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February 7, 2007

Slayer on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Youtube Commments:
It ain’t 500 random notes, I’ve played 500 random notes and it don’t sound that good. But whatever Mr.Guitar-Genius. Their guitar work has been impressive enough to sell millions of records, play great concerts and influence a lot of bands around today. there is NOTHING impressive about your comment

What else was around to influence BESIDES them back then? Venom….Celtic Frost…Hellhammer…Bulldozer? All mediocre bands as was Slayer. They have some of THE most repetitive drum patterns I’ve ever heard. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman just play never ending tripplet patterns and easy power chord progressions. His solo’s ARE shit. Go listen to anything else like Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Metallica, Megadeth, anything of their style and then tell me he can still solo.

Hey Mr.Cuntbag, oops I mispelled a word so now I’m in the 2nd grade? Who the fuck are these bands anyway? If I want REAL solos I’ll listen to Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Children of Bodom, Dimebag Darrel or Zakk Wylde. Nothing wrong with Slayer. Dime was a fan & friend of Slayer’s, you gonna tell me you know better than Dime?

I was There front row me and my friends where the only ones allowed in Sound check. They did 5 jams Eyes of the insane,Jihad,War Ensemble,Dead Skin Mask and Raining Blood. Fuck yeah this is first and not last time they’ll be on T.V,history in the making!

Sok, I never got rap. Just for skanks and ‘gangsters’ who spend more time running from the cops for smoking weed and being a bunch of cunts. Metal heads are the greatest group of people you could ever meet – more productive, smarter, and they’ll make more money working then any other ‘psychopats’ out there. Slayer owns you.

Well, maybe if you tried listening to the music instead of watching it you could hear the musicianship that is present as is with all other true heavy metal bands. Do you have any idea what it takes to shred like Kerry or Jeff, or hit the skins like Dave. No, you’re just like everyone else, not going past the shouted vocals (which actually contain insightful, intelligent lyrics)

Friggoffbarb is right, it takes a lot of talent to be able to do what these band members do. I’ve been practicing the guitar for almost a year and I still suck ass. It takes a lot of skill and patience. All those rappers gotta do is come up with the lyrics (if that) and let em flow. A lot of em don’t even come up with their own beats. HIP HOP IS GARBABE. AND IF YOUR ASS WASN’T SO CLOSED MINDED YOU’D HEAR A SONG ABOUT HOW WAR FUCKS UP PEOPLES MINDS! SLAYER FUCKING ROCKS!

Dear Friggoffbarb,

You have:

[X] written a post full of grammar that the average third-grader should be embarrassed by


[ ] read the FAQ
[X] learn English
[X] shut up

Thank you.


Hip Hop blows. Not a single talented artist these days. Bunch of remixed crap that all sounds the same. Give me some EPMD or Eric B any day of the week. These twerps nowadays don’t have 1/10 the talent of the people that started it. Just a bunch of R&B wannabes trying to sing these days.

While I have respect for those 2 and was once a huge fan of pac and rap, I must say I am more into metal than I was ever into rap. Metal is by far more original and interesting. Besides modern day hip hop is a fucking joke! Unlike hip hop being in a band actually requires some talent rather than just “flowing”. Open up your mind you closed minded prick!

ems 3rd album was ok, 4th album just sucked ass since then i lost interest and i agree about 2pac, his albums just started getting worse and worse and it pissed me off how they added on no talent rappers on to his tracks, they kept fucking with his memory… HIP HOP IS DEAD

most of you rap fans have probobly never seen something like this, so it might take some time getting used to. This is what people call a “live performace”, and if you look closely, you will notice that they are playing “instruments”… Ok, now try and say it with me. “In…stru..ments.”

First of all…it’s not a casio keyboard
Second of all…there’s no pre-recorded dance track
Third of all…it’s not Ebonic’s friendly
Fourth of all…You don’t get it

it’s cool that you like different music, (MYPanicAttack…lol) but open your mind a bit! It’s an art form.
Great to see Slayer still up to their ol tricks!

I’m more open to music than anyone… trust me on that, but this type of CRAP… im sorry, it’s not music, since i dont get it plz explain it to me…
Sure it can be an ART form, but I’ve seen ART that I duplicate… and this is pure garbage at heart.
ps Im glad you enjoy my name : )

Because this is not MUSIC!
Most people would look at this and turn a blind eye. I listened to the entire song and this is what it told me. Thats what you call being OPEN. You don’t cast judgement immeadiately and you weigh the strengths with the weaknesses. You technically don’t have to like it to display openess, sir. THANK YOU

believe it or not, I do understand where you’re coming from. Some say the same thing about jazz. I happen to play 5 instruments and i’m in a bluegrass band. Some don’t like hillbilly music.
Music evokes emotional responses such as crying, smiling, anger etc. and people respond differently to different stimuli.
You don’t have to like it…true dat…it doesn’t mean it’s garbage.

