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February 14, 2007

Joe Rogan VS Carlos Mencia

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Youtube Commments:
Guy in crowd – “who are you???”

Ned played that hand well.

Decides his moment of glory is going to be right after Rogan had finished his set, with Shaffir in the audience, and the crowd obviously pumped up and on Joe’s side from the very beginning. What a dumb cunt.

No matter if he steals jokes or not, I think its unreasonable to ask a comic to do a show like his with fresh stuff so often. Look what happened when they had chappelle on there. He ran out of material because he was pressured and went awol.

Honestly I don’t care if he does steal jokes… because they are the first I’ve ever heard them. So it really doesnt matter to me.

Just my .02.

Carlos is annoying and played out. He’s not funny, so if he’s stealing jokes, he’s stealing bad jokes from some very unfunny fuckers. They should be thankful that their lame ass material ever made it out to the public’s eyes. Joe Rogan is actually LESS funny than Carlos, if that’s humanly possible. Two unfunny douche’s yelling at each other on stage. Hooray!

That fuckin faggot carlos mencia is a little bitch. at first he tried to pass off as being mexican, but after they called his bitch ass out, he admitted he wasn’t.

He’s an insult to all us latinos. He’s gonna fuckin pay homes, believe that. TRUCHA!

I used to think mencia was funny. But not anymore. its not just because he steals jokes, its because he talks about the same crap over and over and over again. and he says”look at the stupid people” after every freakin sentnce. he needs to come up with new (original) material.

This is how you know most people are have below-average intellegence… this was probably all set up in Joe’s favor because the crowd only supported Joe the whole time, whenever Ned had a comeback no one found it good.. which ruins the whole thing.. if this was a neutral crowd and everyone around is neutral than it would have been hillerious… o btw i find both Joe and Ned complete morons.. so im not on Ned’s side

These guys act like jokes are patent works, NEWS Flash comics inspire comics jokes are ALWAYS retold! Most professional pay writers to at least help. Don’t hear Rogan whining about that. Like a bunch a school kids fighting over a girl. Retarded! I have seen both work over the years at the end of the day its the delivery. Watch the Aristocrats. Mencia should have taken the high ground and blew off Rogan. Carlos delivers funny materials.

If these were two no-name hacks trying to make a living, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but Carlos isn’t a no-name hack. He is a well-known “Latino” comic…which is hilarious because he’s half Honduran and half German. You might see this as something acceptable, but this is no better than someone stealing an idea at work and benefiting from it. And dropping the Aristocrats as an argument point is useless…its not a joke for their act…its for their own amusement.

Knock knock . . . omg, I just stole that, holy sh!t!! Don’t shoot me, Rogan! How about this, a priest, a choir boy, and a duck walk into a confessional . . . like hispanic reality belongs to a certain few. And the magic about comedy? The fact that WE ALL RELATE, and there’s no TM to imagination.

i think it’s kinda lame that Rogan has to basically call him out with those grade-school tactics: he’s basically asking everyone to back him up and deliberately going off-sides to assist in his little tirade. it’s stupid to call him out for not being mexican — how many comedians in history lie about or fabricate a situation for the sake of having a good joke?

There’s a difference between inspiration and plagiarism in that inspiration gives you a starting point and helps you develop something completely new, in this case a joke. Plagiarism would just be taking the joke and using it again. Sure some of this is out of jealously, but wouldn’t you be pissed if someone stole your idea let’s say an idea for a new product, and made a shitload of money off of it? Words and ideas are products too.

Rogan is a bitch he accuses EVERYONE of stealing material. It’s funny i think he accuses because he’s jealous of all the comics who are better than him. Bottom line Rogan is a whinny bitch; everytime I hear him he’s whinning and calling out other comics ROGAN YOU ARE A COMIC NOT A DETECTIVE SO SHUT UP.

Rogan showed Senor Ned a thing or three. Why Mr. Ned would want to go toe to toe in front of a live audience and camera crew with someone who is actually funny and writes their own jokes instead of stealing them… Jesus… there is no possible way for Mencia to come out of that looking good. WTF was he thinking?

Joe Rogan goes to show once again that he’s the real deal, and is sticking up for up-and-coming comedians that have been watching Mencia steal their material for years.

Joe Rogan is a world-class moron. I don’t trust anyone who truly believes every word they say. And Joe Rogan is his own biggest fan. Anyone so humble would not have the nerve to claim to truly know another man like Rogan claims to know Mencia. Rogan is your average psychonaut spacemen, and if he would take his head out of the clouds (or his ass) for a second he could see things in another perspective; he is not funny.

