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February 18, 2007


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The problem is that 17 Republican Senators aren’t willing to join hands with the 50 Democrats in supporting a constraint on Bush and Cheney. Yeah you can find 2 or 3 moderate to liberal GOP senators who might go along but after that you start getting into the right wing nut faction of the party who have their own uncompromising agenda. Of course it takes 67 Senators to override a Bush veto. Perhaps Iran will negotiate at the last minute although I’m not very optimisitc.

I concur fully with you there, and Iran’s diplomatic skills are the only thing between our standing now (horrible) and a future war with Persia (deplorably horrible).

… and, then again, Iran has already struck several times… diplomacy might be out the window.

There are extremists in both parties that need to be kicked out of the Senate and the House for their involvement with Iraq and the profits gained from it. Learn about bipartisanship; it’s the real problem in this country. Both parties control their own media and keep the American public at odds with one another to remain in power. I sick of people like you playing their stupid game at every election by voting for the lesser of two evils.

I’m under the impression the dollar has already collapsed. It is backed by nothing and meant to be that way to assist in the demise of the United States as we know. AND it’s too late to do anything about it.
Does anyone else wonder why Bush and the Rev. Moon own large areas of Paraquay? They know what is going to happen and ready to run.

The dollar has not collapsed; it’s just down. And it is the only currency backed by anything; you cannot buy oil without dollars. Saudi Arabia sells oil for dollars only. Same for Kuwait, Iraq (since we invaded), Venezuela, Russia, and everybody else. Even Iran…currently…sells only for dollars.

Yes, Iran could be a big threat if they were able to attack the oil infrastucture of the region. I doubt they would be successful if we were at war with them. Another good reason to let Bush have “his” war. We can’t let these jack shit ayatollahs control the world.

Joe, It will take people being hit were they live before folks will wake up. When people can afford to fill their gas guzzling SUVs, when their stocks crash, or when they cant watch IDOL anymore, thats when they will care. Until then if it doesnt affect them, it just noisemaking.

A 100% wholehearted, passionate, collective determination on the part of the people of the woprld to do whatever it takes to stand up to political gangsterism in whatever guise, manifestation it appears whether it be American, Chinese, Russian, British, outer Mongolian, Syrian, Isreali whatever!

scary; Bush will make it happen though; Americans are so utterly uninformed about Iran that its depressing. The hostage crisis was retaliation for the forced removal of democratically elected Mossadegh in the 50s; both actions are terrorism but the hostage taking was not due to aggression as they would have you believe

Good job Joe. Of course,Bush is on the road to IRAN and there will be no stopping him. He is determined to either control the entire worlds oil fields,destroy Islam or start WWIII. I just hope somehow,someway that someone can stop this murderous dictator. Bush is no better than any other of the murdering dictators of the past. He is the ultimate ASSHOLE! BUCK FUSH

What the fuck can we do!? Before the invasion of Iraq I protested KNOWING America et al would go in. America will attack Iran, their is NOTHING we can do about it, bult we must still TRY. I really wish that U.S citizens would start killing off politicians, I really believe the only way this world will be made relatively safe again is to get violent with the government, it really is time for a revolt, that’s the only way, I’m certain of it. Please, America, start killing your politicians!

We may very well end up with some very violent protests here in the USA, before this mess is done.
Maybe- revolution?
Of course, offing the politicos is a little extreme. But if We The People would put the pressure on them, we can make a difference!

Thank you again Joe, especailly calling for keeping the pressure on Congress. Even Repuplican members can’t afford to ignore too many calls or emails. I’ve wondered if the diabolical duo aren’t counting on the Straits of Hormuz being shut down to increase the profit margin. Thanks again fro getting this info out to the People. Damon

good points, joe. I wonder if these neocons may stage another terrorist attack to open up a full-scale invasion of Iran. That would catalyze public support with the help of a massive barrage of FOX news based propaganda…all under that ongoing guise of “the war on terror”

Is that you Erik Prince? Or, your father, Edgar? Worried about BW’s stock? Only warmongers and militant mentally challenged individuals would believe that it’s only cowards and terrorists oppose the war. A war for freedom – were you just revived out of a 6 year coma?

The media is starting to beat the war drums. I saw Katie Curic spouting off about the explosively formed penetrators supposedly gotten from Iran. A good machine shop and an explosives expert could make one with the right material but of course Curic doesn’t ask this question. I hope Curic’s happy being a mouthpiece for this disaster!

It’s true that George HW Bush and Dick Cheney spent the evening of September 10, 2001 alone in the Oval Office, but what’s wrong with old colleagues catching up? And it’s true that George HW Bush and Shafig bin Laden, Osama’s brother, spent the morning of September 11 together at a board meeting of the Carlyle Group, but the bin Ladens are a big family.

That the company PTECH, founded by a Saudi financier placed on America’s Terrorist Watch List in October 2001, had access to the FAA’s entire computer system for two years before the 9/11 attack, means he must not have been such a threat after all.


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