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February 7, 2007

花样少年少女 第十集 Hana Kimi Episode 10-1

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Youtube Commments:
ok i summarise for u ya~
quan asked ruixi why she joined martial arts, she said coz juan jie has jepoardised her position, so she must train to become stronger to win her! do u think that’s dumb? she asked, Yesh really dumb. but dont forget its because of u(ruixi)by my side that’s why i’m back to high jump.Then she asked him to repeat that 2 times, he kinda got embarassed, “dont act as if u dont know”. “i’m realli touched! quan”

Then he said will be late, tonight’s dinner is pork chop! *pinch her nose* Ruixi started daydreaming again~ “oh god, this is my most blessed day”

Juan jie was saying to herself, if it wasnt for yesterday, quan found me a 25-year old lady, peeping at young boys changing, i would have gone over and interview him. sigh~ then she thought of ruixi which may help her get a scoop of quan’s news.

omg, singapore is F.A.S.T.

we have the 2nd part of the dvd out already!! taiwan initially said it’d be out on 17th, but i think due to viewer ratings, they changed it to 23rd!! 😛

but sg alr has it!! 😛

it’d affect ch u’s ratings… haha.. contradict.. 😛

anw, enjoy!!

haha, it’s actually how it’s selling in taiwan also.. guess it’s marketing and profit, u can say..

if u are crazy over this drama, like me :P, u’d also buy the separate set.. jus like how it is in taiwan.. i think in the near future, everything MIGHT probably come in jus one dvd set (like ISWAK, Wei Xiao Pasta etc) though..

guess it’s how you, as a consumer, wans ur product to be XD

Haha… I’m an exchange student in Taiwan right now, and my host family is like… ALWAYS watching this show. I love to watch it with them because I can understand a lot of what they say… But there are some times when I have no idea what’s going on, and it’s really funny. Love this show, I’m so glad to have found it on Youtube!


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