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February 18, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
it is a sad time, people, when we are forced to stoop to the christians’ level. however, hardcase is correct. idealism must take a back seat to survival. the christians have made the first strikes, and we will quickly be destroyed, if we don’t fight back. i am behind you, hardcase! i urge all who value their freedom of speech to follow as well!

While we’re flagging, go ahead and flag Firefly’s other video ‘Atheism – A logical choice’ where this hypocrite scumbag plagiarizes an entire argument verbatim from another website and tries to pass it off as his own (see Boingo82’s response to this video in ‘related’ for more detail)

leave glennreb alone! this isnt about censoring christians, it’s about CENSORING CENSORS! dont you get it? we need to make an example and show these assholes that we’re not going to tolerate this tactic, and will respond in kind

let’s not start a bigass flagging war (for one thing, they have more numbers)

Check AmzingAtheist’s last Glenreb video where he goes point for point with him. In it you’ll hear a playback of Glenrob’s voice mentioning that he also complained to YT to get NickGisb into trouble. I can’t seem to find the orignal video in Glen’s archive but AA is responding to it and he’s clearly implicated in there with Firefly.

Flagged, flagged, flagged, and flagged. Then flagged some more. Deluded hypocritical two faced tosserwanker of a douchebag. Times like this I wish god was real, and i was god. I’d slowly crush him to death while roasting him over a spit on a rotating, vice- like structure. Firefly515 needs to be banned. What a bigoted narrow minded little boy.

I don’t flag as inappropriate. Never have, never will. Simply because there should be extremely little deemed inappropriate short of a graphic murder video taped on YouTube. I most certainly wouldn’t consider it for a “revenge action”. The puke has less than a hundred subcribers, and he’s not increasing. Ignore him, and ban his comments as a reciprocity rather than revenge. You highly subcribed guys are going to play into his pocket by giving him views.

Okay, I should let up on Brett. I suppose someone has to climb up on the pedestal and hold himself out as the #1 Self-Absorbed Wanker of YouTube. A novelist with the idea of creating a character that was a total failure at life could use Brett as a model, so I guess he serves a purpose.

Geez you have a strange voice. Quit your whining…if you’re banned then just create another account. Need your opinion about Brett Keane. With facial hair he looks like cro-magnon man and without it, he looks like a baboon. A solid case for darwinism? You own Brett Keane.

good video.. I did my part. Let’s hope most of us do.

Religious people are disgusting. They claim to be virtuous, but would repress your free speech and thought, burn you at the stake, cut your head off, or shove you back in the closet if they had the chance.

That’s the first video I’ve ever flagged. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen a few of your vids and don’t wholeheartedly agree with your approach/message, but you’re inescapably correct here. Right now is not a time to be passive aggressive. We are establishing a strong base here on YouTube and need to take action to keep it.

Damn right man! To WAR! Noone should have the right to ban us. This has come to our right of free speech as human beings. Time to go from passive to aggressive. Normally I believe in live and let live but it looks like we arent being given that option. I have friends who are christian who even think this is wrong. What does that tell you about these people I wonder. Its time that the Atheist community united and faught back. Debating shit won’t get us out of this one.


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