months.

You might as well throw stickam people in anyway; stickam is getting a big boost from youtube, and I can see them trying to emulate YT in the future. Keep this secret, but they have plans for charging you to webcast 😉

Sorry Renetto You Are Wrong On This Subject. Just Because They’re Posting On Another Site Doesen’t Mean They’re Traitors. Means They Want To Put Their Videos Out To A Wider Community which Is Totally Down To Them. Sorry Renetto You Lost My Subscripton.

You self important geek. YT has gotten so clogged with whiny people how like to hear their own voice that it makes it hard to find good content. Why do you think these other sites are getting bigger? Worry about yourself. Your Paul Shaffer impersonation act could use some work. Nice glasses though, you get a free bowl of soup with them?

The reason “they” became famous: the community liked them, YouTube didn’t have everything to do with their fame. If another product works better, people use it, right? I can see why they would go, comment limitations for one. It’s all about communication, right? If people can’t communicate on this web site, they will go where they are able to communicate.

mate… what the fuck r u talking about? just because you’re not as popular as these guys you mentioned doesn’t mean that you can just slate them off… you’re losing your “support” through this message. you’re the traitor by making yourself look like a twat by chatting shit…

who agrees?

Why do you care if people create profiles on other or similar sites like YouTube? Unless you work for YouTube or has some sort of investment in YouTube, you couldnt give 2 shits if people did that.

Mind your own business you bald headed dickhead.

wow traitors? harsh renneto boy?
look i have left for live video for one reason
because i like both sites and i want my website to be used and i like making friends from all around the entire world.
oh and youtube is filled with cheaters who vote all their friends videos up to a high standard andvote competetors off, that could have driven all of them away

Who died and made you a god?! Even Christ let the people of the world practice many different religions
And I checked into it; You are not on the you tube staff nor are you being paid by them for this rubbish. I don’t submit video’s, but I enjoy them and have 19 different sites I go for entertainment. As for G1927, he’s alot more entertaining to watch than you and your high and mighty attitude!

bloody hell, you go on for a while don’t you. i stopped listenin at three minutes. Grow up and get a life, you sad little man.
grow some hair.
and yeah DigitalSoul is right, i’m gonna go check this other site out now, just to spite you. HAH!

Tell is why you won’t go to another site Renetto. Does it have anything to do with your contract with You Tube? Sounds like a conflict of interest. You Tube did nothing to help the people here, they sold out to Google. They are traitors too under your definition. The people here made no money, although Steve did. Talk to him about traitors.

You say you’re not going to jump ship “just yet”, so it seems fair to assume that you will do so at some stage. And how will that differ from what these people have done? These “traitors”?. I’ll say it now to save me having to say it when that day comes. you’re a hypocrite.

“Just a showman trying to draw up a little controversy”
Do you really think these people are going to respect your opinion on this matter with your bullshit? I gather not from their video responses.
Congradulations, you are now an official tool.

I would not call livevideo a rip off. The site is different in many ways. So what if people want to show their videos on some other site. You’re pissing off a lot of powerfull people on youtube Renetto and you’re digging yourself in a hole that you’re going to need to try to dig yourself out of. There were other sites like youtube before it came out. Smosh has been out since 2002 so you have to look at everthing and investigate it before you start pointing fingers.

It would be stupid to put all our eggs in one basket! What happens if youtube shuts down or begins imposing tons of censorship! The more sites that host video, the better. I don’t want to depend on youtube for everything, I owe them nothing and they owe me nothing.

This guys thinks he is some sort of authority on the matter? Some people just want to be heard; who cares where they go to get their message out? YouTube sold itself, I think its called, “Selling out.” So who’s comparing apples and oranges now?

Bottom line: your argument is pretty thin and should not be made. Grow up.

If you ever watched a video from Geriatric you would have heard him say multiple times that he was NOT leaving youtube, How dare you use his name in your tirade to preach in this video. Everything is always about YOU and getting yourself over “Well look at me, i’m the only one thats not defecting to livevideo”. Renetto…heres something you need to hear. YOUR NOT THAT GREAT. Livevideo is better, get over it. You f**king suck the cock of YouTube like no one else you conceded bastard.

The “fishiest” thing going on, Paul, is YOU accusing a ton of people 9of being traitors, when ALL we are doing is creating another place for our stuff.

Sorry Paul. The only one playing dirty pool here is YOU. By your unfairness to any users who choose to be free with their own intellectual property, you’re undermining one main purpose– FREEDOM.

Please consider me unsubbed.

It’s only a website. It’s not like they swapped sides in a war. They are not traitors. Perhaps they just want to share their videos with more than just the people on here, and if you are a representation of the people on youtube, I can’t say I blame them, and to be honest, having a go at indivdual people is low, really low.

Based on what YouTube is, posting videos for people to see and documenting your life, I notice that not participating and documenting your pointless shit is more of a ‘betrayal’ to your fans than spreading work over a wide area. Get over yourself.

3 minutes in, and I can’t stand it. You’re really funny, you know? You’re hypocritcal, judgemental, and hateful – at least in the last several “partial” videos I can stand to watch. Waah. You have too much time on your hands – and I’m gone to do something else worth my time. (opinions are like as*holes.. everyone has them… they all stink)

3 minutes in, and I can’t stand it. You’re really funny, you know? You’re hypocritcal, judgemental, and hateful – at least in the last several “partial” videos I can stand to watch. Waah. You have too much time on your hands – and I’m gone to do something else worth my time. (opinions are like as*holes.. everyone has them… they all stink)

When enough of the world are against your country already, people like you pop up and make the USA look even more stupid. That makes you a traitor! You truly are the biggest prize prick on the whole of You Tube… sorry the internet. I call on everyone to ignore your postings. Brown tongue also springs to mind.

