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February 10, 2007

Window Tossing

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Youtube Commments:
My browsers are set to clear each time I close them. Youtube fills up your browsers max cashe size very quickly. The default for most browsers is about 32MB, once this is reached it starts to have problems đŸ˜› As a guess as to the reason for browsers breaking after a while.

awesomeness. i hope ur ‘rents don’t see this. it sucks to be grounded cuz o’ youtube. i should no. that whole Latualatuka response with the crucifix had me readin the bible.not really, but she still got pretty pissed. sucks to have a catholic for a mom.

o and also ROCK ON IRON MAN! w00t!

In 1978 a guy named Samuel Vasquez got stabed in the chest by A mysterious man killed cutting the word “LATUALATUKA” into his chest. Now that you have read this message, he will come and kill you and your family If you dont post this in 5 other videos.

That was kinda lame. The mentos thing was a little funny, and breaking a stuffed superman.

LOL I first found nalts on a different website because of some anti-youtube stuff he did. I watched a bunch of his videos that day, laughed my butt off. Then today I accidentally found one of his vids on Youtube, makes me laugh =)


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