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February 11, 2007

YourTube WTF Factor – Episode 5

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Youtube Commments:
Possibly this feature should NOT be regularly scheduled.

Make an episode when you’ve got a truly worthy “WTF” candidate video or, otherwise, the standard can drop from just desparately grabbing any old video to fill the slot (and everyone will complain that you’re just picking on Japanese people because that’s all you can find on short notice).

It’s better for the segment to be more infrequent but always hilariously funny, than for it to be on-schedule and sometimes lacking.

I think that westerners think that what comes out of Japan is a WTF candidate because they don’t know the cultural background. If a Japaneese person was picking I’m sure we’d have one of the videos from boh3m3 or Blunty.
Different strokes for different folks

uhhh… japan at its worst, pick on a different culture, north america has just as many falts, the only difference is they apear normal to us… or at least most of us. Why not show the other side… I know its not as interesting but this is getting lame.

There were a few good funny comments from Tony, but TheWineKone has a natural humor and knows when to comment at the right time. I personally thought Tony interrupted a bit too much. I also liked how TheWineKone seemed to truly freak out when something was becoming VERY weird. πŸ™‚

ok I realy am not enjoying the show without the winekone, I realy wish he would return. I find the newguy a bit dry and well not so funny. No offence neant, I do hope they get better, mmmm alot better. My advice more subtle humor less toilete humor.

Tony should be more animated. I mean, everyone on here keeps comparing him to thewinekone (who’s name is also Tony) and my name… is too Tony. I think I should have some say in the way these WTF factors should be done. haha but it was funny none-the-less. These WTF factors need to start inching away from the Japanese stuff though. I know it’s easy to make fun of but make it more diverse. =)

Furthermore, the red thing is a diseased kidney I say!
Funny comments, flow of vid not interrupted too too much, but maybe vid in slow mo and you in corner talking could let you comment over the video or maybe some sort of instant replay dealie…. Good job! =)

well, with this one, a lot of things flashed by really quick, so i kinda had to pause. now that i’m going to greenscreening myself in, instead of cutting to fullscreen of just me like normally, i’ll definately keep the video going, if i have a video where i can make a joke about a segment in enough time.

For this video… try more to be the Wine Kone! I loved your perfomance in “Cults, Clones, and A Cappella Vol. 2”. You were really close to being him. But no, you did do a good job in this video too, I’m just a TWK fan. People will accept you soon enough.

see, i’m trying to go at it differently than him though. he did an awesome job (better than me so far, i guess). i feel like if i’m trying to act like someone else, that’s one more thing i have to worry about this segment. i knew i would get a lot of flack when i was first offered this position, but i decided to anyways.

Hey, don’t get downhearted about it.

You’re not doing a bad job at all. It’s just TWK did such a great job that the comparison is always going to hurt. Once everyone forgets about TWK and grows into your style, it’ll be everyone saying “You want to bring thewinekone back? No! We want Tony Stockert to keep doing it!!”. ;-D

Human nature is rarely logical.

Honestly, we love you really. πŸ˜€

If it’s a WTF factor, it should make me go WTF. I was just watching it going “When’s it over?” heh. =/ Also, the comments inbetween clips should be funnier. It was basically just a comment on the video that I was thinking as it was happening, you know what I mean? Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

Well, at least i now know where 4chan got the video clip. πŸ˜€ good times i tell you. not going to boycott Bandai for this, as it’s entertaining in a bizarre way. Besides, they brought us .hack, Gundam other grand products. I’m glad things like this exist. Twisting our minds helps us grow…so long as we don’t go inside or explode in the process.


You interrupted the video too often. You were making comments just to make comments rather than waiting until there was something genuinely funny to say.

It was too “forced”. Trying so hard to “host” that it became a bit “unbalanced” between you and the vid.

Remember, with a segment like this, it’s the vid, not you, is the star of the show (with a vlog, yes, you are the content but a show like this is different – the vid is the point of the show – and needs a different style).

Actually, now I watch it again, get rid of the special effects of sliding in and out of the video.

