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February 15, 2007

Abe Update 2/13/07

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Youtube Commments:
“That’s dope right?” lol
Wow, your father is such an amazing man!

Haha… Cowbell. Too funny.

Aww, wow! She knew who you were and your music! That’s awesome! I love listening to you sing! I’m excited for your reunion coming up.

Keep us posted! Don’t stop letting us know! We want to be there for you and your family! We love you!

It is so nice to hear your dad is facing his final transition without fear, with dignity and with a bit of humour. He is going to a better place and will meet up with John Lennon, Elvis, and lots of other great people who went before him. As always, best wishes to you and your family from your fan in Japan.

Mr. Abe sounds like an awesome dad. And you kids are a grand reflection on him. We have the rain here in NC and … oddly enough, tornado watches?! It’s around 35 degrees. Chilly! Best to you and yours. Keep bundled up. Much love.

Zippy I will tell you your story is almost word for word the experience I had with my Daddy a few years ago. You are doing like so the right thing for your dad. I know it is so hard to know what to do, but you just keep being the loving son he KNOWS he has! Our prayers are with you as always. Jen

We’re getting tons of snow here in NE PA! Back home in Philly, they’re not seeing as much which makes me jealous!
And it is a small world, eh? Funny that the therapist had your CD!
Still sending thoughts and prayers!! Keep hangin’ in there.

I don’t know if youtube is having problems right now, but apparently everyone else can see the whole video… NOT ME! It says the video is 5:44 long, but EVERYTIME I PLAY IT, it stops at 00:29 and then the screen pops up with other videos to click on… HELP?!?

Hey Zip,

I gotta tell ya, those hospice nurses are amazing. When my grandma was dieing of cancer, I was taking care of her as you are your dad and man that nurse was a riot. She would always make us laugh, and was there right to the end. I love them and will support them forever. I am glad you had a good day today Zip. Your father is so lucky to have a son like you.

Ah Zippy…today was almost just like the old you, before all this upset. You brighten our day when you seem perkier. Even some of the comments about the weather make it seem like everythings ok. But like your dad we aren’t dopes either. Love you. xxx

What a cool guy your dad, (Abe) is. He is right. He has had the most wonderful life. He married a beautiful Lady, they had wonderful children like yerself zippy and they were able to see what wonderful people you would be. Sadly, my dad died at 48, but I loved him and love him still for all he taught me. He was a wonderful man as, I KNOW Abe is to you. Good luck my friend and please have all the luck in the world scattered over your family.

Thank You so much Zipster for keeping us all informed on how your dad is doing. It means alot to us that you take time out of your busy day to keep us up on the news. Plus, you are what entertains me every morning about 3am lol. Keep the videos coming! God Bless you all! Tell Abe that hes got a crazy chick in North Carolina praying for him and sending her love! 🙂

I am still with you each and everyday. I know from experience how hard this is. Hug Abe for me and you get some rest too. You can’ t be a caregiver if you don’t take care of yourself first. The cowbell brings back so many memeories . My Mom had a bell she rang for me too. I HATED the sound of that thing but I would give anything to hear it ring now. Love ya , Kathie


I am so glad that you are keeping us posted. It means a lot to me. These videos will also be great to look back on for yourself, in a couple of years. Keep watching the home movies with daddy 🙂

Just think.. There is a real live person with a beating heart behind each one of these comments.

Happy Valentiens Day Abe.

Hey brother I’m so glad your Dad has these good days. Every day with people you love around you is a good day. He’s making the most of them. Love his comment “That’s dope. I don’t need that…yet”!! He’s totally aware. WE will continue to love you, him and your whole family and pray unceasingly. Keep the faith. Glad you’re feeling a bit better – STAR!! HAHA!


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