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February 12, 2007

Re: Don’t go to Bobs4Kim!

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Youtube Commments:
It is morally wrong. If you want something, go out and get a job, borrow the money from your family or friends. Jeez! Buy a goddamn lottery ticket! The fact that she doesn’t have a computer is too bad. I like her stuff. But it is wrong. Donations!? I don’t usually agree with Lazydork, but I do this time.

You are one of those many haters who are only brave because they know no one will ever know who they are. I noticed you blocked me. Who is the puss boy? You can come to my page and post or comment any time. I am not hiding from you.
Looks like I got under your skin!

lol… that’s a retarded saying. A lot of people are like half-crazy and just don’t give a f**k (hence they are brave all the time). Who says you can’t be brave on a computer and be just as brave in real life. I’ve gotten stuff like, “you wouldn’t say that if you were standing right in front of me”. Of course I would. Why wouldn’t I? Tough guys are just as retarded offline as they are online.

Yah know what my first thought was, its like moving on the weekends and who shows up. If your unable to afford a computer, and the community bans to help, why not? I think its a nice idea and its not going to save the world, but its a community move. ~Raven

What the hell is a “bob” anyway? Is that some kind of aussie-speak?
Does she want an apple or something? Wait a minute…I think I get it.
“Bobbing for apples”. She wants total strangers to buy her an Apple computer?
Get a credit card like everyone else, you whore, charge it, and PAY IT BACK. That’s life.


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