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February 8, 2007

Re: Traitors or Not.. Smosh, Geriatric1927, Boh3m3, DIGITILsOuL?

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Youtube Commments:
OK… First response … and I heartily agree with you VK.

I am not leaving YouTube … no way… but I am keeping an eye and an account over on LV.

I thought that paul’s comments were weak and a poor attempt to be overly dramatic. Dare I say Sensationalist.

I see things in a completely different light. First of all, I do believe the constitution does give Renetto the right to make the accusations he’s making. He may not be able to give enough proof to return a guilty verdict, but he can make the accusations. Granted, you have the right to make a counter-accusation if you believe he is making an incorrect accusation.

You are right, and the featured thing was most definitely a mistake, I can’t disagree with that. Keep in mind that I’m not defending Renetto specifically, but everyone on YouTube. In my own personal opinion, though, I think that “featured” comment was meant as a blanket statement more than one specifically tied to each user.

Secondly, I think if this whole situation much differently than most people do it would seem. You are right, this is not a marriage, but some loyalty is due, IMO. Here’s my analogy. This is like being an actress signing on with a budding agent who always tells you, “just remember me when you get famous.” And, when the actress does get famous, she jumps ship to another agent and promptly forgets the guy who got her where she is now. That’s how I see this whole situation.

Now, again, I don’t see that YT has promoted me. They give me a platform for which they profit off of all of our videos. Other than notoriety, I see no personal profit. Renetto on the other hand, has undoubtedly seen an increase in his businesses because of this. Whether he’s paid by YT, I don’t know (but think he might be) and so for him to change would be a conflict of interest. Not so for most of us.

I really really like the way you stay calm, VK, rather than letting comments get you upset (seriously, no sarcasm). Secondly, his comments toward you were very ill-founded. I cannot disagree with that. And lastly, you are probably right in that Renetto has seen more income because of YouTube. But, I personally think fame is the currency that he was speaking of in his video.

VK all I can say is this is just foolish. You do not need permission to put your videos anywhere. They are yours.This video that Rentto has made is beyond hysterical. It makes it sound like youtube is some type of cult. Anyone who calls you a traitor for posting videos anywhere else but youtube are fools.

Hi VK, you are certainly right about all this. I’m wondering if Paul is just in a weird space right now having to do with the problems in his life that he is getting ready to talk about. (I presume they must be problems.) But Paris Hilton vs William Shatner? Hmm, are we talking about which we respect more or which we would rather look at? 🙂

Hey, i watched his video… didnt make a whole lot of sense to me, a printing press could be patented but publishing a book is free to all, and u can publish a book w/ any publisher… in YouTube’s case, they published tons of stuff without paying for it and got the owners got 1.6 billion. He is wrong and u r righter than right… and wow u made the front page of the other site..!

Of course you’re a traitor, VK. I *knew* something was up with you, I just knew it!!! How dare you try to expand your audience, how DARE you! Get outta my face, you no-good turncoat!!!

Renetto’s hilarious. Even funnier when you realize he’s serious. And you rock, VK. Just in case you didn’t know already. That doesn’t mean you can hug me though, traitor. 😉

Youtube is becoming more and more like a soap opera each day. I don’t even watch Renetto’s videos and could care a less about whoever he is and what he says. Why don’t people just make their videos and quit worrying bout what anyone else says or thinks. If you wanna put your videos on other sites then that is entirely your decision and no one else’s business.

Like I mention on Renetto’s video comments, YT has nobody to blame for people leaving the site but itself. We all have spoke of the many problems, but YT won’t listen. By Renetto’s reasoning, there would be no other cars but Fords on the streets. — Matt

I think the reason things get fixed and situations are seen to quickly on live video is simply due to the fact that it is a new site and the staff are able to cope with the influx. As LV’s popularity grows I think everything will change and we will start to revisit the same problems we have seen here. Having said that I agree with the rest of this video. Paul was being very overly dramatic. Drama does put such a downer on everything doesn’t it VK..

True. It must be handy in a way to have another company’s mistakes to learn from. I’m not about to leave You Tube for LV myself but I don’t have any strong feelings about those that do, either way. Doesn’t seem like a big issue to me in the end. You traitor you! LOL

True.He is worried about the Community here. He’s invested alot into it, emotionally, personally (seen alot of his family). He has a lot of pressure with a BIG following.Luckily he is a natural,like you.

It’s DOUBLE work. I have to work at this hard.

Go ahead and do what u want. He is entitled to his feelings & opinions as we all are. If he is disappointed, thats on him. Dont let him or anyone else be the focus of your feelings or decision. (I sound like Dr. Sock. LOL [Hmm new character?])

You had a dangerous situation happen to you here. I appreciate anyone who makes a stand for what needs to change. I also realize you have fans here and your trying to honor that too. I think its good to wear Adidas and Nike if your intent is to change things for the better. Good video Kitty! ~Raven

You are dead-on. No one has the right to tell another where to go or where to stay, let alone call them a name because of it.

“Hey I moved from Louisiana to Texas.” “YOU DID WHAT??? YOU TRAITOR!!”
“Uh, no I’m not. I moved, it’s my business, duuuuh.”

paul is just a cry baby, oh not to mention he is a hound for attention, and is just lookin for more praise from people he doesn’t know, i subscribed to him a long time ago, then un subscribed, cause i think he’s a whiner, and WE LOVE VIOLET KITTY

Renetto just doesn’t understand, he thinks this is a real community where people have each others backs. When it’s just a place where people put up their videos hoping to get famous and will move on at the first chance that there’s a better sight. There’s a lot of talk about people on here being friends or even family but we all know that’s hogwash. Don’t we ?