6 minutes in i was practically asleep.This is just stupid sh** you would talk about with friends if you’re bored or something. But to post this stupid crap video on youtube, that’s sad. And BTW WHO CARES IF SOME PEOPLE WENT TO A DIFFERENT WEBSITE YOU UPTIGHT PRICK

This is stupid man;

1) it’s not real life
2) if people are gonna make videos they should be seen by as many people as possible, thus play the market
3) if anyone’s selling out it’s youtube by selling themselves to google, aiding the gradual monopolising of the best corners of the web

Popularity on youtube and video quality do not go hand in hand. Take your own Mentos and Coke video for example. The camera work was pretty poor in the end, your friend missed the shot by staying zoomed in to close. But the damned thing still gets placed in youtube’s list of director videos above our subscription lists.

Do I sense a little egotism? :S I think you’re missing the point of youtube, for the past year youtube has opened up the media for people around the world, but if they want to use other video sites its their choice. And if you don’t like it, then its a good thing they don’t have to ask Teacher Renetto for permission.

whats your problem?

I agree somewhat. Not only have these people been featured but they are featured repeatedly. Maybe now they are appearing on other sites we can start seeing a new flock of video makers featured here on youtube instead. It would be a refreshing change. Im bored of the same old faces. Here’s to a new era hopefully.

I went to live video and made a account simply because of this nonsense. I never knew about it before. I signed up to live video. People can go to any site they want to. Traitors? Calling people traitors over going to other websites that anyone is free to use? Thats ridiculous.

I went to live video and made a account simply because of this nonsense. I never knew about it before. I signed up to live video. People can go to any site they want to. Traitors? Calling people traitors over going to other websites that anyone is free to use? Thats ridiculous.

While it may be a misquote from what was said “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it” I will also defend their right to say what they wish to say and to choose where they say it, Freedom to choose is their right as it is yours and mine.

What’s wrong with having an account on both sites? A TV production company would never advertise a show solely on one channel, they saturate the market. If your argument had any credence, the only computer software & hardware on the market would be made and sold by Microsoft, imagine the world without freedom of choice.

Basically as I said before. “Renetto” and all the rest got alot of attention in the beginning. Now most are going elsewhere (Geriatric1927) for that attention. Told you from the beginning, the people need attention, now it’s not as much and you can tell they are suffering with videos like this one. “Rennetto”, get over it. It was a phase, you really aren’t popular anymore.

Renetto, I agree. Using Youtube to launch your spot on another site is tacky. You may have been a little harsh with the traitor thing, but you make a good point. People can go elsewhere, but going into Home Depot and screaming “Hey, Lowes is having a sale,” is uncool. Competition is cool, but Youtube will be the best for a while. Geriatric1927 freaked the hell out.

Are you seriously upset by this?! If you enjoy posting vids exclusively on YouTube, then you go right ahead and do that. It’s a free country. But NO ONE has the right to force you to remain on ONE particular website. Calling these vloggers “traitors” is ridiculous. Traitors to what exactly? I have e-mail accounts on AOL, Excite, Yahoo, Hotmail and more, am I a traitor as well? They, like you, have free rein to post ANYWHERE they please.
Grow up.

Who cares mate? You really need a life. Who cares if they go on another website… it’s not like they’re cheating on their girlfriend. YouTube is a website… we owe YouTube nothing. We visit it, we’re a customer, and we’re allowed to check out it’s competition. End of story.

Last time I checked the terms of agreement said nothing about people HAVING to only post on youtube..if they want to then let them does it really matter? Yeah it sucks that they copied youtube’s idea but there not traitors..this was a crap video I hope you take it down.

Renetto has NEVER done anything which reflected true Talent. Acting & speaking like a mentally handicapped person is not “talent” Nor is chewing on mentos followed with a bottle of diet coke. Renetto is manipulative, his actions & his words, are done with an agenda..that being HIM. He is an attention whore who has taken the liberty to be the “self-appointed” Mayor of YouTube & I say its time to IMPEACH HIM!!

I really don’t want to get into this, but I have one question for you, How come none of your youtube friends names were on that list of people you named off for going to live video? Were you worried about hurting your favorites feeling? ok 2 questions.

I think that LiveVideo sucks horribly. I’ve been on it. YouTube started it all and started a revolution, something where we get to choose what to watch and not having to deal with propaganda and ad’s and fads that TV gave and no other website should it rip off. But I have no problem with people going to another site (so long as they KEEP making videos and uploading them to YouTube, you’d be selling out big time if you left YouTube altogether.)

Renetto has NEVER done anything which reflected true Talent. Acting & speaking like a mentally handicapped person is not “talent” Nor is chewing on mentos followed with a bottle of diet coke. Renetto is manipulative, his actions & his words, are done with an agenda..that being HIM. He is an attention whore who has taken the liberty to be the “self-appointed” Mayor of YouTube & I say its time to IMPEACH HIM!!

As for Renetto, I quit my subscription when Renetto got really boring and gossipy (around when he had that fight with Gregsoloman.) He has some great things to say and when he’s not focused on rating on others then he’s fabulous, but he’s too gossipy and too much of an attention seeker.

Cam-blogging to whine about other cam-bloggers is sadder than watching a downs syndrome child struggling to hide and dry a fresh piss-stain. Get some sun, get a real cause, get some real human contact and you MAY amount to something before cancer eats your brains.

