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February 6, 2007

Mack the Knife!

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Youtube Commments:
Hey, I requested the mac the knife video on one of your other videotopics. But didnt expect you would sing it again πŸ™‚ I was pleasently surprised to say the least.

Glad that the shark is back and you really are putting on quite a show in your videos lately that gives that little extra something to the already nice song.

been watching for a while now, and ever since the first song i watched i thought tori amos…not sure if you’re a fan but i’d love to hear a song of hers if you ever get a chance. think it would sound really good coming from you. keep up the shows “i’m lovin’ it”

With you, we can leave our worries at the door and rest our weary minds at your feet, if only for a moment at a time, but it is also nice to just put on your playlist and just click “play all”. Hey, name your price, we have got to have your dvd with all of these on it. You make us feel like we are at home, wherever that is. Would it be okay to pre-order?

A very old original german 1928 song, you haved marvelously interpret the 1954 Blitztein translation lyrics, in such a touching , awsome beautiful ways to communicate every sense of the song, you are a true performer that reach every soul on this sunday morning and always… Many Many thanks MaryAnne πŸ™‚

It’s amazing to me how you manage to sing and still keep your face so serene and beautiful while really singing the heck out of a song. I think you are wonderful. I love these old tunes you choose. There just aren’t songs like these anymore, or singers like you.

hmmm like the other one, I said louis would be so proud. πŸ™‚ pretty smart takin down the other one so no one can compare ya…lol Oh and one question MaryAnne, do you and that shark have somethin goin? I think I see more there than just bein “friends”…lmao

Great song as always. I hope to have some soundtracks coming soon, so I’ll be posting more songs then.
Willing to consider a long-distance duet? If Natalie Cole can sing with her dead father, we can figure out how to make it work! God Bless!

WOOOHOOOO! I got another shot of Ysabellabrave adrenaline!

I love watching you perform…the blue top, red lips, white skin, big brown eyes, golden hair, and silly giggle…oh so sexy! It’s also fun watching you grow and perfect your art each time. Can’t wait till you have a live band behind you.


I have to be honest. I suffer from depression. Been working on it for many years. Mondays can be the worst. I listened to your song and began to smile and dance in my chair. You have done more then you know for many of us. JUST THANK YOU Maryann.

Theres a glitch with the comments? When I tried to view them some would appear up to 4 times while others wouldnt show. I dont know if people repost because they cant see them, if they are deleted, or that Youtube isnt displaying properly. Hitting reload or view all doesnt help. Grrr! but I do like the song.

You have a beautiful voice! And you are so talented! Every time you acting your song! (i don’t know if it’s the good word i’m french, sorry) So come to check my videos sometimes, i sing to not as you but let me know what you’re thniknig! see ya!!

Tell you what, MaryAnne -if you don’t make it big in the US very soon there’s something very wrong with the biz over there and you should think about relocating to Europe. Paris, Rome, anywhere, you’d fit right in with your timeless class and beguiling charm. Maybe Lisbon, since you’re part Portuguese? Just a thought. πŸ˜‰

Yeah, god forbid that you take some honest criticism in stride as opposed to assuming it is legitimate. Being ‘cutesy’ with your props and expressions is a long over-worn mockery of what female artists were first doing 50+ years ago. It all looks very forced and fake, love.

Unfunny comment of yours aside…Armstrong, Darin, and Sinatra may be the most notable to have sung the song among the sea of male performers to have done so. The very few women that have done it, such as Ella Fitzgerald, sung the song with respect…not cutesiness.

Lets encourage Fullbag to do his version of the song. He has a right to his opinions…and after he posts HIS…we all do too! he he

So fullbag, I would like to see your own personal version of Mack The Knife. Let us know when you post it so we can view and comment.

What is amazing after viewing/hearing many of your videos is I am still dumbfounded as to whether or not
it is your voice. If it is your voice- you have some beautiful pipes. If this is your God given talent KEEP at it. You have the talent, beauty and presence to go far. But PLEASE- is that really your voice????

What a coincidence! I just watched a prog about Richard Kalkaska the ‘iceman’. This song could have been made for him?
Once again? amazing ability to deliver a song. I’m no expert,but i bet that quality is hard to find???
A bit like being a cold hearted killer??
If ya know what i mean?

