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February 11, 2007

animating tomlmc #2! and drawing 5 youtubers!

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Youtube Commments:
I think Tom, [starting off where he bit the apple]..
he bites it, and a worm comes out of the apple and goes on Toms adventure. On the adventure, Tom and the worm come across a beautiful young lady for tom to settle down with.

you could draw getting old with the lady.
when he gets too old and passes away, you can draw them having graves next to eachother, and have a flower grow up out of the dirt.

that will be a nice ending. 🙂

I think that after Tom bites the apple he should turn into a apple himself, he rolls down a hill a lands in a garbage pile, and when he smells the banana thats in the pile he sneezes and all the apple comes out of him and then hes back into a human next 🙂

Another great job. I think the picture of AureyH is a masterpiece. Thank you also for the great music. I think you should do a drawing of the ever lovely Lulina. There is a vid on YouTube of her doing “balada do paulista” with her band the causadores at the ccsp.

thanks man for drawing me its so awsome …. if you want a better shot of my face go to my pink floyd “wish you where here” video … you dont half to draw me again if you dont want i know you have alot of people to get to …. thank you so much im so happy it looks amazing

You definitely have a talent. I have to say, though, that I am a little surprised when I see what the image you were going off of. You have a slight tendancy to maybe europeanize some of the features of the face. However, you perfectly capture light and dark in your sketches and are very good at suggesting the more subtle features of the face.

Very good.


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