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February 15, 2007

LUCYinLA / Valentine’s Gifts

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Youtube Commments:
I was going to make a craft flower all glued together on a plain manila file folder using real leaves as the leaves, a bottle cap for the center of the flower, red construction paper petals and a straw as the stem with the message, “For my unique flower.” So there’s my card to you. And now every guy can steal the idea. You youtube guys need all the help we can get.

You have inspired me greatly on this Valentine’s day. Thanks to you, I’m going to go to my local grocery store and buy some BIG bags of groceries, including at least one tacky generic heartshaped box of chocolates, along with canned goods and basic supplies and some vin ordinaire and bring those groceries to a bridge where four or five homeless guys live under cardboard boxes and give them the groceries. I’m going to write “Love from Lucy in LA” on the bags. Just my way of saying I love YOU!

I guess Valentines Day has gone down the same route Christmas has. One year I saw Kinder suprises repackaged for Christmas, Halloween, Valentines day and Easter. It’s a cycle of terror that never ends.

I generally try and land a Date for Valentines Day myself. At least thats what your suppose to do if your single. Married/Dating couples of course have dinner.

I think maybe those cheap heart chocolates and the big stuffed carnival bears parents buy for their children and maybe teens buy for boyfriend or girlfriend that can’t afford a box of Godiva.I don’t know anyone who buys that stuff for their spouse or bf/gf. So it must be for the kids.

Yeah I agree with you. I’m not gonna buy anything for this Valentine’s day. That tree in the background made me think. Why not take my pocket knife and carve out a heart and inscribe our initials. Two hundred years from now it will still be there…lol.

I totally agree. My birthday was the 12th, so it is tough with both holidays so close. I think that there should be thought, and itis better then the generic stuff you get at the stores, that most people won’t use or look at much once the day is over.

I totally agree!!

It is just a shame that it has to be said at all. If you love someone you show them everyday not just on this one day each year because you feel that you have to.

Happy Valentines Day Lucy.

BTW: You are very beautiful – the camera loves you.

Every holiday is the time for chocolates! Valentine’s Day is special because they come in a heart shaped box:) Seriously, men and women aren’t all creative when it comes to gift giving, so they may fall back on the old safety net. For guys, she’s not going to be mad if you bring roses and chocolates…

Exactly right!

>>>It is the girls that do NOT get the attention who complain about V Day.

This video should be a memory of Lucy’s favorite Valentine’s Day, either one that was planned for her or one that she planned…instead of ripping on Joe Blow who picks up something at the grocery store for his woman. Is that Griffith Park?

I couldn’t agree with you more Lucy! Well put!!! I would MUCH rather have something that had even a little bit of thought put into it (and thought doesn’t have to mean more expensive by any means). Give a girl something that she will actually enjoy and shows that you know her and her interests. A box of chocoloates and some crap-ass teddy bear squeezing a heart is not a good gift… it shows that you put absolutely no thought into what you were getting at all.

Dear Laura, I really like your Valentine’s day message because I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly, pun intended. Btw, I’ve enjoyed most of your videos, to the point where I feel like I know you a little, which is very nice. My best wishes to you as you pursue your “LucyinLA” dreams.

lol very awsome point!! Although i must admit, its cute to get a ‘tacky tedy’ if its your first valintine and your still akward in the relationship. other than that, if its a relationship thats lasted over 6 months, than a dorky gift from the grocery store is not a good idea šŸ˜›

Luv u hun!

Well, that crap in the stores can be overwhelming, and I can see how easy it is to voice a complaint about it. In the grand scheme of things, though, does a box of generic chocolates and a lame card really make the world so awful? I agree, if you want to express something your passionate about, it should be creative, personal, and from the heart. The same can be said of vlogs too…

Please keep making these posts; they delight and entertain, and they’re interesting viewing.

I Love You Lucy..Your commentary is delivered in a unique and perfectly irresistable style. You simply ooze sensuality, vivacity, intelligence.

Whoever is the man you choose to be your Valentine will be in a place on par with Heaven. I know what it is like to be Heaven, and you cannot go there as a man unless you are invited there by a woman like you.

Happy Valentines Day! Love and Thoughts, Support and Prayers from Las Vegas.

Your Number One Fan in Vegas,

Michael P. Whelan

Do you realize that you are wearing a RED shirt? not very creative. and hey- I’m glad to even get a box of chocolates, much less something extraordinarily, out-of-this-world creative. I’ll take a white gorilla anyday. :-/ Going to the grocery store and picking something out DOES require effort so beggars can’t be choosers!

This was very good point for this heart day and Lucy I hope you have a grand Valentine’s Day. I did a little question thing a while back on some girls and guys on what does your mom/dad like or gf/bf, about all was clueless. The things in the stores are out for quick, don’t think/know what to get and I feel some are lucky if they get the store stuff. Lucy, I really like your way of thinking for life, keep it up. Also I found you everywhere on the net this weekend as your name is top search item.

That’s because most people are brainwashed by TV and pop culture into believing that love & money mix and that it’s good to buy slave goods (made in china) which are given as symbols of “affection” to their loved ones…much like diamond rings, etc. That’s what I like about you Lucy…You’re not afraid to speak out against the BS and the scams most of us buy into.
Happy Valentine’s Day to you my dear!

A few hours ago I went to the grocery store and couldn’t believe all the Valentine’s crap they had displayed on these big tables right inside the front door. I watched a guy pick up one of those generic boxes of chocolate, and thought to myself, “No! Don’t settle for something in the GROCERY STORE! Get to a real store and buy some roses or something else that’s a step up from a grocery store!”. Just my $.02.


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