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February 9, 2007

CNN Sylvia Browne Fraud

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Youtube Commments:
I’m seriously baffled as to how she still gets on Larry King. I can see Montel, because it’s an entertainment show with topics like ‘out of control teens’ and the like, but Larry King is a fucking news program. As a news source you have a responsibility to not have totally fraudulent douche bags on your show unless it is to expose and lampoon them.

The only times I’ve ever seen her on Larry King is to discuss whether “psychics” are real or phony, the same as in this Anderson Cooper video, with a panel consisting of people supporting her and challenging her. I’ve never seen her on Larry King just for the purpose of entertainment like on Montel Williams.

I’m seriously baffled as to how she still gets on Larry King. I can see Montel, because it’s an entertainment show with topics like ‘out of control teens’ and the like, but Larry King is a fucking news program. As a news source you have a responsibility to not have totally fraudulent douche bags on your show unless it is to expose and lampoon them.

I laughed when Anderson Cooper accidentially called Sylvie Browne “Mr. Brown”. Made me think of her gravely chain-smoked ravaged voice. I don’t like Cooper of Browne, but that Randi’s a solid guy. If only I had super powers for that million dollar prize though.

I don’t deny the possibility of psychics. I believe in prophets and there is a spiritual world. BUT ONE THING FOR SURE IS THAT SYLVIA BROWNE IS A FRAUD!!!! How evil!!! She should refund everyone all the money she has conned out of them. SHE SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL!!!

How LOW CAN YOU GO!!To tell Shawn Hornbeck’s parents that he was dead and a bunch of other crap. And the slavery in Japan. The only reason she is still on Montel is that she gives him $35,000 checks for MS. And it reflects on Montel’s character and says a lot about him also…that he allows her to be on his show…The mother the missing Opal said that Montel promised her a private detective to help find her daughter Opal, but then after the show, he never called her at all…

I HATE this woman. There is something seriously wrong with US law when an outright criminal like her can operate so openly and brazenly on national TV without fear of prosecution. We have similar fradusters in the UK as well, but Sylvia Browne has to be sleaziest of the lot.

One in ten people in the U.S. believe in this stuff. Staggering. Worse yet, there are many other beliefs in the supernatural/unreal that are just as much without real proof. People just want to believe so badly that they ignore the lack of evidence for: big foot, Nessie, UFOs, and (sorry) religion.

Oooh, didn’t like it when I mentioned your own pet hope-based belief system, did you?

that bitch looks like one of those evil douchebags. always in peoples business. and calling the police an folks evil sadistic fuckin piece of shit. words cant express how much i hate and loath this douchbag. just looka at her smug dumb ass whoreish mouth

How does she sleep at night? She makes a living exploting stupid or vulnerable people and I’m glad she’d been publically exposed. Go read her website, she predicts that within 50 years all humans will live in “domed cities” and that aliens will start showing up by 2010. Who can take this clown seriously?

I generally agree with Randi, but I strongly disagree with his a priori thinking about the 9/11 attacks. There’s little question in my mind that the attacks involved the complicity of some strategically positioned gov’t elements and mercenary, shadow gov’t corporations.

It’s true, one no is 100% right, the only One who is, is God. They say Sylvia Browne is in it just for money, shes evil. Theyre making money themselves just by cutting her down and saying crap that is a total waste of time. It’s evil to say she needs to be killed.

It is not right to say she needs to be killed. BUT what she has done and is doing is not right either. Even, according to you, she has limited abilities, then SHE SHOULD NOT BE GIVING PREDICTIONS when she is more often than not DEAD WRONG – that itself is simply wrong. Just watch her talk bullshit with SUCH CONVICTION, it is just so disgusting. She has hurt too many people with her lies – it just has to stop!

No one is 100% right, but she claims to be a psychic, yet she is no more right about anything than anyone else who just GUESSES. The reason she’s famous is because the world is full of IDIOTS who believe in her, when fact is this is just a worthless piece of human garbage taking advantage of vulnerable people for money, and I’m not making any money for saying this.

have you been to a psychic? cuz it sounds to me ppl are really sensitive and shallow on the subject, it seems like ppl are only going on what they think and not what they experienced, ive been to a psychic, and i believe it all the way. And the world is full of idiots ppl like u dont see the truth!

Idiots who do not believe in psychics? mmmmmm
Maybe she should go take the million dollar challenge, win it!!!! and donate that money to keep searching for missing kids. But remember this, dead people don’t talk. But hey, ask that “real psychic” you experienced what was the code me and my brother used for over 20 yrs before he die. Write me back when you have it ok.

daniel1986houle, why don’t you just admit your fellow psychics are of no use. NO ONE CAN TRUST HER NOW. NO ONE IN THEIR SANE MIND WILL TRUST YOU EITHER. What is the use of your readings, or the so-called pyschic’s words, if you don’t know when to or whether to rely on them or not??? quit this lousy job and get an honest one!

