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February 17, 2007

Sky Diver Freefalls and Survives

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Youtube Commments:
Seriously If god was on his side I don’t think his shoot would have fucked up in the first place. Just because its rare doesnt mean its god. Call it a mirical if you want, If you call him falling and almost killing himself a mirical, what do you call a normal flight?

god is a man-made fantasy. We are just monkeys and will end up in the dirt just like all other animals.

Do you really think your God cares if you survive, score a touchdown, win the prize fight?

Landed in bushes and had some lift from his chute. Period. No miracle, just dumb luck. Looked seriously scary though…

biblical prophecies say that when the whole sky turns red, all life will cease. ever see the color of the sky through smoke of coal plants and forest fires? red. let’s do our part to at least attempt to stop global warming so that we don’t have to die?

and for you non-religious types, hey, let’s not be selfish! humans have more potential for greatness than we’ve achieved so far, and to snuff ourselves out because of apathy or ignorance of our actions is just a ridiculous shame. let’s evolve! do your part to stop global warming!

I m done…this guy just need to play lottery…
I’ve seen a fell in parachut already…the little tree or dont know how u can say in english, just save his life…happy for him he dont fell on hard ground…

Just one thing more…guy…jump again…you have the destin with you ^^

No chance behind like this, parachute open reduce considérably his own speed, and he fall into Trees, so while they don’t touch the floor there’s a lot of chance he survive. Well this is why i’ll never jump of a plane. Must be thinking he died during the video :p


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