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February 16, 2007

The YouTube Help Khayav Get A Raise Campaign

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Youtube Commments:
I once worked with someone named Khayav. I like the name alot. He was from England I think. Anyways it is very unique and cool. I like your videos, however i cant make any videos myself yet, but you definetly need a raise. GIVE KHAYAV A RAISE! 🙂

That’s IT!… that’s all it took. Been watching you… wanted to get in on the fun. And now I must. Going out to get the camera… have to make a video response to this one. I not only want you to have a raise… but how about some “free time”… while “on the clock”… I’m thinking… go in around ten (10:00)… get off around two (2:00)… WITH an annual increase. And perhaps a little more “vacation time” as well. Hope to post something soon.

Thats just rediculous, you cant make good videos if ur not misreable, belive me i know…And please do something about that annoying intro clip…its so disturbing..i kill 1000 flies everytime i hear that…Beg more, and maybe i will go with ur raise


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