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February 8, 2007

Traitor? Me? SO, HANG ME!

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Youtube Commments:
“Im not a witch Im not a witch!” -Peri

Sorry Peri I like your stuff but youre basically youre the poster boy for the LiveVideo > Youtube sentiment.

Stereo is good, but once it becomes popular itll switch to Mono for bandwidth issues.

I did think “traitor” was quite strong language. Though, to be fair he admitted himself that he didn’t mean it that way and it WAS for dramatic effect. I think, overall, the issue has become WAY too polarized… but at the same time I understand both view points.

Great vid Peri. I think the whole argument is a bit silly. I hear a lot of people saying LV is just a knock off site; a mirror of YT. Well, sure it is. That’s what it needs to be. No reason to reinvent the wheel. The wheel just needed to be improved upon. LV was paying attention when YT apparently wasn’t. The ironic thing is that Renetto’s vid will more then likely give more publicity to LV and ultimately, more people will head over there.

Peri you are no traitor. Paul should know better than that. I forsee another Renetto appology video in the near future. He took an unfair shot below the belt in my opinion. Another one of those from Paul and it will be interesting to see how many hit the exits.

Questions for renetto: Why did you ask people to cybersquat usernames of famous individuals? How can you complain about people building a better version of something when your umbrella lawnchair idea was merely packaging somethings that already existed? By the way, can anyone figure out why Boheime has any subscribers at all?

To each his own, I say. I posted my very first actual short vlog on LV and I didn’t get eaten alive like I’ve seen happen on YT. I have been terrified to post on YT so the smaller venue was better for me to get started with. I could go on but everything has already been said. I’d rather do without the drama.

Well Said Mr. Urban! Mr. Periurban! Bravo! I love how clear and well spoken you are with out being negative in any means. Thanks for what you bring the YouTube community. You are always a pleasure to watch! I hope all is well with you and take care. Andy Out! Check out a vid sometime if you want. If not ill still luv ya 🙂

Think how our world would be if Wars didn’t start over words? Someone comes along and says something stupid and before you know it a war starts. From neighborhood groups, to religion, to politics, to countries, to YouTube, to the schoolyards, to the battlefield. Wars disguise themselves as debates. Oh what we could create instead! Freida (Mrs. GeezerArt)

Maybe it’s just because I’m a person of tradition, but I think for the time I’m going to stick with YouTube. Also, we shouldn’t forget that it’s not supposed to be a popularity contest. For you being a musician I can understand how being heard is important, but better to have 1700 loyal subscribers than 20,000 subscribers who are only there to say they are.

Either way, don’t stop writing music.

Paul might describe you as a double agent lol No matter how much we would like to believe it is a community it really is just a transient medium that those here happen to be sharing right now. It was never going to stay just as it was or for that matter evoke any substantial loyalty. If YouTube were paying us then maybe it would be different lol

I agree with the people who say “LiveVideo, Youtube and Stickam are places for your stuff”. At this stage I don’t know enough about LV to do much more than experiment with it. I do REALLY like Youtube, and if I leave, it’ll be that I was booted (again) for accidental postment of copyrighted material.

Hey Peri, at the end of your video your brought up an excellant point. You may be posting things on LV, but you are still participating with YT as well. YT does not own your work or even pay you for it, you are free to post it wherever it gets the best reception. To limit yourself to a single service provider for some sense of product loyalty is rediculous. The popularity of YT comes from the content providers. It is not we who should be loyal to YT. It is YT that should be loyal to us.

Perry, your not a drama, quick fix where popularity comes. Your videos are always interesting. I am not saying the popular Youtubers are all empty, some are good. Your not a traitor. Your a consumer who has fans on both sites. Nothing wrong with wearing Nikes and Adidas. I like them both for different reasons. ~Raven

Peri, I realise that you have some good reasons for posting on livevideo, but what I found a bit objectionable was the way you kept on plugging the site and tried to get as many as people as possible to move AND then posted a video on livevideo saying how much better it was than Youtube, as if to really rub it in. Just left a bit of a sour taste in the mouth…

I leave the hater comment up and report the account to LV. Hating on people is not tolerated by LV!

His just mentioning LV gave it some great publicity.

It will also raise the animosities. Already there are YT’ers on Stickam chasing LV’ers out of their rooms 😦

I’m of the opinion, that this whole difference, two sides of the fence is kind of ridiculous, it reminds me of that old saying ‘cutting off your to spite your face’. if it wasn’t for you i’d of never heard of the site for a while, and i would of missed ‘anafree’ on live video, so thanks for informing me.
i would never cut off my nose! lol! ….livevid…fycanibal

Hello Peri!
You really like LiveVideo. I have an account there also.
In my opoinion you even one of the creators or part of the organization of the site. But im saying this not to acusate you, but to CONGRATULATE you! The only “sin” I see is advertising LiveVideo here on YouTube…

what i dont like about LV are all the same trashy channels that exist here. i suppose it doesnt matter really because the community aspect on both YT and LV are what bring us all back, but these channels attract a different type of user altogether (possibly the hater). Ive always liked renetto and yourself, and this will all blow over.