If it offended anyone, sorry, but I’m OFFENDED by people labeling this MUSIC. Just because you have a mic and your on a stage and their’s an audience doesn’t not mean it’s MUSIC. Porn “evokes response such as…(ladeada)”. My point is anything can be stimulus generating emotion.
I’ll give you an example: Rap isnt music until they lace it with melodies. Its essentially poetry at heart.
If someone said jazz or hillbilly songs aren’t music; more likely that person is racist or ignorant.

Asian Indians stretched animal hides over frames and hit them. In Peru they used hollow sticks to blow air thru-…Rap is word oriented but has a discernible rhythm and manipulation of that rhythm is an art form.
Compared to each other, they sound much different.
“Music” is a word to describe tones or rhythms strung together…perhaps your definition is different.

What are you rambling about… your describing anything with the compentency of making noise; a variant of music. There’s gotta be some way to distinguish it into the category of music.
Question: If I farted, would you DARE to consider placing it in the same category of Beethoven’s Moonlight?
Church has a “Call to Worship”, where they say, “Make a joyful NOISE unto the Lord”. Not singing or playing instruments, but NOISE. And my friend, I think this is in the category of NOISE.

“How am I not open minded?”
Because your narrow minded definition of “music” doesn’t allow for it.

“Just cuz I critize it”.
Of course you can criticize…however your refusal to understand, doesn’t re-categorize this as “garbage”, simply because you listened and don’t like it.

I know you don’t understand my replies, because it’s like trying to tell a racist why they shouldn’t be ignorant!

My definition of music has nothing to do with my level of openess toward music AT ALL. I welcome critisim because, frankly, I can’t define a lot of things like justice or love or moral.
You call me out for not being open minded THEN you defend it by casting out my deffintion of music…? Ironically, this is what exihibits YOUR lack of open minded-ness!!! lol

BTW The song is garbage, but don’t recall calling the Metal genre garbage. And Racism is a completely different beast.

1. YOU casted out MY definition of music…read above.

2. YOU stated YOU were open minded. I never said anything as grandiose about myself…read above.

3. YOU stated “Garbage”. I said “eye of the beholder” …read above.

4. “Racism” was used as a “simile”…READ!

I’m not going to debate this with someone who is apparently upset/unstable, cuz you honestly sound traumatized.
Sooo, After you cool off we can continue or keep digging your own grave… because clearly your doing all the labor without my help. 🙂

I just pointed out, who said what, in response to your post.
I know you can see this, and that’s why you attempt to make personal attacks and deflect from the topic. That particular personality defect speaks volumes.
Enjoy reading your own words, and I hope I’ve helped to reinforce your image of yourself.
“…eye of the beholder”.

…why would I runaway from something I believe in? But anyway, Just because I percieved you as upset doesnt mean you should take the “self-righteous” path to defend yourself.
Look at your own response and attempt to read it OUTSIDE of YOUR perspective and tell me what it sounds like. A quote for you, huh? Ok, “People are reflections of yourself” apperantly you have an issue against yourself.

You said, YOU were “offended”.

BTW…I always quoted you accurately (verbatim)…and responded.

I may have missed it, but where is the quote I made saying, “People are reflections of yourself”..?
I assume you’re trying to make a point…perhaps I’m missing that as well.
If I didn’t say that…

Tone deaf maybe because of the this Araya character enables me to hear them. Your last sentence? 0_o
Well structured, you say. How? because they finished the song before their 4mins of air time was up?
But, yeah. I agree that guitars can fashion melodies tho.

yesa well most people who are into this music are usually more open minded than people into shitty indiemo, e.g. mychemcialtoilet. thos bands are scars on all guitarbased music – boring, unimaginative, life-sucking turds churned out on an industrial level.

These pro emimem and tupac commenters wouldnt last 5 min in a slayer pit because they are soft as shit. Its all an act.
And Im from FLATBUSH, and those bitches are shit.

SLAYER FUCKING RULE!!!! Piss off you little poser tupac shits.

OMG WHERE’S THE CHORUS!?!1! That’s all hip hop and pop are. A chorus and some thudding. What bullshit. That’s all it is – marketed bullshit to the masses who eat it up. Someone told me once that metal is marketed to people, but nothing makes more money, sounds more horrible, is more sexist and kills as many brain cells then the shit thats on the billboard charts. There was never a time when hip hop was any good. Now, if you’ll scuse me, I’m gonna go listen to DragonForce and be cleansed. \m/

no offence I mean I love all musical genres..because there’s always something there…most of the people who are replying on here are just ignorant, they act as if they know hip hop cause they herd of dre and 2pac or maybe nas…there is so much more to hip hop..It has one of the most expansive underground scenes right now…hip hop is everywhere…It is the last true genre of music…

