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February 6, 2007

Re: My Long Ass Rant on Internet Drama

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Youtube Commments:
Man, it seems everyone is becoming obsessed with this urge to point the finger at honest people and call them fake or traitors. Personally, I don’t see the problem with people exploring new horizons, the more exploration and artist does the more they learn and can make better masterpieces. Sorry there’s so much crap going around. Chin up, bro.

Hey DS I Guess Becoming Popular Does Have Its Fall Backs, Im Subscirbed To Both Phil And You And I Think You Guys Are Both Top Notch….But I Hate To Say It, You Are A Youtube Star And From Time To Time People Are Going To Pull You Into A “Rant”. Anyways Great Vid(As Always) Especially The Tourettes At The End Lmao. By The By Im Looking Foward To The 2nd Episode Of Dirk Slade.

Hey DS I Guess Becoming Popular Does Have Its Fall Backs, Im Subscirbed To Both Phil And You And I Think You Guys Are Both Top Notch….But I Hate To Say It, You Are A Youtube Star And From Time To Time People Are Going To Pull You Into A “Rant”. Anyways Great Vid(As Always) Especially The Tourettes At The End Lmao. By The By Im Looking Foward To The 2nd Episode Of Dirk Slade.

HEY MAN post your stuff on yahoo ,google, livevideo or wherever you want. youtube is great but its not the only girl in town. in fact there are atleast 36 different video sharing websites out there. youtube is my fav. but i’ll post where i like. congrats on most viewed on livevideo

Good video, you shouldn’t have to repeat yourself in vids about personal stuff, but I guess some people have short memories or don’t take the time to ACTUALLY watch your vids. Anyway, I enjoyed it, and those pictures behind you are very nice. Cya!

idk why he said it the way he did, i mean everyone is entitled to their opinion but that was kinda harsh how he stated it, dont worry no matter what opinions someone expreses about u, im still gonna stay here and watch ya bc i like what u do, peace

DiGiTaLsOul, you have the right to post whereever the fuck you want! Youtube may have been where you cut your teeth, so to speak, but to thy own self be true. You don’t owe Youtube a damn thing. Yes, you’ll remain here like the rest of us because this is your home, but everybody needs to get out of the fucking house once in a while!

I think you’re just getting caught in the crossfire here. There’s backlash growing against the dozens of popular users that have sold out and people automatically assume that since you’re popular, that when you’re doing something outside YT, you’re joining them as well.

As I said before, you’ve got integrity, and I respect you for that.

A ignore the haters. I wouldn’t care if you were on a million sites. Just as long as you keep posting here. You’re intelligent and I hate to say it but I think people are just jealous of your popularity. Would they care if you were talking about other sites and no one knew you were, I don’t think so!!! Pssshtt!

Phil has been a ass lately. He’s been dealing with some personal shit. His videos will stop sucking complete wang shortly I hope. *waves at Phil* He’s a friend of mine, and I have abuseraterated him to go back to being Philtasticand no Philtarded.

Digititsoul, your definately one of my favorite Youtubers. Yah know, sometimes it can feel like a level of insanity,lol dealing with people who “distort.” I agree, why defend. I would think of a cool slogan in the future to prop without explanation’s for future drama’s like…

1) I have a comment on my about me blog, check that one out. I wrote an article about peoples personalities awhile back, describing how our perceptions are like a shape. 2) You could say, Message to youtuber soandso, “Your shape is out of whack again. Replay YOU, until you figure out you” LOL. THink of some slogan and peaceout the drama. ~Raven

hey Digialsoul your like the father I never had and its cool. I finally got up to having fun watching your videos. I know we all have people out there that are going to have one person or another hate them for no reason. but its all good as long as you have friends. look me up some time. take it easy.

As alwas, hon, an excellent, well stated vid! LOVE your work, and I have heard you say thousands of times that if yt was to ask for you to become “exclusive” with them, that you would do that, however, I find you fantastic wherever you go, have a cool day!! Keep up the laughs and fun!<d>

aww, im glad you did what you did at the end. i swear people are so immature and stupid. im sorry. =/ glad you wont defend yourself anymore. only shows you care or are possibly hurt about it. dont show that. or everyone will keep doing it. keep your head up. ill be looking forward to that next video in FEB. :]


honey, anyone with two brain cells to bang together knows you have no need to defend yourself. From what I’ve seen of you, you seem like a good guy, and for sxephil to attack you personally, in a video about how stupid internet drama is, makes no sense to me. So move past this, cuz I still like ya. Pssht.

Hi there DS, I just want to say, that there is no point in you needing to defend yourself as Thiefree said, as basically all of you subcribers know what you are like, and i doubt they will believe that guy, Phil, or what ever but yeah, just ignore these kinda people, i mean, theres no point in wasting your time on something like that, when YOU know if its not true, and again, im sure your subcribers know that to.

L8rz dude, Flame A.k.A Martin

in 1945,a young girl named katu lata kulu came over to America in a grey boat from Africa. A mysterious man killed her by cutting the word “LATUALATUKA” into her back. now that you have read this measge she will come to your house on a full moon and steal your soul type this in three other comments if u dont want her to eat ur guts

fuck the haters, that phil dude is mad at the world cuz he’s a loser.. i’ve only seen two videos the one you’re referring to and one talking about his girl broke up with him, i honestly can’t imagine how people can watch that shit. he moves around more than a crackhead having a seizure at starbucks, shit made me nauseous

That ending was amazing. 🙂 I hate it that you, of all people, should need to defend yourself, but I understand the need to feel like you should. There will always be haters and drama, nothing will ever change that. It’s how you deal with it that matters and you, as usual, responded with your dignity intact.

You do good work, DS, and I’ll always remain a subscriber.

Hatred and drama can suck the life out of you. Enjoy every moment and keep on keeping on. We need more people like you in this world. I sincerely wish I could say something so profound to all the angry people of the world that they just stop and end the anger inside of them. Most people don’t even know why they’re angry. It’s an unfocused and misdirected emotion, much like jealousy. Both are useless and learned emotions. Both are destructive. Sandy xo

Do not listen to any of those stupid people!
The more the world sees of you, DS, the better. 🙂 Where-ever that might be!
I love watching your videos! Ans so do many many people.
Keep up the good work! Love ya, psssssh!
Greetings from the Netherlands!


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