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February 8, 2007

Naruto – Sadness & Sorrow/Orochimaru’s Theme – piano improv.

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Youtube Commments:
holy crap kyle… 2:24 to 3:10 was just…. beautiful. Even though i’ve never heard this song before. and in that bit i just said i think the small fast part from 2:46 to 2:48 sounded really good 🙂 and if it wasnt part of the origional song well then… IT SHOULD BE XD

LOL, WHOS THE PWNER NOW?!? xD Thanks ky. I’ve almost got it down. but… i couldnt get… what was it… 2:38? my hands dont reach far enough
Meh! I dedicate this to myself. Roflmao. Just kidding. Im actually super pissed off at something… I’ll tell you about it later. ~Justin.

I fail to see how this is a “waist” of talent. He is an impressive player, he has the right to play anything he wants. Hell, if he wanted to play Marry had a Little Lamb, more power too him. And furthermore he would probably embellish it and make it beautiful.

Rock on Kyle556, rock on.

Listen, I play on a steinway and you know what, I actually preferred playing my old starks&grand, an obscure out-of-date piano company, because I liked the way it sounded. The piano, or the keyboard, or the harpsichord, or the organ, is all up to the player. So don’t criticize his lack of grand piano/real piano crap… that really has nothing to do with it. Plus he’s got a nice keyboard.

I’ve never been able to choose between your Naruto Medlys, all wonderful really, like in the Canon u can really hear its been with you for a long time and still inspires. The 2nd part is impressive with the new base sound but the sad theme is my favourite. 1000 stars!

btw I did ask for Naruto (in the comments on Eyes on me) :p

Kyle… I know you’re not ever going to read this, just saying, I have to let it go, it’s so beautiful. Tremendous feeling, intense, exciting, bursting with great emotion. It cuts deep in my heart, it made me cry. It’s so dramatic, Kyle, I love your pieces. Amazing.

hey there, i really think this is such an amazing piece plus how youve played it has touched my heart. You can play the piano with alot of passion and that has to be one of the most important skills in becoming a true pianist, you have managed it! This song has managed to make me have tears in my eyes, it is truely able to bring out all them sad and burried memorys thats happened in your life.

if you’re a guy: why are you thinking about that?
if you’re a girl: dont you think those hands would be better touching girls? look at how fast those powerful, yet gentle touching fingers can move.

AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA. alright, i need a boyfriend..

omfg, where has this gone too, we got a nice song and everything and yet still sex prevails… But my friend said that’s what girls think of when they see a pianist play, I nvr thought if that way but I never believed that to be true…. TILL NOW DA DA DAAAA (girls are perverted) lol shame shame

You play so beautifully. You have introduced me to music that I otherwise would probably never have been exposed to. Keep it up!!

And piss on you assholes that leave such goddamn immature comments (see below). You are cordially invited to FOAD.

hhaha its the truth
everybody was talking about how gentle and “sexy: his hands were
and in truth im sure he gets nasty with them
its the way of the world
everybody does
and life would not be fun if you were “mature” all the time
life is great when your immature and you make it fun
so dont be jealous
ps. the last thing i am is gay
so dont get that idea
i like vaginas 😀

I like it, you could if you wanted too seap in a little bit of improv in the beginning, not too much so that it seems repetitive in the middle but enough to keep it predictable just a little extra one or two note in the right hand for passing tones… but everyday I come and give it 5 star rating lol I wanna see it go up to 4.5 or 5 stars ^.^

Yeap! I agree that youtube ruins the audio since I got some normal clips that have a mute bgm for no reason…But the clips you have here is near perfect, so most of the visitor will love the piece! even I wanna hear the greater clip if a better server provided

Try to lift up your wrists. Its easier to reach those farther keys and allows better balance in the sound quality even if youtube screws it up.

When your not using your hand rest it on your lap that way it can take a rest and be able to drop on the next note giving it good entrance tone.

Hope you redo them in the future.


holy shit… I started lerning this (even though I have never played piano B4), and I tell ya – this ruled!! I realised how much I suck, but oh well… This was fascinating!
The SandS part made me cry, though I haven’t cried over this melody dor at least 3 months… And that D-moll Tocata made shivers run down my spine, this version is soo much more scarier than the one in the show!
YOU’RE AWESOME! You should have shown your face in the end ^.^

I totally salute this guy. That was beyond awesome. Can hardly shut my jaw and I’ve got shivers down my finger tips.

Compared to this, I feel really embarassed with my own skills, eventhough its grade 8

I’m trying to figure out all the songs used in this improvisation. Other than Naruto S&S, there was the Toccatta in Fugue, and the intermission between these two pieces sounded really familiar but i couldn’t recall what song it was. its a classical piece or some sort


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