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February 6, 2007

Yer Questions Answered

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Youtube Commments:
Not a easy question cos to use a payphone u need some coins and if I am in a desert island I probably don’t have money, unless they accept reverse charges.

As well what kind of a book is it? It’s a yellow pages book? Is it an intrusion how to build a boat book? Cmon details.

What kind of travel agent would I use? I wouldn’t care what travel agency it was as long they made sure they brought a new book, i am running out of paper.

Not directed a me, but so what I was bored. đŸ˜‰


Good video, Roger, I really enjoyed it! You should do another one, sometime soon. I think I may be able to think of a question or two, to ask, for the next round.
I never realized how difficult it is to pick a favorite Smiths song. Mine are Girlfriend In A Coma, and Big Mouth Strikes Again, but Panic is great, too!

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Someone as fat as you does not have a social life. Your family probably disowned you a long time ago, and making youtube vidoes — that’s something everyone can be envious of you sad fooking freak, if you come to England I’m going to taunt you by slapping your fat belly.


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