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February 12, 2007

If stupid is a race, then I’m a racist.

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Youtube Commments:
Yeah, the first thing I thought when he asked about the garage and the bathroom was, “Ummm probably because is it quiet.” Anytime I talk on the phone at my parents house I go into the bathroom because if I don’t, I can’t hear anything. It’s obvious he isn’t a redneck. I mean, he has a backwards hat which means he’s hip city folk.

ROLF! The madder you get the funnier you get! I hope people continue to give you aummunition – then again you are in America, the home of the mind-numbing pieces of uneducated inbred pieces of shit. Well, only a small minority of them, just a shame that minority holds power!

I suffered through the op’s video, it’s kinda ironic that all you can hear in the background is rap that where every third word is nigga’, yet he can parade around his anti-racistness.

if you don’t like the word stop saying it, basically.

keep fighting the delusion!

Uh, have you heard any white rappers use the word nigga? Listening to black rappers say nigga doesn’t make him a racist. Black people who call each other ‘my nigga’ aren’t racist. Is he anti-white, because he listens to music by black people who say nigga?


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