Bill, I think you’re right to an extent. Some of my closest friends are on this site, but I have no loyalty to YT, and yes I’d leave completely if they don’t make an attempt to fix the obvious errors, but I’m willing to give them a chance to do so first.

I found the internet one day. Then I found YT. A bunch of people had posted videos and let other people watch them. I don’t remember ever seeing a contract from YT in my mailbox telling me that I had to join a community. I do remember seing something in a user agreement about keeping videos non-pornographic, but that was just about the only limit. It’s a free service. It’s voluntary. Nobody has obligations to anyone else. END RANT.

Well said, VK.

I have thanked you in a video, but you probably didn’t see that. YOU were the one who tipped me off about LV! I also went to reserve my name, but I stayed because I was impressed!


Renetto made a canopy chair that improved the design of the folding chair. He made a better chair. If livevideo improved on what youtube did then what is wrong with going there. Is renetto the only person that can create a better chair? If I had a regular chair and bought Renetto’s canopy chair am I a traitor to the original chair company

As an economist, I’m not convinced that competition is always good. When I get my snailmail, I’m glad it all comes in one mailbox, with no competition. I’m glad I don’t have to go down the street to a UPS mailbox to get half my letters and then sort out which ones are duplicates (and which ones have duplicate content even though they’re marked differently).

lol…like the name, Claude (when I said it aloud). Anyway, you don’t have to participate in multiples, but the freedom of choice does usually force businesses to stay on top of things. Monopolies often become lazy and/or uncaring, which is what I see in YT currently. However, with a smaller site competing for their members by providing better service, YT will be forced to improve.

I appreciate the argument. I’m just saying, from an economic point of view, there is a tradeoff. Because other users’ decisions affect my options, I’m not really individually free either way. In the case of USPS, I think the consensus is in favor of monopoly despite its drawbacks. In the case of YT vs. LV, well, Renetto is fighting a losing battle, but I’m not convinced that LV’s existence makes me better off.

Wow VK…Your a bit Sensitive here…According to your Thinking Though, I Guess it is ok to be Christian and Mormon too…Have you no Loyalty! Why respond too Renetto’s incites and thoughts with personal attacks and accusations. A bit Disappointed in you Today.

Comparing lack of loyalty to a company to lack of loytalty to a faith is a huge stretch. When did I personally attack him? Or accuse? I was the one who was attacked and accused. He is on the offensive by personally naming about 10 youtubers and calling us traitors, of which I am one.

People who live in glass houses… need to stock up on Windex. Me thinks he’s not seeing things so clearly.
You made some good points but I disagree that he didn’t have the “right” to air his opinion. Granted, the namecalling wasn’t cool. I’d be irked, too, if I were in your shoes.
The brand loyalty he refers to – does it even exist for people who DON’T work in marketing??
And am I a traitor to Alphabits because I decided to switch to another cereal?

This is really silly. YouTube was never meant to be a haven for people with overblown egos to hawk their self-importance (the Blunty/Renatto typology). The best videos I’ve seen on YouTube are: (1) A short clip of two coyote puppies wrestling over a sponge ball, and (2) A montage of guys flying off of cliffs in Norway wearing wing suits that allow them horizontal flight.

its crazy how people get sooo over whelmed on everything..its like gosh there is a life out there get your head into it! I really do like youtube but it seriously hasnt done anything for me either and i understand where ur coming from. live video actually has people to answer questions I get personal emails from a few of the workers helping me out on my editing and stuff like that for live doesnt do that for me! anyways take it easy my dear.

Renetto works for YT its THAT simple. Heck, I thought we all knew that. It isn’t that hard to work out. And why does everyone feel the need to EXPLAIN themselves to YT and renetto? dang. Do what you want and f*&k what renetto thinks. Hes a baby that is operated by YT

Kitty dear, your overreacting even more than geriatric1927. As I told geriatric1927, yes, Renetto used the word “traitor”, but in his video, he downplays that word, he jokingly says he used it from “drama” purposes only. Bottom line, he basically hopes that you (and some of the other more well known characters) have no intention of leaving this place for another of the SAME type for the WRONG reasons. It’s a plea, not a demand, so I see no reason to get bent over it at all. (Continued)

(continued from last message)
By the wasy Kitty, you are once again doing that annoying Greg Solomon move where you look sideways with one eye at the camera and move in closer — it’s obnoxious at best — stop doing it — we aren’t children. That being said, have a nice day.

You are still a traitor, and even though you’ll never acknowledge it you are turning your back on the site that gave you internet exposure and first gave you the ability to share videos on the internet so Renetto has every right to call you out. T R A I T O R

I agree with most everything you say, and I’m glad to see good arguments from you and Peri and gpert etc., rather than simply responding with flame, as Renetto didn’t really flame anyone himself.

Anyway. Some people “owe” more to youtube than others (there are people who’s subscriber base specifically rose from being featured), but as you said, Youtube makes profit off their celebrity as well. Drama is silly, but everyone has their opinions.

Looks like YT just changed a few things! Sorry to make this page my test page, but I need to see how many characters I can type in this box and how many comments I can make until I am limited. Looks like YT has been listening through your passion and participation in this topic of competition discussion.

Nope! We’re still at a 500 character limit! But your page looks nice.. a little bit like the “competitor’s” pages, but that’s good! Competition is working!

Hey VK. Actually we all pay YouTube with our time, effort and content which is VERY valuable. It is part of your soul! Yesterday it was reported last quarter earning/profit for Google/YouTube were something on the order of $1.6 billion!!! Someone is making a killing off of us all! I would like my fair share and think everyone else should have a part of the pie too! TAL


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