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February 18, 2007

Happy Panties Dropping Day

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Youtube Commments:
I learned a long time ago not to use names when talking to my dates. In high school, I went out with a Shelly, Shelia, and Cheryl. Believe you me, by the end of that disaster I learned how much better it is to say, “Hey you” over getting it wrong.

Haha, my girl is in the UK right now 6 hours ahead of me. So I talked to her this evening and asked her to be my valentine. That’s all nice, then she was joking about being a whore. So I made the mistake of jokingly calling her a whore. She pretty much hates my guts right now.

omg ouchies lol shes prolly bangin sum random ugly british dude with an accent becuz you called her a whore and shes prolly like “well i might as well act like one if hes gonna call me one” …anywho good luck wit that, and oh ya funny vid phil lol

To me, it’s just another Wednesday. I’m going to get up in an hour and 45 minutes, go to class, go to 5 more classes, come back to my dorm, hand out the last few valentine’s to my girls and then be a bum and watch American Idol. I’m celebrating 18 years of lonely Valentine’s Day’s…well…not lonely per se…anyways, I’m rambling. Have a great Wednesday!!!

allright now that i have to post again cuz i have issues with my stupid computer i can say this to sxe phill, dude stop sayng krazzzy and go ahead that much, your videos are very good, specially “how to handle the first date”, and talk some more to ur self , peace


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