Thewikekone stopped the vid and used a small “video in video” box for his comments. This meant it was a quick “in and out”, not getting in the way of the video.

The sliding in and out special effect – though technically impressive – takes too long and means you’re actually getting in the way of the video.

It’s a nice special effect but don’t just use it because you can. πŸ˜€

By the way, the above are technical points and intended to be constructive, as requested.

Another small observation: If you notice, thewinekone’s “vlogs” aren’t really vlogs at all. They are little shows and often feature him poking fun out of clips or something similar.

In other words, it’s an unfair comparison because TWK’s style – which fits this segment like a glove – was “mature” before he even started.

Ah, I’ll shut up about TWK for the next vid. Promise. πŸ˜€

I love this segment, but now it’s gotten me really confused. First TWK hosts the show for three episodes with Damien and everything is great. Then TWK can’t make the new segment for an episode, so Damien hosts it with some guy who claims to be Tony Stockert but looks nothing like him. Now Damien’s not even in the show, and the real Tony Stockert is hosting it. I believe this calls for a: WTF?!

i like the WTF factor and the opinion stuff and all… but where’s the actual NEWS? i miss the very first few YourTubeNews videos that were actually news. i thought that was what this channel was supposed to be about… it does have “news” in the name and all… 😦

I’ve seen this show alot every friday morning. It’s very weird with its episodes. Especially when they portayed cubans who fly to japan turning the population into potatoes. lol As for this video… not quite good. Tony you need to put more emotion into it damn’it! Anyhow… I’ll give this 1 star.=/

1. That’s no where close to seseme street
2. Where’s the “Racism”?
3. Not enough WTF in this, it lacks the potent shock value of what WTF really is, and you guys are making fun of somthing that’s allready a parody.
4. The Asian Guy’s comments before this guy here was a LOT funnier.

Needs more WTF!!?? Try again.

1. people inside big foam outfits. big bird/other sesame street characters/ kids show. come on. let’s not look too deep into a simple statement.
2. he has horribly stereotypical asian eyes and buck teeth. that’s just as bad as blackface in my opinion.
3. i dont see how people could draw that this is a parody. it looks like normal REALLY WEIRD japanese television.
4. any constructive criticism for the next video?


He’s got green skin!

Who the hell is that racist about?

Martians? Kermit the Frog?

This video wasn’t very “WTF” and the commentary wasn’t just not particularly funny, it doesn’t even really make any logical sense.

I enjoyed the other WTF factors a lot, though, so I hope this is just a temporary glitch in the usually excellent programming schedule.

While Tony S is very cute, I kinda miss TWK for this segment…(I know, I figured I’d be the 500th person to say that). TWK’s humor just seems to flow more naturally. Maybe Tony S just needs time to get into the flow of things, and get used to this a little more. I think that the sliding in/out of the video interrupted the flow of the video. Anyhow, I appreciate the effort that went into the video, and am confident that the segment will continue to improve. Keep up the good work, y’all. πŸ™‚

Not too shabby.
The Japanese have such odd TV shows..
I did like the Winekone’s style.. but I think Tony Stockert has his own style as well. So either Tony works well for this.

I have a few things I could submit. Do I just email you guys the You Tube URL? or do I actually have to send the video?

hey! tony!
dude.. stop talking.. your random comments thru the show weren’t funny and everytime u spoke i wished u hadn’t..
u could of AT LEAST kept the clip running and talked over it.. instead of pausing it..
something to consider in your next post

Yes, I think you need time to think up more humorous jokes. Also, more facial expression would be beneficial to create humour in the videos. If you watch Winekone’s WTF factor episodes, you can see he has alot of facial expression, and I find, alot of times, with the expression and his hilarious observations of the video, that it just makes me laugh. Well, that’s all I have to say. Good luck on the next video!

“Dick in a box” pun… lol… the comment on “G string magnets” was a;so funny… Host is a bit too dry for mainstream YouTubers I think, but I just moved in to the “community” so still trying to get a pulse for the norm here. I’ll keep watching though, so “keep tubing on the you” (don’t be a wad and don’t be copyrighting that.)


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