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February 19, 2007

All American Flags Are Poo.

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Youtube Commments:
Still not a reason to use a nuke. Sean is right with that one. Although the Superman reference is a bit ironic considering he is a huge symbol lol…hmmmmmm Sean the genius? or Sean the great which is it? One day his country will honor him for the goodie two shoes job he does on speaking the truth all the while making me giggle like a Japanese school girl.

You can say all you want but without the U.S involvement in that war Europe would now be Germany and Austrailia would now be Japan… You were all thanking us then..funny how things change over time. Today’s spoiled and lazy generation doesnt understand the sacrifices that were made back then.

Maybe the UK did shoulder the war but it wasn’t being fought on our continent. The U.S. couldn’t have won without the Brits but the Brits wouldn’t have won without the U.S. either..nothing to do with “glory”. As for fighting in the gulf war, i respect you for that and not everyone is lazy and spoiled..that was a generalization but I think it gets more prevelent every year. btw.. I didn’t think we should go to Iraq from the beginning and I didn’t vote for Bush.

Rock Hudson was a turd thumperI just sat down in the stall, and would’nt you know it, that effing turd smeller Soon walked in and started to observe himself in the mirror–againI tried going to the county commission, but the mayor is just some big fat turd knocker in a bad suit, and he won’t help.

An interesting factoid is that the ball on top of the main flag pole at every military base contains a razor, a match and a bullet. The idea is that if the base is ever over run by enemies the last person standing is supposed to get the ball from on top of the flag pole and seperate the blue field of the flag from the read and white stripes, fold it in a ritualistic fashion, set it on fire with the match and then shoot themselves with the bullet for descimatting the flag.

Your last few video’s have been nothing but trolling.

But hey it’s working so whatever.

Still tough whats this notion that you have that America is a nation full of dim witted dumb asses… ok let me rephrase that…why do you think all americans think that god is looking over the country because the dumb ass president and his minions in the senate said that

One, this video is probably his high-minded-est. video. EVAR. The idea that abstract ideas are not more valuable than human life is the most important lesson we need to learn today. Well, except for how to throw a good molotov cocktail.

Two, this notion that America is a nation full of dimwitted dumbasses… that all Americans think God is looking over the country? It’s called observation.

“But not ALL of them think that!”

Yeah. Not all scientists belive in global climate change.

MOST of them dont believe that.

Most scientists do believe in global warming.

If the observation is that America is at war because there was an attack on the world trade centers, an american icon, tht would be worng too. I’m no supporter of the war but the explanation is that we went there because of an attack on american soil.

So yeah a symbol isnt worth a human life..we all know that, but saying we are at war because of a symbol is wrong too.

Oh boy…you’re 180 degrees from the truth here, Seany. Symbols do have power and anybody in advertising will tell you so. Symbols reach right into our sub-conscious in a way that plain old words can’t. I dunno man…I think you’re protesting too much. Beneath that chubby heart of vegemite, I think you really do want to believe in something other than sarcasm.

I don’t even like Dubya..I think he is a spoiled rich kid who is prolly the worst president in my lifetime. I just don’t like foreigners talking bad about my country and it’s people. I don’t always like my government. Thats the American way shithead.

you wanna see what the U.S. has in store for the rest of the world? Put ‘end timers’ into your search engine, and be afraid. Why? Well the’re hoping to bring about the end of the world in their own manufactured armaggedon, that’s why they don’t care about global warming, they hope to destroy the planet before then.

The British Empire brought many things to many countries postalsystems, railnetworks, schools, hospitals, systems of law & government, armed forces. Many of these countries still have these in place today.(Yes ok we killed a few. But not on the same scale as the US are doing right now.) What have you given the world McDonalds & Coca-Cola. Why do we even join you on the battlefield?

For Starters? Airplane, telephone, cars, space, internet, personal computer, televison, transistor, light bulb, artifical heart, helicopter amd pn and on. And alot of dead american soldiers buried on your shores so U dont speak German. Fuckstick.

You two believe what you want and don’t base it on facts. 40 million deaths is absurd. Coke and Mcdonalds is all we contribute..yeah right. You don’t know what I believe but I do believe U are truly jealous and wish U were an American. You may go now little boys.

I’m enjoying the little debate here Johnnny! Maybe you should remind the British contingency here about how a bunch of us farmers, carpenters, and just regular town folk kicked their butts right of our of here back in 1783! (With no standing army at the time and way worse weaponry.) That’s what America is about! Standing up in the face of adversity (Nice Hemingway vid by the way!)

The British Empire was good and bad. America is good and bad. France is good and bad. You can’t reduce hundreds of years of history to some kind of scorecard. Also, most Native Americans sided with the British. And we really weren’t all that powerful yet, in comparison to our nineteenth century Empire

Sean, today I joined Youtube only because I wanted to subscribe to your videos.. and I’m an American. You’re extremely bright and a comic genius, man. The U.S. is a real sh-t house at the moment. As for your new vid, I almost died of laughter when I heard “As I was wiping my ass on the American flag” as your opener. When they play the national anthem and salute the flag at baseball games here, I stand up then walk to the concession area. “Keep on rockin’ in the free world.”

I love it when non-Americans feel the need to slam us. We arn’t perfect, but we still do EVERYTHING better then the rest of you shitwicks. Thats why we have what we have, and you don’t. So, kiss my red, white and blue ass. Think I’ll go burn some twentys, and boink the maid.

No,of course, for you fighting is dropping napalm on a village of men, women and children from the safety of a million dollar shiny new jet,sorry I forget about you there, I mean you are so important you need to be included in all conversations, even when they’re not about you.

Dear fuckstick..yeah sure thats what we do. We have to fight on our own because pussies like you think the world owes them a living and you won’t fight for anything. You lazy Europeans want to be taken care of. You’re Middle Eastern aren’t you. Thats why U won’t say where you are from?

I was wiping my feet on my austrailian flag door mat, & I pondered, what is it that Sean is upset by? His inferioraty? Yes, that is it. So Sean, I will remind you that at the gateway to our great nation, we have a statue that welcomes, the downtrodden, the under class, the opressed, the less fortunate, the huddled masses, etc.. But not, the jerk off, ass fuckin, nose pickin, jerk yer dick all day, talk to yer cell phone & upload the result to the American YouTube site, austrailian meat sacks.

How ironic, I was wiping my dick on your moms curtains the other day, & the cops showed up to arrest her for being a crack whore. It’s like were related. Maybe you’re my son. No, My son would do something with his life, & he would surely brush his teeth, ooooh yeeelooow.


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