Ok….care to show us the contract that all of those users signed with Youtube? Oh…that’s right, there isn’t any…which, in my opinion, means anybody can post their videos where they want. It seems your personal troubles are starting to break through to something that should be fun for you. Don’t worry about them.

Not traitors no. No matter how loyal you are to YouTube, currently Live Video is a lot better. For instance the speed they kick there videos out is fantastic and for people like myself that upload large files (to get better quality vids) this is a major plus. Directors get a 200mb limit too. It’s just better. Nothing wrong with upoading to both though ;o)

Renetto, are you seeing that you aren’t really important anymore? Were you ever? I know you loved the attention, and it’s turning into hate. I’d get a life if I were you. And give your attention to your kids. I’m sick of these people who get attention and don’t realize it’s not real life. When the attention stops, you get a video like this from them. Pathetic.

hey renetto whats ur fucking problem anyways ur not the master of youtube to tell all these people that u just said what do ! dont make fuckin videos like that again cause u will be fucked in the whole youtube community and think about the things u say.

It’s interesting to see how the comments on this video have degenerated from actual discussion early on to mindless hate. Also quite sad to see the reaction from some of the “respected” YouTubers who really should learn to keep their cool and think things through.

OR Renetto should THINK before he speaks..AND if he didnt mean to call anyone “traitor” then why didnt he stop recording and restart again, WITHOUT using the word TRAITOR, & naming names. Dont be jumpin on those who find what renetto said disgusting, and voice it. That video applied to ALL ppl who made accts on Livevideo, NOT just the names he named.

I admit that Renetto was a bit silly to call people traitors, but is this video really “disgusting”? I think some of the videos that call him a “manipulative c*nt” and a “fucking asshole”, just for stating his opinion, are far more disgusting than this one.

people watch youtube to see cats flying into walls and skateboarders landing on their nuts, not to listen to your lame ass commentary. I’m pretty sure youtube could care a less what you do, Anyday now though I’m sure you’ll be getting your reward in the mail, right after they finish counting that 1.5 Billion.

you remind me of a president of a fan club – perhaps the Kiss fan club – your defense of youtube is pathetic – do you use google? why did you switich from yahoo or lycos? those that post videos are about promoting themselves not the infrastructure that allows them to post – silly rabbit

who cares dude. Its a free website not a way of life. Noone benefits from youtube except for piraters and such. Well anyways please go live your life. I think you’ve taken youtube too far in your life and you know it’s true. I mean Im starting to think that you’d pick youtube over your family, which is very sad..

People can post their videos wherever the hell they want. Its their choice to post where they want to.There is no contract stating that they are to post no where else.This is truly bull shit. I cant listen to any of this.
Youtube dosnt OWN them.

Wow you are a prime example of a loser addicted to youtube. I mean come on now do you even have a life? You’re what 50 years old and you spend you entire life on youtube bashing others for getting the exposure you crave so much. Get a fucking job!

So what will Renetto do guess is he will make a video, in where he will proclaim he was “only joking” just like he’s done countless other times.

Please if you have not done so yet, please unsubscribe from this asshole. WE gave him the power & WE can take it away….

Actually, everyone will do as they please here and you can either except it or go elsewhere. It’s that simple. And if this is really an issue for you, then I know exactly where you’ve been lately. Or at least I hope you have been seeking professional help. Oh and I’m sure YouTube is releasing a sigh of relief that you are giving them a “little more time”. Geeze!

People he’s an attention-whore-junky. Why else would he “dangle” this “life shattering” development in his personal life in front of YouTube? As he puts it he’s “not quite ready to share”

Afterall he has to spread the “controversy” he gets off on, & right now, he’s getting his fix with this “controversy” he created. Once things die down abit, & he’s needing his next “controversy fix” THEN he will tell everyone this “life-shattering” info.

People he’s an attention-whore-junky. Why else would he “dangle” this “life shattering” development in his personal life in front of YouTube? As he puts it he’s “not quite ready to share”

Afterall he has to spread the “controversy” he gets off on, & right now, he’s getting his fix with this “controversy” he created. Once things die down abit, & he’s needing his next “controversy fix” THEN he will tell everyone this “life-shattering” info.

Renetto, you can kiss my ass if you think that YOUTUBE should have a monopoly on the same sort of internet access that made your lame personality an overnight celebrity. You’re whining about the potential loss of your marketshare, and slamming others for taking advantage of what the internet should be. Fuck you.

I think, Renetto, that you see yourself as important…or regard yourself as a ‘star’? Haha, see it a little more relative man, its just a website. In the end, no matter how important it might seem to you…its just a website. Why bother if someone is making another website that looks like youtube, thats life. Thats how it goes in real life, humans are copycats. Get used to it 😛

People he’s an attention-whore-junky. Why else would he “dangle” this “life shattering” development in his personal life in front of YouTube? As he puts it he’s “not quite ready to share”

Afterall he has to spread the “controversy” he gets off on, & right now, he’s getting his fix with this “controversy” he created. Once things die down abit, & he’s needing his next “controversy fix” THEN he will tell everyone this “life-shattering” info.

he said traitor was the wrong word, because its a bit harsh, he shouldn’t really say worry for what he said, it all made sense. they did all jump ship.. as a subscriber to most of them, i have to go back & forth to make sure i don’t miss content, its kind of annoying.

Want some cheese with that whine… Why pick on these people Renatto, you need to quit being so sensitive…People actually shop at different stores looking for those special gifts (such as videos). Why can’t they be allowed to sell their “wares” where they can, to maximize their exposure to different markets?? If you were to actually get your inventions to the market wouldn’t you want as much exposure as possible?

