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February 17, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
thats just wat i was tellin brett and i made two vids for my ex friend and subscription FF515 as far as i am concerned he can fuck off with his hate , trying to pin atheists as satanists to get relgious folks more fucking hatful i see the man behind teh mask i assure u.. sorry just cranky

All bretts video??? 40gb wouldn’t be enough. I had every episode of south park, 40 episodes of the simpsons, 10 of teen titans, about 20 of spoungbob, about 15 movies and of course porn on my computer, that all came to 30.34gb…ALL that was just less than 300 videos. Bretts got 400+ and most of them take more memory than an episode of south park or simpsons.

YA.. I know very little about computer shit…

I am guessing when you said “ALL that was just less than 300 videos” I am guessing “your video
I am sure that also depends on format, and quality..

gb after gb.. Ya I know next to nothing about computers.. How many gb of videos do you think you have?

Which videos would you recomend to save?

Maybe if you do get banned several of us can pitch in to upload your videos, to different accounts.

Ya man.. I am trying to download your science vs religion one now..
It is taking for fucking ever. I figured it would take just as long to download it as to watch it on youtube.. that doesnt seem to be the chase. Knowing my luck, its going to take a hour for each video. Simply not realistic.. especially since you do multiple videos a day šŸ˜›

BUT it would be realistic if one person was in charge of 1-30 someone else was incharge of 30-60 etc etc

I can promise that I’ll be getting on that as soon as possible. I work at a call center overnights doing very little. So I can promise I got enough spare time to get this done up for you. Keep your eye to the north my American friend from your man in Canada.

I would think that if they got you, it would be the beginning of the end. They got Nick again. This can be a major crackdown on everything. I would assume you could come back and just do newer ones, as well as letting your old ones be uploaded by others. That way any issues you have can be solved or addressed somehow.

crap! šŸ˜¦ anyway, imaginary deities only help those who help themselves. i’m off to download my favorites… i hope there is time before you reach the front of the firing line. for example, you’re stuff is much more serious and hard hitting than capnoawesome (sorry kevin!)

Hey Brett, I have an idea but this is totally up to you. Why don’t you create a website and post all your videos there. By doing that, no one can ban you. By the way, since your rights and the rights of others are being violated, there’s no reason why not to take these bastards to court and sue them. I know it’s time-consuming but it’s a fight we need to win. If we don’t fight, they will win.

I understand not wanting to go through the hassle of re-uploading archival stuff again.. but planning to not come back to create new content after being banned is stupid.. getting banned has put nickgisburne2000 to number six in the most subscribed for this week, opening him up to an even greater audience than before..

out of context: “We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. ”

There aint’ no sterotypes if it’s true. And we’re not advocating hate, like Christians do to homosexuals. It’s education and rational examination as to what is in the complete bible, which are never mentioned by many preachers.

Christians have even complimented Brett on making them more interested in their religion, looking up quotes themselves, discussing with the pastor.

Hey I’m a Christian and I subscribed to you because I like to hear your comments. I hope you don’t get banned, you have just as much a right as anyone else. I don’t see anything that would cause you to get banned. You bring on good debates and valid issues. You provoke me to study more, also if everyone becomes the same it would truly become boring. We need diversity in a good way.

I think you’re an insulting idiot but not deserving of getting banned. I don’t think Youtube gives a toss about atheism. It’s about copyright infringement and jackass companies who fear people using their stuff to make videos even those people are often fans of it and aren’t making any money from it. Look around. people are getting banned and vids getting yanked over corpporate pettiness. this site is going to the dogs!


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