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February 10, 2007

EPISODE #9: "Memories"

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Youtube Commments:
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories had such a cool analogy for memories. All memories are connected, like links in a chain, if one is forgotten it falls from the surface, but can still be reached with a higher link. The hero travels through his memories as he forgets them, and ultimately uses his final lasting memory (of the girl he loves) to pull back the forgotten ones. It was cool.

aah, it would be soo good if memory could be organized in folders, and easily accessed and why not backed-up in disks xD
but yeah, I keep my stuff organized, tough for some reason I can’t organize my head that way..
and, I’m not a great fan of abstrat stuff, but yours look good.

I enjoyed this piece the most, however i feel sometimes you may be getting frustrated when your vision isn’t reflected 100% on to the canvus. I think you are getting closer to producing works that will forever define you as an artist. Oh and i’m in love with you. 🙂

Hello! You are just adorable and inspiring! I paint (or try) too, and you make me want to do it more! I’m sure you’ve heard that one. =)

ANYWAY, if you happen to read this: I think you should do a HUUUUUUGE painting. Like mega-normous. I can see you having so much fun with that.

Another great painting. ^^ So this is what you meant by “from your head.” I was actually thinking about memories the other day, too. I really like how you use multiple canvases; it really gives the paintings a unique look, especially when you use different sizes, like Holiday Potion. I like this one’s outcome! Looking forward to next week’s. 😀 Good luck with finding that tape.
Val! you need to add the following search tags to this video “Amazing Painter, Stylish vintage-like blouse, good sense of style, giant hat collection, Elaine from Seinfeld-like dance, assertive girl, subscriber obsessed, Abstract Masterpiece”

and remember boys and girls: “The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory.”

The world is a more beautiful place because of you. You have such innocence in your demeanor, yet your paintings reflect a bold, take charge, kick ass person. Alter ego here? 🙂 Keep doing what u do ur own way! Ur GREAT! Let me know if U ever need a camera in the NYC area. I’d be honored to shoot for you!

Wow–you know, to be honest with you, I wasn’t quite certain what to make of your painting, “Memories,” however, after listening to you describe the meaning behind it, I REALLY like it… you are SO creative, funny, and yet, as someone else already commented, full of “deeper” meaning as well. Best of luck and keep painting!

Hey Val! You’re a really cool and funny woman and I love your art to. I am pretty clueless about art and have always wanted to see an artist (especially a painter) at work and to see how a painting slowly develops, so thanks for the education. Plus your paintings are really nice (what a boring word!). Anyway, I would definitely have them in my house!
I haven’t seen all your work yet, I am going backwards from 10 to 1 so I’ve got a lot to learn still.
Keep up the good work!


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