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February 6, 2007

Why no new vids?

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Youtube Commments:
good to hear you are gonna make more movies, i dont know what wed do without them lol, you must be excited about having a month off lol, and what is the name of that company, wed all like to kick some ass haha, good vid though mordeth very tranquil, later!


“Mordeth’s given a lot of 1st times to women he he”
It’s good to take some “time off” even from stuff you like to do, it keeps things from getting stale and repetitive, so don’t sweat it, if you don’t end up making any videos on vacation, YouTube will be here when you get back…and people can watch ALL your old videos if they need a Mordeth fix

sorry to hear you’re bored with making vids. i know i’m not bored with watching them(they’re the best thing about youtube). i hope you find some inspiration and it becomes fun for you. and hey, can you give me the blond girl’s phone number? FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Yeah I hate it too when there are no new good videos on YouTube. Me and my friends really want something exciting to watch!

niknabread, yeah she definitely crossed the running water in the video! It was only a small stream (it hadn’t been raining lately) but anyway she definitely crossed over it.

I guess there are lots of things that we don’t know about witches yet… that’s why we need to find out! Yeah, we need to find out more, definitely. Help me out if you can!

Just saw the photos. That first one with your bike could SO be a poster ad for the Ninja 650 eh. Even with the bell on it. 😉 And I agree with some of the others…. Why are so many people staring at your roommate? And why is she looking at you disapprovingly? Were you wearing no pants..?

OMFG! Should’ve worn that infiltration gear when yelling “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!”

WOW, She is a cute littel tart. Damn, sorry to hear about yoru disheartedness. IS that a word? It was probably just somebody wanting your address so they could expose your mug! Oh No Maybe it was the FBI about that plot you had to get famouse and lead Taiwan as new President! LOL

LOL S.K.I.D. there’s a guy here in Maryland at a local bar called Sgt. Major and when he’s drinking if you yell ‘Fire in the hole’ he yells it back then a few of the locals join in then it’s time to calm old Sgt. Major down again. Too funny wish I could find the stuff here I give him a can.

yes! you did take the ” omg I just stalled ” ! 😀 love it! and allso loved the ” FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!11112 ” 😛 I got an Ide actually…maybe you should make one film with all the funnies things on your movies and just put it together? would be cool :>
oh and btw, dont make movies cuz u feel like you have to cuz of us fans, make it when you want, and how you want..films are best that way 🙂 Great Job Anyways Mordeth13, stay safe! ( but keep driving like you do 😀 )

I don’t know if it’s the same way in Taiwan but in the US a verbal contract is binding, and a written one even more so. Basically as long as you did what they said they HAVE to honor their part and send you the cam. I guess it’s not really worth pursuing it, but I’d do it just to stick it to those assholes.

Your videos get better and better over time =D. Im glad to see youre gonna keep making the way, you should start selling T-Shirts =P. im sure lots of people would buy em..have the front say M13 and the back say one of your quotes, like “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”

FIRE IN THE HOLE… ahaha, awesome… what did it taste like?

That sucks about that company screwing you over, for your month off you should go find them, and repeatidly run them over with your bike, then have your dog eat the remains… and of course video it 🙂

Waaaaaaaaaa! They didn’t give me free stuff. Waaaaaaa! Just shut up you big baby & keep cranking out vids or I’ll eat your damn dog for dinner (just kidding). You deserve a break for the massive amount of vids you’ve delivered. I also think some clever form of retribution is in order for those lying sacks of shit. I’m confident your viewers will be glad to assist.

LOL… damn i knew he was gonna say “fire in the hole”, but i didn’t know he was gonna shout it… literally laughed my ass off… well, yeah you do need a break, i mean you have made alot of videos on here…. until then, can’t wait for more of your videos….

Careful, renetto will call you a traitor for going to LiveVideo. Of course, he won’t tell YouTube that someone lied to you about sponsorship so YouTube could help you out – because of course they listen to him.