I thought the same thing when I first heard Maryanne sing, I thought she was lip syncing..but then I watched more videos and heard her speak and she’s really singing! I think people cannot believe she’s not a STAR yet and thats what makes them think she might be lip syncing, does that make any sense?? LOL

OK, I’ve been looking at these vids and started to think, “There is no way this gal has only been singing a YEAR and is naturally THIS charming! This has to be one of those Lonelygirl things with a professional actress/singer…”

Then I realized I didn’t care – I’m just in love with that voice and want more of it.

So Marryanne – whether you’re real or a lonelygirl – my hat is off to you – I am totally addicted to your singing!

Thanks for another entertaining performance. This isn’t my favorite song but, as always, it is your rendition that makes it great to view. Like the shark. I rue the day you turn pro as these freebie treats every few days will likely cease to pop up. I am waiting for the next one. Thank you so much.

Yeah we named a park after that Louis guy, I love you interpritation, keep it up. I dont have any songs to suggest but you must love the songs, I’m sure if I hear you do something I’ve never heart I will instanly love it also, in example your Santa Baby was the first video I saw on youtube, it blew me away.

Hey stop being so alluring and so funny at the same time. Its killing me either way- I’m laughing my guts out. I get air and Im like, Man, she’s cute! Look at those lips and that smile! Those eyes! Damn she did something funny again! Then acting out the song and doing amazing things with her voice. Im laughing again- and so on, Oh? 3 minutes are up? Not sure we’re ready for your star power. Look out World, here she comes!

I love your voice. I recently subscribed but I’ve always been watching your videos.

You should definitely check out this song: Joss Stone – Sleep Like A Child .. I think you’d do such a great job.. give it a shot !

Anyway, be safe and keep singing beautifully as you do.

One of my favourite songs πŸ˜€ I love it, and yes, the lyrics are great πŸ˜‰ hehe, The question is, have you seen “The Threepenny Opera” by Bertolt Brecht? Well it’s great and that’s what the song’s kind of based on πŸ˜‰ Since Mack the knife is the main character in it. But the song, is so nice, and you have put in your usual enthusiasium which makes you an special star πŸ˜‰ haha! Keep it up!

So, you know this song was written as an indictment of greed and capitalist society? Lots of these seemingly innocent tunes have a more radical message behind them. Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill were staunch socialists. The “shark” is the greedy businessman who’s willing to take anyone down (like a common criminal) to get ahead. Sound like any of the corporate crooks in our society today? You betcha.

Watched a few of your videos this morning. Great voice, great personality. I think you are too conservative on some songs, especially this one. You could have really belted the pipes on the last two thirds of this one. Nonetheless it sounded great. Broadway is your route.

Ok, I am officially stunned! This is the second video of yours I’ve watched and I’m speechless. You are on Broadway, right? If not you should be. That is just real talent. Oh, put me in for a DVD as well should you decide to sell them. Just fantastic!

great voice! Keep up the good work. Maybe it’s better that you weren’t chosen on American Idol last August because you can gradually build up your talent, and you’ll be rewarded big in the future. Did anyone ever mention to you that you resemble Hillary Clinton is your laughs and facial expressions? Just an observation I noticed. Keep up the talent.

I like you singing old 20s and 30s songs… πŸ™‚

You have a cool accent, are you Icelandic? You accent reminds me of Bjork, totally different voice though…

Keep up the good work and I hope you can make it all the way to top… πŸ™‚

Adorei a tua musica nΓ£o sei se entendes portuguΓͺs…Gostava que se entedesses portugues dissesses 1 palavara em portugues num destes videos ou desafio te a cantares em portugues!!! LOOOOL

I like u a lot! PORTUGUESE FAN NΒΊ1 xD

How do u know speak portuguese?

I think this is the 20th time I’ve watched this video in the past Three DayS!!!! I’m couldn’t be any more serious. This is by far my favorite song from you. Don’t EVer Stop what you’re doing. You are so classy. And your smile is like crack for me. I need YsabellaBrave Anonymous. I’m Addicted!


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