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February 9, 2007

CNN Reports On Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Announcement

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Youtube Commments:
yes! YES! Oh god Yes! – and Bill as first lady…yes! I can’t wait for this election. I’m too young to remember Bill in office, so my knowledge of politics has been through the bush regime. Viva la democratic, feministic, intellectual, ethical, etc. revolucion! – that Hilary will bring to the white house.

it will be an interesting race. But before people bash Hillary, i believe that people must have reasons to do so, too often people say negative things about Hillary but have nothing to back it up. The same standard should go for all criticisms or all candidates.

If Romney says he’ll do for America what he did in Massachusetts, that means he’ll never stay at work and insult the country as he travels abroad. It is an overinflated and self-serving record with no substance.
Then there’s all that flip-flopping Multiple Mitt is worried about!

I also hope the very first president I vote for is female as well. I’m a 31 year old male, and sadly, I’ve never voted. But I’m thanking myself that I haven’t. To be one of the lucky few to have the opportunity to have their very first vote in all of history go towards a female will be my own little milestone.

Im sorry for ur sexist opinion on the matter but Women can do EVERYTHING a male can. Women can take more pain, They were made too & dont make up BS facts cause women outnumber men on this planet. If u knew anything about history, u would know that we’ve technically already HAD a women president.
When Woodrow Wilson had a stroke, he was bed ridden for 6 mths & no one but his wife saw him. She took over all the decisions durning that time.

…and you lack the required cognitive skills to produce a point that is capable of being respected by any reasonable person. Pulling ‘facts’ out of your ass doesn’t help you either. Women outnumber men in the U.S, and if ‘sensitive’ means ‘values human life over money’, I wish the citizens of the U.S all the best in electing a more ‘sensitive’ president.

I don’t know. last I checked the number of women has been increasing demographically (not just in the social sphere). Anyway consider this: just because she’s a woman that doesn’t mean *ALL* women will vote for her and all men won’t. Also, don’t generalize that way. Some people (regardless if male or female) are “natural” leaders, and others aren’t, kind of like my sister’s a natural athlete and I’m more of a musician type. It has nothing to do with gender, just personality.

Your ignorant comment is without merit or reason. Thanks for showing everyone the type of archaic logic that opposes a change for the better. On a side note, If it wasn’t for France, you’d be without your independence from England & a Statue of Liberty. What you’re trying to imply with “surrender” & “pulling out” can be better summed up by stating that France learned a lesson from Vietnam & the Bush administration did not.

Please vote for Hillary in 2008. If you vote for John McCain your voting for our troops to keep being killed in a war that we shouldn’t be in. We should be finding the man responsible for 9/11. John McCain and George Bush best buddies. We dont need them!!

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have all admited “no WMD’s found” on TV. Ooops we started a war. Also they admit “no connection between Al Quaida and Iraq”. Also, FBI just announced “No hard evidence that Osama carried out the attacks of 911”. “Identity of some hijackers in doubt”, FBI director, Rober Muller, BBC. Maybe 2007 is the year when people start to care, investigate, and get the criminals out of office, and the government out of the hands of criminal private bankers.

“heh heh,er ah,I’m the decider heh heh,er it’s alkida,er and the terrrist heh heh,axis of evil by god,heh heh,fooled me once er,i’m still a fool heh heh,cause mission accomplished and terrist in their last throes according to Dicky Cheney heh heh,fight them over here or over there heh heh,er econmy good go shopping heh heh,er right rummy”

screened comments?
lets see if this gets thru.
By the time the elections come around, I hope we’re not already in WW3 with a base in Iran, looking for China.
What leadership will she provide so that USA doesn’t become 2nd to China?
It’s easy to pick apart the current admin…but what will she do for us?
I don’t care that she’s a woman…her genitals mean nothing to me.
We’re already down the path…turning back is more harmful.

If you want America to stay ahead of China, then we have to keep the manufacturing jobs here which means setting strict regulations on corporations. The second anyone purposes this idea, the corporations will start their media blitzkrieg labeling them “communist”. This has been one of the most corporate friendly administrations ever.

If want to avoid WW3, then don’t vote for this admin.’s successor. If you want our economy to stay dependent on mid east oil when we could be setting up the infrastructure for a cleaner more efficient energy source, then vote for their successor. It’s become so easy to pick apart the current admin. that people won’t even have to ask what she will do for us, not that it’s not a valid question, but the first answer you might get is universal health care.

After a decade of books criticizing her husband and her association with him, what more negative things could be said? I worry that her election would continue a polarized electorate that is not constructive for the USA.
Yet I don’t see a viable Republican candidate either. Although I wouldn’t mind McCain.
She has state, federal, and diplomatic experience. More than the typical photo op experience.
I could see myself voting for her and not upset with a victory.

People say that a women will be too emotional or sensetive but men have let their ego, power and muscles get in the way when they’re in a leadership role since forever. Our president got thousands of people killed because he didn’t think things out or he is just effing selfish. It’s about time someone who gives a shit about anyone be in the white house. We’d have a hell of a lot less enemies. Probably a lot less lies as well. Woman or Man– we should just vote for the best candidate.

I think that Hilary would make an awesome president. I also think that it would prove to the world that America is truly a place where anyone from any walk of life can do anything they put their minds to. I think that she and Senator Obama should run as partners.

She is the best qualified presidential candidate. Obama is not qualified at all. In fact, he’s GREEN…a total NEWB. I am voting for Hillary because I’m tired of the direction this country is going in…out of all the candidates she has the BEST creds for president.

We all need a new president. I will move back to the USA if she wins. Vote for Hillary she knows by now whats going
on anyway and under no circumstance will she be worse than
GWB. Hillary is the BEST candidate ever and pls citizens
vote for her!!!


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