I’m not sure you realize this, Peri, but your videos are becoming outstandingly effective as time goes on. One better than the next. This one was just top notch. IMO Paul’s vid was provocative overstated rhetoric, which Paul does with unique style. But, it was good to see him.

I do think smaller is better, in more ways than one. I’m watching both sites and I work ect. and find it a lot harder to comment and look at comments and in essense do the communication thing, let alone make a video. I don’t think I’m alone in this. I think people will have to decide on one site in future. It’s inevitable

Peri it’s obvious it’s the content..the people who matter..not the conduit.From the begining it’s been apparent Paul fantasizes about some connection/collaboration/association with Chad and Steve and that he will eventually be paid by Youtube.Does he feel this strongly about his email provider?

I really think people are missing the bigger picture with this issue. LV is the first of what I think will be many YT clones. YT was the first of it’s kind but many others will follow. We are witnessing the evoltion of internet social networking. Whinging about it serves no purpose. We should embrace it all and try it all and each will find their little place. To have one single network is only good for a select few.

Interesting arguments. Of my 4 subscriptions, 3 are involved parties (Renetto, geriatric & you). I don’t think that number of subscribers has anything to do with Renetto’s comment, so that the fact you have less subscribers than geriatric or boh3m3 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be mentioned in the same group. His argument is ideological, as if YouTube was owed loyalty. That’s absurd, and unless he is on their payroll, no one has named him Head Inquisitor. Where you go is none of his business.

Good catch. I didn’t think of that. Seeing various responses, and comments, about this really does make me re-consider my own personal reaction to Paul’s video, and makes me wonder what his true motive was, or if he just didn’t think the whole thing through very well.

I don’t think you should have to limit yourself to the YouTube community, especially if you feel that LiveVideo works better for you. Whether your aim here is to express yourself, entertain, make money, make friends, or all of the above, you should take advantage of what is available. The creators of YouTube are already rich. You don’t owe them a thing.

Hah! Try having a video featured which is decidedly not your best work, and in the aforementioned video you actually instruct people to bash you. Believe me, it was great fun! Oh, and I’d agree the whole “traitor” things is ridiculous. That implies that YouTube has made some kind of commitment to any of us, which it has not…except for maybe Paul.

Hey Peri- let it go. Renetto is confused, and a traitor himself. Every time he goes to Stickam, he is supporting LiveVideo – they’re both LiveUniverse/Brad Greenspan properties. YouTube continues to have basic UI and site problems and the commenting interface, limits, and lock-outs, in particular, are pathetic. As the founder of MySpace, Greenspan deserves the credit for social networking with video clips and is entitled to LiveVideo’s success, and more. It’s actually YouTube who copied him.

That was a fine, sane, well-balanced response. I’m still skeptical of LV; will they have a hundred times the staff they have today when they have a hunded times the users they have today? Still, I see the short-term advantages; LV is the eager competitor where YT has become lazy with success; LV’s videos look and sound better (which is great even though they eat up twice as much CPU power to play). In any case we, the users, will profit from the healthy competition.

I love listening to you Peri, because you’re so darn calm. A lot of people weren’t so polite about what Paul said so kudos to you for taking this in stride. I think what he said was rediculous. It’s clear to me that he was trying to be controversial and drum up attention for himself and I just don’t have any patience for that.

Or you could grow up and not make comments like that. If you don’t like a video stop watching it then and leave. Guess what YT is about vlogging not just entertainment videos. Like a reality program with a lot of different kinds of people. Ya know? Your 28, act it dude. Seriously.

Renetto had nothing to do with making Periurban you moron. PeriUrban made PeriUrban. Gee what a stupid statement to make. Here we go, Renetto did everything for everyone. Pfft! Renetto Half Ruined YouTube and himself with this latest Video. You might want to get your facts straight before you make Dumbass statements again.

Peri, maybe since you were featured by Paul who was featured numerous times by You Tube you are someone who has been indirectly featured. Also, to clear your conscience of any guilt, you and (others with thousands of subscribers for that matter) should take the initiative to feature others who have interesting vids. It seems like the only way to get to the “most” pages on YT is to manipulate the weaknesses of YT or start drama with someone who has already manipulated his or her way up.


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