You self-centered egomaniac… u encarnation of frustration… ur work is a piece of shiet and u r a jelaous bastard.. and your pseudo-artistic photos on ur website look loki window’s default… and yet u are ridiculous enough to make t-shirts with them.. oh look it’s windows desktop!!!

ok first up – your an idiot – i figured id put that first because clearly your attention span is that of a pubic louse – as is your charisma

why the hell would you make this video? do you really think your a celebrity? no your not your a talentless fuck face, and a fat one too, hell i know fat girls that would think your pig ugly.

what is your problem with geriatric, admitedly i dont know much about him but he seems like a sweet old man, you on the other hand are decidely paedoish, everything about you screams out “im from the michael jackson school of babysitting – beware!”.

what is your problem with geriatric, admitedly i dont know much about him but he seems like a sweet old man, you on the other hand are decidely paedoish, everything about you screams out “im from the michael jackson school of babysitting – beware!”.

there are gaps in your theory like chasms in the cosmos, your retarded – the only way you would know half this shit is if youd been on those afforementioned sites, or your psycic, your clearly a hippocrite, aswell as a cockwrangler. dont you dare pick on geriatric, instead get yourself some piano wire and do the world a favour – youll find instructions for gallows on the internet you clearly love searching so much.

Do you know how websites become famous? They take ideas from another website! It’s business. Traitors? Dude, they aren’t here for the “YouTube”, they’re here to make people laugh, and other places to do that, too. I lived a few blocks away from Smosh as a kid. Even when I was eight (six years ago), they working their ass off to make people smile.

Controversial peice of shit.

i prity much agree with you. & to be honest dispite the facted i havent got some big ass fan base like you and the other names u say in ur video. iv put alot of time and effort in to youtube and my videos to just cast it to 1 side for another Site. this were i started and this is were i stay, simple. every 1 else is free to do as they wish!!

dude yer a fucktard….

If you are THAT dedicated to youtube, you have some issues move out of yer moms house and get a g-ddamn life you loser. If I ever turn 30 and I start bitching about stupid shit like loyalty to a multi million dollar company, then just kill me.

LiveVideo is in it’s infancy more than YouTube. How did the makers of LiveVideo manage to get it right? I hope you get the message from what everyone is saying here on this video. I think the main message is that you’re an idiot and full of shit, Paul. Proud of yourself for getting Geriatric angry? Moron.

youtube is a free service and thusly can in no way be compared to a sold good. Neither You nor Youtube have any right to say whether an individual chooses to use that service or use someone else’s service. Your idiotic groundless accusations against the creative genius on this site have only proven your lack of respect for your peers.

Youtube is a COMPANY OUT THERE TO MAKE MONEY, stop acting like it’s god’s grace for earth, it’s not a cooperative or anything altruistic…stop this gregarial separatistic behavior. You’re a simple man with too much influence for your own good, learn to mind your words.

Why do the hell do you care what people do with their lives? If they want to make an account on another site, let them be! Its not like you own Youtube. When people start betraying YOU, then go ahead and whine. But for now, get a life, and let others live theris. ‘Nuff said.

I think Renetto Ruined YouTube. It never was a level playing field for people like us. YouTube actually concentrated on this idiot and a few orhers instead of looking after the whole site and everyone in it. It’s YouTubes Fault if it goes down the ShitTube.. Renetto just helped the process along a little. Shame really. YouTube could’ve could have been better than LiveVideo. But LiveVideo really kicks ass and it hasn’t got the resources that youTube have.

What they do is none of your business, you seem like a control freak, really. What does it matter if they want to expand their viewing “capacity” so to speak, it’s not doing YouTube anything wrong; it’s still giving them promotion. Maybe YouTube isn’t their life, like it seems to be yours; you’re really over-protective/over-exaggerative of the situation.

Sorry, but seriously – get out more and get over it.

Geriatric > you. (:

LOL. There’s more to life than YouTube, maybe you should venture outside (gasp) and find something else. A little sensetive to the issue? You’re also a little bit off a tosser. Or am I being a little too critical? I don’t think I am. You really, really need to get a life.

Paul, as a longtime subscriber to both you and Geriatric1927, I think you may have crossed a line that isn’t there. We as viewers go where we go. If I who have no videos uploaded, and no webcam choose to look wherever, than so be it. It is not a competition.


Okay, I like you, really I do. But, you bored me. Who cares?! Youtube is a site. Like everything else. Just because they sign up to another one means fuck all.

Seriously, I have news for you; The. Internet. Consists. Of. More. Than. Youtube.

Get over it.

i rad your comments and it seems that no one likes you. please keep your nose in your own fucking business. if they want to go to another site then let them. youtube isnt a cult, they can leave or change site if they want to. i stoped watching your videos because of this kind of shit.

Well, if it helps, I think most vlogs on youtube are utter crap, including a lot of what you’ve posted. The negative comments here are insane. Renetto’s always been a big booster of youtube as a community, and of course he’d see a loss of popular exclusive content as a betrayal of sorts. I don’t totally agree with him, but come on people. Cunt? Paedophile? Samrixs says “i stopped watching your videos because of this kind of shit”… and yet he watched this one? Insane.

Renetto has only been on here for one reason and one reason only. Here’s here to try and take advantage of the YouTube community. Nothing more, Nothing less. If you think he’s here for other reasons you’re a fool. This video proves he’s only thinking about himself. He’s worried he won’t have the fan base on the other site. And he’s right, he won’t. LiveVideo wouldn’t promote this prick. Renetto has no talent. He’s only got to where he is because YouTube featured him a few times, that’s all.

