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February 8, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
wow.. thanks for the song and the sub. it’s a really nice song. (sigh) the lyrics are great. yup and.. you are also great too girl. i got to admit that. i’m so loving that drama. (sigh). thanks a bunch girl. yup. smile lotz. yup that’s right. heheh. 🙂

waaahhh thnx lainemma!! i’ve been lookin evrywhere for the englsh sub of this song..thnk u so so much lol.. i never xpcted dat u wud upload this song w/ eng sub wow thnk u thnk u thnk u so so so much..wah we owe u big time hahaha!! dnt knw how to repay u..ur so awesome..thnk u muahh!! hugzzz

Hmmm…that’s weird. I can’t find my comment.
Anways, Thank you so much, lainemma.
I’m always anticipating for your videos.
You’re always going the extra miles! Love it.

Chun look so adorable through out the whole video but the best at the end with his shyness when Ella kiss him. So LUCKY! I love CHUN’s Lips!

I absolutely love this song. And I’m in love with the lyrics. They’re so sweet. Can you believe it lainemma, this mv has only been uploaded for 1 day and it already has 41 comments and over 1,000 views. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be able to know what the lyrics to the song were. Ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty! 😛 You’re a goddess for taking the time to sub these for us.^_^

does this really have anything to do with HanaKimi? Other than the fact that it’s Ella and Chun, I mean the story in the video doesn’t really look like it’s outta HanaKimi. Ella doesn’t act like she does in the drama either. Just wondering

But this was really cute
hmm….I still think the lyrics are sweet. Give me a song with better lyrics. (No seriously i would like to know :D) what song could have sweeter lyrics. and besides, wu zun and ella look so cute together, how can you not like the lyrics that go with it? 🙂

No I haven’t, and maybe you’re right. That’s probably why I can’t really relate very well. Ju Hua Tai by Jay Chou has better lyrics and it’s more beautifully executed as well. Similarly, they’re both musical, male idols in Asia, so I think you would like that.


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