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February 10, 2007

Re: Traitors or Not.. Smosh, Geriatric1927, Boh3m3, DIGITILs

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Youtube Commments:
I see good and valid points in both these arguments, but I am swaqying more towards your argument Mike.
Youtube and LiveVideo are tools for our use, any artist, or blogger or craftsman uses the right tool for the right job, That is all it boils down to. If a carpenter needs a plain a file will not do.

I agree with you,BUT Renetto makes a valid point about how those that have a great subscriber base and popularity on Youtube may be retaliated against by not featuring them anymore. I would not put that past Youtube. having said that, Renetto would do well to take time to see what his list SAYS about LV. He surley wouldn’t put geriatric1927 on that list. Just because these people drank Coke since childhood doesn’t mean they should never know what Pepsi tastes like.

I agree with a lot of what u said about biz loyalty being earned (tho I may think YT HAS earned my loyalty a little more than u do)
But saying paul is lying, on the take, goes 2 far. paul using the word “traitor” was also 2 far but he said so in vid. I suppose its possible paul is being paid, but I think he is more likely trying to generate controversy. He made a vid that kind of demands a response from most pop ppl on YT. Rabble rousing? sure. Lying?
U could be right but
Thx 4 upload 🙂

Yes, and no, I was wrong about that, but it was just a suspicion, not a firm declaration. Though I still think there may have been more to it than just a GUESS at certain things because there were actual graphics that have been used, hard to explain it in a comment.

i wasnt insulting him what the fuck is your problem carolperez. i was trying to find out because i was CURIOUS. what i really meant was were his teeth missing, and im really sorry that you lost them to cancer and i can understand why you wouldnt want to wear false ones if they bother you. dont be such a prude..

I totally get what you’re saying, but Renetto has been a YouTube “apologist” for a long time now. Go back and look at some of his videos and you’ll see him calling chad and steve geniuses and that this site is going to change the world. He’s been pretty consistent with it, and this video is keeping to that theme.

I feel the DOS attack video was him doing what he felt was expected of him not what he really felt. If yhou remember his origional “cheating” video where he listed several cheating methods and said he didn’t think they were cheating, even though everybody knew they were cheating. He got a lot of flack for that and then made the DOS video. Also, remember Paul is very impulsive and sometimes does things without thinking them thru, like the DOS video.

Another Guess: Renetto wanted to pose a provoking question in order to start a big conversation HERE on YouTube. I think that’s a great idea to reanimate the people and force them to answer on this and not on other websites. And…? It’s working. The Reason: He likes YouTube and I can understand his intention.

I was posting vids on my own website long before I even heard about You Tube. I will have to check out renetto’s vid this is in response to. I wonder if Paul would be interested in my renetto inspired shopping cart exercise device I discuss in my last YT vid.

This is beyond stupid. Why should it matter what people choose to do with THEIR videos??? I watched Renetto’s video and it made me laugh hysterically. Traitors?? against youtube.. COME ON!! LOL WHAT IS YOUTUBE SOME CULT? LOL watch out.. the youtube shall get you lol

YouTube started a revolution. No one can deny that. LiveVideo seems like a gimmick to me. Competition to try to pull people off of YouTube. I’ve seen the site, I think it’s brutal. Please, don’t make YouTube another example of the Avro Arrow where a brilliant invention turns to squat.

Arg,(I don’t know if that’s a nickname but I like it),Good points all around.I don’t think Paul was paid but if you’ve seen his vids from the begining it’s obvious he fantasizes some connection/collaboration/association with Chad and Steve. Is he this loyal to his email service? Peace

If YouTube would get its act together and actually FIX the problem with the PMs, the EMails, the comments not going through, etc etc, then I MIGHT feel a loss. But, Steve and Chad act like they DON’T care, they WON’T do videos updating the users on WHY these problems are going on. Fine, they don’t care, I don’t care. I’ll take my business elsewhere, as is my right as a consumer

I don’t think Paul was paid to make the video. In fact, I think the idea is ridiculous.