A lot of people are upset and angry because he used names of people who are well known, for his own agenda. Geriatric1927 got prtty mad at this insult and so he should have. What right has Renetto got to tell people where they should and shouldn’t go? Who Died and made him GOD? YouTube have no loyalty to anyone except a chosen few of which Renetto is one of them. How do you like that people?

Good comments amazingdavidman. I think all these negative comments say more about those posting them then they do about Renetto. Jeez, he was just starting a conversation/debate and admitted that he used the term traitor to be provocative. Get a grip people.

Pfft! Yeah, Right. We’re all jealous of some bald headed Moron who hasn’t made one interesting video and couldn’t give a damn about you or anyone else. We’re all gonna go and hide now that you said that. I guess you’re Renetto’s “Bum Chum”, Hey, Phatboy?

hey you’re that idiot with the mentos…

please dont read this! every 25 minutes a trycicle is stolen on the streets of compton. these trykes are then illegally sold on the black market. Xzibit has been known to take parts from these trykes and used them on his hit tv show, PIMP MY RIDE. you have been informed.

ahhaha you cry baby! who are you to call out people for using another web site? the more sites, the better… it fuels competition and drives creativity. dont be a shill for youtube just because they feature your fat ass and made your previously pathetic life seem somewhat less pathetic to you. your ideas are shit. you make this world a bad place.

This is one of the dumbest videos I’ve ever watched. I like how this guy is speaking for YouTube. Other people are promoting other video sites just like you’re promoting YouTube. Honestly tell me what’s the difference? Once you start giving loyalty to a free video site, you know you need to get a life.



God. Why do you care about it? I can name a few places where they surpass the functions of Youtube. Don’t get cocky, asshole. You’re already considering yourself as Youtube’s superstar and its “guardian.” Fuck off.

Loyalty to websites? Websites don’t have feelings you dick head. At the end of the day it is all down to money, and youtube will feature the videos which will get the most views regardless of whether the poster has ‘jumped ship’ Big coporations don’t give two tits about the posters or viewers (which include you) as long as they reel the cash in. What gives you the right to attack people who are just trying to utilise different mediums to get heard. Are you trying to be bigger than them?

I think you should shut the fuck up,your like 40 years old with a fucking wife and kids, go do something other then bitch about other people online, jesus christ..
oh btw, noone is offering to pay you to make you come to their website, can you proove it? no, because no1 wants your boring bald and fat body on other sites, your an embarresment to the world.. you make useless videos and your about as intresting as paint dry..
– cybix

If YouTube didn’t pay you to say something I’d say they’re gonna be mighty pissed at you, Renetto. You finally proved to a lot of people that your a Bald Headed self opinionated little faggot. I hope you learn your lesson here and never speak down to people again. We just won’t take it from some dipshit like you. You’re nothing! Don’t you realise that? Ummm, what else did I want to say? Oh, that’s right. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I watched this Video and then I went outside to watch Grass Grow. I did it just to compare the two. I thought it really wasn’t fair to base this experiment on only 1 video of Renettos. I watched another one of Renettos videos and then I watched Grass grow again. The verdict was that Watching Grass Grow is more entertaining than watching Renettos Videos. Wow, who would have thought that?

Why can renetto not get it into his thick pumpkin head that the reason he as so many subscribers is, that by subscribing we can all see when new stuff is on the Village Idiots Channel, so we can come straight to it to have a laugh and watch renetto making a prick of himself.

you are very very very very wrong about this renetto youtube ,do not own these people or pay them
THERE lot and lot of web sites and people are FREE to go were they would without your or youtube ok
GET OVER IT !it a big web bigger then you

Whats your point,have you never heard the saying “NEVER PUT ALL OF YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET”?
In a democracy you are ALLOWED to pick and choose where you go,i mean i don,t go to the same places every time i go out i try to go all over,HOW MUCH ARE YT PAYING YOU FOR THIS BITCHING VIDEO?

CBS has sitcoms, dramas, the news, movies, reality shows. Guess what … so does NBC, ABC and many other stations. Do you find yourself being a ‘traitor’, as you put it, for watching other TV channels? Take a look at the Top Videos and remember that 6 months ago, you’d NEVER see any of that type of content at the top. Change the channel, or sit and watch whats given to you.

STOP CRYING! People like you are making sure the possibillities of the internet is shrinking each and every day..
internet is for everybody.. even though they don’t do things, as you think they should be done..
i wouldnt be surprised if you didnt do anything else then just sit around, waiting to bump in the something YOU think is done “wrong”. to be continued

you see YouTube as a community!! And other site alike almost as enemys?!? Typical american fascist, you moron.. People display themselves as they whant to be displayed, you have no idea how people see you eather.. so why dont you go tell your nabor that you love him or something, and get of youtube, cuz you’ve clearly had enough

Renetto, choice and freedom is the nature of Youtube and all free sites like Youtube. You seem to credit Youtube with too much – it’s not the site, it’s the people on it. Digital communities are much wider than just one site. Also, being famous for being well known on Youtube isn’t worth getting so worked up about.

3) People on Youtube aren’t necessarily promoting Youtube, but are often promoting themselves. If they want exposure as musicians, actors, comics, or just people that want attention, they are free to take that brand wherever they choose. If Youtube has featured them, so what? They’ve succeeded, on some level, in promoting themselves. They haven’t signed contracts saying they’ll stop there.
People are disappointed in you.