Carlos is a f*cking hack. On top of stealing other peoples jokes, the only “comedy” he has is racial stereotypes – and his presentation is not funny, Dave Chapelle did it right. Carlos is a fat, untalented mexican that sucked his way to Comedy Central.

I agree that Joe Rogan can be a dick but it’s true that Carlos Mencia is a total hack. He DOES steal jokes and obviously lies out of his ass. So while it may not be totally professional or cool to confront him on stage they are comics and that’s where they perform. I like it.

Ah who cares? Is Joe trying to make comedy a contact sport? We don’t care who makes us laugh or where they get there material as long as we laugh. Joe, your not funny. I don’t give a crap if Ned steals all his stuff. Frankly I never even heard of any of those other guys. They should be thanking him for telling their jokes.

Don’t speak for me by saying, “We don’t care…where they get there(sic) material.” I absolutely care if someone steals material. It’s wrong. They shouldn’t be “thanking him for telling their jokes,” unless they get royalties every time he rips them off. Comedy writing is extremely difficult, and to write and re-write material and try it out on an audience again and again until it works, only to have some hack steal it is not acceptable at all. Kudos to Joe Rogan for calling him out on it.

As far as George Lopez. He is not funny anyway. If he did not talk about his Mexican shit, he would not have any material at all. As a matter fact, I was tired of the whole “make fun of my race bit” when Paul Rodriguez was doing it what that stupid “Mexican Express Card” shit. You know what, all these comics are stupid including Ned.

If you watch other comedians a piece of what someone else said is bound to wind up in your act. I love how comedians are all appauled about having jokes being retold by someone else. The profession is basically founded on that, watch any comedy, sitcom, or standup, i guarentee you can identify kernels of comedy being done before on a regular basis. Joe Rogan and his defenders take it to heart like their creating real art or something, yeah you’re freakin divinci, just tell your jokes funny man.

So, before I knew anything about Mencia being a theif or an all around douchebag I listened to one of his CDs. WOW. He’s not funny at all. “BEANER FUCKER BEANER FUCKER BEANER FUCKER.”

Dude, shut up. You’re not funny, even if you do steal stuff. Heck the stuff you steal isn’t funny after you’ve twisted it into your routine. I respect Joe Rogan for having the guts to do this.

So many people just don’t get it. “Who cares…” “Everybody does it…” Bottom line is, it’s not okay to steal someone elses material. It’s not okay to see a manuscript at an office, and release it as your own book, it’s not okay to hear a band’s demo and sing a new lead and say it’s your song, it’s not okay to paing a Mona Lisa and say it’s THE Mona Lisa, and it’s not okay to steal another comics material. How can some of you not get this?

I dont know why you would give props for Joe Rogan for this crap. He comes off as such a little bitch. Comedians rip eachother off all the time, if not verbatim they just twist the joke or concept a little bit. This is nothing new. Neither one is a great comedian, but at least Mencia is comfortable in his own skin, Rogan is an insecure uptigh beyotch. If Rogan was a good comic then maybe he’d have a leg to stand on, but hes no comic genius; get this man a box of tissues.

If you watch other comedians a piece of what someone else said is bound to wind up in your act. I love how comedians are all appauled about having jokes being retold by someone else. The profession is basically founded on that, watch any comedy, sitcom, or standup, i guarentee you can identify kernels of comedy being done before on a regular basis. Joe Rogan and his defenders take it to heart like their creating real art or something, yeah you’re freakin divinci, just tell your jokes funny man.

‘Carlos’ Mencia is a piece of crap, hack, patsy jackass and it’ll be nice when he disappears and goes the way of Jimmy Fallon. Someday he’ll be a 20 second blurb on ‘Remember the 2000s’ on VH1 and Kathy Griffin or someone will be on there wondering what the ‘deal was with that’. Good riddance ‘Ned’.

As a comic I’ve seen Carlos (Ned) perform many times. He’s a nice guy, great performer, but some material has been “accidentally” lifted from other, lesser known comedians. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
Most audiences don’t care, it’s like Rogan says, in music if somebody steals a song its national news. It’s about time somebody has the balls to confront him about it and not worry about burning bridges. Obviously Rogan is successful enough and still defends the smaller guy in the business.

Dane Cook is awesome, hit bit about eating his way out of a chocolate shell is amazing. Chappelle is a genius like Chris Rock.

Mencia is a total Hack, however if you want to hear the funniest jokes by other comedians, then Mencia has them all.


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