…hip hop is an amazing culture that is spawned
from eveything youve loved from soul to funk to jazz to rock & roll…
Please dont limit yourself…think about it…
people who loved classical music hated when the eletric guitar came,
proclaiming “its just a bunch of noise” …
dont you see it keeps repeating its self and its really sad…
good musicans in the music world pride themselves
on there openess to sounds ‘creativity’…

yet some still are ignorant and judgemental of things
they dont understand…You all judge hip hop cause you think
its all money and crime, but you really have no idea…
hip hop came from the same place rock came from
WANTING TO BE FREE hip hop started out as park jams
to have a good time even in the ruff ghettos these
people lived in at times…they gave up the gang life in place of music..

they werent going to take what was just expected of them anymore….
Have you seen the Bronx in the 70s its like a war zone for christ sakes…
hip hop emurged from that…A true revolutionary idea…
Dont take what the media feeds to you..
dont except ja rule or usher as a part of hip hop culture…
dont be misled into thinking black people are just gangstas and pimps…
Dont you see what the media is doing to you…
Its fucking brainwashing you into this..

don’t get me wrong. Hip hop USED to be good, but now days is more about $ and the artist life than about the actual music. By the way hip hop roots come from african/caribbean rythms. wre ever areas metal comes from rock and roll, jazz, blues, country. And a mess up ozzy

hahaha Heavy metal doesnt come from blues jazz or country lol. Where did you get that? I think you meant to say Rock and Roll came from blues and jazz(deff not country). Sure Metal came from Rock and Roll, but to say it came from jazz and blues is like saying ALL music is related to each other(which is true).

Please don’t tell me where hip hop came from…
I know kool dj herc came over from Jamaica and brought the idea of the big sound system and yes hip hop is influenced by African/Caribbean for sure…but It comes from funk, jazz and rock mostly…I have a huge record collection(not just hip hop) I have around 11 000 LPs(records)..Not trying to be egotistical…but Its just people are so easily lead into thinking hip hop is just bullshit nowadays which is crap…

WTF, what are you rambling about, devote? You said, “metal comes from rock and roll, jazz, blues, country”. I never even mentioned Hip Hop more or less where it came from. I only wrote about Heavy Metal in my comment stupid, in which you are deffly WRONG. Next time do me a favor and learn to read.

I certainly dont care for them. But every generation has their brand of music. My son loved them in high school. I personally like to hear the words people sing, they just yell. But to each their own. My mother hated Led Zepplin and Janis Joplin when I was a teen ager so I get it.

I read these and laugh .. people dont get it. Ive been a Slayer fan for 20+ years … ya like what you like and you dont like what you dont. They have been and alays will be my fave band. Call me whatever … they speak honestly in their lyrice in my world and I hear every word. Its called listening closely … if you dont like what I say .. too fucken bad. Shit happens … LIfe is good 🙂 Ciao!!

I’ll admit their solos arent the best.. but their rhythms on the other hand are intense and heavier + more agressive than most of the new thrash/heavy metal bands coming out today.Its funny how all these ignorant bastards who probably have never heard slayer before have the nerve to bash on them after watching this video.Go listen to the albums Reign in Blood,South of Heaven or Seasons in the Abyss and then come back when you have knowledge about what your dumping on.

mypanicattack, thats one of the most ignorant comments ive ever seen. You know nothing about metal music and if you did you would realize its one of the most complex genres of music out there. No im not talking Limp Bizkit or Korn, I’m talking Strapping Young Lad, Into Eternity, Chimaira, Nile, Behemoth, etc.

Look here, I have already apologized to offending anyone, so my concious is as pure as a virgin.
I felt motivated to give this song a fourth chance, but I found Tom Araya indecipherable, so I looked up the lyrics… and ummm… about that… yeah… I don’t have any inclination where to start… so I’ll save us both time and won’t even begin.

The idiots out there who are claiming Hip hop is better than Slayer are probably just afraid of them. Naturally people fear what they don’t understand, it’s obvious they don;t understand metal, therefore they’re afraid of it. If they went to a Slayer show they’d probably cry. What the hell do you do at a hip hop show anyway? You complain about them doing nothing but “screaming” but to me hip hop just sounds like some guy talking really fast over generic beats made from synthesizers.

About Hip Hop: I like Public Enemy. I don’t have anything against good rap or hip hop when the artist has got something to say. I just don’t like “modern” hip hop. If hip hop fans don’t like Slayer I don’t see where the problem is. Each to their own.

SLAYER RULEZ. If you didnt want to argue then why did you criticize it. So what its not gino’s dancing to techno, so what its not rappers being full of themselves, so what its not emo’s whining about everything, so what its not wierd music that nobody hears about. Its metal and it rocks and it is music.

I’m really impressed Jimmy had Slayer play on the show. I have never thought metal was getting enough attention. it doesn’t get the pump-money that Emo/Rap/Country does. I’ve bveen a fan of metal since I was 11, and it’s about damn time.

As for that comment about this song not being music, that’s just plain silly.

There’s some things I want you to know about:

-The “Back” Button: Goes back to the previous page
-The “Stop” Button: Stops the video
-The “X” at the Top-Right Corner: Closes the browser window.

All of these are a lot more effective than bitching and complaining endlessly in the comments. Now…go away.


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