Big mistake Renetto. 1) One of the beautiful things about Youtube, and the internet in general, is the right for people to express themselves freely and efficiently. It’s a medium inherently conducive to competition, which in this case is no bad thing: i.e. other sites putting pressure on Youtube to maintain and the amazing things it has achieved.
2) Geriatric1927 is right; what other people are doing on Youtube is none of your damn business unless you choose to make it.

His statement up top right says that the other site is trying to be YouTube. What a load of shit. LiveVideo (The other site) is not trying to be YouTube at all. It’s tring to be the best site for VideoSharing, that’s all. Renetto, You certainly are a fuckwit and the quicker you fuck off the better it will be for YouTube. I use to think there were bigger wankers than you on YouTube but they’re nothing compared to you. You’re the Wanker King. What a fuckwit you are.

Wow, This must be the most hated person on YouTube right now.. What a Dumbass. Most hits for being hated. Naming names? Traitors? Wow, pretty harsh words from the self proclaimed saviour of YouTube.. Sorry Saint Renetto. I’m sure another chapter will be written in the Bible all about you.. Saint Renetto the Dumbass.

Renetto, I am a big fan. But I think you owe an apology to all the people on Youtube that you called traitors, especially Geriatric1927. He seemed pretty pissed about your comments. I am very dissapointed by your behavior. Do what you have to do to make things right.

What the fuck is your problem? What is this, a FACTION?
I found you hilarious, until you pulled this stupid shindig. You say that you have your own person problems. Deal with THOSE. Don’t kick shit over the names of decent people.

Renetto posts a video to start a debate that is quite relevant to the YouTube community and especially content providers. Community vs technology, where do your loyalties lie? Does it make sense to have loyalties? Mission accomplished, I’d say. Good work Renetto!

Sorry but I don’t agree with you here. They should be able to post videos under their same username anywhere they want. Just because some people get a lot of attention here (and get featured) that doesn’t mean youtube owns any of us. Stop overreacting!

Competetion has always been a good thing. I think youtube might have more incentive to fix the site knowing people have an alternative. They’ve known how frustrated we’ve been so this might improve youtube!

Wow… all these ppl in the comment area are really comical and immature….ugh!… HELLO people! everyone is entitled to their own opinion… Freedom of speech… Im not saying i agree with Renetto because i dont… but hey thats my opinion..Because im adult enough not to put down a person for their opinion….Instead of telling him to “get a grip”… you ALL need to look in the mirror

Most people are just spitting venom and hiding behind their anonymity here.

Some people have taken below-the-belt jabs at renetto and his family in their responses to this video. That’s got to be the worst thing you can do. If you’re attacking someone’s personal life (not their choice to post silly videos on this or that site) then you don’t belong here.

I watched your video, and I think you are overreacting a bit. People put their videos in several places so that they get a wider audience, and more feedback.

Don’t be so critical of them. They’re still here at YouTube, aren’t they?

Exclusivity isn’t a good thing. If you had to choose one of either an Xbox360, PS3, or Wii, then whichever one you chose, you’d be missing out on something. Here people have the same problem. They’re missing a potential audience if they just stay here.

I’m still flopping around LV, broadcaster and YT. Sure YT is the father of video sites – but these people haven’t left YT completely, they are sticking around holding out hope for them.
But like your products, and like YT maybe it was the 1st, but someone sees it they are going to copy it and it might be better then the original. Or someone might like the 2nd product or site or knock off if thats what you would like to call it they just might enjoy it better.

It is a matter that youtube can’t or won’t do anything about haters/email/or comment issues. They have had over 6 months to fix things. I have an account on both sites. The reason the “big names” made an account overthere is because people/haters were taking their youtube names and making fake accounts on them over at LV. IT’S JUST A WEBSITE NOTHING MORE. Think about it a little more before you point fingers. Yeah even Peri did 🙂

Orwell /1984 : `There is a word in Newspeak,`said Syme,`I don`t know if you know it: duckspeak, to quack like a duck. It is one of these interesting words that have two contradictory meanings.Applied on an opponent,it`s abuse,applied on s.o. you agree with, it is praise.`

Renetto – It’s a free to browse internet. You can’t impose restrictions or make people feel guilty about that. It’s obvious you’re interested in the attention you generate on YT. You might have achieved the views you wanted, but what has it done for your reputation? You have offended a lot of people by using a derogatory remark. Some of your earlier videos were funny. But now you seem too business-minded and appear to have ulterior motives..

I feel sort of the same way. I myself, haven’t posted a video on YouTube yet. BUT, I already feel going to Stickam, Livevideo, etc. and watching videos there, is cutting off my relationship with YouTube. I honestly agree with you, in my opinion, and am still glad to see a few select “Tubers” continue to stay here. I’m anticipating your next video, great job.

Renetto, you are like an older version of myself. Sure, you may get a lot of hate in comments and whatever; but you speak a lot of sense. Extremist sense, but logical all the same. I can relate to you in probably a few bad ways; but regardless.

Keep at it, kidda.

I found the dirtiest, Slimiest, ugliest looking Slug out in the garden and named it Renetto. I watched it for about 5 mins while thinking of you and this video.
So, I did to the Slug what I want to do to you. I Stepped on it and Squished it into the ground.