I think over 90% of the people who say things like that about him DON’T believe it themselves, but they try to make other people believe it because they dislike Paul.

Sorry Mike, it wasn’t meant for you, but for the people in your comments section and Pauls comments section typing similar views. In your case, I think your “bullshit detector” is genuinely off the mark. But like I said: I think a good 90% of the people saying these things are intentionally espousing an idea they don’t truly believe in an effort to hurt Paul’s reputation.

Whether he is on the take or not, he is certainly in the pocket of YouTube in one form or fashion. It may all just be his personal delusion… He fashions himself the president of the YouTube Student Government Association and is pissed because some “students” are transfering to other schools, potentially weakening his power base. I’m done with Renetto, and if Peter ever moves, I’m done with YouTube.

If I’m not mistaken, interacting online was the *entire* idea behind YouTube. If I have my story straight, Chad and Steve saw that there were many ways to share photos across the web, but no good way to share videos across the web. Interaction and sharing were the foundations of YouTube. Plus, while it was the users who brought attention to YouTube, without YouTube would they be as famous as they are today?

Umm… Other than Renetto, who here came to YouTube seeking to become famous? I sure as HELL didn’t. Did anyone else? If you did please speak up now. Fame wasn’t ever part of the bargain, if it happened, it’s all to YouTube’s benefit, not ours. The most FAMOUS YouTuber of all has never seen a dime from his work on here, so what good is that fame?

I did a cable public access show in 1999 to share vids with the New York metro audience. I started uploading vids to the internet a couple years ago and posting links to them on various bulletin board discussion groups. So yeah, although I enjoy renetto’s enthusiam the concept of video uploaded for others to see on the internet or whereever is definitely not new.

That was weak man, you’ve got no way of knowing if he took any money to say what he did. How would you feel if you were off YT for a wile then came back to see everybody talking about going to another site, then when you said something they said YOU were bought off ? He may not be up on what this new site has and even he said in his video that maybe he was being to harsh using the word traitors.

Yes, Renetto logged in often during the time he was not making videos. He was keeping himself well apprised of what was going on here at youtube. Renetto is a crafty man, ever planning the best strategy for his next move in this game he plays.

For the most part, Renetto does not even extend to his fellow youtubers who have supported him the courtesy of acknowledging they exist. He is only out to further himself.

And, then, he has the gall to talk about disloyalty.

How strange-to see you keeping your calm excellently and Peters response seems all worked up! Send him some of your chilled out vibes I think he needs them back! Both you and Peter make excellent points and I agree with you both entirely. I don’t think Renetto was speaking from any kind of knowledge in this instance (or he was paid/asked by YT as you say!) All for drama!

yeh, he was so calm dealing with the spoof eulogy video, and then really showed his anger with this. I think maybe it is because he hoped for better from Renetto, it was like getting an unfounded insult from someone who’s considered a friend. I think maybe Renetto should look in the mirror if he wants to really see a ‘traitor’! It’s still a ridiculously strong word to use though, for any of this.

I agree with you, Mike. As a matter of fact, other than the “being on the take”, I said the same thing in a text comment to Renetto last night. However, I think Renetto’s goal was to stir up controversy to get people interested in him again. It’s despicable he chose his words so poorly – Traitor is an ugly word, and can’t possibly apply here as there is no “relationship” to be a traitor to.

Argent, I have to disagree up to a point. If boh3m3, geriatric, and renetto would disappear tomorrow, I don’t think even 1% of the youtube “community” would even notice. Youtube stars have a hugely inflated sense of worth here on youtube… Especialy Renetto!

I can’t think that youtube would pay for that… it’s not good business.

More likely Renetto is hooked up in youtube on an identity level, as part of his self definition, that makes you hyper-sensitive to percieved threats that are not really there.


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