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February 10, 2007

Bleach Episode 19 English Dub (Part 1 of 3)

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Youtube Commments:
That makes no sense what so ever….if you say the voices match then that means everything is the same, for me i like to understand what the characters are saying rather than spending the whole time reading o.O then sometimes have to rewind and pause to read some of the stuff

Oh, yeah….in SOME dubs. One Piece is a horrible dub. But the most they cut out is blood. If you wanna see so much blood, cut yourself. They didn’t cut much of anything out on Bleach. Naruto, some blood, but the plot remained intact. Point is, the plot remains intact so it’s all good, you’re watching the same thing.

that’s because it has been translated into english of course, so that people who don’t understand much japanese (or any) wont get confused with so many jap terms. shinigami = death god, death gods reap souls. it’s really quite understandable why they are called soul reapers in the eng dub version.

that’s true. i prefer ‘shinigami’ anyways, probably coz i’m used to bleach in jap. i jus download the english ones from here for my boyfriend. Also, i thought it was really shit how the dub went ahead and gave away the name of zangetsu straight away. in the original you couldn’t quite hear him say the name, which i thought was better for suspense… oh well.


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