Please dont’t read this!
In 1945, a young girl named katu lata kulu came to America in a grey boat from Africa.A mysterious man killed her by cutting the word “LATUALATUKA” into her.Now that you have read this message she will come to your house on a full moon and steal your soul unless you follow these directions: 1.Retype this message as a comment for three other videos

uuummmm… wtf are you talking about? i mean, youtube is not like youtube is the entire internet, it not like youtube has feelings, and it will be hurt if you use another web site, i mean, your subscriver will still be able to see you. it not like people are not allowed to go to other websites…

If my cam was working I could go on and on, but short and simple, Youtube is for having fun, and or talk about certain topics, but there is no law saying you can’t make a similar site, like
playstation and xbox, both have similarities,ones better than the other, it is what people want, plus don’t call them traitors, it’s stupid! Not everyone is like you, let people decide what they want! I think this topic should be over and done with. it is pointless and stupid

In 1924 A Girl was Raped By A Band Of Circus Midgets And She Said Wiggie Weekie Woogie Before She Died Turribly. IF You Dont Repost This In 3 Topics She Will Appear By Your Bed With Glowing Poo Eyes And Stare At You Until You Fall Asleep From Boredom.

Exactly!!! And what about the comment, “I know there is a place and time for that.” He doesn’t recognize some YouTubers have only registered at these other sites to protect their online user identities. For example, someone has taken Paperlilies username on Live Video. Now those videos and that Live Video identity are being confused with the Bryony that we all know and love. Besides, YouTube will survive. Who made Renetto our online gaurdian anyway? Please tell.

YouTube doesn’t work. How many times can one delete a favorite without it working or post a comment that doesn’t post before getting fed up? I wish you would make a really good video in which you IMPLORE YouTube to get their act together. If their website worked, no one would have any reason to go to LiveVideo. Ok, I’m going to try to post this now…(knock on wood).

Oh my GOD. It posted. Well, Hallelujah.

By the way, I’m watching this video again and I must say, I think it was wrong to single people out in the way that you did. It was really vindictive, and completely uncalled for. There are thousands of people that are migrating over to LiveVideo, and it’s not due to any personal, moral failure.

i dont know when in your life your personality went from clueless loser to conceited prick, but you had better check your motivations for posting such garbage. WHO GIVES A FUCK what sites others decide to experiment with…that is none of your goddamn business and with which you have NO claim or beef.
what the hell is your motivation for defending YouTube?… they make money off of us

People should have a choice, because in the future, Google will make this an ad driven site. All you have to do is read the companies press releases about what it’s intentions are related to growing ad revenue. Is this a bad thing? It might be for some people, so having another site choice in the end is a good thing.

I have several different email accounts. I post at several different web forums. Why get negative about using more than one video forum (which is essentially what youtube is). It shouldn’t be our problem or youtubes problem if people aren’t exclusive to youtube so long as they use it.

who the fuck cares. They’re not traitors, people can go on whatever they want. What the hell are you talking about. I go on loads of sites that are similar but it doesnt make me a traitor, it means I like the other sites too. Everyone copies each other these days. Like cars, food, and every other product in the world. Thats just the way it is

For one thing, the internet wasn’t made to be some serious deal. If you’re so worried about people leaving this site, you won’t be able to have much fun on it, yeah?

And secondly, people don’t sell their soul to join YouTube. I know people have said things like this in other comments, but honestly, chill out. Spend more time enjoying them while they’re here because they haven’t left the site entirely. Yet.

I enjoy and respect most of your posts, but I think you’re dead wrong on this issue. If you don’t believe that Google is going to begin adding advertiser pre-roll to posts, you’re crazy. Users will have the ability to yank their videos, but I’d bet a revised user agreement will allow for incorporating ads. Might be video pre-roll or might be a logo-branded player frame — but it’s gonna happen.

Please watch (and listen) the c o m p l e t e video before judging. I you think a little about it you simply have to dig that every cheap rip-off will weaken the youtube community. And yes Paul, you are a little bit oversensitive in this case. In my opinion you still belong to the good guys. 🙂

i think someone has an obsession with youtube.

Well, you know it really doesn’t matter what the creators do. If creators like smosh wants to go to another site, that doesn’t make them any less of what they are. They are guys just like everyone else that just want to promote they’re videos. you can’t get yourself out there with just one site.

2:38p ET January 27, 2007 (Marketwatch)
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Internet video sharing site YouTube will start sharing revenue with its millions of users, according to a Saturday media report.

“We are getting an audience large enough where we have an opportunity to support creativity, to foster creativity through sharing revenue with our users,” Hurley said, as quoted by the AP. “So in the coming months we are going to be opening that up.”

Hey, man… I have nothing against you at all. Have been reading comments and watching many video responses and in the end, you have just created an interest on LiveVideo. Went there, created an account and will be checking now. Good luck on all this mess that have been created on your name. God bless!

I think that the issue of people taking the popular/new videos off youtube and submitting them for postage on Ebaumsworld. If your submission gets posted on the front page, they will PAY you a decent sum. I know I’m not the first one to make this connection. But if anyone are traitors, its the people that do these turn around submissions. FIN

In 1945, a young girl named Kim Jong-il came over to America in a grey boat from Korea. A mysterious man killed her by cutting the words “LOL ZERG RUSH” into her back. Now that you have read this message, she will come to your house on a full moon and zerg rush your house unless you follow these directions: Don’t repost this!

triators for going to a site similer to youtube?

what kind of dumb sack do you have? I go to many sites like youtube, I got to many sites for reviews on movies, games etc, theres also people who use message boards, if they don’t stick with there naruto forum, and go hang at a bleach forum, there traitors? (random animes named there) its not being a triator, its getting a differant experiance for doing the same thing, new peoples ideas, criticism, I can go on, but I hope you see my point

😡 You’re being too sensitive on this issue; this concept of them being traitors is a ridiculed entity of your state of mind, get over it, this is the internet, and the YouTubers you called traitors have not betrayed us, they still use YouTube and they have not left us… This video of yours is a joke…

you talk of being rewarded like its the comming of jesus, i think that thats no the point of youtube, i wouldnt expect anything just because you have been recognized on a large scale that’s not the point … there are many people out trying to be recognized by the website and we try our best

but sure livevideo is a knock off, i’ll give you that, but think, this happens to every great invention and to be honest its never been a bad thing, youtube has essentially a monopoly and livevideo might put atleast alittle pressure on youtube to innovate and improve, its capitalism

Hey, everyone, who’s going to guess that these so-called “exposed” wars and seemingly sincere self-flagellations are actually paid promotions? I mean, the videographers names and the website names sure get mentioned a lot . . . take your average 30 second commercial and how often do you hear the name of the product in that time. Don’t know if that’s the case, but just wonderin’ . . .

