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February 6, 2007

Jezuz Freek & his Christian Posse

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Youtube Commments:
one good thing your videos do is that they bring out certain christians for what they are.If people like you weren’t here exposing them alot of people would maybe blindly follow some of these youtube “preachers”. BTW thx again for answering about the calendar.

okk, so you did what wwas logical, from a humanist point of view.
sure, I would just told him “man, you are not responding to your religion, you are not a christian”.
man.. I’ve seen loads of movies and stuff (including reality), where you see people calling themselves “christians”, but doing nothing that answers towards that afirmation.
btw, Jesus loves you.

Yes continue to make more videos for us, ignore the others who have nothing more important to say. I have learned a lot from your videos Brett, with that you have my respect. Even when we talked in chat you never dispected my point or view or insulted me. I may not be athiest but I believe in treating others as I have been treated! Keep it up sexy!

ATHEIST CHALLENE ANNEX FOR YOU: In hospital, a child sufering (you know what is like due your daughter disease when she borned) due cancer, incurable, terminal, and ask you: “Brett, will I died? Will I go to a bether place, to meet my parents someday?” As a atheist I honestly don’t know what would I answer. Do you???

Why get mad at christians when they do un-christlike things to you? You don’t believe in christ right? Whats wrong with saying I don’t know if there’s a God? How is denying God not more ignorant? Bottom line we don’t know what happens after death.


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