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February 17, 2007

The Hellish Quran – By Brett Keane

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Youtube Commments:
You cannot equate the quran with the bible. I don’t see the bible as horrible as this, quran, full of promoting hate and death. No wonder you have an issue with the rape and murder issue brett, but you are combining the quran and the bible and that distorts the word of God

Horrible things have happened yes, but to continue the old testament ways today is not God’s will. The quran is promoting hatred and murder. Tell me where in my bible does it say that if you kill an unbeleiver you will get into heaven, like the quran states.

I hate to break it to you, but your Bible calls for some pretty incredible things. The truth is that any religion can be twisted into a tool for hate and death, and Christianity is not exempt. The crusades are just one of many examples. Your problem isn’t really with the Quran, which is a document very similar to the Old and New Testaments–supporting charity, kindliness, and godliness. Your problem is with a growing minority of violent extremists who choose to interpret the Quran that way.

If God can ‘create’ Jesus to be perfect, then why are we not perfect? God is baised?
The bible has been edited, YES it had been edited by many authors. So who gives them the right to edit the words of God?
You have to recongize that Christianity and Islam are ‘vicious & savage’ religions until someone edited the Bible to make Christianity look peace-loving.

jesus was god he was not “created”. and the bible has withstood the test of time for thousands of me one book that has accomplished what the bible has, too much to talk about here, thats another topic for another time. and as i stated in my own video, i do not recognize the “religion” check it out

Lol, then calling him the son of God is wrong right?
Then why didn’t someone propose to erase that title?
Now it isn’t hard to erase that title is it?

The bible had so many authors. Recongize this fact, it is not the same as the one hundreds or thousands or I dunno how many years ago.
Why can’t you recoginze the fact that the Bible had been edited and the modern Bible isn’t totally the words of God.
Please don’t think of your own religion as the right one.

Noone will ever be able to fully understand the concept of the trinity, and that Jesus was God’s son but He WAS God Himself. It doesnt seem rational does it? But He is, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, the three in one. You cannot erase one “title” without destroying the very nature of God Himself.

Oh, the ten commandments that only have 5 that are true morality, and the other are instructions to the followers? 3 of the other five (the worst of them) are contradicted by the hebrews in the VERY SAME BOOK OF THE BIBLE. Watch my video about the 2 questions answered. Checkmate on that one

Yes you can. The bible does promote intolerance and death to non-believers. God instructs his people to kill others. He doesn’t offer heaven for it but nobody says no. The major difference is that Jesus insures heaven if you believe in him. Otherwise the hell is just as hot as the Koran’s hell and there is lots of killing!

Cool Brett – replace disbeliever with black or gay and you really see the hate speech.
And how ironic -> “A Belgian court has told Google that its news service ‘Google News’ breaches copyright by linking to articles without the owners’ consent”

Same difference as the bible. Not surprising, considering they where written by men, based on the same source material, with similar moral standards and world view. It contains both violence and peace. So it provides plausible denial for the moderates to look the other way when the extremists rampage. After all, it’s all in the same answer book.

LOL We should adopt all of this cool stuff into the Atheist Bible to show people how extreme we are? If they don’t believe in the same thing I don’t believe in, they should probably be stoned or something! Bob Dylan has already said it as a prophecy! Everybody must get stoned! I’m giggling. Sorry for being silly.

I notice that you say the christian “religion”, and not God himelf. It is true, that religion has killed many, all in the name of their idea of “god”, but i do not like the word religion to begin with, if you saw my video that would explain it to you.

Ok then, the belief in God. Judea-Christian morality has proven itself last night and today with Firefly, and Glennreb’s intolerance against Nick, and with the constant attacks against Brett.

We have lost all respect for your fucking beliefs, at least I have.

wtf lol
that makes no sense lol
We don’t like religion, for that exact reason.
Great, massive crusades, in the name of God.
How many people died on 9/11?
How many people died in the crusades?
How many people are STILL dieing because of religion.

People die in the name of religion, yes, but that does not make it right and that does not change who God is, regardless of peoples twisted versions of Him, and regardless of how people think they can use the name of God to their own advantage, that is a form of blasphemy in itself, and is distorting the very God they profess to serve!

it is people that go against one another not God who makes that happen. And the scripture states that we are to love the sinner and hate the sin. It also says to love your enemy and do good to those who persecute you, how is that in line with what you say is promoting hatred and violence and all these other horrible things? Remember the battle is not of the flesh, it is not about people against people it is a battle against God and the devil and the fight for our very souls.

I am not “polarized” towards anything but to follow what God has asked of me and to do just what I said 5 minutes ago, to love the sinner hate the sin, to do good to those who persecute me and to trust God that He knows what He is doing even if we do not always have an answer or understand, and to remember that the battle is not between people but between spiritual forces.

And god tells you not to befriend us non believers, to shun us, and to utterly hate us. Do not tell me that the bible does not say that. It is in the new testament, so the Jesus said cop out is not going to work either.

People that are homosexual are not evil, but religious people think that they are. Atheists are not evil, but religious people think we are. Scripture tells them we are. Plain and simple, The BIBLE POLARIZES!

I do not think that a homosexual or an atheist is evil, I have a best friend who has struggled with homosexuality for a very long time, I do not like what he does but I love him, I always have. Tell me am I not following God correctly then because I am not polarized to hate this friend of mine? You are false in your claims, but God still loves you.

The bible says not to befried the non believer, according to your very own scripture, you are not following the rules. This is called cherry picking the bible, getitng the good stuff, and ignoring the bad.

I am going to bed now night night

some of my best friends are non christian, does that make me a hypocrite then, because I love the sinner but hate the sin as I am instructed to do? How else are we to reach others for God? Jesus himself spent his time in the midst of sinners! He spent time with the people who needed to hear, not those who already knew the truth!

Ahhh, but you are labling these people as sinners, therefore you have judged them already. Your scripture labels them as perpetual sinners, and you are trying to help them see the light. (quivery voice)

You are trying to shove your beliefs down their throat, if you aren’t then you are not doing what god want’s you to do right?

Quran is copied from Bible except praying style.Mohammad was a really terrorist.He killed thousands of people for accept his fake religion.He was a bloody guy and nothing was related as holyness with him.He said: “If you kill a stranger (Christians)you be holy person for god.If you die you go to heaven.” That’s why in all Islamic countries there is this opinions.They’re following this bloody prophet.Most his followers are Turks.

Jewish Babylonian TALMUD:
Gittin 57a Jesus is in hell boiled in “hot excrement
Sanhedrin 106a Jesus’ mother was a whore
Yebamoth 98a “All gentile children are animals.”
Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than 9
Kethuboth 11b When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing

Soferim 15, #10 Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed

when these MEN wrote those words they must have thought it a little far fetched. i always thought it was the god that did the smiting (sp?), but it seems those heavenly tasks have been put upon men. How convenient, these sociopaths now have an excuse for murder.


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