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February 12, 2007

Bleach Episode 19 English Dub (Part 3 of 3)

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Youtube Commments:
haha, omg, this episode was so freaking awesome!! for a second i thought he really was gonna turn into a hollow!! damn, i luv ichigo’s voice actor!! thanks so much for this upload!! i don’t have ytv, and adult swim is 1 ep behind ytv schedule….so ur my ultimate bleach source! lol thanks again! ^~^

He´s crying XD I can´t believe he´s crying! Always acting so tough and now he´s crying even if it´s just fake. Oh I bet Ichigo was more than overjoyed to hear that he has to kill him. Reminds me of Orphen when Volcan said “Over my dead body” and he replied “That´s fine with me. To be honest I was hoping you would put it that way”

OMG! *Hears Zangetsus voice for the first time* Good lord do the ppl who decide who does the voices even watch the jap version to get a feel for the characters? anyways that aside ive started watching a few eps since ive watched it from the start in jap and i just wanted to check out the english version. Am I right in thinking that the Soul Reapers that you guys are talking about are the equivilent to Death Gods in the Japenese version?


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