It’s obvious that the psychics of the world are passionately defending Sylvia Browne, because her downfall threatens their very livelihood. You have no idea how many so-called psychics are out there – mostly those who can’t get a decent job and has to eat off of this very unreliable power. There might be people out there who can see/hear things but SHOULD NEVER PAY MONEY FOR CRAP. IF THE WORLD’S MOST REKNOWN PSYCHIC IS THIS BAD,THINK HOW LOUSY THE REST WOULD BE!

When someone like Montel William sits next to her and gives her that credibility, some people get confused! That’s why we have to let Montel William have a piece of our mind! Have to send letters to his show and force him to stop airing that wicked woman. We have to contact the sponsors to stop sponsoring his show unless they stop her from appearing.

I always knew that Sylvia was full of shit! Shame on Montell Williams for allowing her to fill his fans minds with these lies. I knew she was off because whenever someone tries to ask for a prediction she answers them in a way that seems like she is not at all connected to what they’re saying… What an ASS!

[From tvtalkshow blog]”Amid the recent events of Sylvia Browne, many may not have noticed that FBI police psychic Noreen Renier (with 11 episodes on the Court TV ‘Psychic Detectives’ series) has lost a Washington U.S. District court judgment. Following more than a year after skeptical writer John Merrell brought his federal lawsuit against Renier, the court struck down all of her remaining counter claims in late January.

underdog0:she was on larry king around 2001 when she agreed to the James randi test, half a decade on she still hasnt took it, larry needs to get back to her on that one. I’m not sure he supports her but he never had the guts to challange her from what ive seen. I wish the US had a version of the village pillory as she needs to be put in it.

YOU PEOPLE ARE EVIL AND YOU MAKE ME SICK…. i dotn care wether she is psychic or not the shit you spew from your mouths is disgusting ….YOUR WATCHING TV…JSUT IN CASE YOU FORGOT….YOU DONT KNOW THE REAL STORIES…DO YOU EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HER…

You just did the exact same thing darkangelboi! You just spilled vile things about everyone here. Sylvia Browne? I know this is you, Sylvia! You are finally going crazy, huh? well, you were partially crazy from the start anyways. Do you even know yourself?

also darkangelboi, you said “YOU DON’T KNOW THE REAL STORIES” – then tell me darangelboi, what IS the real story? huh? say it! Ofcourse WITH EVIDENCE! It;s been REVEALED to the world Sylvia is a complete lier! she can make up anything. So now why don’t you SAY IT and PROVE IT darkangelboi! I take back darkangelboi = Sylvia. My psychic instinct tells me you are Sylvia Browne’s Son!!! hahaha!

And darkangelboi, answering your earlier comment about the bible, I just want to reiterate how I’m unto you speaking lies. Would you kindly eat these words darkangelboi? IT DOES say in the bible not to seek psychics and the likes!
“Do not turn to mediums or spiritists; do not seek them out to be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.”
Leviticus 19:31 (NAV)

YOu people need to grow up about your rude commments, yes she may be a fraud but who knows, you and i don’t know anything until what the media have to say, she been doing this for 50 years and as I know of now this was the first wronging that I have found of her. They may be more may be nothing else. I don’t know, I know is grow up, it is not right to wanting a person to be dead, that doesn’t make you a better person then her.

ewdragon, it is RIGHT of pepole to detaste this woman. It is amazing to look at this incident and read the bible, Deuteronomy 18:12 says that consulting mediums or channeling the dead is “detestable.” Clearly, God sees these practices as sinful and completely without benefit.Leviticus 19:31 states: “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them…” – this is exactly what has happened to Shawn Hornbeck’s parents.

ewdragon, no one wants Sylvia Browne to die, it is just a figure of speech, to show the overwhelming detaste we all feel for her actions. You will say it is not right to even detaste this woman huh? On the contrary it is even said in the bible, Deuteronomy 18:12 says that consulting mediums or channeling the dead is “detestable.” Clearly, God sees these practices as sinful and completely without benefit.


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  1. In my opinion you have serious issues. It’s evident by the length of your letter you don’t have a life. Get one and back off. People are always scared of what they can’t see or touch. First you have to believe in God. It doesn’t matter what one. But you should leave people alone that are trying to do good in the world.

    Comment by Stupid people — August 17, 2007 @ 12:17 am

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