There’s a very simple explanation as to why people are migrating to smaller video communities. People get tired of the rude comments and all that other crap that they have to put up with here on YouTube, they just wasn’t to be part of a smaller community where they can post their videos without being questioned and insulted every hour on the hour.

True – I’m sick of the hate on YT – I LOVE YT, but I’m tired of the biggotry, racism, meaness, foul language in comments….there have been a few videos that I have let my 9 year old son watch, but I have to be careful not to let him see any of the comments – foul language and just hate from them, I’m sick of it!

wow, STFU, you cry about everthing, you spend 10 minutes on a thing that could be describe in 2, and who cares if people go somewhere else,I do graphic work and i go to multiple forums .You probally wont read this, cause your making another 1 hour video that shows you bitching about something else
And its kinda odd that an old man goes online and watches videos of a so called “lonely girl” and gets upset when he finds out its fake, even though you can tell the shows are so scripted

you’re a fuc#ing fag. smosh is just gaining a bigger fan base and you’re just jealous cause they’re huge and you have amounted to nothing.

and why should you even care? get a life. they’re just videos that people can upload on whatever site they feel like.

wow u are a loser

You are very business minded–your feel is very incorporated, but this is a site where people open an account at 1am to upload goofy videos. There are times when those videos “catch on” and the Vlogger may take it a step further. Zen is a down to earth guy and if he wants to upload videos at another site, go for it! This is not Auschwitz video camp my friend, it is “YouTube” with a free American feel! I remain your subscriber. Sonnie

wtf guys stop bein such retards and listen to cmb.. No one forces you to watch these videos… if you don’t like them don’t watch them.. instead of wasting 10 minutes of your time watching, and then posting abusive comments, i mean what the hell? d’you have no lives?

Ok…all of you who are wasting your time calling this guy a fag or a loser need to go f__k yourselves. No one is making you watch his videos. If you don’t like it, cut it off and go watch another one. He has the right to state his own opinion. I respect what he says (even though I’m a personal fan of Boh3m3’s videos) and respect the fact that he gained the courage to share it with everyone. Keep it up Renetto and f__k everyone else.

“maybe I’m just being a bit overly sensitive” Yep!Nothing wrong with tubers putting their videos up on other sites. Posting only at youtube is like showing a movie with a huge star that lots of ppl want to see at 1 “big” theatre only.Sure people will see it & probly more than at another theater b/c they have more comfy seats but not everyone can/will go to that one theater & will miss out on a great movie (also pretend the movie is never released to vhs/dvd or tv).

Thanks for your opinion! It makes sense but its not like they are leaving YOUTUBE and going over there. They are probably building a networks everywhere. And they arent jumping ship they are exploring other ways to become popular you know? Overly sensitive huh? Really lol. Dude its cool. Express your opinions and dont be scared F everyone else. Laters

I know the kids from smosh and they are two ordinary college students. Making and producing videos costs money and LiveVideo pays them to make two videos a month. That gets them enough money to make better videos that they eventually post on youtube just like always. You are a middle-aged man who probably has a lot of money and savings and a good job, so you have no problem getting stuff that you need for your videos, but for smosh Live Video is just a way to finance their videos.

having subscribers on YT doesnt make anyone famous.
Ive been watching videos on YT for about 6 months now and had never heard of you before. in fact, even after 6 months of watching, today is the first day Ive ever seen or heard of you. I like your vids but I think your taking this stuff way too far.

they have a realtionship with the medium, and youtube founders will be on charlie rose even if competitors provide simalar sites host users.

You Tube will always get its credit for the :videointernet: and not just the recognition but they already got the monetary cash (i’ll take a billn. over charlie rose’s ass anyday) +plus you gotta worry what a whole lot of cash will do to any infrastructure.

the compitition will make the over-all community better. you can visit more than one website in a sitting.

maybe one will be better for vlogs, one for orginal creative content, one for ridicualous blooper backyard carchase exploding hits to the groin.

Look at this little bitch crying his eyes out because people are going to other sites. NOBODY CARES YOU FUCKING PUSSY. Just for wasting 7:50 minutes of my life(I didn’t finish that shit), I’m going to livevideo motherfucker. You must be feeling emotional because of your PMS. Or did your boyfriend leave you or something you fucking queer? Fucking faggot ass fudgepacking pussy ass pansy bastard. Never post bullshit like this again, or I will kill you.

I honestly feel sorry for you, I mean I don’t mean to be rude or anything but did you really think people would care what you thought about traitors and such? The guys from smosh and others are the reason this site has gone global and that everyone in the world now comes here.

get a life, seriously, you nerd, loyalty to a website is that important to u? ur too sad for words. p.s. smosh and co betraying youtube by being posted on another website? surely you are ‘betraying’ youtube aswell by going on that video site….idiot. i dont flame normally but im digusted with the nerdiness



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