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February 16, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
Hey do you think people who really will stand for freedom can start their own country. America has fallen from freedom, if you look at the declaration of independence many of the clauses professioning english opression can be applied to the current administration.

Just thought of a possible way to make YouTube to take interest in the matter. This incident can probably be of interest to several different medias. It just needs someone to inform them and make it sound like a big story to make it worth a few lines in the news.
It contains YouTube, Cencorship and Religions. Three topics that are of some amount of interest to news media. Just an idea.

In defence of YouTube, they’ve just posted on their official blog about Nick’s account being suspended. Well, they don’t mention him by name but given the negative publicity, you’ve got to assume they are referring to him. Seems it WAS a copyright infringement all along. Probably because of the music used on the video, as some of us suspected, rather than the text.

Could be, but if they kept sending him notices that did not address the music copyright issue they didn’t really give him any chance to fix the problem. Almost as if they really wanted an excuse to ban him and just sent him erroneous notices in hopes he wouldn’t figure it out – and he didn’t.

Hi thefakeyeti I don’t know if you have seen my videos, but I’m an openminded theist (and not looking to debate anyone). So you are correct, I will most likely be typing either “atheist” or “theist” quite frequently. So easy to flip the “e” and “i” around. Also, just to note, I see your comments on my other favorite youtubers videos (those of deadlogic) 😉

Two things. First, you kick ass. I’d chip in $10 for an AmazingAtheist website.

Second, the explanation YouTube gave a day or two ago for banning Nick Gisburne actually kinda made more sense. There’s no way that YouTube isn’t aware of all the actually offensive atheists on here, and they haven’t banned them yet.

First off – I’m certain that Gisburne’s removal was due to Muslim pressure. I’ve seen other videos that were re-uploaded after Muslim pressure pushed them off YouTube – this is the problem! 2nd: Can I recommend liveleak(.)com? I know the owner (I think) and they have no problem with most content.


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