Post more of your stuff on LV, the audio quality is better over there too. I want to hear the music and the bike like it should be heard.

lol i love that omg i just stalled bit… again! use it as a closer to all ur videos…. oh and fire in the hole too, cant believe u said it that loud had everyone looking around wondering wheres the grenade! take ur time with the vid break but if you dont return i will hunt you down!!!! literally… oh and cute roomie 😉

Damn, that sucks about the new cam. they were going to send, might have been cool, but eh I kinda like the indie style of videos you have. Makes it fun to watch. Looking forward to some new videos, also the little personal info you give is really cool too. keep it up man

That’s a sad story, Mordeth. That they even went for the trouble to fill-out the tracking code, testifies a strong desire to actively deceive you. (If continuous lying wouldn’t be enough of a deception)
What came to my mind listening your tale is actually the factual story of wholesale diamond trade in Antwerp or Amsterdam (My memory fails in that detail) It is where jewellery chains worldwide buys their diamonds from the exclusive Worldwide wholesaler De Beers.

The buyers and sellers are either nearly all Ortodox Jews or exclusively are to my knowledge, and know each other for the most part.
The buyer is ushered into a room. There are two or three plastic boxes arrive shortly one after another. The buyer can examine the collection and choose one which he likes best or can decline it altogether at his option, in which case no more sample offered for that occasion. (There is no mix-and-match allowed.)

If he bought a package, he can freely leave with it on a handshake, without any documentation. (Some collection can worth $20-50 million, or even more) and pay for it later, according to previous arrangements.
It’s like night and day isn’it?

All the English education they have now and they still come up with weird stuff like that. Pretty funny. New roomie is cute. She looked really pissed in the hires though. That resevoir… I haven’t seen it since I was six on a school field trip. Wow. Thanks.

Sorry things didn’t pan out with the helmet cam sponsorship. Just because you didn’t get your FREE camera in a timely manner as you expected doesn’t mean there weren’t legitimate reasons behind it. If you would have played it cool and not escalated the ‘tone’ of your emails, then it would have been different. I suspected you were the type to thrash out, and these kind of hateful remarks prove it.
Peace. -Sportzshot Management

Yeah.. I can definately tell these are not the type of people I would want to do business with. If I ever had a customer support issue I would be treated like crap. No thankyou. I am in the market for a new cam, and because of this I will go to another vendor. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and I will make sure not to endorse this company.

A lot of these are from your target audience: motorcyclists. Now, mordeth has been an inspiration for people to buy $10000+ motorbikes without even trying or getting anything from it. Do you really believe you would’t sell $300 cameras with ACTUAL advertising? Seriously, man, manage more, talk less. Plus, he would never be making the vid if you had said no in the first place.

What a fucking moron. You fucked yourself over by even replying to this video. My friends and I were thinking of buying a camera to record our skiing… I’m definitely going to make sure, if we do actually buy it, its not “sportzshit”…

Peace, shawn..

I`ll show you Peace… My 9 piece In yo FACE!!! you don’t know mordeth.. and you SUSPECTED THAT HE WAS THE TYPE TO THRASH OUT? dude your fucking yourself over even more than before you lied to him …. Jesus Fucking Christ.

I sent you a Hate E-mail thats because I am a hateful person.. I should get one of your cameras…put it on…and run your ass over.

Funny thing… he never mentioned your company. It really was you who started all of this. So now everyone knows who you are and you forced his next videos about your company and yourself to be unleashed upon youtube. Now everyone knows your buisness practices. Good job.

For FREE?! Are you really a manager? Really, how dense are you?! Assuming you’d given him the $299 cam and that this cam costs you between $100 and $250 to make and ship to mordeth and, therefore that you’d make between roughly $50 and $200 per cam sold, you’d just have, at the worst case scenario I presented, to sell 25 cameras to sell before you make a profit. This man has _3850_ subscribers and rising. That’s not even counting random viewers.

Errr…you camera is nothing but a cheap lipstick cam which you can pick up cheap for 150ish, your price is insane! I wouldn’t do business with you now for sure because of your unprofessional attitude…why in the world would you come on here and harrass mordeth about a video where he doesn’t mention your name. You and your company are a huge joke.

Everyone lol @ sportzshot, ur such bs just stop talking and give up (we all have on you)…also all your doing is just ruining your company and I hope it goes down =D As for mordeth sorry bout what happened, looking to the new videos on your vacation!


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